Prepare To Die Again: Dark Souls II Announced

It's gonna be super easy and dumbed-down, obviously.

The incredibly unfortunate heir to E3’s Mountain-Dew-and-Dorito-stained throne just happened, so onward to the inevitable barrage of substance-free announcements. First up, Dark Souls II is a thing. It’s official, it’s real, etc. Presumably, it’s also a videogame, but Namco and From didn’t even go that far. So, is it coming to PC? I haven’t the foggiest. But given Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition‘s strong reception ’round these parts, it seems likely [Update: And also confirmed. Hooray!]. Until we know, well, anything, though, here’s an appropriately death-ridden CG trailer. If you pay close attention, you might also notice DRAGONS EVERYWHERE.

So yeah, dragons, masked people, a mysterious hooded woman, a castle, trees, blood – but what does it all mean? Maybe it doesn’t mean anything. Maybe Dark Souls II actually takes place in Neo-Cyber-Future Tokyo 2085, and From Software’s just trying to teach us a stern lesson about extrapolating too much from CG trailers. Or, you know, it could simply mean that a colorful variety of monsters are going to use us hilariously brittle scratching posts again. But probably that first thing.


  1. SquareWheel says:

    DRM. What is the DRM?

    • mrmalodor says:

      GFWL pretty much confirmed. Click on the PC button on the official website and it takes you to GFWL.

      • Kilometrik says:

        Actually, it takes to the games for windows homepage. Not the Games for windows “Live”

        • miuqnbsab says:

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          • PopeJamal says:

            10.1 inches?!
            Capacitive touch?!
            “Super Stick”?!

            You randy little bird!

  2. Kilometrik says:


    • Tuco says:

      Sounds like a plan.

    • Clavus says:

      Doubt it’ll work. GFWL helps the devs a lot in porting their code from the consoles.

    • Nate says:

      Maybe it’s time for peeps to reevaluate their hatred toward GFWL?

      I didn’t notice any problems with DS, and a little research led me to suspect that some reported problems (save corruption) may have been problems with the individual games, not GFWL.

      • Snakes says:

        How about not being able to buy the game because GFWL is region locked?

        • eclipse mattaru says:

          GamersGate has you covered in that regard. And you actually buy a Steam key, so the game appears automagically in your Steam list, even though you can’t access its store page, oh the paradox (that’s how I got mine, third world country here).

          Which isn’t by any means an attempt to defend GFWL or anything even remotely close, it’s just that when I hear that a poor child anywhere can’t play Dark Souls I get this sudden urge to make JUSTICE. Praise the sun! And such.

          • Snakes says:

            Saved in the nick of time! I was just about to sin… I guess this “workaround” will have to do. Thank you!

            This doesn’t mean that I’m still not pissed about this. It’s absurd to have to go through all this hassle just to buy a game.

      • D3xter says:

        How about losing your saves because of GFWL (to the point that there was a “Save-Backup” option in DSFix? link to
        How about GFWL sometimes simply not working? link to
        How about the trouble one has to go through with the “Multiplayer Mode” including Port-Forwarding and everything involved when games are on GFWL while it always seems to work perfectly whenever Steamworks is used?


      • Naum says:

        I’m going to reevaluate my hatred towards GFWL as soon as I play a game where it doesn’t cause horrible problems. Even then I’d still have to reconfigure my router in order to play a multiplayer game (because — well, Microsoft), but working singleplayer would be a good start.

      • jalf says:

        Well, perhaps your problem is that you did a little research. If you’d done a bit more research, you might have discovered that you’re wrong. The savegave “thing” is not about corruption, but about GFWL encrypting savegames, so that they can only ever be used if you are (a) online, and (b) logged in to the same GFWL profile that created the savegame. (it might need to be on the same PC as well, I can’t remember if that is the case, but even if it is not, preventing me from using my savegames while offline is bad enough)

        GFWL only caused me minor problems while playing DS. The connectivity problems I’m willing to blame on the game, rather than GFWL (even though *every* GFWL game I’ve played seemed to suffer from connectivity problems for their multiplayer component, that *could* just be coincidence), but the “service” still threw in a handful of minor niggles here and there.

        I think it’ll be time to reevaluate the hatred towards GFWL when it stops throwing obstacles at us (even if, in some games, they’re fairly minor), *and* when it actually does something positive.

        I’m not a huge fan of Steam, but it has some very clear advantages. It’s pretty draconian DRM, its offline mode is buggy, the amount of control it gives Valve over my gaming is horrific, the client is shoddy, the service is full of security vulnerabilities and their pricing is offensive, but… the service also has its good points.

        GFWL doesn’t. There is not a single thing about any of my GFWL games that is improved by GFWL.

        Hence the hatred.

  3. RedViv says:

    I’m excited for Dark Souls 2: Re-Die Again: The Deadergettening

  4. meepmeep says:

    It’s not Dark Souls as we know it. He isn’t carrying a shield.

    • eclipse mattaru says:

      He probably plans on dual-wielding those bitches’ asses like a boss, so a shield would be no good.

      Didn’t seem to go too well, though.

    • DigitalParadox says:

      Shields have been removed in order to better align your gameplay experience with the designer’s original intent of “Die more”.

    • dE says:

      There are no shields because the game wants to be more in line with its multiplayer component. You don’t need no shield with lagstabs!

    • Alphadrop says:

      Real knights block with their face… mostly because they just screwed up a parry.

  5. Rosveen says:

    The video was removed.

    • Orija says:

      link to

      From the RPS forums.

      • Hoaxfish says:

        and if that goes down, Eurogamer has the official “section”.. starring a painfully awkward Jessica Alba:

        link to

        the DS2 trailer is about 2:40 in

        • Bhazor says:

          “The first time I played Super Mario Brothers it genuinely changed my life”

          She honestly looks terrified. It might to do with standing within arms reach of the front row without any visible security guards to protect her from the whooping dude bros.

  6. Orija says:

    Hopefully they won’t causalize the game running after the Skyrim audience.

    • Toberoth says:

      Why on earth would they do that?

      • Orija says:

        Miyazaki has left the project. The new director has Resident Evil Outbreak to his name, and is talking about expanding the audience and making things more accessible, and how he wants Dark Souls’ plot to be more straightforward and direct.

        This was on Edge magazine’s site.

        • Kilometrik says:

          Links needed. NOW. I need to rage.

          • Ckarasu says:

            No, he has not left the project. If you look into the announcements, it states that he’s supervising the project(meaning he’s managing more and will be helping the director). Also, the new director also made Monster Hunter, which people tell me is really good(once you get past that grind). Don’t rush to conclusions on so little info.

          • Runs With Foxes says:

            The ‘supervisor’ role is PR speak. Don’t panic everyone, because the original creator is still ‘supervising’ even though he isn’t making any decisions.

          • Rawrian says:

            I had this though when first fighting in the Valley of Drakes in Dark Souls, would be great if Monster Hunter-quality monster animations in Dark Souls, so now I’m interested in what the Monster Hunter director will do.

          • Ckarasu says:

            @Runs With Foxes: If you want to assume that, then that’s fine. From Software hasn’t disappointed me yet with their Souls series, and I doubt this will either. But, by all means, be pessimistic.

        • RedViv says:

          I wouldn’t overreact here. Dark Souls was already more straight-forward than Demon’s Souls, so it remains to be seen what they actually plan. The wording alone suggests that they are very aware of the thin ice they are treading.

          • JakeyKakey says:

            Also it was probably in Japanese. People misquote this shit all the time.

          • Shepardus says:

            Considering that the last time anyone from From said something about making the games easier it provoked a big backlash and was later shown to be a mistranslation of a very different statement, I wouldn’t be surprised if something were lost in translation here too.

          • Dowr says:

            If they want to reach a wider audience, just market the fuck out of it – they may not reach Skyrim levels of revenue, but considering the praise Demon’s and Dark Souls got – and the praise DS2 is probably going to receive – I can see it making a lot of money.

          • Bhazor says:

            “If they want to reach a wider audience, just market the fuck out of it”

            Sweet Jesus don’t say that. Thats how you end up with marketing budgets five times higher than production cost and the game gets called a failure because it doesn’t recover the $100,000,000 you just spent on advertising. Also every dollar you give a PR company makes the world noticeably shitter.

        • Isair says:

          Keep in mind, he also worked on Monster Hunter, and I’ve yet to see a developer who wants their audience to become smaller.

        • remote says:

          Those “more direct, less subtle” comments from the new directors are worrisome, but I have a feeling that Edge’s “journalism” there was just really lame and actually kind of disgusting, suggesting that Dark Souls should for some reason become another Elder Scrolls. I’m trying not to overreact, here, but… man.

    • lordcooper says:

      Because Dark Souls was such a massive step backwards from Demon’s Souls. From Software have a long and tragic history of dumbing down their games and churning out pathetically easy hand holdy games in order to appeal to the unwashed masses.

      • DickSocrates says:

        By ‘massive step back’ you mean they made a game more than 12 people were able to enjoy?

        • remote says:

          It’s neither of these things.

          Plenty of people enjoyed Demon’s Souls, and Dark Souls was certainly no step back from it. They each have unique strengths and weaknesses, but I think of them as the two sides of one coin.

        • hypercrisis says:

          Demons Souls sold so well it found itself on Sony’s greatest hits label thing, I don’t think it was as niche as you might like to think. Not to mention the glowing reviews in every publication.

          • Phantoon says:

            The environments were better, for sure. The Tower of Latria was a real jump into Japanese horror, which was something I appreciated.

            Dark Souls, especially the way the areas were linked, just seemed… safer.

      • Slaadfax says:

        Played both, love both, and personally think Dark Souls to be the better, if not by a wide margin.

        What portion of DkS provides reason to this firm and sweeping statement of dumbing down and poor quality?

        Oh, right: internet.

      • Wedge says:

        Sarcasm, you have all missed it.

        • lordcooper says:

          Thank you!

          • Ruffian says:

            ok, yeah, that’s what I thought, I was like, “are you serious guys?” , considering dark souls has, maybe 5 minutes of tutorial, if that, and all it is is a few random notes scrawled on the ground. Definitely hand holdy – lol.

    • RedViv says:

      They won’t if they don’t want the God of Games to lash out and shatter our fragile reality.

    • Shepardus says:

      I wouldn’t be worried, at least not yet, it’s far too early. The wording in the press release is so vague that this is pretty much all we know for sure:

      1. There’s going to be a Dark Souls 2, suggesting more of a connection to Dark Souls than Dark Souls had to Demon’s Souls.

      2. Release platforms include PC. But that’s hardly unexpected.

      3. New director, but Hidetaka Miyazaki’s staying on as a supervisor. Obviously a new director’s going to cause concern no matter who it is, but I highly doubt the entirety of From Software will suddenly forget about the existence of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, especially when making a game carrying the same name. It’s not like they’re switching the entire development team.

      And that’s about it. I’m no expert on Dark Souls lore so I don’t know what you can glean from the trailer, but I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from it since there isn’t even any gameplay footage and a CGI trailer’s the type of thing that could have easily been outsourced to some specialized CGI studio (no idea if that’s the case here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were). The whole announcement, including the trailer, sounds as if they’re trying to appeal to as many people as possible without completely alienating the current fanbase, which is only expected of an announcement, given the audience of the announcement. What the game itself does has yet to be seen.

      As for me, I’m looking forward to where they take the series next, even if it isn’t exactly the same as the previous Souls games. Dark Souls (which I heard about before Demon’s Souls) gave me something I didn’t know I wanted, and I’m hoping the next title does just that.

  7. Flukie says:

    Guys I seriously doubt GFWL will ever be used again as even Windows 8 doesn’t support it.

    • ButchCore says:

      I hope you’re right, I so much hope Namco Bandai will not be that stupid again this time around…

    • theleif says:

      In what way is it not supported? I just played Iron Brigade on Win 8 and it seemed GFWL did not even have to go through the usual hoops of forcing you to restart the game 5 times just to update it. My point is it seemed the contrary, as apparently GFWL was aldready updated without me ever installing it. Could of course be that Steam installed the latest version of GFWL during setup, but that would be a first.

      • Phantoon says:

        “I did a thing on Windows 8”

        You poor lost soul.

        • Prime says:

          Shush. Windows 8 is perfectly fine. I upgraded a month ago and I’m loving it so far. It’s proving faster and slicker than Windows 7 at most things.

  8. Jsone says:


  9. lordcooper says:


  10. AmateurScience says:

    I was simply crestfallen, now I am not.

  11. mrmalodor says:

    Who wants to bet on whether it’ll have proper mouse support or not?

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Why would From bother with proper mouse support this time around? The drooling fanboys were entirely happy to accept a bug-ridden technically deficient console port, and they’ll do the same with the second one.

      • yourgrandma says:

        The port is actually very stable not a single crash and has pretty much zero bugs from what i have experienced in my 80+ hours of playing it. Pretty much a perfect port other then the resolution thing.

        • Shepardus says:

          And the lesser-known but arguably more serious ambient sound thing, where much of the ambient sound simply doesn’t play unless you have or emulate surround-sound speakers.

          I’d be surprised, though, if the PC version of Dark Souls II has the same resolution and sound issues since they have more time and a bit more experience than they did with the first game, and I want to think they wouldn’t repeat such obvious technical issues that shouldn’t be terribly difficult to avoid. GFWL is still a possibility though.

      • QualityJeverage says:

        It had shite video options and a capped framerate, which fans fixed within like one day.

        Where’s the “bug-ridden” part exactly? That is, where are the bugs that weren’t also present in the console versions?

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          Does it really matter whether the bugs came from the original version? In addition to the more well-known ones like collision drop-out and saved game crashes, there are a ton more people have complained about. Google is your friend.

  12. obvioustroll says:

    …and again, and again, and again,

  13. JoeGuy says:

    This is no joke. I have almost 100 un-played games in my “To Play” list on Steam + PS3. Worthwhile AAA games, quite long too. Completely ready for me to press play. I have at least two years worth of games ahead of me without spending a cent. So why do I look forward to time-sink games like this so much? And why hasn’t Steam cut me off already?

    • eclipse mattaru says:

      I hear you. I haven’t even touched XCOM yet -which I had preordered like a month in advance, the way- and I’m still making rounds in two simultaneous Dark Souls playthroughs -and planning at least one inescapable NG+-; and yet I have this insane need to buy this RIGHT NOW.

    • AmateurScience says:

      Indeed, this weekend was an opportunity to tick some games off my list, instead I have started an attempt at a soul level one playthrough. I really don’t know what it is about this game.

  14. EPICTHEFAIL says:

    Hooray for pointless CG! Yes, I know it`s going to be the same as the previous `Souls games, but would it kill them to at least show us the game? Also, “dragons everywhere” apparently translates as three of them are seen, one dead, with perhaps 20 seconds of screentime total.

    • Dr I am a Doctor says:

      Dark Souls had three dragons through like 100hours of game, so there’s a bigger DPS [dragons per second] in Dark Souls 2

      • dE says:

        Three dragons?
        Kalameet, Eternal Dragon and who is the third?
        Seath is only half a dragon, the dead one is well undead and that thing on the Bridge is a Drake (lack of frontlegs). Did I miss one? Whichi s entirely possible…

        • Ckarasu says:

          Seath is a full dragon. He’s just missing the scales of immortality that his brethren had. He’s even referred to as a dragon, not a half dragon.Well, technically he’s a lich when you meet him.

          • dE says:

            That about Seath would be pretty much up to debate (well like anything in the series really).

          • eclipse mattaru says:

            @dE: Oh, great, go ahead and question Seath’s dragonness because he lacks scales and/or he’s not immortal, BECAUSE THINGS TURNED OUT SO WELL THE LAST TIME SOMEONE DID THAT >:(

            (This comment brought to you by the Federation For The Dragon Extinction Awareness)

      • elevown says:

        Well, more like 6 dragons, in total.

        1 Hellkite dragon
        2 gaping dragon
        3 Seath The Scaleless
        4 the rotting dragon in the painted world- forget name
        5 the half decayed dragon on that cliff near the wyvern area
        6 The one in the dlc forget name

        7 the big npc non hostile dragon down at the lake under the great hollow

        Also, the wyverns, 2 hydra, and precillia all are at least dragon like.

        • Commissar Choy says:

          I thought hellkite was a drake, not a proper dragon.

          • Clavus says:

            That huge red bastard is definitely a dragon. It ticks pretty much all the boxes on the identification list.

          • elevown says:

            Yup it fits dragon in every respect – also its name is dragon- it was killing me a few nights ago lol.

          • eclipse mattaru says:

            @elevown: Be wary of amazing sniper spot :P

        • Dr I am a Doctor says:

          Hellkite was a drake, not a dragon, Gaping Dragon got corrupted and therefore doesn’t really count, Undead Dragons are like undead people, not real dragons and shipped away to Lordran.

          I actually meant Kalameet, Seath and the Everlasting Dragon.

          • sharkh20 says:

            I’m going to go ahead and say that anything called “dragon” in the game is a dragon, whether it fits your definition of a mythical creature or not.

          • Dr I am a Doctor says:

            Theywere a dragon once. They aren’t anymore
            Just like the undead aren’t human

          • dE says:

            @sharkh20: Sound theory. Although is it ever actually refered to that way in the game? I remember the Dragon Part of it only ever cropping up in a guide – and it stuck. Yet everything, from the DRAKE Sword Description and actual Name, to the visual appearance and its similarities to the DRAKES in DRAKE Valley point at it actually being a Drake. Even the undead trader in Undead Burg calls it a humongous DRAKE.
            I’ve never seen him called a Dragon though. That is, outside of badly done Guides and user comments.

          • sharkh20 says:

            @de I was actually referring to the Gaping Dragon. I didn’t really make that clear and I apologize.

          • dE says:

            Oops, nah my mistake. Others made that distinction, I somehow missed it.

        • Dahoon says:

          The hellkite is not really a dragon but a drake, like those blue bastards in Valley of Drakes

          In-game description of the Drake sword (Hellkite tail):

          “This sword, one of the rare dragon weapons, is formed by a drake’s tail. Drakes are seen as undeveloped imitators of the dragons, but in reality they are likely their distant kin. The sword is imbued with a mystical power, to be released when held with both hands.”

          So in other words, close but no cigar.

        • Ruffian says:

          uhhh….Am I missing something? So a drake is not a “type” of dragon, then? I’m really not being sarcastic here, what is the distinction? Just the legs? Are they supposed to be like the bastard not-immortal offspring of the immortal dragons?

          Edit: Ty, Dominic. yeah that makes sense. I thought someone said something about it at some point in the game but I couldn’t remember. Probably some random item description, knowing DkS. :)

          • Dominic White says:

            Dark Souls makes the differentiation that Drakes are basically giant angry fire-breathing lizards. Dragons are all that but are far more intelligent – Seath the Scaleless drove himself mad in his research of crystal-based magic, after all.

  15. Milos says:

    Hopefully there will be multiplayer options so that we can meet up with other players for jolly and ultimately cooperative ventures.

    • elevown says:

      I think the multiplayer it has is fine. If you allowed it for the whole game i think it would destroy the games bleak oppresive lonely atmosphere which is one of its strongest points. And make it too easy.

      • sharkh20 says:

        This is all fine and dandy until you have beaten the game 30 times on singleplayer. Nothing really wrong with having that option available.

    • x1501 says:

      Functional co-op is by far my biggest wish for the sequel. I have no interest in playing with randoms and just want to go through the entire game cooperatively with the same person, preferably with the game’s difficulty being appropriately scaled up and without having to spend 15-20 minutes on co-op summons.

    • Ruffian says:

      well if they have servers as they say they’re going to, it should be a nice step up in that regard. I’d love to be able to just pick my character and jump in a pvp arena with some spectators or a small lobby with a group of people setting up duels fight club style. You know without waiting for the disappearing fog to finally produce an invader all that jazz.

      • eclipse mattaru says:

        PVP arena sounds good. Whatever keeps other people out of my very very immersive single player experience, really. The one thing I dislike about the game is having these random douchebags popping in all the time, always at the worst possible moment and in the worst possible places.

        These are people who have been meticulously preparing a character specifically for pvp, and I’m supposed to fend off with whatever rags I happen to be wearing while I was talking to a merchant? Or chase them into an area infested with enemies that will just ignore them? Bleh. I started to simply ALT+F4 the fuck off the moment I get an invader warning.

  16. aliksy says:

    Man, this game. One of my friends told me it’s the best game ever, and I don’t buy it. Like, it’s kind of fun and has some neat ideas, I’ll give it that. But the controls are ass, and most of the “difficulty” is a test of patience and map knowledge (which you can look up).

    Also I really strongly dislike how you can grind for a few days to dramatically decrease the difficulty.

    • stillunverified says:

      Oh man, games are easy if you look up guides for them?!
      Holy fucking shit somebody call kotaku.

    • elevown says:

      Controls are amazing- there is no better game for combat of this nature. I realy hope you didnt try to play it on a mouse. Also, grinding dosnt make it THAT much easier- especialy bosses. Seems you dont have a clue what makes these games so great.

      • eclipse mattaru says:

        Actually, I’m using the mouse fix mod and I’ve been playing with kb+m for over 90 of my 100 hour playthrough; I’m at soul level 70-something, I’ve just placed my first Lord Soul (Bed of Chaos’), I’ve fully cleared all of Demon Ruins, Darkroot and the Catacombs (besides of course all the main quest-related areas so far), I’ve kicked Havel’s ass (technically his chest, as I parry/riposted him into submission); and I don’t miss the gamepad at all.

        Once you have a properly-moving camera and you find a comfortable layout for the buttons/keys, it plays beautifully (there is something of an annoying learning stage where you need to mentally translate gamepad button prompts into the actual controls you’re using, though).

        Interestingly, I found that people complaining about the controls are usually people that try to take down entire mobs at once, and their actual complaint is that the game doesn’t answer swiftly enough to their button-mashing –i.e.: People way too spoiled by your regular 21st-century action/RPG. As I said elsewhere, you need to understand that in Dark Souls every choice of weapon and every stat point actually matters; and combat is closer to something like Street Fighter than it is to Skyrim.

        And it is true, grinding (which by the way is your choice and your loss) doesn’t really make things that much easier. Hell, even looking up guides doesn’t –even if you know all the strategies you still need to perform them, and that’s the actual test. I had Ornstein and Smough DOWN from a theoretic standpoint, and they still murdered my ass like 20 times before I managed to beat them.

      • aliksy says:

        Grinding can triple your health, dramatically increase your defense, and increase your damage output significantly. That really makes the trash fights en route to the bosses trivial, and the trash is the majority of the difficulty. If you don’t think that makes the game easier I don’t know what to say to you.

        The controls are bad because I don’t believe you can move backwards or sideways without facing that direction, unless you’re locked on. If you can, please tell me. You can only lock on if you’re fairly close to the guy, and that doesn’t help if there are several guys coming from different directions. Also if you try to lock on when you’re too far away, it reorients you in a bad way. Also if you lock on and something moves in a weird way, like jumping over you or flying overhead, the camera goes wonky.

        • TsunamiWombat says:

          It also means you can’t Co-Op and if you try PVPing you’ll hit someone who is much, much better than you and has better gear, usually. So it’s a trade off. You lose the ability to farm humanity via co-op if you level up too much.

          • aliksy says:

            I wasn’t aware of that, but I haven’t done any multiplayer stuff in dark souls.

        • Nate says:

          I agree with what you’re saying about the controls, but I find them to be only minor issues.

          I think your description of grinding is a little misleading. Sure, you can triple your health– with, what, 90 levels into vitality? That’s pretty much all of your souls for an entire playthrough, the majority of which are going to come from boss monsters.

          In theory, you can grind your way to getting stronger. In practice, what happens is that you end up getting more skilled much faster than your numbers go up. I pity anybody who plays Dark Souls as a game where you’re supposed to grind. It’s not the fun way to play, and grinding is not nearly as useful as fighting fights even though you’re going to lose, just to get better.

        • Ruffian says:

          you backstep by pressing the evade button (or key) with nothing held down. I don’t think you can sidestep without locking on but you sure can dive to either side with the same button and a direction. Cycling through lock-ons is pretty easy, but I will give that there are a few enemies where you have to either just know which way to run when they fly or let off lock-on or the camera will go nuts. That’s really not that huge a deal though, at least IMO, as there’s only a few enemies/bosses where it can become a nuisance.

          On another note, just something I wanted to point out – The game has virtually the same controls for movement as every 3d Zelda game – with the only being able to move in the direction you’re facing when not locked on and a single button that centers the camera behind your character, even the roll and jump function exactly the same. (and the lock-on) My question is why all the gripes directed only at DkS when it uses pretty standard 3rd person swordfighting-type game controls? What game has even done controls for this type of game any other way?

          Also, I want to say, I’m really not trying to bash you, you have every right to your opinion as to how the game controls, just throwing a some stuff out there, along with my own opinion.

    • Ckarasu says:

      Nah. Grinding stops being effective after getting any stat to 40. After that, you get massively reduced returns. The difference between 40 vit and 99 vit is maybe 400 points. Not so huge considering the difference between 11 vit and 40 vit is just under 1000 points. Not only that, but there are many enemies in the game that can chew through a lot of that, even in the first runthrough. Grinding helps, but it won’t stop sucky players from dying.

      And there’s very little trial and error in the game. Every attack in the game can be dodged so long as you actually watch the enemy. Many attacks are choreographed quite clearly, and are not to hard to spot coming a mile away. Even some of the environmental deaths(like the dragon) have some clear warnings(you see it fly off early, and there’s a really large charred section on the bridge). Naturally, it can be hard to notice unless you are analyzing everything, but it is there.

      Controls are fine. R1 is for most weapons, L1 for shields. Character moves at a reasonable pace, and locking on to anything is a snap. There are different rolls and run speeds depending on your equip burden(makes sense) and the game gives you plenty of time to memorize everything in the tutorial and even in the Burg.

  17. JackDandy says:

    I’m… hoping for the best.

    I heard this is gonna use GFWL again… if you catch an interview with them, please tell them to take it off RPS dudes!

  18. eclipse mattaru says:

    Undead, grab my summon sign!

  19. dE says:

    OH dear, my brain is back in theory crafting mode already.
    Is that Kalameet in that trailer? The Eye seems a giveaway and are those Marvellous Chesters Buddies? If so, both might be a link to Oolacile. Perhaps its nothing and people (like me) will make up crazy connections between games that aren’t supposed to have them (like linking dark souls to demons souls – and then to King’s Field lalala).

    • rohsiph says:

      Still dreaming one day there’ll be more than a “spiritual successor” link to King’s Field. I’d love to see Lordran in first-person, or The Ancient City redone a’la Dark Souls.

    • nunka says:

      I would geek the fuck out if this was a prequel to Dark Souls where you’re meant to be playing as a young Lord Gwyn. Or young Lord Gwyn the Crossdresser (just like his/her son!), if you’re an undead of the female persuasion.

      What? It could work.

      • eclipse mattaru says:

        Or young Lord Gwyn the Crossdresser (just like his/her son!), if you’re an undead of the female persuasion

        You mean a sort of undead Joan de Arc / Mulan megamix with dragons? I would sure pay monies to play that.

  20. Commissar Choy says:

    I do love CG. If that is Anor Londo, I can’t wait to see the awesome expanded environments they showed. And the fool didn’t even use flash sweat to fight the dragon, COME ON THAT’S DRAGONING 101.

  21. mehteh says:

    Dark Souls 2: DRM Again

  22. Hoaxfish says:

    I wish I could see the sales figures for Dark Souls on PC. The fact that it’s PC immediately along with all the normal console scruff, suggests it was at least good, if not very good.

  23. nasKo says:

    Video deleted by user :(

  24. Stupoider says:

    Nice to see a REAL dragon appear in a game as opposed to Skyrim’s puny wyverns.

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      Angry mythology geek is angry.

      • Stupoider says:

        Overused method of pointing out aforementioned characteristic is overused.

        • NailBombed says:

          Isn’t that kind of counterproductive, by reusing that overused meme? Just sayin’…

          • Stupoider says:

            If you want to confront these dullards, you have to use their language.

  25. Infinite says:

    With all the dragons in the trailer, this game might occur around the end of the Age of Ancients(Stone, Dragons and Eternity) and right before the Age of Fire(Light, Gods and Order) just as Dark Souls occured at the end of the Age of Fire and the beginning of the Age of Darkness (Darkness, Humanity and Chaos).

    But according to this source: link to

    the game is taking place in a new area with a new story and locations, multiverse maybe?

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Given Dark Souls ended with you irrevocably changing the world one way or another (though the Kindled Fire ending is considered canon) a simple timeskip of a measly 1000 years could mark a lot of difference.

      PS: Nothing in that article suggested a new setting. Not that it would matter, since Dark Souls was always about the multiverse and time and space itself unravelling

      • Phantoon says:

        I still think Demon’s Souls happens after Dark Souls, what with the guy at Firelink sounding and looking exactly like the ghost you meet upon dying first in Demon’s Souls.

  26. hypercrisis says:

    What I would like to know is when we can get Demon’s Souls

  27. Sayori says:

    Will buy only if they make a real PC port, not some shit to play with pad.

  28. Shooop says:

    Only one thing determines whether I have any interest in this or not and it’s a single acronym. Most of you know exactly what I mean.

    We’ll see.

  29. Citrus says:

    Meh. I quite Dark Souls at opening level because it was boring (not to mention the complete shit port where I was forced to play with a gamepad, fuck that).

    I guess this will be the third most overhyped game series I will totally despise (after Half Life and BioShock).

    • Dr I am a Doctor says:

      Did you quit Half-Life during the train section?

    • NailBombed says:

      So you paid for what you believe is a shit port, and also dislike the controls that are based off the console port? Interesting logic…

    • eclipse mattaru says:

      Level 1 troll tries SO hard to level up.

    • aliksy says:

      Damn, man. I don’t really like the game but at least I played about half of it (I think. Currently at the boss in the giant’s tomb).

    • Shepardus says:

      Patience level: 0

    • derbefrier says:

      I translate that to mean he rage quit in the noob dungeon.

  30. Roderick says:

    Missing something here… oh yeah, the slogan should be: “The Agony continues”…
    Can’t wait until it’s out!

  31. Kuroko says:

    Disappointed that it has a “2” in the title.

    It should be called something different, like… SOULFACE

  32. deadstoned says:

    Better not use GFWL again…

  33. Ruffian says:

    I for one, can’t wait.
    Purely speculation, but I wonder if this game is a prequel of sorts? what with all the dragons in there, looks like it may be taking place closer in time to when Gwyn killed them off. I don’t think there was supposed to be many of them left around in the period in which DkS takes place, right?

  34. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    I’m wondering where they want to go with this sequel, I mean where can that universe even go after the ending of the first one? Not to mention the fact that the Chosen Undead has already murdered the world’s entire pantheon.
    Well, anyway. If they’re making it, I’m buying it. Hell, I’m currently in the process of buying a PS3 mostly so I can see Demon’s Souls.

    One thing I wish for is for them to keep the ridiculous written language used for player communications. That tiny bit of comfort and humour was very welcome in such a miserable game.

  35. derbefrier says:

    This is awesome. Darks Souls was one of the best open world RPGs I have played in years