Digging Deeper: Meet The Rest Of The Cave’s Cast

Yaaaaaaay, I'm on fire!

Wanna know what you usually find in caves? Bats. Awful, shrieky little things with webbed wings, beady eyes, and a thirst for that red stuff that sloshes around under your precious neckflesh. Also spiky ceiling rocks that could fall and cave in your head, and lots of unpleasantly cold water. But sometimes – every once in an eerily blue moon – you also find yourself. Or at least, that’s what Ron Gilbert’s talking cave argues in a new trailer, and who are we to disagree? Not caves, that’s for sure – so probably not particularly qualified. But this cave also seems to know people, so what do I know? Probably nothing. Hear about the Adventurer, Knight, Time Traveler, and Twins in The Cave‘s learned, slightly sultry baritone after the break.

They seem like a fun bunch, don’t they? Each, of course, has their own special ability as well. The Knight gets temporary invincibility, the Time Traveler can warp, and the Twins are super creepy. Also, I can’t recall their power off the top of my head. Oh, and the Adventurer gets, um, a rope.

The remaining characters already got their time in the spotlight, and you can see that here. Meanwhile, Gilbert told me that the PC version will have point-and-click controls, which is a godsend for a game that otherwise, well, doesn’t feel super great. The puzzles are solid and the humor’s hilarious, though, so I’m pretty optimistic about The Cave on the whole.

It’ll be out in January. Do you plan on taking the plunge?


  1. skalpadda says:

    Since you ask, yes I do.

  2. rustybroomhandle says:

    This looks great, and I am generally a fan of DF’s work and also that of Ron Gilbert. This game will be published by SEGA though, who is now officially a patent bully. I’m so conflicted. Maybe I’ll just skip this game and send DF a bottle of wine instead to make up for it.

    • webwielder says:

      I’m fairly certain that people not buying The Cave will cause Sega and Double Fine to make less money off of The Cave, thereby increasing the chance that more games like this will not be made.

      It will have no effect on Sega’s patent litigation, nor will low sales of The Cave be interpreted by Sega as a backlash against said litigation.

  3. Stevostin says:

    Want to play.

  4. Lars Westergren says:

    > . Do you plan on taking the plunge?

    Oh yes. I’m putting on my plunging cape and boots right now.

  5. Scratches Beard With Pipe Stem says:

    Isn’t it really a story of eight people? Or is something really weird going on?

    • The First Door says:

      That made me do a bit of a double take, too.

      • The Random One says:

        I still remember when I got a question wrong on an English test (as a foreign language) because there was a question on which were the two largest buildings on New York, and I answered the World Trade Center.

        The correct answer was the World Trade Center and the Empire State Building.

        (If you’re wondering why the height of NY buildings was being asked in an English class, it was text interpretation, naturally.)

        • Pryde says:

          You weren’t taking flight lessons in neighboring room I hope?..

    • Pryde says:

      That struck me too, actually. But waaait a second… Twins were introduced in BOTH videos, this and previous one. Hmmm…

    • tumbleworld says:

      I would love to believe that The Twins are actually a single hive-mind being split across a pair of juvenile bodies, animus and anima, ego and id, Mac and Cheese… so what the hell, I’m going to do it.

      They’re just one being. My mind told me.

  6. skodjereite says:

    I really think the adventurer should have had a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle though.. Like, what can you *really* do with a rope anyway?

  7. pilouuuu says:

    “a game that otherwise, well, doesn’t feel super great.” Hello? Ron Gilbert!
    Besides the graphics look amazing in a Trine-y kind of way.

  8. alms says:

    Given that I’ve yet to click with a DF game and got bored of DeathSpank way too soon, for all I like Ron Gilbert I’ll be likely waiting for a demo, if that ever materializes.