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The RPS Bargain Bucket: In Order

Much like I do every other Saturday, I’ve spent this Saturday looking all over for the best deals on digitally distributed PC entertainment software from across the internet. And guess what? There’s some cracking bargains this weekend. Read on for the detailed results of my investigations, and you can visit to find out what games are cheap at any time.Hotline Miami – £3.49/€4.24/$4.99
Or $4.99 at too.
This year’s gaming masterpiece, in my opinion. Alec put it well when he said:

It seems to want to teach you a lesson, but it is not prepared to explain what that lesson is and at the same time it chooses to behave as though nothing, nothing at all, matters. It’s nihilistic, but with an undercurrent of pitch-black irony and, of course, open sadism. It’s not courting controversy, but it wants to be objectionable. You could, perhaps, call it cool. I know I do. Super-cool. Just don’t expect satisfying answers: expect the narrative of your actions first and foremost, and on top of that a series of vicious events beyond your control.

The rest is here, and RPS verdict here.

Some pretty decent Sega bundles at
There’s a good mix of stuff here. A pack of most of the Mega Drive’s library for not very much at all, a few different bundles including the recently HD rereleased Jet Set Radioooooooo, a load of Sonic games, a big Total War pack, and a mixed bag of interesting action games. Some of the register on Steam, and you need to use a US billing address to buy these. If you don’t want any of the games Renegade Ops is bundled with, read on…

Renegade Ops – £2.50/€3.25/$3.75
Or you can get a 4-Pack for £1.25/€1.56/$1.88 each. Registers on Steam.#
Comrade Caldwell thought this was quite good, and I’m very much inclined to agree with him. He said:

Nonetheless, the lesson is still learned. Renegade Ops may have a bizarre attitude when it comes to ‘challenge’ – it doesn’t have an steep difficulty curve so much as it has an eccentric difficulty curve. But that fits perfectly with its roots. It’s definitely a game that needs to be replayed level upon level in order for you to feel like the care-free, proudly unrefined badass it so clearly wants you to feel like.

More here.

BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Conquest of Elysium 3, Greed Corp, Hamlet, Leave Home & They Breathe – £3.31/€4.11/$5.30 at time of writing
Price will fluctuate over time, as explained here. All except Leave Home & They Breathe register on Steam.
Leave Home, then. There’s an understated genius to how it rethinks a few aspects of traditional shmup design. It’s a shmup with some generative level design, where it responds to how you are playing the game. It’s got an incredibly stylish neon appearance. It’s beautiful to look at and listen to, and I think that every single one of you should play it. BIT.TRIP RUNNER is fine, although you might already have it. I’ve not played anything else in this bundle myself. If you’re only interested in Leave Home, you could grab it in this bundle direct from hermitgames. That also includes fren-ze and qrth-phyl.

Deal of the week
The 4th Wall, The Adventures of Shuggy, Delve Deeper, Eversion, Fibrillation, Flibble, Shadows of the Vatican, Act:I, Stay Dead, War of the Human Tanks, PC – £1.75/€2.17/$2.81
Or pay any price to just get Delve Deeper, Eversion, Fibrillation, Shadows of the Vatican, Act:I & War of the Human Tanks. The Adventures of Shuggy, Delve Deeper & Eversion register on Steam.
I picked out this bundle specifically for Eversion. I’ve not played the rest yet, but Eversion is certainly something special, and I’d say worth the price of admission for a gamble on the rest of the bundle. Anyone played the other games in this bundle? Some of them look quite good. Don’t forget to vote in the Indie Dev Grant too.

Also of note:
McDROID – £4.99/Similar prices in other currencies.
Alien Hallway, Bridge It, Eryi’s Action & Terrorhedron 3D Coop Tower Defense – £2.50/Similar prices in other currencies.
The Bagfull Of Wrong – 62p/€0.77/$1
Transcripted – 79p. Registers on Steam.
Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers – £1.74/€2.49/$2.49
Tomb Raider – £17.55/Similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “WINTR-SRVEY-42012”. Registers on Steam.
LEGO Batman – £2.59/Similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “WINTR-SRVEY-42012”.
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes – £3.25/Similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “WINTR-SRVEY-42012”.

You can always find more cheap games across all platforms over at

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