The Magnificent And Important RPS Advent Calendar 2012!

John drew this. All glory to the Walkerman.

Welcome to December, the Roman month of lists. Yes, it’s here again, again! But don’t sit there thinking about how your life is slipping away like a grainy VHS-tape on fast-forward, instead distract yourself with the games of Christmas. They’re amazing! We will reveal one each day, until it is Christmas time. And then we will have a rest.

Here are the rules of the calendar:

1. The games are in no particular order, except number 24, which is our game of the year.

2. That means that number 5 and number 17 are on an equal footing as a game of the Christmas, do you see? 11 is important, though. And 23.


  1. Deathmaster says:


  2. Stupoider says:

    Is it sad that Dishonoured being RPS’s game of the year is so awfully predictable?

    • Carra says:

      Crusader Kings 2 I tell you.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      I’m going to go with XCOM or The Walking Dead.

    • yogibbear says:

      Doubt it, I reckon it’s Hotline Miami.

      • Museli says:

        I will be very surprised if Game 24 is not Hotline Miami, based on the glowing praise it’s been getting from all and sundry around here. I’m always happy to be proved wrong, though.

        • yogibbear says:

          OK I just spent all w/e playing Farcry 3 and finished it. Having played XCOM, Hotline Miami, The Walking Dead and now Farcry 3… I have to say… despite my initial thoughts (and if you asked me a week ago before Farcry 3 came out I would not have expected this at all), Farcry 3 DESERVES many many GOTY awards. I can ignore the terrible HUD and the bugginess of uPlay. I can overlook release bugs that were carried over from Farcry 2. But OMGOMOMGOMGOGMOMOGMOGM the game is AMAZING! Story 10, Gameplay 10, Graphics 9.5, Sound 10, Immersion 8 (+1 if they fix the HUD), Time spent playing the SP (like ~55% of things completed) 30 hrs. (so ~50-60 hrs to get 100% if not more….)

    • Dowr says:

      I can’t see Dishonoured being number 1, but I’m sure it’ll be in the top 5.
      Top 5? What am I on about?!

    • westyfield says:

      XCOM is my bet.

      I wonder if the hivemind has already chosen which will be their game of the year, or are they eliminating games which definitely won’t be until they get down to a few and then decide which is king of all.

      • Museli says:

        I’m going to speculate based on what I’ve seen in previous years, and I’m guessing that the order is already set. We’ll probably see a mix of indie games and blockbusters distributed in such a way that we don’t get large clumps of one or the other. There’s probably around five games that were considered for GOTY, and we’ll see one in each of the first three weeks, then the final two on days 23 and 24. If I was placing a bet on the outcome, I’d say XCOM is day 23 and Hotline Miami is day 24. Now to just sit back and see how wrong I am. :)

    • Text_Fish says:


      • Carra says:

        At least you loose :)

        • Text_Fish says:

          Yeh I suppose if I had to be wrong at least I was the wrongest I could possibly be, short of choosing something that didn’t get any mention at all. :P

      • Text_Fish says:


      • Stupoider says:

        FTL’s already been struck off the list.

        EDIT: You get points for making me laugh, though!

    • Sander Bos says:

      First to guess Dishonored will be game of the year!
      (what? Stupoider misspelled it)

      Text_Fish gets points for guessing a game that already could not win anymore at the time of his posting.

    • Dunbine says:

      I’d have wagered on XCOM or Hotline Miami, but now I’m thinking Far Cry 3 may be ahead in a photo finish..

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      It’s not Dishonored.

      • CMaster says:

        So, XCOM or Hotline Miami then, unless Far Cry 3 has converted not only Jim but the whole damn team.

        Or “Sir, you are being hunted” in a shameless act of self promotion, I guess.

      • LionsPhil says:


      • Sander Bos says:

        Thanks for chiming in.
        Because like Stupoider I thought it was an easy guess.
        Or maybe Rossignol’s account was hacked, I still think that makes more sense than XCOM…

      • GameCat says:

        “It’s not Dishonored”
        It’s a LIE! He just want to trick us! Number 24 will be Dishonored.

        Wait, what if he predicted that someone will notice this?

      • Premium User Badge

        FhnuZoag says:

        So it’s Dishonoured, then?

      • lazy8 says:

        I somehow have the idea that it is Half-Life 3 and that RPS is already playing it under a NDA and that it will suddenly show up on Steam on christmas-day.

        I am probably wrong, but every thread about game of the year should have the obligatory Half-Life 3 comment.

      • Dances to Podcasts says:

        It’s going to be Sir, you are being hunted, isn’t it?

    • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

      Yawn! It’s going to be whatever’s-the-current Call of Duty, like every year…

    • Deathmaster says:

      Going to call Darksiders 2 then.
      I know it was my GOTY.

    • Oozo says:

      And then there are the odd chances that DayZ might be deemed seriously important, too, aren’t there? I know that it’s not a full-grown game, strictly speaking, and I know interest in the game has tailed off lately, but remember how very SPECIAL it made us feel back when?

      (This, or Dark Scavenger, obviously.)

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      It’s going to be….(checks his prediction from the end of last year)….Bioshock Infinite! Ah, hmm. Ok, it’s a toss up between Hotline Miami and XCOM. I’m going with XCOM.

      My personal choice is DayZ.

    • Fenix says:

      Botanicula, for great justice!

      • Acorino says:

        And then there was Resonance…2012 was even a surprisingly good year for adventure games!

    • Barlk says:

      Dark Souls.

      • yourgrandma says:

        Some good game came out this year on pc… but dark souls is the only one that deserves the title.

        • Miltrivd says:

          Shoddy ports shouldn’t ever win any prizes. I’m loving every second of Dark Souls, but as what made PC shine brighter this year I can think of DayZ near the very top.

      • eclipse mattaru says:

        I’m fairly certain it’s not gonna be Dark Souls –it didn’t get nearly as much RPS love as XCOM or Dishonored did, for one thing (be wary of telegraphed first place!)-; but since it it my GOTY hands down -and it could very much be my Game of the Decade as well- , I’m gonna stand here with you, waving my “Praise The Sun!” flag and wearing my giant Furysword-themed foam finger.

        By the, way, how did those Ornstein and Smough treat you? Those guys are quite the card, are they not?

    • Teovald says:

      I don’t think so. It was my favorite game of this year by far. It is a bit ironic since I also think that the gameplay is seriously flawed, but in a way that serves the experience delivered by Dishonored.

      But anyway, does it really matter ? What if game x is RPS favorite game of the year ? It does not mean that it is a better game than all the other entries. Most of them are not even comparable.

  3. Hexagonal Pensioner says:

    So prime numbers are better than composite ones? Apart from 24 of course.

  4. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    YAAAY! Been looking forward to this since 12/25/2011

  5. CMaster says:

    Outside bets:
    Planetside 2
    Waking Mars (have enough of the hivemind played it for it to have a chance?)
    DayZ (would be the most “Zeitgeisty” choice.)

  6. MeestaNob says:

    Have you thought about selling a Horace plushie?

    • CMaster says:

      It would never leave the factory however.
      I guess they could put the start of it in the post.
      I’m not sure that paypal or credit cards support a bill for infinity dollars though.

      Also, idols and all that.

    • DiamondDog says:

      I’m trying to think how you would physically deliver something that is endless.

      You’d just sort of end up with lots of endless plushies criss-crossing the world.

      • Koozer says:

        Maybe you could just buy a sunscription in the Horace plushie, with each person paying for one extra Taiwanese plushie knitter on the infinite production run. Maybe the head end could be carried around to each subscriber’s house for revering purposes, with his body weaving in and out of everyone’s doors, a metaphor for his presence in all our hearts.

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        Make Horace The Mobius Strip Bear plushies

        Deliverable, yet still infinite.


  7. Lambchops says:

    I’m going to put a guess at either XCOM or Hotline Miami for game of the year. Though Far Cry 3 could make a late rally, particularly as it’s a game I can see all four writers enjoying whereas some games might see one or two people being a bit less enthusiastic.

    Perhaps not GOTY contenders but I also expect to see the likes of 30 Flights of Loving crop up, with an outside chance of something like Rayman “Oranges” making an appearance.

    Anyone else got any potential “outsiders” that they think might make an appearance? Farm Simulator perhaps?

  8. povu says:

    Since we’re looking back at 2012… A few months back RPS did an article that looked at all the important things that happened in gaming in 2012. Does anyone have a link to that? I can’t find it back.

  9. NathanH says:

    I think they’ll try to beat the number of comments on the Sexism threads by picking Mass Effect 3 as number one.

  10. Xanadu says:

    Personal game of the year Guild Wars 2, in terms of hours put into it and enjoyment had. Think this should be on the list of 24, though probably not the winner.

    • Commander Gun says:

      I don’t know. I bought GW2 because everyone was sort of frantic about it, but i just didn’t impress me. Not at all a bad game though, it just didn’t “click” with me.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I spent a lot of time on it at first, but I’ve quit now. The innovations it did bring just didn’t really add that much. Not that it’s a bad thing, but all it does is make you imagine what could be if they consistently pushed things rather than just take one step and then stop.

  11. stahlwerk says:

    I don’t know if it’s a good thing that the M.A.I.A. RPS Calendar ends after the Mayan Calendar. I hope Quetzacoatl will at least tell us his / her GOTY before devouring us all.

  12. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Too close to call, but I reckon it will go to DayZ, Hotline Miami or XCOM.

  13. StashAugustine says:

    Technically, Advent doesn’t start til Sunday. /nitpick

  14. Baines says:

    I never understood the point of advent calendars, not at any of the web sites that do them.

    • Skabooga says:

      I know, it’s like, what’s the point of ’em if I’m not getting a bit of chocolate every day?

  15. Tomba says:

    I think they did more then enough of shameless XCOM promotion for one year despite being proven wrong when the game actually released. Even though it’s a very entertaining game, it should never be called GOTY because of the myriad of bugs still present in the game. And since Firaxis have only announced DLC and no mention of fixing some of the bugs (or the mod support they promised!) I think it’s not really a game that deserves any honours…

  16. TooNu says:


    I love this calender that RPS does, it’s been a staple of my Christmas for the last 3 years now. What will be number 1 this year then? Dishonored? Guild Wars 2? hmmmmm

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  18. JoeyJungle says:

    I can’t find advent calendar day six?

    • Llewyn says:

      Isn’t that always the case with advent calendars? And then when you do eventually track it down you realise some [pirate]’s already swiped the chocolate and pushed the door closed again.*

      *Or so I hear, chocolates in advent calendars hadn’t been invented when I was a child.