The Creative Assembly Making Games Workshop Games

EDIT: THQ tell Eurogamer that they still hold 40K rights, so Creative Assembly are taking the Fantasy road. Skaven: Total Warhammer!

The distant rumble on the horizon is the sound of gathering forces. Specifically The Creative Assembly and the Games Workshop. Sega has just announced that the former has set up a special development team to work on the latter’s IP. This is like Everest climbing K2.

We don’t know what to expect from this, but I presume something involving huge battles betwixt Orc and Man won’t be far off. There’s no reason to get CA involved if it’s not vistas filled with gore and drama.

Tim Heaton, Studio Director at Creative Assembly, talked a bit about the deal: “We’ll be doing the Warhammer universe justice in a way that has never been attempted before. We’re bringing those 25 years of experience and expertise in extremely high-scoring games to bear, delivering a Warhammer experience that videogamers will absolutely love.”

Cor. That’s some rather large news for British games development. Sega’s strategy studio are already busy bunnies, working on five projects: there’s this, Aliens, Total War, and two apparently unannounced games as well.

It’s not yet clear whether the deal involves grim future warhammers as well as those of the fantasy elf-bashing variety. Eurogamer, seeking to verify whether struggling THQ are now 40K-less received a quote from Sega specifying a focus on the “Warhammer universe of fantasy battles”. It would seem odd for the license to split two ways (edit: or not, as the case may be) but we can’t be 100% certain that this is Dawn of War’s dusk and the actual cancellation of Dark Millennium. Time – and a carefully worded press release – will no doubt tell.

Whatever the case, Creative Assembly’s first Warhammer game won’t be arriving until “after 2013”.


  1. Flukie says:

    Expect scale. I hope for a base building RTS since we haven’t had that properly for a while.

    • Rhuhuhuhu says:

      We still have Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, war on a macro scale.

      • NeuralNet says:

        Agreed, it still hasn’t been beaten, especially with mods taken into consideration.

        IMO the only game that could beat it would be the DX10 version of Supcom that CT originally envisioned.

        • rebeccaadams15 says:

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    • SubparFiddle says:

      Hmm… A base-building RTS is a strange thing to hope for from a CA game about Warhammer. I’d expect (and hope) something very similar to the turn-based/real-time hybrid of the Total War games.

      • Groove says:

        That sounds much, much more likely. Warhammer has never really been about base building, no matter how you look at it.

        • c-Row says:

          Relic got it right in Dawn Of War. Wrong Warhammer, but still – 40K tabletop usually isn’t about base-building either.

          • frightlever says:

            Haven’t played DOW2 but in the original the base-building was little more than a cypher for “waiting for reinforcements” due to fairly low unit caps. The base building was a fairly linear thing.

          • Droopy The Dog says:

            In DOW2 there essentially wasn’t any base building, everything was recruited from a single HQ structure and all there was to build were turrets/webgates/waaagh banners for area control.

            If you haven’t played it, you should think about giving it a shot, I still love that game. Multiplayer was getting a bit quiet, but all the recent sales and bundles might have given it a bit of a boost, I’ll have to check.

          • Syra says:

            I far prefer dow2 also, and this news is glorious i really do hope for a total war style world with all the races and map of the world in there …. i don’t play wfb (more a 40k guy) but I’ve long wanted to command a tomb kings force at a vast scale!

          • iyamwyyb says:

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  2. Stormbane says:

    Oh boy I hope the world doesn’t end too soon!

  3. sonson says:


    • SubparFiddle says:

      Oh my god… my thoughts exactly!!! I’ve never played a Total War game without the back of my mind screaming “If only this was a battle between Skaven and Tomb Kings!” or something similar.

      • Mirqy says:

        wouldn’t it be cool if an entire skaven army could emerge on a battle map from underground. Or, or, or, from under a city full of civilians with only a few ill-prepared militia amongst them. Or, or, or (continues in this vein for about twenty minutes).

        • Thurgret says:

          A bit like in Shadow of the Horned Rat, you mean? I recommend giving it a go, though it may require some tweaking. Dark Omen is also well worth trying (it’s better, really), though I can’t get it to install off my CD at all, and haven’t the foggiest where else to get it.

          • Andy_Panthro says:

            I reviewed WH:SOTHR on behalf of Abandonia (ages ago), and had some issues installing but that was with XP. I have a feeling it might not work at all on Vista/7/8.

            There’s some instructions at the bottom of the review though, which might help you out: link to

      • Loyal_Viggo says:

        Erm, did you know there already is a Warhammer Fantasy total conversion for Medieval II….

        It’s called ‘Total Warhammer’ and is a fan-made conversion.

        You can play any race except Skaven, Bretonian, and Wood Elves (I think).

        Google it, superb mod, only reason I still play Medieval II.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          I’m shocked that Games Workshop hasn’t litigated that out of existence yet.

          • Loyal_Viggo says:

            It’s a Russian dev team… meaning the chances of any litigation at all having any effect at all are the equivalent to Sarah Palin winning the Nobel Prize in Engineering.

            Or put another way:

            A) They don’t give a sh1t
            B) In Russia, logic defies you!
            C) They don’t give a sh1t

    • Snidesworth says:

      What he said. It’ll be like Mark of Chaos, but grander and better in every way.

      • DarkFenix says:

        I was thinking more along the lines of “like Mark of Chaos, but good”. MoC squandered its potential so painfully; I hope this one doesn’t do the same, what with the Total War team busy with Rome 2.

        Edit: Nevermind, just re-read and noted that the first project isn’t due to even start for ages. I’ll spend this time praying for Warhammer Total War.

      • bikkebakke says:

        I’ll be happy if the loadingscreens isn’t as long as in MoC…

  4. Lars Westergren says:

    > We’ll be doing the Warhammer universe justice in a way that has never been attempted before.

    So, grand turn based tactics instead of FPSes or RTSes for once?

    Edit: Wait, Creative Assembly are the people behind the Total War games? Ok, I’m ok with a RTS. But it better not be an MMO…

    • sonson says:

      I.E, by far the most logical way. I Guess Mark of Chaos had a go though. So maybe it will be a football game. CA started with sports games after all.

    • Lemming says:

      Wouldn’t a turn-based Warhammer game be kind of redundant?

      • MrMud says:

        Not if you dont want to pay twenty billion euro/dollar/pound for an army that you can’t play because none of your friends are interested.

        • SanguineAngel says:


        • serioussgtstu says:

          I’d have a massive amount of respect for CA if they made players colour in every individual unit of your army in MS Paint.

          • pretty fiendish says:

            This. So much.

          • Lars Westergren says:

            That’s an awesome idea.

            Edit: Actually, the more I think about it…. If you could unlock 3D model trophies as achievement rewards like in Batman: Arkham City, but they are without color. But there is a built in color-tool so you could paint them and display them to others via Steam Community, Facebook (don’t shoot me) or similar, that would be an awesome selling point to old Warhammer fans.

        • Archonsod says:

          Given how Total War has been the past few releases, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to end up paying £20 for a regiment of Clanrats DLC ….

      • Turk Anjaydee says:

        Just like the PC version of Blood Bowl is redundant. Oh wait, no it isn’t.

        The biggest advantage apart from the cost of building armies is how easy a game is to setup compared to the TT version. The internets is great for us socially awkward penguins.

        • mondomau says:

          Not saying your point is without merit, but the big difference between Bloodbowl & WHFB/WH40K is that the the former is no longer supported with miniatures or sold rules and the latter two are. If you craft a Video game version of the main tabletop games that provides every aspect of the ‘hobby’ bar the physical miniatures, you are going to cut into your revenue stream, particularly given the insane entry price-point GW games have on them these days.

      • sonson says:

        Mechanics are totally different though. I stopped playing-still collect, but don’t play-ages ago becuase it was all about stats and mechanics and such in my experience, whereas the genius of GW universe is in their narrative and chracter, not the ability to beat someone over the head with a superior grasp of hobby legisaltion. I suspect a lot of people get drawn in by the history and lore, but in order to stick around as part of the community usually means you’re down with labyrinthine, in-elegant hobby systems as well.

        So for me, a TW game set in the Old World is more or less perfection.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Not if it’s based on the Heroquest rules, which is something that needs to be done now goddammit.

        Get on it ASAP, Creative Assembly.

    • Ravelle says:

      A warhammer game with the mechanics of XCOM: Enemy Unknown would be amazing.

  5. serioussgtstu says:


  6. zaygr says:

    And while we’re waiting we can play this! link to

    • Loyal_Viggo says:

      Glad to see at least one other person knows this already exists, and is so popular (among Med 2 fans) that its probably one of the reasons CA is now going to an official version.

  7. Docslapper says:

    Total Warhammer? Sign me up :)

    • Anguy says:

      Me too!

      • Doctor_Hellsturm says:

        I have been spamming every CA-article on this site since 2008 with shouts of “Total War: Warhammer!”. I feel like crying tears of joy right now.

  8. greg_ritter says:

    Ohhh, I’m so looking forward to that.
    Also, to the RPS article about how Warhammer is sexist and racist. Becuase that’s a true staple of a great site.

    • Snids says:

      Wow. Going on the offensive there I see. I postulate that you are a sexist.

      • Prime says:

        It IS sexist and racist. When was the last time you saw a black or female Space Marine? RAC/SEX/FACISM!!!

        • TormDK says:

          The Salamanders says hi, FYI.

          Women spacemarines is a no go though.

          • Palindrome says:

            All Space marines say hi given that their pigmentation changes depending on the atmospheric conditions.

        • Unaco says:


          • Droopy The Dog says:

            God, that’s the first time I’ve ever laughed at that meme.

        • mouton says:

          You can still join Sisters of Battle if you want to die gloriously. Imperial Guard also doesn’t really care what gender goes into the meat grinder.

        • Syra says:

          Well that’s nonsense, they are the colour you want to paint them. You don’t see their faces anyway because they are wearing helmets… and in the lore their gene enhanced pigmentation changes in response to climate. In novels it doesn’t generally to keep things easier to read – however there are lots of black and female characters of note. Also different chapters did have different skin tones – salamanders are a dark black colour, thousand sons were a red/brown skintone (based on egyptians) etc.

          Similarly females can’t become space marines (adeptus astartes) but they have their own order of enhanced power armour wearing warriors called the sisters of battle (adeptus sororitas).

          • Prime says:

            Yeah, I was kinda joking there. I was quite involved in the last bit sexism thread (on the side of the Angels, natch) so took this as a chance ot mock myself a little. :)

      • belgand says:

        I counter-propose that he is the sexiest.

    • mouton says:

      Being serious here for a second – racism is an important fun-contributing factor in both settings.

      On the other hand, they both have regular female front-line combat units all over the place. Sure, some wear spiky bikinis, but more often than not, they do it so they can clean all the blood easier.

    • Stellar Duck says:

      Is it racist if it’s aliens? Well, I suppose it is. They’re different races after all.

      WH40K humans are super xenophobic and the fluff portrays a highly questionable society but I don’t really know if the setting as a whole is sexist. I guess it’s true in the sense that there are as a whole more men than women in it, but in the books I’ve read (chiefly the Gaunt books and Ravenor and Eisenhorn) women seemed to play prominent roles in many of them, at least from Necropolis and onwards in the Gaunt series and throughout in the others. And the Imperial Guard doesn’t really care about the gender of the meat for the grinder. Other authors might be worse though.

      That said, I’d like a deeper discussion of those subjects. Always interesting.

      • Koozer says:

        Let’s have a go at the ‘but is it sexist?’ game with a few races off the top of my head:

        Space Marines: space-fascists, makes sense that none of them are women.

        Imperial Guard: As mentioned they’ll accept anyone as long as they can hold a lasgun. Don’t know about the models, but I remember a few women from Dawn of War and Space Marine.

        Sisters of Battle: A bit silly really. I would feel incredibly uncomfortable using them as my fictitious tabletop army.

        Eldar: Don’t they have a caste system, that also divides roles by gender..?

        Orks: Sexless fungi. No reproductive doodads to speak of, and being mean and muscly (ie. manly) is pretty much a requirement for their, er, line of work.

        Special mention – Tau: Not sure about genders, but they do have different classes in their society, your status depending on your race as conquered by the Empire.

        • TsunamiWombat says:

          Eldar do not divide role by gender. Men can be Howling Banshee’s, and women be striking scorpions. They abandon their identity (and their gender) when they don their aspect armor, and become that aspect.

          Tau do not divide by gender, but they do have a caste/eugenics social system. Mating pairs are decided by the Ethereal caste. Your role is decided by your birth.

          Sisters of Battle are all women to legalese around a rule that the Ecclesiarchy cannot have MEN at arms.

          No female Space Marines because of genetic and hormonal reasons. There can however, be female serfs.

          Imperial Guard regiments can be all male, all female, or mixed, depending on the culture they come from (Imperial Culture being far from uniform).

          Orks don’t have gender or sex, just waaagh.

          Necrons probably had gender once but they’re now all sexless robots. They do not discriminate based on gender.

          Dark Eldar do not discriminate based on gender (I THINK), Males can be Wyches

          WH40k is pretty progressive aside from the SM

          • darkChozo says:

            No Tyranids? Clearly they are the most sexist species.

          • Syra says:

            Sexist or sexiest? The way those scything talons get me going, cor blimey… Trygon primes have eight of them…

            Ahem. Excuse me for a moment.

          • TsunamiWombat says:

            just google search ‘sexy tyranid’.

            Gape in horror.

      • -Spooky- says:


    • Greg Wild says:

      Warhammer Fantasy is allowed to be sexist really. It’s set in an equivalent period to our late middle ages/early renaissance, where war really was the preserve of men, and that’s reflected in the human armies. Though the Elves, for example, field numerous women.

      As for race… well I’d definitely like to see some non-European (style) human armies. Cathay, Araby and others are there in the fluff, but we’ve yet to see any army lists/models :( Not to mention the flagrant discrimination against big-hat Dwarves going on for years until the recent Forgeworld releases. Big hats are legitimate cultural artifacts!

      • TsunamiWombat says:

        In WHF, there’s a bit more sexism than WH40k

        The Empires sort of does sort of doesn’t discriminate on sex, most soldiers are men but there’s nothing against female soldiers and they generally do not care so long as someone is competent

        Britonnia is very sexist and very classicist.

        Skaven do not discriminate based on gender

        Orcs and Goblins do not have gender or sex, they only have Waaagh

        Vampires are Vampires. Most of them appear to be scantily clad females.

        Dark Elves, High Elves, and Wood Elves all have an even mix of women, men, and women tree-monsters

        Chaos does not discriminate on gender

        Do Ogres have gender?

        Edit: I forgot about Dwarves. Dwarves are sexist, I think.

        • Greg Wild says:

          Not actually sure about ogres actually.

          Edit – They do! : link to

        • HisMastersVoice says:

          I think Skaven do not allow their breeders to fight.

          • Hoaxfish says:

            their breeders being massively bloated females if I remember correctly

        • Drshotgun says:

          Warhammer Dwarves kind of have grounds to be sexist. they reproduce slowly, are already on the decline, and cant really afford to send any female out to fight. All in all they are a sexist lot, just not maliciously sexist. I could write a massive comment about Dwarven social anatomy & the social structure of a Karak, but i think i should maybe not do that.

      • Kevin says:

        I’d go so far as to say with that especially with Relic at the helm of 40K-based games, the universe has been great with empowered female characters. In both lines of the Dawn of War series, Farseers have been depicted as female, as well as the Harlequins in Dark Crusade and the Autarch in Retribution (these roles are non-gender specific), with Lieutenant Mira also being of note in Space Marine. And on the Black Library side of things, Ephrael Stern of the Sisters of Battle is said to be the greatest hope of humanity since the Primarchs.

      • Brise Bonbons says:

        “Warhammer Fantasy is allowed to be sexist really. It’s set in an equivalent period to our late middle ages/early renaissance, where war really was the preserve of men, and that’s reflected in the human armies.”

        I don’t mean to attack your comment specifically, but I think it misses an important point: We can tell stories set in patriarchal cultures that are not inherently sexist. The Handmaid’s Tale and Bujold’s wonderful Paladin of Souls are a couple I recommend.

        It’s a shame that there is so much distrust of feminism, driven by anxiety that it aims to censor or prohibit certain settings, themes, and archetypes that we enjoy. But I don’t think it does, not really – it just asks that we be considerate and thoughtful around these subjects.

        A good practice is just to highlight female (and non-white) characters who have identities and goals at odds with what is usually associated with their “essential natures”. I.e. develop female characters who are not just the standard intuitive priestess/healer/leader or the lithe and passion-driven warrior woman. Come up with something unique! Isn’t that the point of creativity anyway?

        If we look at the real middle ages, women filled a wide variety of roles even while their societies tried to deny them opportunities. All fantasy stories need to do is reflect that basic reality – that women are people who have the ability to be good at things they value and choose to pursue, and that their lives don’t revolve entirely around men and their male-privileging society’s priorities.

        OK, rant over.

        • Malibu Stacey says:

          A good practice is just to highlight female (and non-white) characters who have identities and goals at odds with what is usually associated with their “essential natures”. I.e. develop female characters who are not just the standard intuitive priestess/healer/leader or the lithe and passion-driven warrior woman.

          So you’re basically saying create actual believable characters instead of pandering to archetypes/stereotypes?

          You do realise this is a website which discusses video games right?

          • Brise Bonbons says:

            Oh fuck I thought I was still on io9 discussing whether Game of Thrones’ portrayal of women was sexist or not.

            I mean, if it’s just video games who fucking cares as long as it’s fun right? Next people are gonna try to convince me reality TV influences how people see the world!

            Anyway I’m off to discuss serious cultural endeavors like fantasy novels and television. Sorry for the derail in your videogame thread!

          • mouton says:

            You do realize that creating believable characters is perfectly viable in video games?

            Also, are you new to RPS?

  9. ShowMeTheMonkey says:

    This can only be a really good thing right?

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      That depends. Probably, yes, but Games Workshop could’ve given Warhammer fantasy to another developer to use (for better or worse). But given Creative Assembly is farily well known for the Total War series I’m hoping it’ll be Total Waaaagh so to speak. I’d probably prefer a faithful, turn-based representation of the miniature game but a Total Warification could be good, too. Maybe both, even.

  10. Palindrome says:

    I have been hoping for this for literally years. Please let is be Warhammer: Total War.

  11. AmateurScience says:

    This is The Best of News – and I’m glad THQ still have 40k, they’ve done pretty well with it so far. But Warhammer: Total War is just…YES!

    • GeminiathXL says:


    • belgand says:

      I liked the first one, but I really feel that they botched it with 2 and the move to a focus on fast-paced, smaller-unit fights without base building. I want to play a strategy game, not an action game and it just didn’t appeal to me.

      As much as I like Relic I’d prefer that someone else take over the franchise now and let them go work on Homeworld 3 or something new and potentially even more awesome.

      • mouton says:

        I love how structure build order is nowadays “strategy”.

        Also, did you just claim that base-building RTSes are – as opposed to DoW2 – not fast-paced?

      • Syra says:

        I want to play a strategy game with actual tactics and strategy, not gathering resources, and winning by the most clicks, a la all traditional rts games.

        dawn of war 2 gave me this in spades and is second only to company of heroes in my mind.

    • YourMessageHere says:

      I just wish THQ would actually bring out some new games rather than trying to sell me the same ones over and over again. I get that you’re in financial trouble, but so am I, and I’m sorry, but I already have everything of yours I want, thanks; why not try releasing something new? Or Homeworld 3, that counts. That I’ll preorder and everything.

  12. SanguineAngel says:

    *close eyes & cross fingers* Please be like Shadow of the Horned Rat. Please be like Shadow of the Horned Rat. Please be like Shadow of the Horned Rat.

    This is exciting news! I hope they pull it out the bag. I enjoy Total War games a lot but they are always massively flawed.

  13. whatfruit says:

    This must be Warhammer: Total War, please god let it be this. I don’t know a single person who has not thought “While I can enjoy this faithfully recreated battle between the French and the holy roman empire. I can’t help but feel that the whole experince would be far more enjoyable if the French where rampaging orcish hordes and the Romans had knights riding Griffions.”

    • Superpat says:

      Always thought that the English/Franc were Brittania and germans/italians were empire and vampires

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        I think that’s not what he means. Imagine a war in a Total War game between the French and the HRE.. and then add gryphon knights to the HRE’s ranks and orcs instead of the French.

        But yeah. The Empire is basically the HRE, Bretonnia is France, Albion is the UK and Ireland (I think), Estalia is Spain and Tilea is Italy, Norsca is Scandinavia and Kislev is Eastern Europe, I suppose.

  14. Delixe says:

    Wonderful news. DO WANT.

  15. Stellar Duck says:

    I miss Dark Omen.

    • Bhazor says:

      I absolutely loved Dark Omen. Its probably a Game That Made Me.

      I still wish more games used the same campaign structure with linear missions and perma death. Also driving an hilariously OPed tank through zombie cavalry never gets old.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        I played it multiplayer with a friend a fair bit. We still have a laugh, remembering the times I played as Orks and managed to land ‘Da Crunch’ on my own army. God, I loved that giant stompy foot.

        Also, now I’m nostalgic for Final Liberation. I don’t actually know if it was a good game, but I do know that the kid I used to be adored it.

  16. Duffin says:

    Oh God I just did a shat.

  17. Beybars says:


  18. sonofsanta says:

    Holy shit yes.

    I loved Shadow of the Horned Rat, for all its faults. This could be amazing.

    I want Bretonnian Knights crashing into ranks of Beastmen in the frozen north, units of Orcs ambushed by skinks in the jungles of Lustria, High Elves in a desperate last stand against skeletal hordes rising out of the ground…

    2013, you say? TOO LONG

    • pretty fiendish says:

      I’d rather wait until 2015 for something awesome than have a game that doesn’t come close to what it could be in 2013.

    • whatfruit says:

      What the hell would beastman be doing in the frozen north?

      How would the undead circumvent the Waystones to invade Ulthuan?

      Not that I care about the LORE or anything.

      edit: after reading what I just said, i’m going to go take myself outside and hang myself from the nearest tree.

  19. pretty fiendish says:

    The problem with news like this is that my mind has now gone into overdrive about how awesome Warhammer: Total War would be. It’s already going to be difficult to meet expectations. Just please, don’t try anything too novel. It’s all there for you, the background, the units, the locations and the engine to put it all into. Don’t do something crazy like make a first person shooter where you play a Bright Wizard (actually…), don’t give me control of a single halfling on a quest to buy an expensive ring. If you want to make it turn-based I will be very grateful, but I understand if you don’t. Oh, and good luck. You’re going to need it.

  20. Bastimoo says:

    There is a warhammer fantasy mod for medieval 2: total war (kingdoms) in fact. It’s a pretty decent campaign during the time of the chaos storm or something, covering a lot of different races (orcs, vampires, empire, chaos, dwarfs I can remember right now)

  21. Hroppa says:

    Warhammer Total War is an awesome idea. How do I know? I’ve been playing it for several years.
    link to

  22. bill says:

    Without wanting to sound like a fanboy, I think the problem with a lot of warhammer/40k games is that they haven’t really stuck that close to the original mechanics. I know some mechanics need to change for the transition to a realtime pc game, but surely many people are buying them because they want to play the warhammer mechanics?

    Then again, i haven’t played warhammer in decades, so maybe the game is nothing like it once was.

    Shadow of the horned rat / dark omen were actually closer to a total war style than a warcraft/starcraft/standard RTS model, so it might work quite well.

    I hope they keep a lot of the elements of SOTHR/DO while at the same time giving it a decent interface, AI and making it a lot less frustrating.

    • ZephyrSB says:

      Largely because GW don’t want to shoot themselves in the head by competing with their core buisness of selling ever-increasingly overpriced models to people.

      No-one doubts that faithful reproductions of their games on computers would be awesome. So awesome in fact, that any attempt to even do so gets them shut down. HARD.

    • whatfruit says:

      Have you played 8th edition? It is quite hideous. The new metagame is focused on creating hordes which are huge units of over 40 models+ , which gain advantages like being practiablly unbreakable. This has in effect created a model arms race as to who can accumalate the most, this translates as GW saying “BUY LOST OF EXPENSIVE USELESS INFANTRY MODELS OR YOU WILL LOSE”

      • Bob_Bobson says:

        My high elf army disagrees. Bring your hordes into range of my wizards, please do. Hexes and spells that hit every model in a unit take hordes to pieces, as do side charges which are much easier to execute against few large units than many small ones.

      • KikiJiki says:

        8th edition is fine tbh, more fun and balanced than HeroHammer from earlier editions.

        Hordes aren’t overpowered at all, since you can just dodge them or rip them to pieces with warmachines and ranged. The real overpowered units are ogres. Their entire army is a big bag of fear immune stomps.

        I play Tomb Kings btw, Z-tier army players unite!

  23. Loyal_Viggo says:

    This is truly superb news.

    The fan community have actually already made a total conversion for Medieval II, funnily enough called ‘Total Warhammer’.

    If they can make a modern version of Total Warhammer that would be fantastic…

  24. Lucid says:

    Well, we already had a recent iteration of Warhammer Total War with Mark of Chaos… but the campaign was far too railroaded and the combat animations were a bit boring.

  25. Salix says:

    Dark Omen was such a fantastic game, I swear I have the original disc around here somewhere…

  26. TormDK says:

    I’d like it turn based to be honest, with points cost and everything.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the fantasy setting, but I’m a huge sucker for the 40K fluff, so if they build it right I would likely toss my Money at it.

    They could even do a spinoff on the RPG from FantasyFlightGames – that would also be úber.

    Oh oh, a Dark Herasy spinoff would also be something I could spend my Money on. Tons of DLC to collect :D

    • pretty fiendish says:

      I’d actually really like as direct a conversion as possible, turn-based and all the same rules. I appreciate it probably won’t happen though.

  27. Scroll says:

    So I’d guess Relic has a safe bet on who their next publisher will be when THQ falls apart.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Relic are wholly owned by THQ. If THQ goes down they better hope they can organise a buyout otherwise they’ll be gone too.

      • Syra says:

        not that they need to hope… in the event thq has to liquidate its assets a whole host of publishers will be snapping at relic.

        • TormDK says:

          Which wouldn’t mean much since they would have to negotiate with GW for the 40K licensing as well.

          Relic without 40K is “just” Company of Heroes.

          So to me you really can’t have one without the other. I like CoH for what it is, but I much prefer Dawn of War (2, 1 was ok, but we shouldn’t let the franchise become red alert).

          • alexheretic says:

            “Relic without 40K is “just” Company of Heroes.”

            [feigned sneeze] AHHEM-world

          • Syra says:

            Actually its just a very talented team of consistently successful game developers, seeing as company of heroes and other related IP are owned by THQ. But that’s the whole reason people would want relic, talent, processes and systems.

  28. DarkMalice says:

    Must…. contain… myself…


    Damnit now I need clean pants.

  29. vedder says:

    You could say they’re setting up Shop to Work on Games Workshop Games.

  30. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    Wait, wait, wait. Total Assembly are working on an Aliens game? Why have I not heard of this before now? And what implication might the success of XCOM have on such a project?

  31. Lucidity says:

    Super pumped for this, incredible news if it all comes together well. Creative Assembly are the perfect candidates for the job so I expect that this will be massive!

  32. Moraven says:

    The licenses and universes have been split for a long time now. Where have you been?

    I think Mythic only had the rights to the fantasy MMO. We saw a few other Warhammer realses. Namco Bandai had a couple release. THQ has full rights to 40k. (MMO and non MMO)

  33. ChromeBallz says:



    • Greg Wild says:

      Only if I get my Chaos Dwarves!

      It’d seriously be a crying shame if they didn’t have all the CD’s crazy new death machines and fire daemons on the battlefield.

      Srsly. Who wouldn’t want to field these consumate bad asses? link to

  34. cloudnein says:

    What makes WFRP special is the concepts of corruption and insanity (either/both of which would eventually lead your character to destruction.) If they incorporate this, I’d find this interesting. Otherwise, just another fantasy license with a salting of steam punk, which everyone’s done to death. (Was unique when Warhammer/WFRP was new.)

  35. Drakedude says:


    What someone said about already going goggled-eyed with hype? You and me both.

  36. Bloodloss says:

    What a shame that THQ still hold the 40k rights. I really, desperately want a proper 40k game made with large armies, not this silly squad-based nonsense. But it’s only going to be fantasy as the better license is wasted on THQ? Shame.

    • Yosharian says:

      Warhammer is just as good as 40K…

    • Strangerator says:

      As a Warhammer fantasy player, all of 40K looks like silly squad based nonsense. I mean, how can you rank up a proper unit with ROUND BASES!! ;)

      Also Movement > Shooting.

      Having a WHFB vs 40K thread on RPS makes me smile.

      • Syra says:

        Ahaha you’ve attacked my sides, and now they are splitting! What kind of commander keeps all his troops in neatly stacked ranks ready to get assploded by a pie plate. That’s why round bases.

        What’s magic? Is that like… A psyker thing? :p

    • mattevansc3 says:

      But a proper game of 40K is about playing with small squads of men?…oh wait, ah you must be a 4th ed player. Being able to field an entire company of Space Marines in a 2000pt skirmish is not a proper game.

  37. Strangerator says:

    I really hope XCOM’s success has made someone seriously consider a fully turn-based game. No need to copy Total War, but I’d like to see resource management and unit production tied to the campaign map and not interfering with combat itself.

    I think they need to keep the concept of list building with a point system. Maybe have heroes bring a certain amount of “command” value (i.e. points) that allow larger armies. The most fun I have with tabletop Warhammer is trying to put together a cohesive army list that works well in itself, and tweaking it endlessly. If they full on copy Total War, then it becomes more a matter of the traditional pumping out your best units faster than the other guy.

    Really going to be interested to see what they do with this.

  38. Andy_Panthro says:

    What we REALLY need is a Warhammer-themed, Mount & Blade-style game.

  39. pantognost says:

    Shut up! All of you! Yes, you too disgruntled warhammer players! You too, the RTS crowd. You, there, snug remark guy.Sit down!

    We had bugged The Creative Assembly for A FRIGGING DECADE about doing a FRIGGING NON HISTORICAL game with their FRIGGING AWESOME Total War engine. And all the FRIGGING FORUMERS HAD TOLD US TO BUGGER OFF.

    Creative Assembly FRIGGING THANK YOU!

    I am going to lie down now a little and stop the hysterical laughter…in about an hour or two.

    • Unaco says:

      Although I’ve never gone further in CA Forums than looking at and downloading mods, I am also quite excited about a non-Historical Total War game. A Fantasy Total War. I’m cool with it being WHFantasy, I played a little when younger, but was mainly 40K. I would, perhaps, have preferred to see a different fantasy world… but that’s because I’ve been dreaming at nights about a Malazan Total War since I started reading the books. Or a fresh, newly created world would have worked. But I can be down with WHF.

      This is good news in my opinion. I like WHF, I like CA’s output. I’ll be interested to see what they make of this.

  40. Redd says:


  41. f_zul says:

    DARK-OMEN-style RTS please! I’ve been waiting for that kind of strategy like forever by now.

  42. Strangerator says:

    Creative Assembly is apparently handing this off to an entirely new team. This, combined with the fact that they have made other games besides strategy ones in the past, has me worried that we could see an attempt at multi-platform money-grabbing (something in the vein of Space Marine). It’s a worst case scenario, but it does make one worry.