The RPS Bargain Bucket: Pointless Wealth

Uh oh. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet either. Maybe Adam & I could just get our friends and relatives some of these discounted PC games for Christmas, avoiding the need to take the serious risk of stepping outside entirely. If you do have any gaming related Christmas shopping that I can help with, do please pop over to, and I’ll see what I can do.

Saints Row: The Third: The Full Package – £7.49/$12.49
Registers on Steam.
Saints Row: The Third bundled with all of the DLC. This is actually cheaper than buying all of the DLC separately, which is a strange way to treat customers who already bought the game. Ideally they’d have also made available a discounted pack including all the DLC. SR3 is rather fun, here’s wot John thought about it:

I really bloody love Saints Row: The Third. It is, on so very many levels, an exceptional game. Its multiple layers of irony are coated in thick layers of idiocy and bombast, creating a game that’s simultaneously wickedly smart and phenomenally stupid. It’s a big, ridiculous thing that’s bulging at the edges with nonsensical things to do, yet rigidly structured and extremely well crafted. It’s a strong linear narrative precariously laid down within a deranged playground. And I feel immensely guilty for not being nearly bothered enough by how grotesquely offensive it is.

More here.

Blueberry Garden – Pay What You Want
Registers on Steam.
Bit of a strange one, this. It’s certainly not going to be to everyone’s tastes, but that’s plenty forgiveable when they’re letting you set your own price. I don’t really know if there is much more to it than exploring a strange world and discovering how yourself and objects in the world can interact. Perhaps it hides secrets I’ve not managed to expose, but even if not just flying around this serene world, accompanied by some lovely relaxing piano music, is worth the price of admission alone.

The Secret World – £9.29/€11.39/$14.99
This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address.
I don’t know for sure if we’ve seen the last of the big subscription based MMOs, but I suspect we might have. Personally, no way was I willing to pay the relatively high price of entry TSW was commanding on a game that I also had to pay a monthly subscription for to be allowed to play, without even knowing if I like it yet. Perhaps now that you don’t have to pay a subscription, and the price for the client is much lower, The Secret World will be able to attract some users that weren’t interested before. There’s still a bit of a gamble here though, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it does go full on free to play in the future, with all the baggage that entails, and I would somewhat resent that happening to a game I had paid for if the shift impacted my enjoyment of the game. That’s speculation though, if you just want to get in, get out, and have some fun secret worlding along the way, now is probably a good time to do it. Read wot Adam thought here.

Sleeping Dogs – £7.99
Registers on Steam.
I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. I think this will be the price drop that tips me over the edge. Here’s what our man Alec said about this:

I wish it had the big brass balls to further pursue the more heartfelt, self-reflective aspects of being an amoral character that it occasionally explores, but equally I’m ok with taking it on a superficial level – biff and vroom – too, as it does those things well. I mean, there’s zero sense of risk as death just means waking up in the hospital with a small amount of your vast and pointless wealth removed, and it copies the GTA car physics model of making head-on collisions feel like hitting a tree trunk with a baseball bat, but as a place to dick around in it’s got a fairly developed combat model and a striking setting.

Read the rest here.

Deal of the week
Probability 0 – £4.22/€4.33/$5.25
Or opt to pay a couple of quid more to get it bundled with the developers three previous games too. Probability 0 is easily one of my favourite platformers of 2012. It’s a minimalist roguelike-like with randomly generated levels, a branching upgrade tree, and a kickass soundtrack. The upgrade system is interesting in particular because which upgrades you pick will hugely impact what strategies you can use. It’s a great example of efficient game design, and pixelart that isn’t retro styled. Get it.

Also of note:
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – £7.99/€11.99
Binary Domain – £4.99/€6.25. Registers on Steam.
Achron, Alien Shooter 2: Conscription, Orczz & Syder Arcade – £2.50/€3/$4.
Little Big Bunch 2, five games for £6
Two for £6.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – £7.50. Apply coupon “GMG25-CFGY3-4THJI”. Registers on Origin.
Huge sale over at GOG.

For even more of the cheap games, you should frequent

Update: and just as this post was published, GOG revelealed this excellent deal on Anachronox, Deus Ex 1+2 and the Thief games.


  1. Fazer says:


    • Col says:

      Good one.

    • tomeoftom says:

      Where the hell do these guys come from? It’s such a limp, wet rag of a joke, let alone running gag.

    • les says:


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  2. Thirith says:

    What’s not to love about ADVENTFACE?

  3. lordcooper says:

    Inquisitor is on sale over at gog and seems like a really interesting concept for an RPG.

    • d32 says:

      You have posted this just minutes before it went from -75% to -50%, I think.

      • lordcooper says:

        My apologies, I briefly left my home in order to replenish vital supplies. I’ll be sure to make commenting on RPS my top priority in the future.

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        THIS is what’s frustrating me about the GOG sale at the moment. Most days so far you can’t tell if the games in the bundle are actually discounted at all from the regular sale price. Spent all day yesterday trying to figure this out and grabbed The Real Texas just to be safe not knowing if they would go up or not.

        • The Random One says:

          I think all of the games on sale have a 50% discount, which means that for the current bundle unless you get the six-game pack you’re not getting a discount (over the discount that already exists).

          How machiavellian!

        • belgand says:

          Actually it shows precisely how much you’re saving from the standard price on each game’s individual page. They also generally show the price at the top. There is no “bundle discount” applied separately. The discount is always taken off of each game individually. You just sometimes get a larger discount for buying all of the games.

          The annoying thing about the GOG sale is that they list the sale as going on until Jan. 3rd, but that’s not entirely true. If you look at the individual game pages it will list that the 50% off is actually ending at an earlier date. For example the Deus Ex page lists that not only is it discounted by 75% at the moment in the bundle, but Squeenix games are discounted by 50% until December 19th. So if you’re holding out waiting for a better daily deal on a game keep this in mind.

        • ShineyBlueShoes says:

          What I meant was that the first few bundles the individual game prices weren’t actually changed and you only got an additional discount by buying the whole thing, or what you didn’t already have of it. The last one or two it wasn’t particularly clear that the individual games, and not the bundle, were actually discounted.

    • zeroskill says:

      It’s a bit rough around the edges, a bit clunky, but it’s a pretty good RPG nonetheless in my opinion. However it surely isn’t for everyone. Something for RPG fanatics for sure.

  4. Gorf says:

    Highly reccomend sleeping dogs. I didnt regret buying it at release so at this price its a unmissable.
    Great GTA experience with nice melee combat.

    • Gorf says:

      The Hong Kong setting was actually one of the selling points for me, and the sights and sounds make it a very pretty game.
      Get past the cliche’s and overused plot, and its actually (i found) quite an immersive experience.

  5. Howard says:

    So, not worth mentioning that at Gamefly:
    Bioshock 2 £3.49
    Borderlands 2 £14.99
    Ass Creed Rev £6.79
    Torchlight 2 £7.49 (and you get Torchlight 1 I think)
    and a bunch of offers around RIft and its expansions.

  6. MondSemmel says:

    Also of note: The Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight is over now, but you can still purchase access on a PWYW basis to get:
    – Instant access to 8 prototypes, of which 5 were made this year and which look really quite promising.
    – ~11-12 awesome video episodes by 2 Player Productions.
    – A game soundtrack of 15 songs created for the prototypes.
    That, to me, is certainly the deal of the week, no contest.

    • GameCat says:

      They should send some e-mail notifications or something. :x

      Anyway, I’m gonna go check what they done.

  7. LTK says:

    I’d really like someone’s opinion on which two to get from Get Loaded out of AP, FEAR3, and Mafia 2.

    • lordcooper says:

      FEAR 3 seems to be the weakest offering there IMO. Definitely get AP.

      • Smashbox says:

        My counterpoint:

        Alpha protocol is a bad game solely because protagonist is a snarky dick, No matter what you do.

    • malkav11 says:

      So, I liked all three of those games. I think Alpha Protocol is probably the best of the bunch, but conversely it has been on sale by itself for similar prices (or less) quite a few times, and some people think it’s absolute rubbish and/or buggy (never encountered the latter myself, obviously disagree with the former).

      FEAR 3 looks good and has strong shootery gameplay, even more fun in the asymmetric coop. But the story’s pretty silly and the horror stylings are resolutely not scary (even FEAR 2, which many people didn’t feel was particularly scary, was more so IMHO). Still, there are memorable setpieces. Also, the multiplayer modes actually sound pretty neat, if there’s still anyone playing them.

      Mafia II is a gorgeous recreation of the late 40s and early 50s and is quite strong as a linear organized crime narrative with some shooting and some driving and suchlike. Unfortunately it presents itself as an open world game, and it doesn’t deliver most of what the average person expects from an open world game. Like LA Noire, the “open world” city is just a backdrop to missions. It’s color, not gameplay. (Though it’s better realized than LA Noire’s LA, imho.)

    • Saarlaender39 says:

      Well, my personal opinion…Alpha Protocol is a must!…maybe you have to fiddle with some config file, because of an otherwise disturbing mouse behavior, but that’s no problem.

      Oh, and save the russian mission for later in the game…I did the mistake to go for it first…ended up frustrating.

      From the other two, I’d choose Mafia2.

      • malkav11 says:

        You can swap between the zones between every mission if you want. (This will change some things, like almost anything else you do in Alpha Protocol.)

    • MrLebanon says:

      Fear 3 to me felt like an entirely bland and uninteresting man-shooter

      • Treymoney says:

        I really liked FEAR 3’s cover mechanic, where it stays first person instead of moving a few feet above and behind you, giving you a better view than when you weren’t hiding behind something.

      • mwoody says:

        It’s a game I’d never recommend except in co-op, where it’s actually pretty good. Not scary, of course – I’ve yet to see a multiplayer game pull that off, ever – but the fact that the two player characters have totally different playstyles is pretty cool.

        • DrunkDog says:

          Doom 2 Aliens mod on LAN (with the lights off). Shittifying.

  8. Beybars says:

    But…but…Where’s Grandma Shooter 2?

    • Laser-Pants 5000 says:

      GS2 isn’t worth it IMO, sloppy bolted on multi-player, short campaign and minimal customization makes for a terrible experience. CWGF is alright but not bad either, it is what it says it is. Hobo Tycoon however really shines with its amazing depth of gameplay and when hooked up to the Olfulus Rift it REALLY brings this game to life!

  9. canexican says:

    If you haven’t played it yet, Metro 2033 steam key free giveaway! go to THQ facebook page.

  10. Sarre says:

    Finally bit on TSW. I almost went for it when the dropped the sub, but then I suspected a sale would be forthcoming, and lo and behold, a Christmas miracle!

  11. zeroskill says:

    Love Probability 0. Been looking to pick it up for some time. Awesome soundtrack, easily worth the asking price alone.

  12. Kid_A says:

    Binary Domain doesn’t like Nvidia Optimus and the “fix” suggested isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone, so beware of picking that up if you’re on a laptop for whatever reason.

  13. RedNick says:

    Amazon US now think I’m roommates with a certain Mr Obama

    • cptgone says:

      while you still have access to a computer, change your delivery address to Guantanamo Bay.

  14. Bobtree says:

    The second Saint’s Row link is broken.

  15. fish99 says:

    Couldn’t get into SR3 or Sleeping Dogs due to the car physics. At least the driving isn’t a big part of Sleeping Dogs so I suspect I’ll go back to it someday. The story and melee combat did look interesting, and it’s a very pretty game.

  16. Demiath says:

    Saints Row The Third is “well-crafted”? It’s very funny, alright, but there’s an awfully generic and rather sloppy third-person shooter hiding under all those fancy layers of irony, and the game’s bland recycled mechanics make even Binary Domain seem like a masterpiece by comparison (which it kind of is, but not necessarily from a gameplay standpoint).

    • Bios Element says:

      That’s simply not true. The solid mechanics of the game, while nothing unique, are what allows it to be a great game.

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        See, I found the controls and mechanics to be so tight that they ended up feeling generic and bland as a result because there wasn’t anything about them that matched the ridiculousness. It’s hard to describe but it’s one of those ineffable qualities that the all time great games nail. This actually led me to some dissatisfaction with the game; as the game went on the sharpness of the controls made the game feel almost trivial. As weird as it is, I almost think the clunky controls in GTA work in the series favor and Resident Evil proved as much with RE6.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I can’t entirely disagree with you about Saint’s Row The Third, but you lose all credibility when you claim that Binary Domain is a better game. At least the majority of SR3 isn’t frigging cut-scenes and QTEs.

  17. guygodbois00 says:

    Hobo Tycoon? Yes, I believe I’m quite good at it. Years of practice and all that. Can’t recommend it though.

  18. Heliocentric says:

    Do not be fooled, Blueberry Garden is a Survival Horror game, the whole world is flooding, you cant swim, the clock is ticking, you will die if you flounder.

    • Baines says:

      The world is flooding? If it was, I couldn’t stand the game long enough to notice.

  19. ShineyBlueShoes says:

    Wow could the site to buy Probability 0 have any more seizure inducing hover over effect on the link?

    I’ve been kicking myself for passing on TSW during the black friday sales, now that it’s dropped the sub. I don’t know whether to wait and hope it will be better during the Steam winter sale or not.

    • Droqen says:

      Briefly during design, the WHOLE BACKGROUND of the div flashed on hover.

      You all got off easy, considering! ):<

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        I stand corrected. At least it wasn’t all flash I suppose.

  20. Jason Lefkowitz says:

    GamersGate’s daily holiday deal has Spec Ops: The Line 66% off today. (That puts it at $10.18 in USD.)

    Is it worth $10? I’m kind of manshooted-out, but I’m torn between being encouraged by reviews that describe it as a “thinking person’s shooter” and being discouraged by my cynicism telling me that “thinking person’s shooter” is an oxymoron…

    • Revisor says:

      It’s worth it if you like interesting storytelling in AAA clothes.
      The gameplay is not that fun (at least not always).

    • LXM says:

      I definitely think it’s worth it at that price. It’s got a pretty great story as well as excellent voice work and visuals. Gameplay is solid, but unremarkable.

    • GameCat says:

      It have some nice (the best of all modern manshooters) plot based on “The Heart of The Darkness” by Jospeh Konrad and very medicore cover system gameplay. But it’s definitely worth these ten bucks.
      I’ve enjoyed* it very much.

      *That was rather The Walking Dead enjoy style, it’s constantly getting more and more fucked up, you may even need to take a break for a while in some moments.

    • Xocrates says:

      As a shooter it’s fairly meh, but as a meta-commentary/deconstruction of shooters is rather interesting.

    • DrunkDog says:

      Not a big manshooter fan. But you had me at “Heart of Darkness”. Sold. Now in the game queue. We’re going to need a bigger Christmas.

  21. LJFHutch says:

    The Witcher 2 is $12 on, highly recommended.

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      It’s already been cheaper during this sale on GOG and the fall sale on Steam and will almost certainly be cheaper during the Steam winter sale as well if you have patience. That being said, still worth far more than $12 if you lack patience.

  22. LXM says:

    I was all set to pick up Kingdoms of Amalur on the cheap but it appears to be a Europe (UK?) only deal. It’s not available in Canada at any rate.

    • suibhne says:

      GamersGate has the game on sale as well. It’s currently $15USD for the complete pack including all DLC.

  23. BubuIIC says:

    I’m thinking about the TSW deal, sounds kinda sweet and from Adams writing it sounds as it could interest me. But otherwise I don’t really like MMOs or rather, I really don’t like MMOs… Would The Secret World be any fun then, playing it as a single player game?

    • malkav11 says:

      I have plenty of fun playing it by myself, but it’s structurally an MMO in most respects and if you can’t abide MMOs, you are unlikely to like The Secret World.

  24. Amun says:

    I bought Saints Row 3 full price at retail (and didn’t get any DLC for doing so).

    Now I could pay a fraction of the price and get the “whole” game.

    Ergo, DLC is just an incentive to not pay full price ever. DLC is just a sign that says: “wait a year and you can get more game than you’re getting now for a quarter of the price or less.”

    How does this make sense to anyone?

    • Snakejuice says:

      Makes sense to the companies as most people don’t want to wait that long. I still “hate” DLC tho and I knew it would end up like this when I first heard of the idea, even before any games started using it. I get a bit mad every time I see one of my games bought on/near release at full price.

      I luckily didn’t cave with Skyrim, I’m still waiting for the GOTY edition before I’ll give them my dosh. Taking a hell of a long time tho so I understand most people can’t wait.

    • Oak says:

      You got, uh, “lucky” in this case, since none of the Saints Row 3 DLC is particularly memorable.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Some of it is outright stupid. I don’t mean stupid like “beating to people to death with a big purple willy”; I mean stupid like “unlocks half the game automatically and unavoidable, i.e. completes a bunch of missions for you that were already optional, skipping a chunk of the gameplay”. It’s anti-DLC. You pay money to play less game. It’s like someone looked at the F2P pay-to-not-grind model and applied it to a game that’s actually designed to be fun to spend time arseing about in without understanding the distinction.

        • Hulk Handsome says:

          Some of the DLC is great! The shark gun (and the accompanying hat) are hilarious, and the bonus Professor Genki missions are good too. I also really enjoyed the major packs, such as the one where you play a role in an alien B-Movie.

          I haven’t tried all of them (there’s way too much), but the ones I’ve tried were jolly good fun. I bought them after finishing the main game, so I’m not familiar with any of the DLC unlocking parts of the game early. I don’t remember them causing any problems when my friend started a new game, though…

        • LionsPhil says:

          The Unlockable and Bloodsucker packs both just unlock things rather than getting them via gameplay. I got a clear answer from a helpful chap here that a couple of the DLC packs that just add missions do indeed just add missions and not screw around with the base game.

    • Baines says:

      Companies don’t see an incentive in marking down DLC. Maybe it is that the digital marketplace lacks the used/overstock incentive to mark down digital-only content, as there are no used sales or stores trying to clear shelf space to drive down prices. Maybe companies just don’t care, seeing any DLC sales as gravy.

      But we’ve reached a point where there are not only games where the DLC costs more than the game itself, the DLC alone is starting to cost more than the “Complete” versions of the games. Where, if someone gave you a free copy of a game, and you wanted the DLC, you’d be better off rebuying the entire game in complete form, just because the DLC itself never gets a price reduction. (I’m not counting Steam sales, because those are temporary sales, and the complete editions get the same reductions anyway.)

      Current US prices for several games on Steam:
      Saints Row the Third: DLC = ~$59, Complete edition = $50
      Borderlands 1: DLC = $40, Complete edition = $30
      Magicka: DLC = ~$59, Complete edition = $35
      Dungeon Defenders: DLC > $110, Complete edition = $50

      (Dungeon Defenders is technically slightly under $110 currently, but that is because it has a holiday DLC currently available for free. It will return to being a paid purchase in time, putting the DLC total above $110 again.)

  25. Bloodloss says:

    Saints Row is showing as £29.99 for me.

  26. Kaira- says:

    Some people might be interested to know that Dominions 3 is now available on Desura for around 20€.

  27. Jupiah says:

    See I think if a game develop goes and offers some huge discount on buying their game plus all the dlc, then anyone that already owns the game should be able to buy that pack for the same price minus the cost of the game. To do otherwise is to punish people for buying your game right at launch and incentivise them to wait until a GOTY or complete edition comes out later. It’s just a bad long term strategy and I don’t understand why everyone does it.

  28. emertonom says:

    Oh hey, Achron, the time-travel RTS! I’ve been meaning to try that one out; for 2.50 I may as well. I seem to recall hearing that the concept was better than the actual game, but it seems worth the price of admission.

  29. les says:


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