Steam’s Big Picture Enters Wide Release: Big Sale

I’d forgotten Steam’s Big Picture Mode wasn’t properly out already. Does anyone still run a non-beta version of Steam? Why would you? Madness in your head? But it was, and now it is no longer. The version of the software that runs comfortably on your TV, and operates nicely with a controller, is now there for all. And to celebrate, a lot of actually really very good games are very, very cheap until the 10th. Games that are appropriate for sitting on your sofa, a 360 controller in hand, while attractive locals fan you with palm fronds.

Amongst those cheap games are Valve classics like Left 4 Dead for only £3.24 and Portal 2 for an extraordinary £3.74. Although I think you’d be mad to want to play either on a controller. Both of the absolutely stunning Lego Harry Potter games are there, the first for £3.39, the second for £5.09. Also in Lego is the complete Lego Star Wars – that’s all four of the epic, excellent games, for £7.49. Crikey.

Counter-Strike GO, again not striking me as a game to prefer a controller for, is six quid. Magicka is only two pounds! And Alan Wake is down to under six pounds. Bonkers. Of course, the games that would totally become worth a play once they dropped below £10 haven’t, so the surprisingly decent Amazing Spider-Man could have done with being cheaper than £12.50, and Transformers needed to dip well below £15. Although one game that’s totally entered “Get it NOW!” territory is the extremely flawed, but totally worth a look, Tiny & Big, which is at a crazy £1.74.

There are a bunch more in there – 21 in total. And obviously I’ve only listed UK prices above, because you know what America? When did your sites last bother listing anything other than dollars? Eh? NEVER, that’s when. (Sorry Europe, ROW.)


  1. JohnP says:

    Well, it reminded me to finally try out connecting my PS3 controller to my PC. Not that I can see my PC from my sofa.

    • Squishpoke says:

      I won’t work without using MotioninJoy, which is garbage software. Last time I used it, it required constant internet connection and it bombarded me with ads.

      • nuttycomic says:

        You’re better off usng ‘DS3 Tool’, hasn’t let me down.

        • RobinOttens says:

          DS3Tool and MotionInJoy are the same thing aren’t they?

          I use DS3Tool as well, it requires an internet connection and is supported by ads. But it works great and is a lot cheaper than going out to buy some proprietary microsoft thing to be able to connect my 360 controller.

          • CrowKnow says:

            You’re correct, they’re the same thing, The program is called MotionInJoy but, for whatever reason the executable is named “DS3_Tool.exe”. It also has an offline mode now if you click the “Local” button at the top left.

          • diamondmx says:

            I think you need the proprietary donglething for wireless 360 controllers (even when you use the wire with them) – but you don’t need to spend a penny to use wired 360 controllers.

            Source: Having one plugged in at the moment.

          • RobinOttens says:

            @CrowKnow Thanks! I didn’t know that. That’ll save some future frustration.

            @diamondMX I did know that. There’s 3 wireless 360 controllers lying arround gathering dust over here, and I’ve tried on multiple occasions to connect them. I’m not buying a dongle or a wired controller, no thanks. I much prefer Sony’s dual shock 3 controller anyway. Now if only Sony would make windows drivers of their own, then I wouldn’t need third party software at all.

          • Premium User Badge

            particlese says:

            Eek, I would also love to use a PS3 controller on my PC, but I’m irrationally suspicious of that software…fortunately, I have another gamepad to do the job well enough for dual-stick shooters and the like. For everything else, there’s *KBAM!!!* Finding a comfortable posture can be a challenge without an elevated surface, but the old PC mainstays still work just fine in front of the big screen!

            On another note: Kinda tempted by those Lego games…

          • paddymaxson says:

            The thing is…The 360 controller is a lot nicer to use than the PS3 one (in the opinions of most people anyway) (convex thumbsticks and slippery “triggers” on the PS3).

            Not everyone has a bluetooth card. I do, I bought one for a bluetooth headset which is bloody awful, Ive no idea where the bluetooth card is now though. Those wireless 360 receivers are really cheap on ebay, probably not any different than a good Bluetooth USB card.

            I think the fact the 360 pad works flawlessly when set up this way (or using a wired one) makes up for the extra £10 or so cost.

            I got my wireless receiver when I worked at gamestation. We were selling the Wireless pad + receiver for £30 when the wireless pad itself was £32 so I offered a chav a new pad for £22 if he didn’t mind the packaging being open.. They cost about £7 on ebay and that’s just how much you pay to use the best console pad on PC.

            Or use a wired one, the cable is like 4 metres long.

          • Premium User Badge

            particlese says:

            Heh, fun…when I got my wireless 360 dongle thing, it was actually cheaper to get with a controller than without. Not quite sure how that works, but I didn’t have a controller at the time, so it was an easy choice. It works well and easily in recent Linux versions, too, which is nice.

            And yay for subjectivity: While I find the 360 controller more comfortable to hold, I think the PS3’s sticks move more smoothly (at least the ones I have), and my thumbs definitely stick to them better. (I roll my thumbs on the PS3’s and poke them into the 360’s.) I can see what you mean about the slippery triggers, but I’ve never had a problem with them. I don’t use gamepads much, though, so maybe that’s all moot once you have the feel or technique down.

      • Panda Powered says:

        I just installed it so opinion time! The driver is a microsoft signed driver but threre are annoying banner ads in the program window. I got one pop-up ad when the installation was done and opened their wiki, but that seems to be it.
        I don’t have bluetooth on this computer but it does work with a usb cable. I use the Xinput mode in the program so the controller works with games that are made for the 360 controller without any fiddling in the games supporting that.
        I rather use my PS3 controller than my 360 controller as I like the layout more (I absolutely hate the D-pad on 360). I’ve also got a logitech rumblepad 2 that is horrible. I had to use some xbox controller emulators to even get Game for Windows titles to allow it to be used. But that is built into this program so I think I’m going to stick with it even with the ugly ads.

        • CrowKnow says:

          Clicking the “local” button at the top left should let you put it in offline mode, this should disable the annoying ads :D

          • Panda Powered says:

            Thanks. :) But that removes the menus for bluetooth pairing and the other stuff strangely. :P
            But I guess if I already did all the configuration its nice to get rid of the ads when I just need to start the controller and have the program running.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Well, here’s something fun: Over USB, the PS3 controller with all its 17 buttons and 19 axes (including accelerometers and analog buttons) are detected right away on Linux (Kubuntu 12.10). It also finds 2 mystery buttons and 8 mystery axes, but these might be miscellaneous data channels. One’s supposedly a gyroscope for yaw tracking. The “axis” that is dpad-left doesn’t show any activity (the “button” part is fine), but I’m still pretty impressed. Especially since I forgot about those analog buttons. Haven’t used them since MGS2…

        I also got Bluetooth pairing working pretty quickly with QtSixA (there are other options), but I’m too lazy to install a game for testing, for now.

        C’mon Steam for Linux!

    • Ragnar says:

      Having done what you’re preparing to do, I want happy with the result. In the end I bought the Xbox 360 wireless controller for windows, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made and worth every penny. I went through 2 other controllers before finally trying the Xbox one, so hoping to save you some time/money by pointing you straight to the best option imo.

      • mwoody says:

        I agree. It’s tempting to try to slog through motionjoy just to stick it to the man, but really, I’ve never seen anything look so much like grayware and not send Kaspersky into hysterics. The battle is long lost; a 360 controller is the only reasonable solution to modern PC controller gaming under Windows.

    • yourgrandma says:

      simply set IE to offline mode to block all the adds and the program works offline as well. Motion joy offers much great customization then a 360 controller offers as well as pressure sensitive buttons. Cheaper too as ps3 controller comes with rechargeable batteries and you can use just about any bluetooth adapter for wireless and no proprietary BS connectors.

  2. MrUnimport says:

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a controller-friendly game?

    I was expecting Dark Souls for some reason.

    • Inigo says:

      I think Dark Souls was going to be on sale, but the person responsible ended up suffering a crippling stroke and put Train Simulator 2013 on sale instead.

    • CaptainHairy says:

      Problem being, I suspect, that Dark Souls has a chance to require a mouse in order to install (runtimes and such), with the games needing _full_ controller support to be in the sale. Valve seems to define this as being able to do everything including install the game using only a controller.

      Well, that or Namco Bandai is nuts.

  3. AlwaysRight says:

    Now I can finally enjoy Alan Wake as it was intended

    • LordCiego says:

      But do you have a comfy couch?

      • excel_excel says:

        FUCK! There’s always something. was so close to having the perfect Alan Wake experience. Without the comfy couch…what’s the POINT.

      • Panda Powered says:

        My couch is one step above a stolen park bench with hobo secretions on it. :(

  4. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Why sully your living room with an XBox controller?
    You need the LapWorks Gamers Desk. Or even a bit of wood you stick your M&K on.
    link to

    • MrLebanon says:

      must have

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      That mousepad is so small it’s silly. Useless.

      • DellyWelly says:

        I just use a chess board as a mouse mat. Somewhere many chess players are crying together..

      • Checksumfail says:

        A lot of gamers like to have extremely sensitive mice, mine is set to 3200 DPI and I still turn the sensitivity up in most games, I move the mouse about 2 cm in any direction.

        • Toberoth says:

          Pro gamer here.

          • jrodman says:

            I pretty much always misread pro gamer as programmer. Maybe somewhere there is a Carnage Heart or Ogre tournament, where the two worlds can collide!

          • SelfEsteemFund says:

            I love you.

      • Panda Powered says:

        One crazy solution maybe to use keyboard + joystick. :P Also bonus nostalgia points.

        I’ve thought about using a gamepad in the left hand for the shoulder buttons, analog stick and D-pad and get a trackball mouse and map all the right side buttons of the gamepad to the mouse. I’ve heard that once you get used to the trackball it will be just as good for gaming a a regular mouse. I don’t know if that’s true though.

        • The Random One says:

          I honestly believe the ultimate control scheme for shooters is: aim with the mouse, move with an Atari style joystick.

    • Spakkenkhrist says:

      Because some games work better with a gamepad? Sorry I forgot we aren’t allowed to like things.

  5. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    Also I think Sine Mora should be mentioned, as I think it has the potential to an RPS favourite, considering this Dickensian headline. Is it any good?

  6. DickSocrates says:

    I play PC games at my desk with a mouse and keyboard like GOD intended. Or a controller where appropriate, I’m not a savage. Though still at the desk. It’s a comfy office chair, I can sit cross-legged on it and everything.

    Anything that fires a cursed and flaming bolt into the heart of console dominance is a good thing, even if I currently have no use for it.

  7. Buemba says:

    Heard good things about Sine Mora, so guess it’s a good opportunity to check it out.

    Did anybody play Rocketbirds? I remember liking a flash demo I played a while ago, but I think that was of an earlier and older version of it.

    • Hematite says:

      TotalBiscuit was very disappointed with RocketBirds, sadly.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        He can be fairly.. demanding when it comes to a couple of particular issues (graphics and menu options to name two), though so it’s always good just to watch his videos.

  8. Vinraith says:

    You know what would be great? A version of Steam with less bloat. A sort of “Steam-lite” without any of the social stuff, news feeds, and extraneous features like this. I wonder if the client could manage to start up and load a game in respectable time if all that stuff wasn’t there.

    • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

      Yo do know about small mode, do you? it’s under view.

      of course it doesn’t make the client load any faster, or make it load soccessfully on the first try, at that…

      • Carra says:

        Been using steam for years but no, didn’t know that. Nice tip :)

      • diamondmx says:

        Same here, been using steam forever and I hadn’t seen that before.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        Yeah, but as you said that’s probably not what he wanted. A light version for performance instead of a light mode if you will.

    • seamoss says:

      I’ve long suspected that the long delay in starting up the Steam client (and sometimes launching the first game) is intentional: Valve basically wants you to keep their client running all the time. Among all of Steam’s other problems and restrictions, it’s the one that drives me nuts the most! There’s no logical technical reason for Steam to take one to two minutes to start up and get ready to launch a game.

      • Paul says:

        SSD. Seriously. Steam starts in 5 seconds. I do have it starting with windows, it is glorious how it is immediately loaded and ready to play anything.

        • seamoss says:

          If you have Steam starting with Windows, how do you know it’s taking 5 seconds to start? What happens when, after Windows has booted up, you exit the Steam client, wait a few minutes & made sure it’s really exited, and then start it up again? Does it really only take 5 seconds?

        • Stochastic says:

          Strangely for me, Steam is one of the few programs I’ve used where an SSD didn’t help all that much in terms of loading time. I just timed it and it took me around 18 seconds to load. Almost every other program I use loads in 2-3 seconds.

          • jrodman says:

            Steam has network-bound phases during its startup. DRM! But it also does some kind of wonky patterns of access and cogitation. Maybe they have some nonsense wait loops?

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        And Steam is also one of the last processes to stop running when you want to shut down.. even when you haven’t used it for that session. When it doesn’t refuse to shut down at all, that is.

    • Prime says:

      I’ve had my rant against game clients recently so I won’t repeat myself here, suffice to say I agree: a low-resource mode sans all the extraneous shit I never use would be a great improvement.

  9. mrwonko says:

    All four Lego Star Wars games? Am I missing something?

    First of all, what’s the fourth one? 1-3, 4-6, Clone wars. What more?

    Secondly, it looks to me like the one discounted is only the 1-3 + 4-6 bundle.

    Too bad, I might’ve gotten the Clone Wars one. Well, went with Space Marine instead.

  10. Jnx says:

    There’s the rest of Europe too, you know.

    • John Walker says:

      What? Didn’t we conquer you all years ago?

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:


      • Carra says:

        You’ve got it all wrong, we, Normans, conquered you.

        • Elmar Bijlsma says:

          Pff, conquering England cannot be that hard. The Dutch conquered the entire United Kingdom!
          They may call it the Glorious Revolution but those perfidious tea-drinking fog monkeys had a Dutchman for a king long before The Netherlands itself stooped so low.

  11. Brugt says:

    Never used a controller on my pc.. Does anyone have any recommendations, hardware wise?

    • John Walker says:

      The 360 controller is a perfect piece of kit. And they sell a PC version.

      • subedii says:

        Isn’t the “PC Version” literally just the 360 gamepad in GFWL branded packaging?

        Not that it makes too much difference, but you’re probably more likely to find better deals if you’re just searching for a standard 360 pad.

        • Jnx says:

          It comes with the USB receiver by default. Not sure if that’s the case with the basic package.

          • Hematite says:

            The wireless PC 360 pad does come with a usb receiver dongle; it’s about four quid more than the regular XBox one.

            I’m also happy to confirm that once you have a dongle you can connect extra regular 360 wireless pads to it, so feel free to raid second hand stores – or your mates with poor taste in gaming hardware – for extras.

        • daf says:

          For the wireless version you must get the PC version has it comes with the usb receiver and it’s currently the only way to get one (do note that wireless 360 controllers will not work with a usb cable like their ps3 cousins but only using the 360 wireless receiver). If you’re looking for the wired version then any official 360 controller will do independent of packaging, just get whatever is cheapest for you.

          The wired 360 controller is the cheapest and easiest way to get a xinput controller, if you prefer the dualshock layout (why would you man, WHY?) logitec latest controllers support it or you could always use a ps3 controller with 3rd party drivers.

          • derbefrier says:

            this guy is correct. Also the cheap brands like Madcatz and some others work just as well and you can often find them a lot cheaper the an official xbox controller.

          • subedii says:

            Ah that would make sense. Yeah, I was thinking of the wired controller since that’s what I’ve got.

          • darkChozo says:

            Note that if you already have a wireless controller and/or can acquire one cheaply, you can get a vaguely sketchy third party wireless adapter for $10-$20 dollars through various retailers. I have one, and it works pretty well with the wireless controller I already had, plus it was both cheaper and less wired than buying a new PC-specific controller.

        • Superpat says:

          I got for Razer onza on amazon for about 15 dollars a few months ago and i like it alot!

      • omicron1 says:

        Maybe so – but it’s Xbox. I refuse to give MS the time of day until they deign to afford me that same courtesy – their PC “initiatives” are just insulting.

        • cpt_freakout says:

          Just get one of the various imitators, they’re mostly pretty good.

      • sinister agent says:

        I’ve been using a standard wired 360 controller for about five years now. No complaints at all (although older models had an unreliable D-pad, they’ve either improved it or I just happen to play games that don’t rely heavily on it, so it’s a very minor con). Straight in the USB thingy, recognised automatically by more games than most, plays well with xpadder. A very well designed thing, if you have human hands and not the grotesquely mangled talons that Sony designed their PS3 ones for.

      • Carra says:

        I had a cheap controller before but some games would not load with it. Since I upgraded to an X-360 controller everything runs smoothly.

        Fun to use with third person games (Assassins Creed!) or platformers(Super Meat Boy!).

    • Dimonte says:

      Pick up the one that is primarily used with the Crossbox Three-Sixty. Every other game pretty much expects you to have it.

    • Dominic White says:

      You can get a wired 360 controller for about £15-18 these days. It’s the most widely supported gamepad out there. Natively supported by about 90% of PC action games now, as it has OS-level support thanks to Microsoft.

    • Vandelay says:

      If you are looking for something a bit different and don’t mind spending quite a bit, I can highly recommend the Razer Hydra. It is a motion controller that has 1:1 accuracy. Once you get the hang of them, you do get near-mouse accuracy and I find it the perfect way to play from a comfy chair on the big screen. Pretty much the only games I don’t play with them now are multiplayer and anything that really needs a lot of keyboard controls. I even played a fair amount of Sins of Solar Empire on them!

      I am really disappointed that (accurate) motion controls have not made a bigger impact. They really do trounce playing with a regular gamepad. It would open up so many possibilities, particularly on consoles.

  12. Rikard Peterson says:

    Does anyone still run a non-beta version of Steam? Why would you? Madness in your head?

    When it comes to choosing between a beta version or a stable one, my question is the opposite. Why should I run the beta? If there’s no clear answer to that, I’ll go with the recommended (i.e. non-beta) version. And when it comes to Steam, I am unaware of any version to run the beta.

    • MrLebanon says:

      I’m running non-beta…. I like my steam to not crash more than usual!

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      Well, the only reason I use Steam with any regularity is due to Steamworks games requiring it. So I’ve never felt any need to look at the beta.

    • AngoraFish says:

      Yes, given that most (if not all) additions are fluff that I will barely notice, I’m struggling to see why this might induce me to introduce more potential bugs onto my system.

      I also notice that when on beta mode the client seems to require much more frequent updates, which just seems another extra hassle I don’t need.

    • Dare_Wreck says:

      Same curiosity about that statement here. I’ve been using Steam for years now and never once have been tempted to use its beta mode. John must be mad himself if he thinks most people do that.

    • arqueturus says:

      I run the Beta, it’s never and I mean never once crashed on me. It does update often but I get the feeling that Valve Beta’s are the proper kind – the product is complete, solid but they want to iron out as many bugs as possible so they take their time.

      By far the best feature of the current Beta version is the ability to choose where you Steam games are installed at the point of installation.

  13. Feferuco says:

    So I gave it a run. One nice thing is that I can tell it on what screen to use Big Picture mode, one not as nice thing is that it’ll automatically set the TV as my primary monitor instead of just fullscreening there.

    Also kinda weird was how crazy slow the overlay was while playing a game on big picture mode. So slow it was unusable.

    Anyway, if only regular steam would run smooth like Big Picture. I don’t even care about fancy interface, I just don’t want it to be slow and glitchy.

    • daf says:

      They do that on purpose to work around the fact that games won’t launch on anything but the primary display, you can read a valve dev commenting about on this thread.

      • Feferuco says:

        Yeah I understand that, I was hoping though if it would be able to get fullscreen on my TV without switching primary monitors.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      If it didn’t set the TV as primary, most games would fullscreen on your monitor instead of the TV when you launched them.

      Edit: I am slow today.

  14. ulix says:

    Still no Direct Input support, so I can’t use my perfectly fine Cordless Rumblepad 2. And X360CE doesn’t work either, just like it didn’t work during Beta. Annoying.

  15. Dominic White says:

    Anyone who has ever liked shmups before, grab Sine Mora. It got glowing reviews all across the board on the 360, and with good reason. Fantastic art, long by genre standards, varied mix of R-Type-ish level design and grandiose bullet patterns, and even has a remarkably solid and dark story delivered in subtitled Hungarian.

  16. SuffixTreeMonkey says:

    Super Meat Boy not on sale? Can’t think of any other game that benefits from a controller so much. (So much that the developers write it on the loading screen.)

    What a shame.

    • Kodeen says:

      For some reason SMB is listed as a “partial controller support” game, and this sale is for “full support” games only. Which is strange, since I can’t think of what I can’t do in SMB with a controller. Conversely, the last time I tried to play Magicka with a controller it was awful.

      • SuffixTreeMonkey says:

        Currently, it is listed as both! One under the other (on my Steam at least), there is “partial controller support” and “full controller support”. A tad confusing, if you ask me.

      • Randomer says:

        I actually found that using a gamepad made Magicka controls much more intuitive. It was a lot easier to remember and use the 8 different magic types when they were tied to joystick directions than it was to remember 8 different keyboard buttons. And using the joystick to move was less hectic than using a mouse.

      • Jenks says:

        The spell combos in Magicka with a gamepad feels like playing Street Fighter. It’s without a doubt not as efficient as a keyboard but it can actually add a lot of fun.

    • ulix says:

      You should buy Dustforce. Not on sale either though…

  17. aliksy says:

    I like how the sale takes something I would normally ignore (gamepads? ew) and makes me care/talk about it. Excellent marketing, Valve.

  18. Chaz says:

    Eh? I don’t run Steam Beta, and I’m sure I’m sane.

    Speaking of sanity, that Afterfall Insanity looks quite good, anyone played it?

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      I was hoping you had?

      Since RE6 is nowhere to be seen it might provide some survival horrorings till Deadspace 3.

    • Premium User Badge

      bsplines says:

      This is what the RPS crew thought of it long ago, when it first came out. Then again this is the extended edition and I don’t know what changes have been made…

      link to

  19. kalirion says:

    Actually 37 games on sale now, not 21.

  20. Unaco says:

    I just had the Update pop up on my Steam. Also of note with the Update are these two entries…

    – Improved TGA validation in image loading code
    – Improved steam:// URL validation in some cases

    These were the vulnerabilities that were brought to media attention about 6 weeks ago (RPS’s Article). That was surprisingly quick for Valve to act on them.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Also this one, which I submitted for the hivemind’s consideration, given how it’s a common gruntle:

      Games managed by the new content system can select alternate installation locations other than the Steam folder (Windows)

  21. sinister agent says:

    There’s a beta version of Steam?

    But I can already play my games on it. What does the beta do? Time travel?

    • Dominic White says:

      The current beta lets you assign installation locations on a per-game basis, for folks with multiple hard-drives and maybe an SSD they want to put a few specifics on.

      • welverin says:

        That’s part of the new update as well. I actually reupped for the beta just so I could do that, since I had just gotten a second HD to move my games to.

        As for Big Picture Mode, I’ve had my PC connected to my TV for years now and would rather Valve had put the money developing BPM into scalable fonts instead of some silly console style interface.

  22. Suits says:

    Mark of the Ninja is excellent with controller

  23. Roz says:

    Mother Fucker! Bought CSGO the other day for ~£13.


  24. Joshua Northey says:

    “Does anyone still run a non-beta version of Steam? Why would you? Madness in your head”

    Some of us have cultivated this very specific and important skill that has led to an easy life full of wealth and relaxation. It is called delayed gratification.

    Why have today what I can have a better version of a few months from now? You aren’t any happier playing the latest games now than you are with a 6 month delay and it costs half as much and there are 1/4 the bugs.

  25. Miltrivd says:

    My usual rant, since about 5 years ago people use the word “controller” when they meant “Xbox 360 Controller for Windows”. It has become a damn low standard, and it’s a damn shame. Remapping buttons is a thing of the past as well.

    For whatever reason people have, we shouldn’t be forced to either buy the awful Xbox 360 gamepad or employ workarounds so we can play a game the way is promoted. If you wanna be lazy and do ONE button layout available to ONE controller, say so. Just don’t go filling your mouth with “controller support” that’s just not there. This is aimed to game developers and the gaming media, control configuration went backwards in time, and no one even comments about it.

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      Yes, this is pretty odd. One of the great things about Windows 95 compared to DOS was how it’d take care of graphics, sound cards and controllers, so that the game wouldn’t have to be programmed to support all the different varieties. Just plug it in and it should work with any game.

      Then in modern games, I find that my perfectly fine, working controller, won’t work with some games. Crazy. I tried some weird hackish driver thingy I found on the Internet, but ended up buying a Microsoft controller. Sad.

  26. cjlr says:

    The 360 controller sucks donkeys.

    So I use a PS3 controller to fake one. I’M SUCH A REBEL.

    • dudleyfisher says:

      How does one faciliate the use of a wireless ps3 controller with ones laptop? Please guide me somebody

      • Miltrivd says:

        MotioInJoy is a software that works as a driver for the PS3 controller. Just install, plug it using the USB cord when asked and that’s it. The program may be a bit confusing at first, but is nothing impossible to set up and there is plenty tutorials. You can also use it connected wireless via Bluetooth, there are small USB-Bluetooth adapters in case your laptop doesn’t have its own. Just remember to carry the USB cord to recharge your gamepad.

        • dudleyfisher says:

          Thank you. I dont think my forearm can take much more Hotline Miami or…..

  27. princec says:

    Titan Attacks is fully controller supported! Go on, you know you want to. It was made for this!

    Cas :)

  28. Scumbag says:

    Using the client I was thinking “Hey! This is quite stable compared to the normal Steam browser”
    Then it crashed on me with no error message.
    Steam will be Steam no matter the front end.

  29. ClaudiaSomers22 says:

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  32. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    View -> Big Picture Mode

    “Steam Big Picture Mode is not supported on your platform.”

    Great, thanks. Why is it an option, then?

  33. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    Wonder how long it will take MS to realise Valve are using the Xbox Controller Guide button as that’s trademarked proprietary tech according to MS which is why only GFWL titles used it & now if you press that in big picture mode in Fallout3/Batman Arkham City/Dark Souls or any other GFWL game on Steam it messes up as it brings up both GFWL & Steam overlays at once!!! Guess the Valve QA team were asleep over that one!

  34. Malibu Stacey says:

    Geometry Wars for 75p. If you don’t have it already, go buy it.