Shootmania Storm Sees Red (Vs Blue) For Beta

Ubi send word that Nadeo’s competitive FPS spin on the community-driven “Mania” platform, Shootmania: Storm, will soon be entering its second beta test phase soon: December 19th, in fact. That really is quite soon. Also check out this extract from their blurb: “Create your own frag style with the new movements and game modes.” Haha, “frag style”. That’s how they say it on the street, you know.

There’s also a fancy new trailer, which you can see below.

Personally I’d love to see the less-realistic, more acrobatic FPS come back as a dominant e-sports form, but I am not entirely convinced that Shootmania is the platform for making that happen.


  1. elfbarf says:


    • kathyswenson8 says:

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  2. Kitsuninc says:

    Huh. I thought it released after the first beta. Knowing they’re going to put more stuff into the game, I’ll put the purchase into higher priority.

    When I played the first beta, I was really impressed. The game feels more like a ‘game’ of the sort you might have played with your buds on the playground in school, than any other game since Trouble in Terrorist Town. It’s just so kinetic and simple, it’s odd, but it just feels excellent.

  3. Vorphalack says:

    ”Personally I’d love to see the less-realistic, more acrobatic FPS come back as a dominant e-sports form, but I am not entirely convinced that Shootmania is the platform for making that happen.”

    Well they are on the right lines by including the editing tools. Even if the base game doesn’t make that big a splash there is potential for fans to build something successful. A lot of the big names in e-sports owe their position to the work of community projects after all.

    • Kitsuninc says:

      I’m worried about the limited nature of weapons, myself. From what I can tell there isn’t any way to edit them, beyond simple stuff like bullet speed, damage, recharge time, max charges. I’m not 100% sure about it, but I do think there isn’t going to be any advanced weapon editing.

      That aside, it does seem like something that could have pretty huge potential. I have no idea which way it will go, but having watched a little competitive Shootmania, I can say it is extremely fun to watch, even having never played the game before. I can’t think of another competitive game that is fun even when you don’t know how the mechanics work, so that has got to be a great sign.

      • Dilapinated says:

        Yeah, I think one of the things that gave UT such major appeal was all the different types of weapons and firing arc/ammunition behavior.

  4. CaspianRoach says:

    Woah, these new moves are super cool, imagine what good players are gonna do with those!

    • The First Door says:

      I think what they are going to do is repeatedly shoot me in the face next time I try to revisit it!

      • CaspianRoach says:

        Well at least it will be a blast to watch on a tournament.

        • The First Door says:

          Oh, definitely! I really enjoyed it when I played an earlier beta (or alpha, I forget which) even though I wasn’t really very good at it. The freedom of movement and conservation of momentum in it just felt so good.

  5. bear912 says:

    I never got a chance to try out the first beta (despite getting a key and everything), so hopefully I’ll be able to give this one a try. The wall jump and grappling hook look like wonderful additions.

    • -Spooky- says:

      WOOBLARDUBDNBSHOOTERFACE (with ubr Dubstep CoD 100 with Neo Post Zombie)

      PS: Grab. Hook? *erm* Q2 anyone? Strafe Jump n shit? Come on. What´s new about?

  6. Feferuco says:

    I have high hopes for this game. More games should go for this, being just a game instead of being a game about war or whatever. Anyway, how much can the players edit the weapons? Or do we get to just create maps?

  7. Gers says:

    They’ve been using the esports focus as an excuse to lock down certain game elements (movement, ammunition recharge, energy) from being edited through game modes. Unless they cut that out I don’t really see a huge community forming around the game. The controls as is feel really sluggish and unresponsive, and they’ve given every indication that they are not going to change that. That would not be a problem if the community could fix them, because we would, but as it stands that’s basically the reason the beta servers are empty 24/7. It just feels weird, and not in a good way.

    Also if some of you folks want to try out the beta here are a few keys, they each last 30 days.

    • MrLebanon says:

      awesome! although i’m having trouble finding where to redeem these?

      • Gers says:

        ah my mistake. If this email is to be believed I think you have to download the setup from and it will prompt you for a key inside. Kind of a roundabout way to handle it but that’s par for the course for nadeo.

        • Leper says:

          That’s very frustrating, it’s a 1 gig setup file. Thanks for the key though, hopefully I can redeem it in time.
          I hope the grappling hook is good fun, I’ve always said more games should have grappling hooks. Also, ziplines and jetpacks.

          • MrLebanon says:

            may those with the fastest internet win!! :P unfortunately I’m only getting 500 kbps on this work connection

          • Gers says:

            It’s always been weird, that’s a pretty consistent trend from Nadeo.

        • MrLebanon says:

          thats an interesting way to do it!

          the link appears to be downloading the client, i will let you know if it gets through and works (and will leave a note to which key I used)

          Thanks! You get internet cookies <3

          Downloaded, installed, ran the program, made an account, agreed to TOS, and THEN it asked me for the code.

          It worked though :)
          I used FGD6-5MYH-PN5G-C8H7-RW5 (the first one)

  8. Leper says:

    I’d like to see FPS in general return to the e-sports scene. MOBAs seem to be dwarfing everything else, even taking on SC2.
    Quite the trailer as well, I like that the drop comes in at “NEW MAP BLOCKS”

    • Gers says:

      To be honest as somebody who’s played quite a bit of the beta that’s what I’m more excited about than anything else. The blocks currently available are extremely restrictive, having more types available will mean way better maps.

      • dsi1 says:

        The bunker blocks made my mind explode with possibilities, can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  9. says:

    I love acrobatic FPS games, and tend to be better at UT than modern military shooters. They rely more on spacial thinking and reflex than being a glorified hide & seek instakill.

    Still, I can’t help but feel that Shootmania looks too … well, bouncy. Don’t get me wrong — bouncy as a description is great for many parts of life. Just not shooters, IMO.

    • Gers says:

      Bouncy is accurate, Slide-y is another good word. The controls are the opposite of “tight”, and they are unfortunately not letting the community fix them by using eSports as the excuse.

      • says:

        I think the slow-moving projectiles accentuate the issue.

        • Kitsuninc says:

          On the contrary I think the slow moving bullets are a thought out design decision that make the slide-y-ness work. If the bullets moved any faster getting a hit would be too easy and worth too little, but because people have a lot of momentum it’s easier to guess where they’re going to be. In a Royale map when the last two players get squeezed into the tight space at the end, they do a little dance, trying to get those last hits despite being right in front of one-another, seeing who can maneuver and mindgame better, and it would not happen if you could just point and shoot.

          Compare the movement to that of Quake: Probably the most successful FPS ever as an e-sport. The controls are not tight, movement involves hopping all over the place like a weirdo, yet once you get used to the strangeness you can rely on the game to do exactly what you control it to. Shootmania is just like that; it’s slide-y as all hell, but when you get used to it, it opens up a lot of very kinetic ways to move about super fast. It’s very definitely a game, the controls don’t make any sense outside of a game made to be a game, but it does feel really good after you give it a few hours, if you ask me.

          • Gers says:

            I disagree completely when you say Quake doesn’t have tight controls. Yes people are flying all over the place but it’s all really easily controlled by the player. There isn’t any sliding around, players stop and accelerate almost instantly. The advanced movement (strafing) strapped on top takes a lot of skill to use and is massive fun in its own right, but it’s far from imprecise. In shootmania accelerating takes a good deal of time, as does slowing down and even changing direction. That’s why it feels off, it reduces the ability to maneuver and not in a fun way at all. Those duels at the end of royal matches are almost about battling the movement system more than the other player. The kind of precision movement quake has is just not present in shootmania, which is something I think the game really needs.

          • Kitsuninc says:

            You can stop moving and turn on a dime as long as you aren’t holding space in Shootmania. The movement is only slide-y when you’re using the advanced movement (Right click) and even then it is pretty tight once you get used to it, although yes, you can’t go from moving really fast one way to really fast another without losing your momentum. You need to move fast so you don’t get hit, so you’ll be holding RMB as much as you can. I still think Quake is a good comparison, if you want to move fast in Quake, you jump around, and while you are in the air you lose a lot of control – just like holding RMB in Shootmania.

          • Gers says:

            But it never feels as precise as it does in quake, and the tight environments a lot of maps take place in only serve to magnify the issue because there’s a lot of precision required that just isn’t there. I’ve probably seen just as many royal rounds decided by somebody jumping or sliding into the offzone as rounds won by an actual shot. I guess this is something that comes down to each person but I’ve seen a ton of people complain about it, it certainly got everybody I knew to stop playing, and unless they at the very least let us change it in custom scripts I don’t think this game is going to hold a community.

            We can already change so much, the server I played on most of the time ran a custom royal script we made that randomized the offzone speed and capture time, that locking down things like the energy recharge and movement stuff really just seems silly.

          • Kitsuninc says:

            I do agree with you, certainly. It is silly that they would place such limitations upon their game, and while I do really like the feeling of the movement (Whenever I hit the offzone at the end of a royale, I always felt it was because I wasn’t paying enough attention), it would be cool if there were some other, more typical movement types you could use.

  10. Terics says:

    I did a knee-jerk purchase of this a while back. The movement took a little while for to get used to (momentum based maybe?). There was also a lag issue sometimes but, overall I enjoyed Shootmania far more than I anticipated. I feel like there’s a lot of potential for a cool community driven game. Also the “zooom” sounds that the projectiles make when they just barely miss are excellent.

  11. Stevostin says:

    The only cons to this I can see is the “non violent” take on things, pretending that the violence in shooter isn’t a compenent of what makes them attractive. It’s good to beat an opponent, sure, but it’s even better if it’s spectacular and that it rrrrreally looks ugly for him. That’s why weapon’s feeling matter and shootmania’s one doesn’t look enticing to me.

    • The Random One says:

      YMMV, I never particularly cared about the ultraviolence. In fact, I find the gory explosions in TF2 kind of disturbing (since they clash so much with the rest of the cartoony world, but haven’t reached the Itchy and Scratchy Show level of ultra-gore that would have made it too ridiculous to be disturbing).

      • islisis says:

        Agreed. And for a full-hearted treatise as to why violence shouldn’t be an aesthetic synonymous to video games, see the Warsow manifesto (linked from link to

        link to

        To me, a game like Warsow is much closer pure video gamingness =) And fits many of the requests here for a acrobatic esports shooter!

    • Kitsuninc says:

      Nope. The game feels like what it is: A game. There is nothing wrong with that. Do you think soccer isn’t fun because the goalie doesn’t get chopped in half when he lets a ball in? Certainly that could be entertaining, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a game that is a game. I think games shouldn’t create a facade of killing each other and with it, the realism of actual war, when they aren’t going to back that realism up with mechanics and a story. It’s just unnecessarily brutish when we could just be shooting each other because hey, it’s fun, which ironically is what we’re actually doing.

  12. MeestaNob says:

    Am I the only person who thinks this game will really hurt Nadeo?

    I just don’t hear any buzz for this, it feels like they are making a game no one is really interested in. People do want eSport-grade FPS gaming, but I don’t think they want it like this.

    • Gers says:

      This unfortunately seems to be the case. When beta 1 came out there was a small but solid playerbase and we were able to get 9-10 people on our modified royal server every night. But after a few weeks it completely died out, people lost interest and moved on. The game is practically empty all day every day now, and there was supposed to be an official tournament a while ago that got completely cancelled because nobody came. The problem is they don’t want to fix any of the issues currently driving everybody away from the game because it interferes with how they envision the eSports going, which is a shame because there’s really a big potential for an amazing game underneath all the extra nonsense.

  13. AlienMind says:

    I like it how they elude you with pictures of a LAN when clearly they have no intention of supporting such a thing. Instead we get total lockdown from a company whose chief thinks 90% of us would want to play a pirated copy.
    Also: We did not forget how the UT1 instagib rifle shots look
    Also: UT3 walljumping is so 90s.
    Also: I bet they say Demo Recording isn’t in because it’s a beta and it will be in at release. So everybody believes. The lie.
    Also: Matchmaking? Bitch please! We had lag free dedicated servers with gamer administrators without any connection to DRM shit or penis enlargement stat servers AEONS ago.
    Also: UBI

    • dsi1 says:

      There’s already a replay system, do you even know what game you’re talking about?

  14. Droniac says:

    I think Jim can only be proven right in this case, I can’t see this becoming a success.

    On the casual side of things, it’s probably a fairly entertaining romp for those funny 32-player servers. But that will get old rather quick with only a couple of weapons and no real depth to the gameplay. Add in people who have actually played hardcore FPS games before – and will therefore completely dominate – and you have a recipe for disaster.

    Meanwhile the eSports side of things is even less likely to pan out well. Most of the current pro scene has already played the game during its current beta, many have even competed in tournaments like the recent IPL5. Not a single one of them has had a positive word for the game, beyond its moneymaking potential as a quick and easy buck during the initial rush. In fact, the recent IPL5 Shootmania tournament was extremely poorly received by the hardcore FPS scene in general. This looks to be Painkiller all over again, except without a huge tournament sponsor to push it on the players and with far less competitive viability. (see ESReality for easy confirmation of all of the above)