Have A Splash With Arcane Worlds

Adam had a play around with the Arcane Worlds alpha at the beginning of the year. He liked it, even if was just a demonstration of world generation, choppy waters, and glowy sun graphics. Those are the building blocks of many games, anyway. If games are anything like babies, then 10-and-a-bit months is plenty of time for it to have gestated. I wonder what sex it is? Does it have hair? My Arcane Worlds, how you’ve grown.

Back then it had a certain ‘Magic Carpetness’ about it, and the recently released version 0.09 cements that. If I wanted to carry on the birth analogy, I’d say it was probably time to tell everyone about it and wonder about its sex. What’s new? Enemies, spells, and if you squint you can see its thumbs.

The world is no longer peaceful: pointy sky worms spin through the atmosphere, attacking you as you fly around. They don’t appear to do much damage, but they are an annoyance. CTRL brings up a short list of spells: Fracture, Fireball, Water Glove, Water Sink, Use Portal, and Castle. Castle? Ooh! I fire it into the ground and up comes a square little fort, surrounded by what appears to be floating care bears. No, really.


The sky worms are getting annoying, so I grab a fireball spell and start clicking. No crosshair and their looping, darting nature make them a tough target, but I eventually shatter one. It drops twists of plasma and the care bears start to gather it up. Ah! As far as I can tell, the bears use it to help upgrade the castle, though that functionality doesn’t add much yet.

Fracture isn’t as impressive as the word suggests, and instead of cutting giant curves of the world away, it instead raises and lowers the land where you target it. There’s no way of carving your name in the side of a mountain with it.

Aside from the normal commands, the developer powers still reside within the code. CTRL-R will erode all the surfaces, and CTRL-H will flood the world. The engine takes all this in its stride: I flood my world until the castle is drowned. All I can see is water and peaks. Then I fire a single globe of water into it and watch as the ripple extends out. It’s lovely.

Click for hugeness

And you can try this right now. It’s a paltry 2.2mb download, which I believe is a diddy-Peggle. It’s probably smaller than the dev video I’m about to link to.


  1. Brun says:

    Magic Carpet was probably the first PC game I played extensively, back on an old Windows 95 box with MS-DOS. Even though this isn’t a straight up remake it feels very familiar, and that’s a good thing. “Spiky sky worms?” Remember those big flying worms from Magic Carpet? Yeah.

    • mrbungle says:

      Woah weird coincidence. I just read this article, then 10 minutes later switch over to the yogscast livestream and they’re playing Magic Carpet with Peter Molyneux.

    • origo says:

      Magic carpet was a totally amazing experience when it was released. Controls were tricky, but flying, fighting casting terraforming spells, it was amazing. Air combat the wizard’s way, yeah… pity, it wasn’t that popular.

  2. Lambchops says:

    Yeah as soon as I saw the first screen shot I thought of Magic Carpet. Which I’m sure is exactly what I did last time this was posted about and like then it makes me happy. There’s a potentially brilliant game in this, hope it goes well.

  3. Ureshi says:

    First, sorry for my english.

    Yes this is a copy of Magic Carpet, look at the fireballs that destroy the ground i remember that when i was looking for mana in the game, this game have some new things like the water magic and shiny graphics, but is 90% the same.
    Not a bad thing i want to play a magic carpet in my win 7 :P but yes is a direct copy of Magic Carpet.

  4. arioch says:

    A long way to go on this it seems, but even as it stands it makes me excited. Probably nostalgia for magic carpet but still…

  5. Craig Pearson says:

    Try this if you grab the demo: press CTRL M to stop the monsters, then CTRL to cheat the mana-drain, then hit CTRL H loads and loads of times. Make sure the ground is covered. Then grab the Fracture spell and start spamming it in one place. Watch as mountains rise magnificently out of the water and displaces the water. If only it had sound!

    • e-dog says:

      Developer here. Thanks for the post!
      There are more spells in the alpha version, compared to the demo.
      I sent a bunch of gift keys to RPS contact e-mail a while ago, but got no response. Should I send the keys again?

      • Caiman says:

        Send them all to me instead. I promise to use them only for nefarious purposes.

      • dontnormally says:

        Hi there!

        This is really interesting; I’d certainly be up for an alpha key (;

  6. Feferuco says:

    Infinite mana, right click water globe left click fracture, shoot everything everywhere.

  7. Jahnz says:

    I would start throwing money at the screen, but I don’t have my wallet.

    Magic Carpet 2 was one of my all time favorite games. I loved it in spite of the fact that it was kind of buggy on the computer I was playing it on. So, so, ahead of it’s time. Like Ultima Underworld.

  8. b0rsuk says:

    This is so cool. If there’s a Kickstarter project, I’m going to back it.