Bethesda Late Than Never: Dragonborn DLC Early 2013

Bethesda have announced that Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC will be available on PC early next year, following a gestation period on the MicroBox. The content is out shortly on the console of 360 exclusives so the internet will be full of details soon but a leak has already occurred in Bethesda’s dam. Apparently. There’s a great deal of plausible information, apparently courtesy of a beta tester, trapped like a fly in the interweb and if you so wish you can look peruse the info-spillage at The Outhousers forum where it first appeared. The bit about dragonbirth labour pains is particularly enlightening. The link contains a million spoilers, of course.


  1. Smashbox says:

    I wonder what it’s like for the developers who make nicer quality assets for these DLCs to watch the inarguably inferior versions come out first. A real bummer, I’m guessing.

    • jessicahutchins7 says:

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    • AgentBJ09 says:

      That’s the trade-off with graphics. You get better stuff later.

      That said, the armor sets in this expansion were already made by a modder at least three months before Dragonborn came out. Granted, he hasn’t said much about there being a conflict between sets, but personally I like his version better than what Bethesda came up with.

  2. Slinkyboy says:

    Oh you mean the M$Box? Good, I’m happy with the modding community, I don’t need Beth’s DLC garbage.

    • Slinkyboy says:

      I change my mind now, I always welcome Morrowind DLC in my Skyrim :D

    • webwielder says:

      Do you have any recommendations? Good mods that consist of multiple missions, narrative arcs, new environments and enemies, and possibly spoken dialog? Not trying to be snarky, just curious as to what’s out there.

      • HadToLogin says:

        Give it few years, not in one day Nehrim was created, it’s not like modders have millions $ and hundreds of people to do this stuff.

        • webwielder says:

          Well a lot of comments I’ve read suggest that modders have created stuff superior to the vampire DLC, and as mediocre as it apparently is, it’s still a big production. And Slinkyboy intimates that Bethesda’s efforts are garbage compared to what modders are producing. So I wanted to know what’s out there.

          • Drinking with Skeletons says:

            You know, I actually liked Dawnguard. It added several reasonably sized new areas (the Lost Valley and that supernatural void place), added to the lore about Necromancy, added one genuinely new (i.e. not re-skinned) enemy type which appears in at least one non-expansion area of the game, added skill trees to make werewolves actually kind of fun to play and vampires more powerful, and added two new factions with corresponding Radiant quests, spells, and equipment. I also thought that Bethesda was taking the opportunity to try out some more interesting boss encounters as well as trying to find more uses for Speech (at least with the Radiant quests for the Dawnguard themselves; haven’t tried the vampire faction).

            It wasn’t perfect, but I thought it was substantially better than most of what they did for Fallout 3 or Oblivion. Maybe I just enjoyed it because I didn’t find it as bad as what so many people said it was.

          • Anders Wrist says:

            link to which is a mod on the scale of Nehrim (an Oblivion mod), if not bigger, is being developed, but is most likely not getting English voices. I could be wrong on the last part, though, as I haven’t checked their updates for a while.

          • Butcher Pete says:

            There are very few large mods that completely revamp the experience out there. Most mods are very small and only change or add small things, but these add up. I’ve got about 60 mods installed and all of my console peasant friends tell me that it’s like playing a completely different game.

      • Xari says:

        Check out Moonpath to Elsweyr.

    • Namey says:

      Oh man, replacing the S in Microsoft with an $. This sure is cutting edge commentary on tech corporations!

  3. int says:

    “The bit about dragonbirth labour pains is particularly enlightening.”

    If the dlc was about dragons laying eggs I might get it.

  4. pakoito says:

    staring eyes tag, please

  5. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    This is hardly shocking. Hopefully the most egregious bugs–and you know there’ll be some–will be ironed out by the time we get it.

  6. Fierce says:

    Hmm, I wonder how this changes the story for the Skyrim GOTY edition that contains all of the stuff.

    It has always been my intention to wait for the Ultimate incarnation of Skyrim before I plunk down my Old-People-On-Paper and I was happily looking forward to this years inevitable Christmas sale bonanza as the release window ala the Fallout 3 -> Fallout 3 GOTY timeframe (12 Months).

    With this DLC delay until 2013, I can only assume that Skyrim will unfortunately follow a New Vegas -> New Vegas Ultimate timeframe instead (16 Months),

    Oh well. Guess there’s plenty other games to survive Winter with available. Though unfortunately none as wonderfully modifiable.

  7. omicron1 says:

    I’d be happier if they added new dimensions to the game. Less “Have a quest pack” and more “Have an official version of the New Vegas hardcore mode” – or even just an infinite procedural sandbox. Still, it could be worse.

  8. Sic says:

    So, did they give any reason for the delay?

    Seeing that MS doesn’t have rights to exclusive DLC any more.

    • Mokinokaro says:

      Actually we have no idea if the contract only applied to a few pieces or all of it. The press release was very carefully worded and likely only meant they had 2 planned DLC addons at the time of writing it.

      As usual, the internet saw what they wanted to see and ran with it.

  9. diamondmx says:

    Still waiting on the PS3 base game to become playable.
    Will be waiting a long time.

  10. spongthe1st says:

    Must…have…Werebears dammit!