What I Loathe About Far Cry 3

Yesterday I celebrated what is definitely a really fantastic game. A game that deserves celebration, a surprise treat from a series that never promised anything this involved, mad, and genre-busting. It is, overall, a very positive experience. And as I said yesterday, such experiences come at a price – when stuff is wrong, it looks very, very wrong. But in the case of Far Cry 3, this isn’t about picking up on issues that would pass in a more mediocre game – this is about really wantonly stupid mistakes, issues that defy the belief that any human being can have played the game before it was released, further evidencing the theory that this was indeed a game coded by tigers.

So as I’ve said, while the whole of this article is negative, this isn’t a statement that it’s a negative game. Why am I hammering this point home? Because I’m up at 7am to get an hour of Far Cry 3 in before I start work, despite having played it all last night and every spare moment of the weekend before it. Because I care enough about how good it is to want to highlight its shortcomings, partly in the hope that at least some of them can be patched out to stop marring this glorious thing.

What’s Wrong With Far Cry 3

The Static Characters

Yesterday I talked about the protagonist, and how while there were clearly problems, in the end I found myself liking this spoiled kid’s descent into cruel, terrified brutality. I also attempted to dismiss away the situation he was in. That’s not really fair. Because Far Cry 3, well, it’s a bit racist, isn’t it?

I said, rather flippantly, that the people of this island are the race they are, because it’s the island they’re native to. It is what it is, essentially. And that’s the case – that’s really not the issue here. It had to be set somewhere. The issue is the horribly worn tropes it so lazily kicks around when it gets there. As it is, you have the simple-folk-natives, and the immigrant white men with their mixture of South African and Australian accents. And one black guy. White people ask you to get involved in enormously elaborate machinations, ancient mysteries, and local politics. Locals ask you to help them kill endangered species, find their missing daughters, and point out when their husbands are gay. Essentially, the locals behave as if they’re helpless without you, but when you wield their tattoo-based magical powers then true greatness appears. And it’s here that the problems really kick in.

There’s a term for it. It’s “Noble Savage“. And it also falls under the remit of the “Magical Negro“. The trope is that the non-white character possesses mystical insight, magical abilities, or simply a wisdom derived from such a ‘simple life’, that can enlighten the white man. And it’s pretty icky. The premise relies on the belief that the individual’s race is in some way debilitating, something their noble/mystical abilities are able to ‘overcome’.

The further you get, the more revered your character becomes. The antagonists call you Snow White, a derisory name but one that pretty much points out that you’re the pure white American man in this land of colourful folks. And the locals begin to hear word of not only your helpful ways (which would seem fair – you’re being very helpful) but also your abilities with their customs, your wielding of their powers. You are the outsider who has come in and outdone them, shown them the true majesty of their savage abilities. They can’t fight against the pirates for themselves, but you can save them. Now, I’ve not finished the game – I am, by the map, halfway through. This might be discussed, it might be addressed, but it’s certainly already there.

So I’ve argued why I think the story of the spoilt rich white kids having their worlds fall apart is not a bad thing. But I do wonder what would have stopped the story being about a local of the island rising up against the pirate oppressors. And then at least the problematic mystical bullshit would have at least been a part of his or her culture, even if it would still have remained entirely unnecessary. Or maybe just have the island be inhabited by an indigenous race that isn’t generally pathetic.

And then there’s the rapey bit. (Oddly, this paragraph is also a spoiler.) General rule: unless your game is about rape, or willing to truly deal with the subject, maybe steer clear of rape. It’s way too big of a subject to nonchalantly include, and it’s pretty abhorrent to use it as a mere plot beat. The rape in FC3 is threatened and implied, rather than witnessed, but it’s so thrown away, used to say, “This man who did it is terrible!” rather than to explore the true horror for the repeatedly abused victim. The perpetrator happens to be one of the best written and acted characters in game – especially acted. It’s a fantastic performance. And his being a monster makes that all the more affecting. But in the end, the reveal of Jason’s victimisation is flippant, and the ludicrous mystic-trippy scene in which you QTE kill Buck is just plain offensive in the context. I think it was intended to further the brutal horror faced by these rich suburban kids, but in the end it’s an awkward, potentially upsetting misfire.


The Great Quicksave War still rages on. In fact, just calling it that is considered an act of aggression by the Checkpoint Army. But like a game of foot-to-ball on Christmas Day, Far Cry 3’s utter arsing up of saving can bring both sides together.

It’s hard to imagine how it could be this bad. A game that absolutely naturally lends itself to quicksaves (I don’t care if you don’t like them – guess what, you don’t have to use them even if they’re there) has no such thing. And as such it becomes a game that heavily relies on checkpointing. But it’s an open-world game, and so, er, needs quicksaves. The eighth-arsed solution is a system where death means being revived at the nearest safehouse or controlled radio tower. Now, that alone would have been almost fine. Frustrating when your target location is a hefty journey away from one of those, but it would have at least made a degree of sense. But what actually happens here is death means not only reviving far away, but also with an arbitrary amount of progress undone.

When this progress includes menial tasks like crafting items, it’s just a pain in the arse to have to discover what’s now undone. Let alone the tedium of having to repeatedly retrace your steps to a particularly tricky challenge. And this reaches farce once the jumbled mess of its saving conflicts with the jumbled mess of its mission areas. At one point I wanted to clear a radio tower in an area, mostly to get the minimap working. However, this tower happened to fall inside the vague area that triggered the next story mission, despite my not wanting to do it, nor engaging in it. Instead I cleared the tower, then I believe was ambushed by komodos on my way to doing something else. I came back to life at some arbitrary place, the radio tower itself now reset – despite those things supposed to be the one reliable checkpoint you have. The mission had taken over, and anything I did between then and actually reaching the location where it properly takes place was undone. Because… because? Because why? Because someone at Ubisoft hates people, and hates the thought of people having uninterrupted fun?

This is even further encumbered by some archaic leftover from the last generation of consoles, with the persisting belief that there’s a need to limit save slots. So you’re allowed one save, and one save only, and saving again overwrites the last. So any desires to archive moments of the game, to be able to return to a certain point to play again another time, are taken away. Because… because? For no damned reason. The “save” option in the menu itself is an utter farce – on the rare occasions it actually lets you use it, it doesn’t save anything at all. And there’s no need for any of it. If I want to stop playing at a certain key moment – say I have to go out, or to bed, or to work – tough. Leave it running and risk a crash, or lose the progress anyway. Because… because fuck you.


A recent study I’ve just made up showed that human beings now spend up to 12% of their waking life switching the notifications off on things. From every app on every phone, tablet and computer, to every console, alarm clock, and Twitter client, everything in the world seems to believe that we want to be constantly notified of things. STOP NOTIFYING ME OF THINGS, EVERYTHING! And especially you, Far Cry 3, you utter prick. At least damned Twitter apps have an option buried beneath seventeen chains of menus to turn the bloody things off. Far Cry 3 does not, and it WILL NOT SHUT UP.

One of the real joys of the game is the freedom. I can pursue the main storyline, or I can run over here and see what’s in this cave, and then hang-glide to that village, kill all the red-wearing bastards who live there, then go murder a blue-eared lama or something. But for reasons unexplainable by all non-tiger people, I cannot do any of this without the game SCREAMING at me that there’s still the main storyline mission to do. A pop-up text box that takes up a dramatic amount of the upper-left of the screen appears with an alarming swoosh-kaaaa noise, telling me that I should be meeting with Beard White Guy #7 now. No I shouldn’t! I should be spelunking right here, and then chasing parrots. So oh God please will you just shut up.

No, it won’t shut up. It will never shut up. It won’t shut up while you’re actually doing the mission it’s reminding you to do. Despite being in an elaborate cave network only accessible by following the quest, in the middle of taking out guards and making your way down the slope, it’ll appear telling you, “Take out the guards and go down the slope.” OH GOOD GRIEF I KNOW I’M DOING IT SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.

You have to play the game to understand how teeth-destroyingly frustrating it is, this fucking text box that obsessively stalks you, incessantly screaming at you to stop having fun and do the mission even if you’ve stopped having fun and are doing the mission… it’s evil. It’s a force of evil. And the serious issue here is that it demonstrates something very concerning – they absolutely cannot have sat down anyone from outside the dev team to play the game before finalising it. Because any non-tiger species would have turned around and said to them, “If you don’t make this godforsaken text box stop appearing, I’m going to hunt every one of you down and put you in a zoo.” It smacks of extreme arrogance, of failing to playtest properly, or of just hating humanity.


This is another example of a failure to have real humans play the game ahead of release. Because absolutely anyone who’s sat down with the game for more than an hour will say, “Why the billowing hellballs isn’t there a shortcut key for crafting?” Even the console porting isn’t a justification for this – not least because everything else about the port is so close to perfect – because on a controller you’d still want a button dedicated just to bringing up this screen.

Even when you’ve the menus up, they’re a bemusing confusion. Huge and muddled, navigating them desperately needs a scroll wheel, but astonishingly this only works on some of them. Completely at random, it just doesn’t do anything on the menus you use most frequently, while happily scrolls down a list of the pointless statuettes you’ve picked up. Nothing works as you might expect. Selecting the main button for the section you’re in doesn’t go back to the top – instead it just does nothing. You have to click the tiny “back” button on the bottom right of the screen. Selling non-junk items in shop menus requires laboriously clicking on each over and over, rather than group-selecting a bunch. There’s no mouse rationale at all, throughout, and no internal consistency. It’s ridiculous, and it’s a real stumbling block in enjoyment of a game you’re going to be spending dozens of hours playing.


In every sense. This is another perennial gaming issue, but it’s one that is far more stark and obtuse in Far Cry 3. There are about ten different barks for the pirates. I wish I were exaggerating. I have heard them decry the heat and wish for death, suggest giving up the island because they dislike it so much, mention that a prostitute has given them the clap, and talk about how it hurts when they wee. A lot. So many times. And that’s as nothing compared to how many times the same omnipresent local has informed me about the importance of doing notice board missions. When your game is this enormous, and you know the player is going to encounter the same situations so many times, record a hundred, five hundred different lines. Have it so the chances of hearing the same line twice are remote. Why not? Serious, every developer except for Valve – why not? It’s more money, but you’re already spewing that through your nostrils, so just keep the actors in the recording booths a little longer. It makes the difference between a believable world, and an arcade game.

And that goes for the actual barks, too. Perhaps I have rubbish ears, but I’m fairly sure dogs sound the same as dingoes in every detail, while snakes and komodo dragons are entirely indistinguishable. A lot more effort could have been put in all round here, and it would have made a distinct difference. It’s an area games seem hellbent on putting too little effort into, and it becomes a real bruise on Far Cry 3.

Again, there are many other things to lament. Not least “leaving mission area” nonsense in an open world game. How about you let me leave the mission and come back to it – you’re so damned insistent on my only having one save that it shouldn’t be a problem for you to remember where I got to. And why? Why limit the mission area? What are the consequences of my stepping over this imaginary line? It’s gone so far away from the tedium of the current generation of manshooters, so why does this ghost of their wretchedness still haunt it? Oh, poker – in poker the blinds go up, Ubi – it’s what stops heads up being as madly stupid as it is in your otherwise oddly decent poker games. And what the heck is up with the skinning? Leaving an animal with all its skin on, and taking an amorphous fleshy mound of its insides, is not skinning. It’s weird, and it makes no sense, and how did no one at Ubisoft Montreal mention this? Unless that’s what tigers thinking skinning is – it really is the only sensible explanation.


  1. MikoSquiz says:

    Would you prefer a weight-based system instead? Either a rocket launcher and a pistol *or* sniper rifle and shotgun? Or maybe some Inventory Tetris?

  2. MikoSquiz says:

    Aren’t dingoes basically wild dogs anyway? Can you even DNA test to see whether an animal’s a dingo or just a feral dog-as-in-what-you-take-for-a-walk? I can’t imagine they’d be that distinctive-sounding. And what sound do komodo dragons really make? I would imagine they’d hiss like a snake if anything.

    • I Got Pineapples says:

      Dingos are pretty much just wild dogs.

      I suspect they are other wild dogs to differentiate from Pirate Dogs and Rabid Dogs.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Apparantly, you can now get DNA tests that will tell you if your dog is 1/4 Pomeranian. Dingos had a lot of time in isolation to differentiate themselves.

      And they will eat your baby!

  3. Squire says:

    Accurate list John, I think I have genuinely heard & seen the pop-up that informs you to go “Talk to Dr Earnhardt” more than a hundred times, maybe a thousand.

    I’ve hang-glid-ed over ship-wreck pirate bases, I’ve QTE’d a croc and several tigers, driven a quad-bike into a water filled sink-hole and crafted so many satchels I’m at expert at sewing. During that time I literally haven’t advanced the main plot since I killed the boars and I’m loving every second of it :P

    Also – don’t know if you read all these comments but I’d like to help organise a RPS club in “the land of always winter” as I can’t do any of these London/Manchester trips cause I can’t be bothered sitting on a train that long. Who do I contact about this?

  4. I Got Pineapples says:

    Something I am not fond of:

    Why are the goddamn islander VA’s all apparently recorded with the worlds shittiest mics?

    On what sounds to be a windswept beach for the amount of interference you’re hearing?

  5. simulant says:

    “The rape in FC3 is threatened and implied, rather than witnessed…”

    This is the 3rd or 4th time I've seen this mentioned and I must protest. The rape in FC3 is EXPERIENCED first hand. While it's totally understandable that FC3's target audience might miss this, I'm pretty sure that being drugged and then fucked by Vaas' sister before you come out of your stupor counts as a legitimate rape.

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the implied necrophilia bit yet….

    • yogibbear says:

      Technically depending on choices you get raped twice…

    • wodin says:

      I got drugged up by Cistra but really don’t remember anything about rape..I just tripped out and had to find somersetting or other..god knows..

      Maybe it comes later…get it? Comes later…hehehe

      If Cistra does rape you whilst drugged..I’m sure 99% of hetro sexual men wouldn’t be bothered..

      Anyway I’ve been pounced on by a women whilst on peach palthium, some other downer we called traffic lights,Mushrooms, Acid and Ecstasy…I was absolutely shitfaced…and in away I had no real say so in the matter..but next morning I wasn’t bothered. I thin Man raping female or Man raping Man is a horrific crime..woman raping man..hmmmm

      • yogibbear says:

        Are you even warm blooded?

        • ResonanceCascade says:

          That bit about the cocktail of drugs pretty much explains the rest of the post.

      • simulant says:

        If you can’t tell when you are being raped or racist, then Far Cry 3 is the game for you!

    • Woden says:

      THANK YOU. I swear, I was starting to think I was the only person who was squicked out by explicit, on-camera rape in an AAA game. Not to mention the fact that it’s literally never mentioned again after Citra climbs off of you.

      So we’ve got lazy writing in the off-camera rape used for drama intensification and which is treated as something that makes the victim ashamed and want to hide it, lazy characterization in the privateers who mention that you’re a pretty boy and that you’d best “pucker that asshole” (look how eeeevil they are!), and blindness in the explicit, on-camera rape which is shrugged away as totally normal because it’s a man being raped by a woman.

      It’s pretty gross, all in all.

  6. Berzee says:

    99% of NPCs EVER are helpless folks waiting for the main character to save them.

    • Outsider says:

      Shhhhhh, they’re on a roll!

    • Arglebargle says:

      It’s in the nature of it being a game. If the locals rose up and solved the problem when you were a quarter of the way through the game, it would probably be a bit of a let down.

      I think Stalker had this problem; at one point in development they gave the the AI the same goals as the character. This lead to the game usually finishing itself while you were still out wandering around.

      • The Random One says:

        The obvious solution is to have it like in Red Faction: Gorilla, in which the useless NPCs take up arms and help you out (by being a distraction, mostly).

        I admit that seems to be anathema to what FC3 is trying to do overall.

        • Brun says:

          Then people would call the game racist because the natives are used as cannon fodder for the white protagonist. Even if they were legitimately trying to help you in an organized fashion, they couldn’t be *too* good at it or else it makes the player feel useless and it makes it seem strange that they haven’t already solved their own problems. And of course, anything less than unstoppable NPCs would be interpreted as “cannon fodder,” thus making the game racist.

  7. roryok says:

    A recent study I’ve just made up showed that human beings now spend up to 12% of their waking life switching the notifications off on things. From every app on every phone, tablet and computer, to every console, alarm clock, and Twitter client, everything in the world seems to believe that we want to be constantly notified of things.

    12% sounds about right. Why, even RPS sends me a notification every time I visit, to tell me it uses cookies. Why not USE A FUCKING COOKIE TO REMEMBER I HID THAT NOTIFICATION

  8. pupsikaso says:

    “And the serious issue here is that it demonstrates something very concerning – they absolutely cannot have sat down anyone from outside the dev team to play the game before finalising it. “

    The issue here is that they really did put someone outside the dev team and had them play the game. They blind-folded and whisked some random bloke off the street and put him down in front of the game and said play. And the bloke played and every 5 seconds he would say
    “What do I do know?”
    “Where do I go now?”
    “How do I jump?”
    “What am I supposed to do?”
    He would say this even while doing the exact thing he’s supposed to be doing. He would say, while killing guards, “Am I supposed to be killing guards now?” “I’ve killed this guard, what do I do now?”

    And this is no joke. This is the majority of people playing games. This is the average gamer. And I know because I live with average gamers and I absolutely cannot be in the same room as them whenever they play any games because they will absolutely refuse to take a step forward before looking at me hesitantly and asking if they should be taking a step forward.

  9. His Divine Shadow says:

    One could barely call what happens when you press F9 “saving”. Your position is not, for instance, and I suspect many other things are not either – which is likely the reason not to save the position (otherwise the inconsistencies would be too noticeable). I simply refuse to believe that such an atrocious system could have been a design decision made by a sane person.
    Even checkpoint saves during missions are not real saves. They seem to save the condition that triggered the save (such as disabling an alarm), but all the rest is kind of “reset”, including the player’s position.

  10. Hat CakeStomp says:

    I got the feeling during the game that the whole mighty whitey business was more like ‘JASHUN WHITEBOI YOU IS STOMPIEST, TAKE ALL THESE DRUGS AND SILLY MYSTIC BULLSHIT RIGHT UP YOUR STUPID FACE AND HELP US BECAUSE YOU ARE A REALLY FUCKING IGNORANT KID AND ALSO APPARENTLY INVINCIBLE’, especially from Vaas telling you pretty much exactly that regarding Jashun’s relation to Citra and her people.
    But then I realised if they really wanted this to be a thing, they should have made it permeate the game far better then one bit of fucking dialogue. And yeah, you’re now a horrible racist for enjoying Far Cry 3 for even a moment. You are bad and you should feel bad. Double bad, even.

  11. A-Scale says:

    “There’s a term for it. It’s “Noble Savage“. And it also falls under the remit of the “Magical Negro“. The trope is that the non-white character possesses mystical insight, magical abilities, or simply a wisdom derived from such a ‘simple life’, that can enlighten the white man. And it’s pretty icky. The premise relies on the belief that the individual’s race is in some way debilitating, something their noble/mystical abilities are able to ‘overcome’.”

    This 1. isn’t an example of the magic negro trope (see Wikipedia for a definition), 2. defines the trope in such a way that any example of a white person learning something from an uneducated minority person is derogatory. This is senseless. It would be more offensive if the natives of a tropical island were all white, or if they were rock stupid and had nothing to share. It would be unbelievable beyond the suspension of disbelief if it was an island full of well educated natives. You would have a reason to bitch about this regardless of the way it was portrayed. RPS is better than such petty critique, and so are you, Walker.

    • maninahat says:

      What if, perhaps, it wasn’t a story about natives depending on a white champion? Hell, take the storyline to the game PREY. That’s about a native American who has to fend off aliens using magic ancestral powers. It’s still stereotypical schlock, but at least the story is coming from a far more appropriate perspective. The protagonist turned his back on his culture, and yet circumstances force him to embrace his legacy. That would have been a way better story for Far Cry3 , over the same old one about a white guy appropriating someone else’s culture, becoming their father figure and hero in the process.

      • Arglebargle says:

        Being an outsider allows you to not know stuff that you’d know as a local. It also frees them from coming up with some convoluted BS about why you are a local and don’t know any of this stuff.

        Hence the popularity of ‘You have amnesia!’ in a variety of genres….

        • maninahat says:

          That’s easily fixed though. In Far Cry 3, just make the protagonist a native who has long been off the island since a young age, and thus ignorant/uninterested in a lot of his people’s politics. Perhaps he went to the mainland for a decent education, or perhaps he fell out with his own family. Then, circumstances require him to return to his village. Whilst he is there, he is confronted with the growing pirate faction, which now threatens his people.

          Hell, it even works quite well thematically: having previously embraced a more modern, materialistic and secular worldview, the protagonist would have more in common with the brutally pragmatic, ex-tribal pirates. But a growing sense of duty and familial responsibility sees him gradually overlooking the creepy voodoo, and warming to his own people.

          • Klaus says:

            But that still runs the risk of meaning the local’s beliefs are inferior to those of the outside world. Especially if he looks past the mystical stuff.

            Like some people have stated, if feels like Jason, in his naivete, is being used by the Rakyat. I didn’t even understand why Dennis was so gung-ho about helping you save a bunch of strangers. Citra certainly didn’t care.

      • A-Scale says:

        “What if, perhaps, it wasn’t a story about natives depending on a white champion? Hell, take the storyline to the game PREY. That’s about a native American who has to fend off aliens using magic ancestral powers. It’s still stereotypical schlock, but at least the story is coming from a far more appropriate perspective. The protagonist turned his back on his culture, and yet circumstances force him to embrace his legacy. That would have been a way better story for Far Cry3 , over the same old one about a white guy appropriating someone else’s culture, becoming their father figure and hero in the process.”

        You’re proving the point I just made. You could criticize this story for the same reasons no matter what they did. If it was a story about a tourist landing on a tropical island full of whites, you would decry that the story was whitewashed for a white gaming audience, not even attempting to include some diversity. If it was a story about a guy who goes to an island and fails to help anyone that might be interesting, but probably boring and would hurt sales. If it was a story about an island full of magically overeducated natives you would decry that the population was made white in all respects except skin because, again, the developer refused to even try to portray a different culture. In short, this is just an “outsider helps a group of people” story, and you’ve thrown a racial critique upon it because it’s easy, reliable, and you feel like being a bit cranky. Stop that.

        • maninahat says:

          You only described half the options possible, and those all pertain to the race of the islanders. I’ve already put forward a perfectly adequate solution that completely gets around any criticism of white washing, mightey-whitey, noble savage and magical negro issues: make the protagonist a native. There are tons of benefits to doing this, and it would go a long way to mitigating a lot of the more stereotypical or questionable elements surrounding the depiction of the natives: just some commentary from this native protagonist can subvert/lampshade the stereotypes.

          You think I have a problem with “outsider helps a group of people” stories, but I don’t. There are many ways to tell this type of story, including the method I suggested. What I have a problem with is a very specific version of this story which keeps coming up again and again – in Avatar, and The Last Samurai, Far Cry 3 etc. In this day and age, it really shouldn’t keep happening. Writers should be savvy enough to subvert it, or avoid it entirely.

          • A-Scale says:

            And if they did so I suspect you would be here complaining about how they had to use a “whitewashed, native turned-Englishman story so they could get around claims of racism and still tell their story from white dominant perspective.” I learned long ago that you can’t do right by the overly politically correct crowd. The story isn’t bad just because it isn’t sufficiently diverse/unique for your tastes. Like it or not, but for the love of god leave the rest of us in peace. We’re tired of hearing it. This crap got old back in the 70s.

          • maninahat says:

            You’d be wrong, A-Scale. It isn’t as if I haven’t ever come across stories about natives who have integrated with a foreign culture, or minorities who become isolated from their own people. It tends to come up often, like in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (the book, not the film),. I didn’t complain about it then, and I wouldn’t complain about it here.

  12. maninahat says:

    Shame about the racism and the whole white man’s burden story. Especially as it is totally contrary to the themes of Far Cry 2. That game was all about demonstrating the horrible effect the murderous, greedy, mercenary outsiders have on a local society – about how they are the problem that needs to be eradicated. You destroy infrastructure, play both sides of a civil war against one another, and perpetuate a conflict just to get a few more uncut diamonds in your pocket. It sounds like they completely forgot that message for Far Cry 3.

  13. wodin says:

    I’ve had leaving mission area once or twice but it’s a rare thing..QTE’s are rare..notifications I don’t notice…ye the menu is abit long winded.

    Anyone reading this will get a wrong impression of the game.

    Far more annoying than all it’s problems was the enemy respawning constantly in FC2..this doesn’t happen anymore.

    FC3 does enough things right to make it a superb game..I think most pf the leaving mission are and QTE’s happen in the main mission thread..which is a small part of the game…I’m slowly working my way over to Bad Town mission or Bad something..whilst sorting radio towers and taking over outposts and doing any wanted mission along the way..great fun.

  14. Uthred says:

    Weird how in a game where you murder hundreds of people we see no complaints about violence but the implication of rape is some kind of atrocity. This isnt about measuring misery dicks, murder and rape are both terrible. But theres no reason that rape cant be included as a passing reference, as long as its handled well and not “lol rapzorz”, it definitely doesnt need to be dragged front and centre, no more than the fact that an antagonist killed someone offscreen, or burned down a village, or whatever. Unless its central to the plot or serves the needs of the narrative theres no reason to give it any more consideration than any other nasty thing in this case if “exploring the true horror” has no place then its ok to leave it out. Its no more abhorrent to use rape as a plot beat then it is to use murder.

    Also, while it certainly isnt flavour of the month round here, regardless of its other merits/failing the guards conversations in Hitman Absolution were well done, context sensitive and seldom repeated.

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      Look up “trigger warning” and you’ll find some reasons. (Don’t just read a definition, but spend some time on those sites using the term.)

      • Arglebargle says:

        While I am sympathetic to the concept, at a certain point you won’t be able talk about anything. If you are allergic to perfume, you don’t get to stop everyone from wearing perfume.

      • Uthred says:

        I’m familiar with trigger warnings but that has nothing to do with what John was talking about and what I responded do. Trigger warnings are a good argument for highlighting in advance what may come up in a game, but if Rape is a trigger for you then whether it is implied and used as background information (which I support as long as its handled well) or relentelessly examined in the foreground (which John seems to be saying it has to be every time its mentioned) doesnt matter. So trigger warnings dont have a lot to do with how the subject matter is handled, more its inclusion – to be honest relentless Irreversible style “examinations of the horror” are far more likely to be triggering than implication or quick exposition.

        • The Random One says:

          But a work that will examine something like rape in depth will have it as a central theme, and thus it’s unlikely that someone who would be triggered would experience that work blind and discover, too late, that it’s triggering to them. In a game that is 99% ‘shoot the men!’ and then suddenly has something about rape will probably not signpost that as well, and thus the person will not have any WARNING that it might TRIGGER them (get it?) and so it’s actually worse.

          It’s like you might know a person who watches horror movies for fun and laughs at horrid blood sprays but if you sneak up on them and shout ‘boo!’ they’ll be actually scared because they didn’t expect it, only instead of calling you a jerk and punching you they’ll have a PTSD attack and vomit.

          • Uthred says:

            I’m not trying to be obtuse here, but I genuinely dont grasp how your post relates to my point. John wasnt objecting to “SUDDENLY RAPE!” he was objecting to how it was handled, arguing that it should never be anything less than the focus of the narrative if its included. I was rejecting that position by arguing that its no more abhorrent than any of the other things we take for granted in games and once its handled ok it absolutely can be used as background information or a plot beat. Someone suggested that it shouldnt be used because it might trigger some people – which is a valid point but has nothing to do with what was being discussed, which was how you treat rape once its in not whether it should be included or not. In my response I did note that as a SEPARATE point trigger’s were a good reason to highlight what kind of content would be in a game in advance and then you said…more or less the same thing? This isnt about whehter you should include rape or not, its about how you treat it once its in – whether it can be used like any other kind of atrocity or whether every time, no matter how tangential it might be, it must be an “exploration of the true horror” of the act as the article suggests

  15. GreatUncleBaal says:

    The decision to force you to use a weapon slot for the repair tool was a strange one, yes. It means I’ve never used it. So far though, it’s not been as necessary to have that function as in Far Cry 2.

  16. Phantoon says:

    “Because someone at Ubisoft hates people, and hates the thought of people having uninterrupted fun?”

    Isn’t that their ENTIRE COMPANY?

  17. Brun says:

    So now that people have mentioned the quick Menu Keys (function keys), we can safely remove the “Menus” and “Saving” items here and replace them with a “Tutorial” item?

    • Saldek says:

      Not as far as I’m concerned. The menus remain unwieldy, there is still only one save slot and only necessary progress info is saved but not the current game state.

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        Yup. The F9 save system doesnt always seem to save everything. If you use it after crafting stuff, and then die, things randomly disappear as John said. Not only that, but having to constantly drive or walk back to the spot where you died gets infuriating, especially when you are learning. Just let me quicksave, and let that be what a quicksave always was – a bookmark in my game I can return to and it will be the same. There’s too mucj to see and do, and too much world, to not have a proper quicksave.

        And give me more than one of the bastard things.

  18. Yuri says:

    Um, whenever i’m not on a mission and i’m doing craft-hunting, i press F9 whenever i collect something.
    It has quick save on F9 and quick load on F11. It just doesn’t spawn you at the exact same position while quick-loading.

    This works only when not in missions though.

  19. MistyMike says:

    Rock Paper Shotgun: Skinning the Undying Bear

  20. Daniel Klein says:

    Shoulda linked to TV tropes instead: link to tvtropes.org

    You’re welcome, and I’m sorry for taking away the rest of your night.

  21. Mr.Bats says:

    I’m just gonna pinpoint that everybody here talking about racism HAVEN’T FINISHED THE BLOODY GAME YET.

    So they basically dunno what they’re talking about.

    The plot is bizarre, and a spiral of murder and psychos; and it is the perfect plot for the game. It fits. It may not be brilliant but it’s effective.

    There is no racism, I mean, come on, stop being politically correct pricks. And I’m not even gonna try to explain it, play the fucking game.

    I expected more of RPS’s editorial line and of Walker, personally. ¿Reviewing a game he’s not finished?

    Don’t count your tigers…

    • ffordesoon says:

      Note that the word “review” is absolutely nowhere in the header or the article.

      Note also that there’s a difference between being humorlessly PC and finding the idea of a civilized white man saving a bunch of poor natives from themselves a tad problematic.

      Finally, note that it is possible to both enjoy something enormously and find an aspect of it rather tough to excuse. I love James Bond, but I am not going to pretend most James Bond stories (books and movies) aren’t pretty damn sexist.

      No, John has not finished the game. He says as much in the article, and admits that the story might somehow right itself by the end. That doesn’t excuse a bad first impression.

      • Mr.Bats says:

        1- An article does not need the word ‘review’ to act like one.

        2- An article in a website like RPS making statements (i.e. What I loathe about FC3) needs to be more thoughtful and accurate.

        3- If you play and finish the game you’ll realize you’re not a white man saving some poor ‘negroes’. Your life (and your friend’s) has been shattered, you’ve been USED, you’ve become a murderer, almost a psycho, and you’ve been changed forever.

        4- The fact that the islanders are less complex and less devious than the white men is because:

        – The white men are fucking criminals that have made a looong journey to exploit the islands, hence the plans.
        – The islanders are islanders, which in that part of the world, just like in every other solitary small town, makes them quite simple.

        5- The islanders fucking use you as their go-to mercenary to do the dirty work.

        6- Citra… citra… you need to play it through

        7- I don’t want him to admire every single bit of the game but at least pinpoint real issues, with a bit more thought.

    • Gorf says:

      Knee-jerk and not fully researched is excactly what i was expecting from this article.

  22. ffordesoon says:

    These are my complaints about every Ubisoft game in a nutshell, and the Assassin’s Creed games especially. Assassin’s Creed II was a nine out of ten tragically trapped in the body of a seven out of ten, for example, because Ubisoft is apparently afraid you’ll suffer an overdose of joy and drop dead if they don’t tell you to do the thing you’re fucking already doing every five minutes, or force you into a story bit because you happened to wander near the trigger area for it, or randomly drop you into a menu to tell you to go to the place you were already going to because it was already fucking marked for God’s sake. I laugh every time they call AC an open-world game, because so much of it is such a chaperoned experience that actually punishes you for treating it like an open-world game.

    I am aware that there are casual gamers. I am a casual gamer sometimes. I am also as absent-minded and easily bored as they come. I get it. But surely no human in the history of ever has decided chess would be a lot better if the fucking paperclip from Microsoft Office was constantly telling you what move to make?

  23. Klaus says:

    Hmm, I thought the “Snow White” came from him being white, and that he leads… led a carefree lifestyle. Sort of like Snow White in the woods, oblivious to the world outside them.

    • Hat CakeStomp says:

      I thought Snow White was, well, a derogatory term, being that Snow White was a girl who had no business fighting a war against bloodthirsty pirates and mercenaries while believing herself to be the hero who finally does the right thing except that she’s actually a drug-addicted psychopath.
      But maybe I’m just silly.

  24. Arathok says:

    My good sir,

    although i agree with you on some points i think you are bit hypersensitive.

    The little notifyer will just unnerve you wenn you are watching it or let it disturb you. I did not find it annoying at any point. I am just not paying attention to it and i must say it is simply not there for me.

    Also can not understand why the game would be racist just because the locals seem “handicapped” and get shot. Would it be better if you played a black character and the people on the island were white? Also if they were mixed some would still find points why it is racist… When was a shooter not a bit racist? Think about the battlefield series where you mostly play an american who is bringing democracy in a lesser developed country where all locals must be terrorists (and no one playing it gives a damn, because like you said FUN is over moral – Hence the Tigers and Mantas!).

    The locals in FC3 in fact don’t need to be pirates. They chose by themselves. About their customs or on you mastering and beeing important in their kind of mysthicism: Ever heard of destiny and how it is just like it is? Remember Morrowind? It was similar even if you played a Dunmer. The foreigner no one never heard of suddenly becomes the hero of the land because he is a reborn god of the Dunmer. Even as Breton. Or Imperial! (guess Fate f*cked him pretty hard). And Oh is Morrowind a racist piece of land. 90% of the people there thought of you as lesser beeing just for beeing a foreigner? Would FC3 be better this way around? You always verbally obliged one fight your way through the hordes never giving up and when you are becoming the long dead deity suddenly everybody sticks his head in your back end.

    Long story short: you will never find a game which is not a bit racist in one small point. (EVEN PLANTS AND ZOMBIES IS RACIST if you want to look at it this way ;) ) And there will forever be people finding that little spot. Of course you are right to say it is racist, but it is pretty hard to make something not racist. There are things that are more racist.

    Let me say again i do not mean to offend somebody especially you. Maybe i am just cold at heart.

    • ffordesoon says:

      No, you just don’t understand how racism works.

    • Mr.Bats says:

      Wouldn’t it be more easy if we all admitted there are differences between races, that a lot of those differences are more geographic and economic than because of the race, and that depicting them is not in any way racist but reality?

      • The Random One says:

        No, because then people who are hardcore racists would create works in which their least favourite races are dumb idiots and then claim that they are not racist and the specific characters in their works are only dumb idiots because of socioeconomic reasons.

        Or rather, do it even more.

  25. yourgrandma says:

    Only thing that has really bothered me is the constant annoying popups. That’s about it.

    “Because Far Cry 3, well, it’s a bit racist, isn’t it?”
    OH PUHLEEZ… you have to be shitting me.

  26. UpsilonCrux says:

    So, is nobody going to mention the lack of physics and destructibility?
    I mean, it’s not necessary to have these things in every game or anything, but when Crysis had bendy-leafs and explode-o-shacks five years ago, it feels like a big ol’ step backwards.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Crysis was the Concorde of Video Games. It came and it went. Peaked and died. Now economic convenience rules.

      This will be an unpopular view, but fuck it.

    • Screamer says:

      And is it just me, but Crysis also looked better :/. Don’t get me wring, FC3 does look good, but….

  27. Arglebargle says:

    Well, at least the discussion of the game’s behavior and UI was helpful. It appears this is a $5 on sale game for me. Not going to put up with continual in-game irritations. Bad interface trumps all.

  28. ArchangelleStalin says:

    Oh boohoo, what are the social justice wimps going to cry about next? Not enough trannies in CoD? Maybe the villains in the next one can be CIS SCUM rather than foreigners and the protagonist can be a boy who dresses up like a girl and posts on tumblr about how oppressed he is.

    • Klaus says:

      My favorite bits from this line of thinking are that the people aren’t suffering, because they can be ‘normal;’ like everyone else. And that the people being marginalized should learn to deal with it and not demand respect because that’s what they would do if they were marginalized. lolyeahok.

      • ArchangelleStalin says:

        My favorite bits from this line of thinking are that people can do absolutely anything they want and expect everyone to think that their delusions are reality and kowtow to them. lolyeahok.

        • Klaus says:

          I’m not quite sure most want you to kowtow to them, I’m not even sure they want your friendship. They just want a measure of respect.

  29. Tuga says:

    I find comments boards like this one very amusing. Speaking as a member of a similar ethnic group to the one which the islanders portray in this videogame, I find the notion of the game being racist extremely…perplexing. How would Mr Walker prefer the game to present native islanders? As western consumer drones, driving Mercedes Benz cars and eating at Macdonalds? English is not my first language, so sometimes I have to re-read articles like this to be sure I have understood correctly. In any case, not sure what Mr Walker’s argument is? OK the magic island stuff is very silly, I accept this, but it is no different to the magic you will find in many games today, such as the voodoo in Saints Row 2. I know many people (from the island of St Lucia, if you must know) who would actually be MORE offended at being portrayed like typical westerners than in being portrayed as simple (therefore pure) natives. OK so the white man comes and “saves the day” (with guns and murder? really?), but he needs native help, treats the natives as equals, takes their drugs, and engages with their local customs. Had he came, seen and tarmaced the island with Chick-fil-a then I agree there would have been a problem, but he does not. If anything, the villain Vaz is a brutal white man, not a black man. He saves the islanders, yes, but FROM ANOTHER WHITE MAN. I cannot overstress the importance of this point, it is crucial. I now live in England, where I have tried to gain something of a western education while not forgetting my roots. Articles that cry racism where there is none make me feel sad, because I realise there is an actual example of racism not being correctly punished and stepped upon. Thank you for your time.

    • Mr.Bats says:

      this. so much. thank you

    • Outsider says:

      Great post, wish it was the first one below the article.

    • Brun says:

      Everyone who commented on this article needs to read this, right now.

    • Xantonze says:

      Nice post, keeping it real on what’s essential. Bottom line: let’s not cry shit wolf all the time and concentrate on actual racism cases.

    • Gorf says:

      Thanks so much for posting this. Its nice to hear from someone this issue would directly affect.
      (Though it will probably be conveniently ignored by some people).

    • Advanced Assault Hippo says:

      Common sense! Something the world is sorely lacking these days.

      RPS accusing this game of being racist is one of the most disappointing things I’ve seen them do in all the years I’ve been coming here.

    • Thiefsie says:

      Agreed – as much as I can being as white-bread as they come…

    • Berzee says:


      All of the people who have been saying “yes it is too racist and you are racist” must have stopped reading the comments just before this one was posted.

  30. JoshuaMadoc says:

    Do you know what game is even more laughably racist? Dead Island. Fucking really, have you ever seen an Indonesian that looked and talked like a fucking Jamaican? And how there’s even more Jamaicans than there are actual Indonesians and Indonesian island natives?

    FC3 also has similar problems, considering it’s set in the same region. Whoever thought that “laba-laba” meant “shark” instead of “hiu” would have failed their Indonesian course, period.

    • Outsider says:

      An Indonesian looking and talking like a Jamaican is laughably racist? Ok.

      • Donjo says:

        Yeah, it’s not racist, they’re all same, right?

        • Outsider says:

          That’s the first thing that came to your mind? Maybe you’re the one with racial problems. You must have a hard time getting through the day.

          “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.”

      • JoshuaMadoc says:

        Alright, fine, it’s “factually inaccurate”. Unfortunately, the western world insists on being factually inaccurate with Indonesia so many ball-busting skull-fucking times that it might as well be racist.

    • Hat CakeStomp says:

      Just looked up what ‘laba laba’ means. If the translator I used is correct, it’s ‘net profit’.
      I laughed so fucking hard. This is horrible, and it’s so fucking funny.
      Kind of like how Hungarian tends to get treated in foreign media. Just random words with hilariously bad pronounciation. I guess it’s just the language not being ‘well-known’ enough for them to give a shit. Which is bad, because they should give a shit all the same.

      • Isair says:

        According to wikipedia, it’s spider. Given the spider/shark/heron theme I guess the translator just got his notes switched up or something.

  31. Baal_Sagoth says:

    Hm, none of the story seems like it would destroy the game for me – it does seem to be more stupid than I’d like but I think I could deal with it. After all, it’s all about the open world fun, isn’t it? But wait, it has piss-poor console port menus (nevermind that I can read a comments section to find out how to make it slightly less piss-poor). It has random restrictions on what progress I can actually save and it is designed for children that play a game for the very first time. And I still have to indulge Ubisoft and their also-ran DRM nonsense.
    If I end up buying FC3 I’d be for the hilarity of a crazy open-world shooter. And right now it seems the game is very keen on preventing me from enjoying the experience the way I’d like. I might have to at least wait for a solid discount even though I love a lot of what I hear about many parts of the game.

  32. Punctured Bag says:

    Killing people is also pretty abhorrent.

    However, I suppose it’s hard to script a story where the “bad man” is a murderer and yet the protagonist has just arrived to the conversation via a twenty person killing spree. Not that I support including rape simply as a means to define another level of “bad”, either.

    • Brun says:

      It’s not that hard really. Hard to write it well maybe – but you can always use the “bad guy monologue about the protagonist following in his footsteps/being the same as him” trope.

  33. Brise Bonbons says:

    Maybe this is an overused construction right now, but “as a white dude…” I am born with huge advantages in life which come largely at the expense of all the non-white non-dudes around me. Now here comes a game which wants (?) to shove a mirror at me shouting “look at yourself!” – but I am only seriously presented with this critique for what, the last 15-30 minutes? And to reach that I must “suffer” through the first 1170 minutes wherein my desires are nearly constantly pandered to, and my place of prominence in the world is reinforced.

    Oh, woe is me, what a heartless skewering of my decadence. And all the non-white non-dudes in the game? Do they have a role or identity other than that of helper in realizing my journey to self knowledge? What if I choose to blow off that last bit as pretentious or so much PC thought policing? I guess the priestess is at least presented as competent.

    Perhaps most troubling, even while ostensibly being manipulated and mocked by the game, my privilege remains basically unquestioned, as far as I can tell. Oh how convenient. And look, I like jungle island pulp fantasy with sexy naked people and wild animals, who doesn’t? But there are endless ways they could frame this story that humbly and earnestly address these issues. But instead of emotionally engaging with the results of centuries of social injustice, they are used as a buildup to a clever little twist ending. “Haho, we’ve been subverting your manchild desires all along! YOU ARE UGLY!” Which seems to mostly defuse all the actually interesting stuff.

    You can see it in the discussion here. Concerns about the game’s content are not informed or illuminated by the ending; instead we say “eh, the ending means everything was the opposite of what it seemed like, so black is white and up is down and we’re done”.

    (NOTE: This is aimed sort of in general at the various comment threads discussing racism in the game. Sorry if it feels like a response to a non existing comment, and I hope I’m not setting up too much of a straw man in the process.)

  34. TaroYamada says:

    God RPS is really sinking low now-a-days. Talk about a desperate for clicks, grasping for straws piece. I really wish there was another PC site that kept up with the news as well as you guys so I didn’t have to read this left-wing equivalent of Fox News every other day.

    • Dilapinated says:

      aka “I want to keep pretending games exist in a bubble-universe where politics and society never impinge”.

      And yes, talking about racist and sexist tropes in games makes you just as bad as Fox News. That’s not a hyperbolic derailment in the slightest.

  35. Sunjammer says:

    Spot ON about the notifications. This game has the most viciously aggressive UI I can recall on the PC.

    Puzzled why you didn’t bring up the completely broken economy. That’s what bothers me the most right now, besides all the wild racism.

  36. IceColdNed says:

    From the gameplay walkthroughs I’ve been watching, and this review, I am quite honestly befuddled as to how the heck they managed to design this game with so many ass-backwards elements.

    The first thing that I noticed was when one of the commentators I was watching got the notification that he needed to turn back because he was “leaving the mission zone.” (Also John, I am super mad at you because you only offhandedly mentioned this.) I mean, I literally sat there for about ten minutes trying to figure out if I was going crazy or if Ubisoft really did something that unjustifiable in an “open-world” game.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised considering it’s Ubisoft, but you can’t deny that these people are professionals. In what world, (I am screaming at my computer right now) do professional game designers consider “mission zones” a core feature of OPEN WORLD GAMES??

    Sorry for my MADFACE, but seriously, given all the work that’s gone into making Far Cry 3 cool and fun, why would they ever do something like this?

  37. Caiman says:

    Far Cry 3 sounds like the typical game in which the first few hours are absolutely fantastic, but then those annoying and frustrating quirks quickly overtake any excitement you have for playing it, and it ends up getting relegated to the infamous < 5 hr playtime games in your Steam library.

  38. Crudzilla says:

    This is a really lazy article…
    Some info that is flat out wrong (no quick save, no crafting shortcut) I agree that these were not well introduced but given that John also complains about the game guiding him too much he’d probably complain if they were…
    People have addressed how wrong the author is regarding racism very well above me. But did John really not notice the squads of native warriors roaming the island in technicals and engaging pirates wherever they met? Hardly helpless natives.

    Did he notice that the same natives are sending a mentally unhinged tourist into dangerous situations to murder people in an attempt to further THIER goals. As a vain privellaged white kid the protaganist probably wouldn’t care that much about the plight of the islanders. The natives use the fact that his freinds have been taken by the pirates to turn the player into a deranged murder machine. I’m only half way through the game and already it is clear that the player charachter the one being exploited here…

    Maybe protraying the natives as exploitative is racist? At least that argument would have some weight to it. But really do we have to interpret every negative thing done by someone who is not white as racist?

    Far from John’s assertions of racism it seems that the the plot has sailed right over his head (or into his desire to see controversy where there is none). The plot is brilliant, smart, clever in playing with peoples concepts of games and heroism in general. One of the smartest stories I’ve seen in a game so far. It remind me of Fight Club in the way it subverts the audience preconceptions. Also I think you are supposed to feel the that the player charachter is a twat. That’s why you have the opening video of him being a twat… Before his world is turned inside out, he is drugged up and turned into a killing machine. Taking the game at absolute face value only betrays the Author’s lack of insight and empathy.

    I love RPS but agree with others that recently it is FAR too negative. Here you have set out to bash an amazing game alot of what you have written is factually incorrect and your attempt at an intellectual argument of racism has backfired nastily. You must do better!

    -Edit- Just read that back it is a bit harsh perhaps. Just wanted to say that RPS is still the best place for video game analysis on the web imo. I love you guys, which is why this article dissapointed me. You spend words (rightly) campaigning for subtle inteligent well written games. It’s just a shame that in this case the game was subtle enough that you seem to have missed it’s message. I don’t think you are awful for this as admittedly, this game does look on the surface like a balls to wall shooter. Another case of pre-conceptions and stereotyping? My my the rabbit hole goes deeper ;)

    • Brise Bonbons says:

      Interesting post, sir. It does seem like the game is complex enough to allow several different readings, which in and of itself is a good thing. But I still think it’s ridiculously self centered to make this sprawling game full of (purposefully misleading?) representations of dumb stereotypes and racist tropes – all to make a snarky point entirely for the benefit of white male gamers who already have the entire industry catering to them.

      Reminds me (loosely) of the good old pattern wherein a female character dies off in order to galvanize the male protagonist.

      Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, either, right? Or am I missing some nuance in Far Cry that renders the comparison inaccurate?

      • Crudzilla says:

        Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I had wondered if I was wasting my time writing such a long bit on page 8!

        I read yours too and it’s interesting that you see the ‘protagonist is being manipulated’ plotline as a twist at the end. I haven’t got to the end of the game yet (I think I’m near the end of the first island) but I already feel that this is what the game is about.

        Also that up until this twist (that, bearing in mind that I have not seen it, sounds to me more like a clarification of intent) the game rammed racist images down our throats before pulling a u-turn in the last 15 minutes. I don’t really think this is true.

        In writing that the first half of the game portrayed the natives as helpless and ‘backwards’ I think that John may have projected some of his own feelings about a culture less technologically advanced and reliant on capitalism than our own. I’d hesitate to call John a racist himself as I do not know the man nearly well enough to throw that word around (I wish he wasn’t so flippant in it’s use “Far cry 3, It’s a bit rasist isn’t it” chortle).

        When I arrived in the natives village it seemed a happy place to live. While they don’t live in steel highrises paying mortgages and wasting thier days on internet gaming disussions, I didn’t feel that the game was in any way saying “look at these poor, ignorant miserable people who need your help”. To get that impression I think you would have had to bring your own baggage of what life in tribal culture might be like. It is a vibrant coloful place.
        Also the natives are clearly fighting to preserve it themselves. They are not helpless. I don’t know how people could read them this way. They are armed to the teeth, have arranged arms shipments from overseas (at least I think that was the explanation they used to shoe-horn in the rather fun gameplay mechanic of radio towers). They drive around in jeeps actively engaging the pirates when they meet them.

        They are also SANE. This is important as sane people would not try and take out the pirate leadership single handed, I assumed they have families and are not suicidal. So when a slightly (and increasingly) insane individual is delivered into thier hands and is broadly aligned with thier cause you can see why they would supply him with weapons and happily send him into those insane situations on thier behalf. That sanity is clearly one of the key themes of the game (even through the marketing) made this kind of an obvious point to me.

        I don’t know what happens toward the end of the game yet. But I think it would be really cool if the magic tats that my dude is now covered in have NOT actually been granting him magical powers. If they had instead just been tatoos inked in (it does bother me that they just appear) to plant the MYTH of invicibility in my charachters mind. People really can do amazing and nearly ‘superhuman’ things when they are hard wired with little more than the belief that they ARE superhuman. There are many real world examples of cultures that believe that tatoos imbue power. And this belief can definately have an impact on a warriors decision to fight or run, these tatoos. Maybe the protagonist is just being driven ever further to believe his own myth by the tatoos the natives are coating him with. That would be awesome… I really hope thats where the story is going, but if not… well it’s just awesome that the game made me consider the possibility.

        Wow, another wall of text, appologies!

    • Mr.Bats says:

      It’s what I was trying to say and failed to do so. Thank you, sir.

  39. engion3 says:

    An overlay menu that you can open to craft and do everything (like in dead space 2) would be perfect.

  40. Highstorm says:

    Well after playing for a mere hour, I’m already counting more negatives than positives.

    Can’t seem to adjust the ridiculously loud music independently of the master volume – a mere “on or off” switch is it.

    Positional audio doesn’t seem to work very well. At the first camp, I spent ten minutes creeping around trying to find the dog that was barking right next to me only to find out it was far off in the middle of the camp the whole time. I admit it’s possible that’s my headphones (though they work fine in any other game), so I’ll have to try with my speakers later.

    The HUD is motherloving gi-hugic and obtrusive. Seriously like, who needs the left side of the screen anyway?

    Most everything I’ve read has hyped this up as a fantastic game. These issues are really damaging my ability to enjoy it, but perhaps with patches or… just looking past them, I’ll get to experience the magic. I certainly hope so anyway. I didn’t get along with FC2 well (respawning checkpoints drove me mad), so it just makes me rather nervous in this first hour.

    I’ll say one thing that earns it a hundred thousand points though – no intro videos! YES!

  41. Screamer says:

    Can someone now please ask Eurogamer why a game with such glaring issues gets 10/10?

    • ankh says:

      Clearly eurogamer are racists. This implies that if you are a gamer and from Europe you are a racist.

  42. ankh says:

    Don’t call me white.

    • Likethiss says:

      I just noticed that Limbo is way racist too. All the bad things in the world are portrayed by black silhouettes and the main lead is a black helpless little boy. How could i have enjoyed such a racist piece of work without seeing the symbolism right away. Something must be wrong with me :(

      • ankh says:

        No I think Limbo is fine because it’s non-white versus non-white. That happens all the time, nothing to see there.

        • Likethiss says:

          But it’s always racist to imply there are people of different color in the world. We are one homogenous mass of colorless and cultureless people.

          • Likethiss says:

            Also while were at it i’d like to point out that there are no genders whatsoever. If one says otherwise it is punishably sexist. Always.

          • ankh says:

            Oh yes of coarse. Sorry, I forgot that I’m in RPS world for a second there. My bad.

  43. Likethiss says:

    Come on John. Man up and say you were wrong about the racist bit! I was also very disappointed with RPS on account of this article…
    It is not always racist if some game or movie has people of color in it, is it? And please explain how would you like them to portray the natives? Like western consumer drones sitting in starbucks? There are different cultures in the world still, and i hope we keep it that way.

  44. nasKo says:

    Racist? Are you serious?

    I haven’t finished the game, yet but I’m well past the tikka-takka bullshit.
    I yet have to see anything slightly racist.

    The things that annoyed me the most are animals not being skinned (I make a wallet out of intestine), always the same bark from enemies, almost useless NPCs, the game being hella easy on the hardest difficulty and the constant notifications.

    Far Cry 3 is what I wished Far Cry 2 to be. I’m actually surprised.

  45. IneptFromRussia says:

    First off, i think its not very professional to make an article like this before finishing the game. (without spoilers must say that the whole second island plot dissapointed me greatly, it felt like an addon to the original). But its speaks volumes about the game that a journalist would want to share his thoughts so much, i guess.
    The most annoying thing is definitely these one-liners. Its the same deal with the whole “arrow to the knee” joke (or the old-fashioned “stop right there criminal scum”), even before it was forced on the internet, it was forced into our brains by the game itself. I think if you are not gonna go into the effort of recording a crap ton of these “barks”, make NPC’s silent. It would honestly work better. Especially when half of the speeches don’t make sense. The amount of times i had to hear that fucking guy say “THIS IS ALL ME, ALL ME” when i clear an outpost…
    All and all, great game (last third of it is just good). Color me impressed, thought it would be terrible.

    Oh yeah, not racist.

  46. DonDrapersAcidTrip says:

    Case closed guys, the white guys have come together and agreed it’s not racist, so move along!

  47. grenadeh says:

    I think complaining about a centuries old racist literary trope resurfacing in a Crytek game, on top of being completely juvenile and misguided, is lost entirely on this customer base, 99% of whom are illiterate CoD kids.

    It’s a single player game. You’re the protagonist. Any game in which you are the protagonist will clearly have the NPCs revere you. It’s illegitimate to pile the standard concepts of a game on top of the cons list implicit in a trope just because they happen to coincide. As you said, it is what it is. More realistically if you’re in the middle of nowhere fourth world country, I’d expect everyone to dislike you regardless of how much you’ve helped them, but I haven’t played yet so I can’t say much about that.

  48. grenadeh says:

    On a more agreeing note though, I’m pretty sure at this point no game is beta tested by anyone ever, including any internal testing, unless its an online F2P like Hawken or MWO or Planetside or Mortal or whatever else. You can’t sit down and really play these games, as a veteran gamer, and think that anyone actually tested it, because there is massive bullshit everywhere. Assassin’s Creed 3 comes to mind, or RE6.

  49. Melf_Himself says:

    “snakes and komodo dragons are entirely indistinguishable”

    The horror. Won’t someobdy think of the poor games journalists?!

  50. zsavior says:

    This probably means nothing but anyway. I apologize to the this site, in the past I wondered about the integrity on some articles, but reading this I have to say I feel stupid as to have done so.

    I will be clear, I am an African American PC gamer. For many years even till today my past time is fueled with rampant racism, from the game players and creators a like. From Meme’s that catch on like “N***ER stole my bike”, to simply being misrepresented or forgotten in video games. Video gaming is a constant reminder that the software is meant for another majority and we really don’t matter. It took a lot of integrity to write this article knowing the demographic of video games, and also understanding the current view of media towards minorities.

    Most sites would have ignored this, it probably won’t mean much in front of page after page of disgruntled readers going against you, but I do appreciate somebody speaking up. Thank you I can’t speak for a community but I can say thank you from one sincere reader.