London Bridge Is Falling Down: Dirty Bomb Footage

Splash Damage announced that they were working on Dirty Bomb by releasing a video that didn’t show any in-game action but led me to predict, confidently, that the game would involve people shooting one another on the streets of London. The pre-alpha video below sidled up to me this afternoon and said, ‘hey, you were right. Just look at how much those people are shooting on another on the streets of London.’ I nodded because they really were shooting each other a lot. Occasionally something exploded. Probably a bomb, although I think it was of the ‘clean’ variety. The sort that only disintegrates people within the immediate blast radius.

Judging by the signage, the enemy territory that those barricades are containing appears to be on the brink of the Thames, not far from the Globe Tavern.

If you didn’t throw your monitor through the window after reading that last sentence, perhaps you’d like to sign up for a chance to be in the Dirty Bomb closed beta when it begins?


  1. Hoaxfish says:

    I hope that tank-thing paid its congestion charge.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      If only you could play Apprentice with Lord Sugar instead of stoopid shooting in London.

      Wait, is there money in shooting? the others are paying with their lives, so lives must be surely worth something, no?

      Is there a boardroom after team deathmatch?

      • kathyswenson8 says:

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  2. Dowson says:

    Well its defiantly a game with guns in it.

    Now the question is, why would I abandon my other games with guns to play this one? It looked pretty damn generic.

    • Orija says:

      I thought it acquiescently was a game with guns in it.

    • lordcooper says:

      Who is it defying?

    • corinoco says:

      It’s utterly unique! No other FPS has Banksy *cough* art *cough* on every street corner. Just like the real London.

    • neonordnance says:

      Let’s do pros and cons:

      + Excellent gun models, look like sci-fi updates of real guns, and well animated shooting and reloading
      + Solid, obvious class specialization
      + Guns look and shoot very differently based on class
      + Pain/suppression system
      + Levels look somewhat verticle

      – Shooting looks very light, with little tactile feedback or recoil
      – Guns shoot like lasers– the guy iron-sights with the M4 for about 5 seconds out of the whole trailer
      – Crosshairs
      – Too much circle-strafing around each other, and guns take way too many shots to kill– not tactical, very hardcore, arcade-y, but without the CS kickback and precision
      – Levels look like narrow corridors
      – Reminds me of Brink!

      Overall, iffy. They need to tweak the shooting. They have wonderful weapons modellers and artist, however.

      • Tin_man_Tex says:

        Your cons suggest you like a ‘realistic’ game style, which I think is currently well served (though mostly via hardcore mode in current big titles).
        This looks like this is trying to return to prior ‘arcade’ (for lack of description) style where manuverability is defense. In which case the higher the manuverability and the higher the hit count of your opponent the more consistantly accurate you’d want your weapon.

        Different strokes for different folks.

      • tangoliber says:

        I think the biggest appeal would be for people who like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The gunplay looks great… No need to iron sight… not a lot of spread bloom..not a lot of recoil. Looks like a strafe dueling based game…which I love. The only significant thing I would change would be to players much more health, so that the kills aren’t as quick.
        There are plenty of realistic war simulators, and that’s fine…. I’m glad to see something that isn’t based on how realistic/immersive the gunplay looks, and isn’t afraid to offer the kind of gunplay that a lot of the more old school players love.

        The rest of the appeal probably can be attributed to the potential of the studio. I’ve always felt that Splash Damage was the best at class-based FPS… and they have some of the best map designers around. And they have a good competitive community that is willing to give any of their new games a shot.

      • The_Player says:

        > Reminds me of Brink
        And how is that a bad thing? Care to elaborate?

  3. Moni says:

    Very Brink-y, except with less running and jumping, which is a shame.

    • Zanpa says:

      That looks an awful lot like Brink indeed. A game that they, weirdly, omitted in the opening sequence of the trailer, I wonder why?

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Because Brink was a huge crappy failure that they no longer want to be associated with perhaps?

        • dE says:

          Oh… really? What dreadful news.

        • Claidheamh says:

          Ok, I’ll feed the troll. Failing comercially doesn’t immediately mean the game is crap. The only big problem Brink had was crappy QA. It had very good ideas, well implemented in the game, that I truly wish more developers took inspiration from.

          • Shralla says:

            No, Brink sucked. The level design was terrible and full of stupid choke points which rendered the whole movement system completely pointless. The guns felt like peashooters, the balance was terrible, and the game itself was full of bugs and optimization issues.

          • Claidheamh says:

            Back in the day, RPS commenters wouldn’t reply to comments with a “no” and proceed to rephrase the statement they were replying to in a more inflammatory manner.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            “Back in the day, RPS commenters wouldn’t reply to comments with a “no” and proceed to rephrase the statement they were replying to in a more inflammatory manner.”

            OK, my intention wasn’t to troll anybody — I truly feel Brink was a horrible game in almost every conceivable sense, and my reasoning has been explained by others with a similar opinion in much more reasonable detail. But you had to go the “butthurt fanboy” route with that last little quote above, and I feel a strong urge to take the bait now. That would be trollish of me though, so I’ll avoid it.

          • Ultra Superior says:

            I second Shralla and Skitter, Brink was a terrible disappointment after months of wonderful trailers and artworks.

          • Warskull says:

            Brink was a “huge crappy failure”, the game was absolutely terrible. It had terrible single player and terrible multiplayer. The maps were awful, the game was heavily bug ridden, and it has terrible design choices. It has single handedly destroyed Splash Damage’s reputation. Seriously, the game was that bad. It is one of those games that genuinely deservses a 2 or 3 out of 10. Even if it release absolutely bug free it would have still been a bad game.

            Brink being terrible isn’t exactly a big secret either.

      • Tin_man_Tex says:

        Word from the horses mouth (via IRC) is that they want to tout that it’s a PC game through and through. Brink was designed multiplatform, so they didn’t include it in their list.

    • Aardvarkk says:

      Here’s hoping you can choose your voice actor, like in Brink.

    • Jnx says:

      My exact thoughts. Brink with more of generic manshoot and less of freedom of movement. A shame.

      • Vandelay says:

        On the plus side, the video does show other players, so that is one up on Brink.

        (I actually liked Brink quite a bit. The choke points everybody complains usually did have alternative paths around them, but the player count was too low for you to actually take advantage of these alternative paths. If they upped the team sizes to at least 10 and made levels slightly larger, it wouldn’t have been an issue. They also needed to ditch the unlock system entirely.)

  4. Ernesto says:

    Looks rather…uninspired.
    And why would a tank wait at an obstacle for puny explosive planted _only_ by extremely vulnerable men with guns? Just point that gun of yours and be done with it. That, or give me objectives that aren’t ridiculous.
    I prefer the latter ;)

  5. junglist 69 says:

    Spawn , sprint , shoot , die , repeat……………………..

  6. Claidheamh says:

    Ooo, this seems quite a bit like Enemy Territory. And really, is there a better compliment?

    • Rhuhuhuhu says:

      My thoughts too. It reminds me a lot of Wolf: ET. In fact, it will both be free at entrance level.

      Still, Wolf:ET was a nice example of a free game, both free in beer and free in freedom. I highly question if they will be able to nail the second part.

  7. RockandGrohl says:

    I signed up. Loved loved loved ET:QW And wished it was more popular. I just adored the fact that you could have one primary team objective to all work towards, but then also have a bunch of sub-objectives that squads or lone rangers could complete that work towards making your primary objective easier to complete. Fantastic game!

  8. Tams80 says:

    That’s some very accurate errrr… shoulder firing?

  9. TsunamiWombat says:

    The visual and sound design looks good, I like the pop of the automatic weapons fire, too many games have wimpy and uninteresting foley for their firearms. That being said, besides looking like a very well polished Alpha, i’m not seeing much to make this stand out from CS.

    The Defibs gave me a very ‘Battlefield 2142’ feel. Why doesn’t this game have q spotting. WHY DOESN’T MORE GAMES HAVE Q SPOTTING!?

    • -Spooky- says:

      coz spoting suxx? get pro or try hardcore mode on battlefield. *lol

      • yourgrandma says:

        Hardcore is the opposite of pro. It encourages camping and cheap tactics. You don’t even half to aim that well. Shot placement and accurate shooting means nothing because you only half to like 2-3 shots to get a kill. It also doesn’t allow anyone to ever defend themselves or fire back when fired upon.

    • Scouter says:

      In my opinion, Q spotting is nothing else but spamming the spot button until the huge red triangle appears and suddenly everyone has a legitimate wall hack.

      • wengart says:

        Its a great way to communicate non-verbally with your team, and while it does force lone wolf players to play differently you can still be a sneaky bastard if you like. You just have to be conscious of your exposure and make educated decisions.

      • darkChozo says:

        That would be a poorly implemented spotting system. Recent systems have been getting better; BF3 has a cooldown on the spot button to prevent spam, and PS2 has a fairly decent thing that keeps it from working through walls. Still far from perfect but is moving in the right direction (ie. towards replacing voice coms for the almost-all-the-people that don’t use them).

        • Deadly Sinner says:

          If they wanted these spotting systems to be a replacement for communication, it would give the enemy’s position at the time of spot, or give the general direction or something. Right now, I use it even when I’m lone wolfing, since it is easier to shoot at a bright triangle.

  10. Yosharian says:

    Brink is still a painful memory, I don’t think I can take seriously anything this studio produce…

    Isn’t it just more FPS multiplayer stuff, again I feel compelled to say it: do we really need more of this stuff?

  11. mehteh says:

    Good to see Splash Damage is back to PC only. Brink was such a failure. The movement in this game looked like a PC FPS rather than a console focus shooter like the other 98% of the FPS genre and the “Made for PC” also made me feel hopeful, but it appears to be quite a linear game. Cant wait to try it

  12. sinister agent says:

    Ah yes, I recognise some of those landmarks from London, USA.

  13. Ansob says:

    Oh look, another FPS with one-hit-kill sniper rifles.

    When will developers learn? :(

    • Bhazor says:

      I really wish we could go back to the old Quake 3/Unreal Tournament system of actually surviving a few hits. There’s just so little skill now when it’s fastest finger wins.

      I’m still waiting for a professional version of this mod

      • Stevostin says:

        Quake was way more violent than this. Railgun did kill in one hit at spawn, with no armor. In competition you very often would see people insta killed by a rail shot from the other side of the map in the split tenth of a second of their respawn.

    • DK says:

      Nothing better than a weapon that makes the entire game shitty for everyone but the person using it.
      Oh sorry I mean nothing *worse*. Utterly moronic.

      And they should go less generic futuregunmen and more Quake Wars sci-fi. And assymetric sides, none of this everyone uses the same guns crap.

    • HisMastersVoice says:

      Learn what? That sniper headshots shouldn’t be rewarded?

    • corinoco says:

      Isn’t that sort of the whole point of a sniper rifle?

      • Wisq says:

        In games, maybe. In real life, it’s just used to place bullets precisely from long range.

        The only time that you really need to precisely place that bullet to guarantee a one-shot kill is for assassinations or hostage rescue police sniping. The rest of the time, you’re just trying to hit the target somewhere that will disable them. Badly wounding someone is generally just as good as killing them — sometimes better, because it encourages the enemy to try to help their fallen comrade, giving you a chance to disable more of them.

        The headshot is only so heavily emphasised in games because non-fatal wounds are so heavily de-emphasised — players generally function at peak effectiveness right up until they’re dead, and they don’t have to worry about bleeding, first aid, crippling injuries, etc.

        If being shot in the torso tended to mean that you needed a teammate to drag you to safety, get you to a medic to stabilise you, transport you by vehicle to a medical facility, only to have you get honourably discharged and sent home … well, we’d have a pretty damn boring game, but you also probably wouldn’t see a bunch of snipers focusing on the enemy’s heads.

  14. Shooop says:

    Oh hey it’s another bland, generic military FPS. We needed another of those.

  15. Ross Angus says:

    Oh, it’s Dirty Bomb. I mis-read. I thought it was one of those games Kieron used to review.

  16. Radiant says:

    Who are the publishers Warchest?
    Someone google them for me please thanks.

      • Radiant says:

        I can and will troll you so deep your daughter will feel it in her vagina.

    • Radiant says:

      Oh they’re a F2P games publisher.
      So Dirty Bomb is an F2P game.

      Oh they’re also running some kind of kickstartery tiered pre-sale gimmickery.


      • Ross Angus says:

        RPS: Come for the YouTubes, stay for the gibberish.

        • The Random One says:

          RPS: come for the gibberish, MISTRUST ALL AUBERGINES

      • corinoco says:

        I know, I know, the thought of them knocking out a few paltry malformed sentences, then donning their top hats and monocles to dive into their money pits without doing something as difficult as Googling a YouTube clip MAKES ME WANT TO SHOUT AS WELL!



      • ZIGS says:

        It damn well better be F2P, otherwise it’ll fail just like Nuclear Dawn, Ravaged, that one in WW2 with dinosaurs which I can’t even remember the name and a few others. Hell, it’ll probably fail even being F2P!

        EDIT: ok, after seeing the video (I was at work before) I can safely say: it’s gonna fail regardless of the business model

        • Vandelay says:

          It damn well better NOT be F2P. I enjoy the gameplay of Tribes: Ascend, for example, but it would be a far better game if it wasn’t bogged down by microtransactions and unlocks. Reading that this may well be a F2P title has put me off it.

    • Claidheamh says:

      Warchest is a sister company of Splash Damage, mainly geared toward publishing F2P games. This is the first PC game they’re publishing, and second in general

  17. tomeoftom says:

    There are absolutely, without argument, guns present.

  18. Scouter says:

    I really hope that this alpha footage is just a super duper early prototype(Prototype of an Alpha. My point is VERY VERY VERY early in development.) and they will add something that will make this game unique. On the other hand that map, and hip/shoulder only fire is a plus. And PC only!

    • b0rsuk says:

      My thoughts too. At least weapons seem more accurate. Brink was a disaster design-wise, but at least it had a distinctive visual style.

  19. Choca says:

    I’m a big fan of Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory and even liked Brink but this trailer left me with a resounding “meh”. I basically don’t see any reason why I should be excited about this game.

  20. b0rsuk says:

    Looks like Brink minus colors.

    Splash Damage is making the same game over and over.
    “We’ve repaired the tank ! Constract the command post. Dynamite planted.”

    Will they get it right this time ?

    • celozzip says:

      they got it right the first time. even etqw was great (should have been made into a planetside 2-style mmo actually) and brink could have been saved by patches but they gave up on it almost straight away like they always do…

      so this is alpha footage huh? so knowing splash damage they’re aiming for a christmas release, a couple of useless patches then starting work on their next game by the new year, right?

      • b0rsuk says:

        Give credit where it’s due. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was heavily based on id Software’s RTCW, which won a number of GAME OF THE YEAR awards, and had a successful multiplayer scene. Can we really credit Splash Damage for making the formula better, or was it popular just because it was like RTCW but free ? The farther they get from id Software’s design and more into the world of their own ideas, the worse their games become. ET:QW was okay. Not great, not terrible. Had a number of significant flaws, but at least infantry combat was better. A notable flaw was very dull sound design. Sounds were as flat as in the Dirty Bomb video. ET:QW was good, Brink was great in this aspect.

        • celozzip says:

          the sound effects may have been okay but the sound system in brink was awful. don’t tell me you like that muffled sounds thing that happened every 2 seconds? gave me a headache.

      • killmachine says:

        rtcw wasn’t even developed by id software. it was developed by gray matter studios as far as i’m concernred. it just ran on id tech. and tbh, i don’t even remember the differences between rtcw and wolf:et multiplayer. i know for certain that wolf:et leveldesign is one of the best leveldesign till today. but did splash damage change the gameplay from rtcw at all or did they just create a few new maps?

        what i do remember though is that i had a lot of fun playing wolf:et. i also did enjoy etqw and brink. and what i know is that splash damage is a very small company of gamers and modders that made it into the industry. brink was more designed for consoles though and that didn’t work very well. un-experienced in console coding maybe?! idtech4 is probably not the best console engine? i don’t know. now they are back to pc and developing yet another game with their old and loved formula. and it looks pretty damn promising for pre-alpha footage.

    • manitoo says:

      My thoughts exactly. And after Brink’s commercial disaster, I’m surprised that Splash Damage got another AAA multiplayer shooter greenlit.

      • killmachine says:

        it’s their own game. they finance it on their own. no publisher. get some information before letting your fingers loose on the keyboard.

  21. Spider Jerusalem says:

    sorry. still really mad about pre-ordering brink.

  22. Wisq says:

    I do quite like the visual and audio experience this promises, but I always find that audio/visual immersion is a double-edged sword for a multiplayer title. It makes your time in the game feel that much more real, but the cost is a sort of “videogame battle fatigue” that comes with operating for too long at a heightened level of immersion (and adrenaline) in a battle environment where every sound or little visual clue could hold the key to your survival and must be processed in full.

    By contrast, the “simpler” FPS multiplayer games (most Half-Life / Source mods including CS, L4D/2, etc.) tend to offer a much “crisper” environment, where the audio and visual was there purely to (clearly) inform you of what’s going on, rather than to draw you in to the world. There’s less immersion, but I find they can be played much longer and with much less of a fatigued feeling afterwards.

    Maybe I’m just getting too old for this. :)

  23. SirKicksalot says:

    How is this company still alive? Both games they released after 2004 were gigantic bombas and as far as I can tell they’re not guns for hire like Rebellion, Obsidian and many other studios. Are they working from their bedrooms or something? How can a company that underachieves so hard survive all these years?

  24. tangoliber says:

    Accurate guns that don’t need iron sights + Enemy Territory gameplay = Awesome.

  25. Tomhai says:

    I dont think that there are any other two games that are based on the same formula made by the same developer but present an absolutely different feeling than ET and Brink. ET was plain awesome and Brink was plain awful. Now this looks somewhere in between… maybe plain average? The UI is not that offensive as in Brink, the medpacks are back instead of ray-healing etc. So it cant be worse than Brink. But for the love of god – why not just remake ET? Yes we like the objective and class based FPS, but why paste a totaly random theme on it. Why?. This whole london bombing thing with some colorful dudes… what the hell is that? Who can relate to that. It does not make any sense.

  26. buzzmong says:

    That’s pre-alpha? Nah, come off it. Mid-Late alpha surely?

    Doesn’t look very inspiring though.

  27. smoke.tetsu says:

    Two things spring to mind with this trailer..

    1) Personally I’ve realized that Splash Damage’s type of FPS just are not for me. Team Fortess 2 just wasn’t for me either. Class based multiplayer shooters. I find them hard to get into.

    2) This trailer actually doesn’t look all that exciting to me. Sure there’s a lot of explosions, pew pew stuff and loud music going on. But it felt like the most generic FPS trailer I have ever seen like, is there a point to all this mayhem going on?…. and I tend to be pretty forgiving. But yeah, this seems like Dudebro McGeneric FPS Game #675 in this trailer.

  28. Josh Wanamaker says:

    My grand-pop established and administrated the project to rebuild the Globe theater. I admit that I would like to see it in a game. Even…even this one.

    That said, if you live in the UK, go see a play at the Globe. Their troupes are quite good. One of them just finished a wonderful run of Hamlet in Los Angeles.

  29. bill says:

    As a brit who doesn’t live in london, it seems relatively ok. I’m sure it’s no worse than most depictions of new york have been to new yorkers. If nothing else, it looks slightly refreshing to have an urban setting that doesn’t look like new york or the middle east.

    Shame it doesn’t seem to have the cool movement system of brink though.

  30. SuperNashwanPower says:

    More proof that games marketing people believe that no game will sell unless main characters are voiced by americans.


  31. mbr says:

    Weird, Splash Damage making a ET derivative game?

  32. Grayman says:

    Hopefully they don’t ruin it with F2P and it has parkour movement like Brink but more used.

  33. killmachine says:

    i’m wondering why they don’t mention brink either. it has it flaws but i played it for like 100 hours and enjoyed most of it. especially the smart system was awsome 99% of the time. they sure did adopt brinks artistic graphic style in dirty bomb

    maybe it’s because dirty bomb is a game for the fans. it wants to re-achieve what the older splash damage titles achieved. it has the class and objective based system, it’s fast paced, does not require ads (aim down sights) all the time and it’s fully independently developed. this is all splash damage and the fans when the beta comes i guess.

    if you are a splash damage fan by any stretch of the imagination, register and be part of this.

    • Claidheamh says:

      The answer to that is in the first page of the comments. Apparently they want to stress that Dirty Bomb is PC only, and so only mentioned their PC games. Brink was multiplatform.

  34. El_Emmental says:

    I wonder if we’ll be able to switch between characters* without having to disconnect from the server this time :D

    *(= classes, because a character can’t specialize in more than 2 classes)

    In Brink, if no one (competent enough) had picked the right character (and its 2 classes) for the current objective, you were pretty screwed, waiting for the map change.

  35. Redd says:

    Dear Santa. Can we please have a game set in London that’s not shit?

    • El_Emmental says:

      well, Killing Floor is far from being bad, and has one or two London-ish maps, no ?

      edit: WestLondon and Filths Cross, and perhaps more less-obvious maps (such as Offices)

  36. Droniac says:

    Wow, that footage looks very promising.

    I know that sounds ridiculous if you only look at this on the surface, with no prior SD-game experience. After all, it’s just another near-future manshooter right? That’s certainly what you see in the video.

    The thing is that there’s a lot more to see in that video than just outward appearances, particularly if you have any experience with prior SD games (preferably not Brink). The gameplay looks really tight, the shooting looks great, the feel of the game seems very in-line with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – even if the aesthetics are definitely just drab-Brink.

    I’m not saying it’s perfect or that I can definitively say it’ll be an awesome game to play. But it certainly LOOKS like it plays A LOT better than Brink, or Wolfenstein, or even Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Whether that’ll be true in practice? Who knows.

    If they can deliver half of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in a modern manshooter package, then this will be the game that puts the FPS genre back on the map in the eSports scene. Shootmania certainly isn’t going to do it.

    But the only thing that’s certain for now is that the audio for the guns is terribly soft – or well, just flat-out terrible. I hope that’s just due to it being pre-alpha and the final audio passes not having made it into the game yet.