Here’s How Garry’s Mod Will Work With Kinect

It's a shame we never came up with a more concise name for that.

I probably need to leap back into Garry’s Mod. For about a year, it was one of my go-to games/game-like things. If I was feeling bored, I’d find the most elaborate ways possible to pit a single, pistol-armed human NPC against hundreds of languidly slithering legless zombies and cackle until my mental health was severely in question. Eventually, though, I squeezed all the grim carnage I could from even the juiciest of scenarios, so it stopped being my time-waster of choice. But now, it sounds like Garry’s wonderful toybox – in much the same fashion as an infinitely multiplying army of single-frightened-human-hungry Ant Lions – has expanded quite a lot. And more’s on the way. Kinect support, for instance, is right around the corner, and Garry’s released a video of how exactly it’ll work. Flail your arms wildly at the break until something happens. Or just click on it.

As with all things Garry’s mod, it seems highly versatile – but not so much so that I couldn’t wrap my head around it after a few quick minutes of fiddling around. The skeletal morphing stuff, especially, looks neat – if only to realize my dream of creating Half-Life: Babies. Welding the camera to different body parts also seems like it could open up some interesting possibilities.

But OK, yeah, mostly I just want to run around the Half-Life universe kicking and slapping everything in sight. “Pick it up,” that Combine soldier will say to me after knocking over his trademark can. “WHY I NEVER,” I’ll reply before slapping his face with such force that he very nearly crashes through the ceiling. And it will be the most beautiful tangle of twisted, violently flopping limbs anyone’s ever seen.

Garry’s aiming to have the Kinect update out on Thursday. So probably start practicing your unnatural body contortions now. Oh, and also maybe clear out your living room.


  1. Clavus says:

    It’s amazing that everyone but Microsoft knows how to do cool stuff with the Kinect.

    • MSJ says:

      The engineers who worked on the Kinect were among the first people who does all those cool stuff you keep seeing. Microsoft always intended the Kinect to be more than just for games. It’s their gaming division who hasn’t done much with it.

    • Pindie says:

      You’d think slapping people in their face across the Internet would be a perfect addition to Xbox online gaming…
      It is indeed strange we have found a good and entertaining use for Kinect on a PC.
      I would expect to see this in Halo editor long ago, for the joy of all the machinema folks.

  2. El_Emmental says:

    The modding potential in this new feature is strong.

    From mini-games to Kinecting existing games/mods, fun will be had, oh yes.

    edit: With proper polishing (and NPC “fake” animation artifacts), imagine having to mimic NPCs, while other player have to find the human player(s)…

    • Chriller says:

      Garrys Mod Spy Party clone? I’m in.

      • MadTinkerer says:

        When one of the NPCs turns around, flailing and complaining “MOM! I’m trying to go incognito at a party and there’s an assassin after me! I’ll mow the lawn LATER!” that’s a hint it’s a player.

  3. Gap Gen says:

    Her punches seem to have the power of kicks.

  4. Feferuco says:

    I think this is what everyone has ever wanted from motion controls and it is Garry’s Mod doing it.

  5. Roz says:

    Woah, this looks awesome, will it only allow one person per kinect? I’d assume so.

  6. ALPHATT says:

    Will you need Kinect for Windows or Kinect for Xbox 360 for this, or either works?

  7. Firkragg says:

    Imagine a game where one body is controlled by 4 people, one for each leg or arm. Now imagine using your given arm/leg to block or attack multiple opponents. A martial arts master training students and all the players have to fight with arm and leg to beat the challenge. Each would have their area/radious to attack and defend within. Insert a replay function to see the ensuing hillarious poses and punches two arms and legs moving independent of each other would be.
    Completely bonkers idea, I know.

    • Laxan says:

      Peter Molydeux had a similar idea a while back for a game called Cooptopus. It involved having multiple players each controlling an arm of an octopus and having to work together to overcome obstacles.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Nobody suspects a thing.

  8. nasenbluten says:

    If this is the future of gaming I’m switching to bonsai.

    It is quite amusing how Microsoft tries to force kinects down peoples throats with crappy games. The best use of it I saw was that realtime room 3D mapping thing.

    • aleander says:

      I’m afraid this represents gaming itself switching to a form of bonsai. BONSAI OF BODIES.

      You’ll need some other idea. Collecting toenail clippings?

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      I fail to see how producing games, crappy or otherwise, in any way constitutes forcing anything down anyones throat.

      So you don’t like Kinnect games, fair enough, but don’t get all weird about it.

    • Unaco says:

      How, exactly, are they ‘forcing’ it down people’s throats?

      • nasenbluten says:

        Well, if you saw last few years E3 Microsoft presentations, Kinect crap everywhere and almost exclusively, “optional features” in games like Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier…

        But just wait for the new Xbox, it will come integrated with the system so they can, for example, limit the number of people that can watch a movie at the same time on the console: link to

        • Unaco says:

          OH NOES!! OPTIONAL FEATURES?!? How will I possibly avoid them. Oh, that’s right. Just by avoiding them.

          Optional features are NOT forcing it down anyone’s throat.

  9. Droopy The Dog says:

    I forsee an explosion of mo-capped garry’s mod dance videos on youtube in the near future.

    Also, I love this madness.

    P.S. I like how at 0:18 the floor is already littered with people she’s ro-sham-bo’d

  10. olemars says:

    Still features the one big flaw of mo-cap as a controller: no walking.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      I hold out hope that someone will jury rig some kind of feedback loop between the kinect, gary’s mod and a treadmill. G-Mod people are nothing if not crazy and ingenuitive.

      • olemars says:

        Suddenly struck me that a Wii balance board could possibly be jury-rigged into something usable for this, by using shift in weight on the board as cues for walking direction.

  11. Nevard says:

    As the sensor is a static floating object doesn’t that kind of limit you to standing in one place though?
    I mean it’s still very impressive and I’m not sure how movement could be done short of holding a controller at the same time but it’d still be a teeny bit of a shame.

    • Clavus says:

      There’s already people working on that in the scripting section. You can potentially move forward by just making the right gestures.

  12. grundus says:

    Oh good lord, this is amazing. So much potential.

  13. Shadowcat says:

    It’s a shame we never came up with a more concise name for that.

    I worry that my exciting crowd-sourcing enterprise will suffer on account of this very issue. I hope that one day I can find a less awkward name for it.

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    phuzz says:


  15. Kinth says:

    Pretty funny that for the 360 the Kinect has pretty much failed, yet on PC it’s being for some ingenious things.

  16. Tridae says:

    This combined with the Occulus Rift – You wont really be able to move much but it would be awesome looking down and seeing your feet and arms move in game

  17. vivlo says:

    I’m sure people will laugh at me, but… will this work for OSX Garry’s Mod ?

  18. TomEllinson says:

    What I want to see is a proper fighting game mode using this, because that woud fricking rock
    Combine the kinect control with some sort of way to achieve more motion(perhaps some wii-style controllers in-hand), and you’ve got your self a full-on dragon-ball-z style punching-people-through-walls fighting game!

  19. essentialatom says:

    This + Source Filmmaker = homebrew Avatar.

  20. Cooper says:

    This all seems wonderful. Interesting and fun.

    But remember:

    Within a week of release someone, somewhere, will be getting off by stripping naked in front of this to grind and hump empty air, watching their GMod avatar hump an Alyx ragdoll.