Street Fighter x Mega Man = Live Now

Hey, remember that time you told me I could have all your money? No? You definitely said it. Well, we’ll talk about this later. What about Street Fighter x Mega Man, the little blue guy versus assorted muscly types fan game made official by Capcom? You remember that, don’t you? It’s out now, all 33.8 Megabytes of it. Mega Man’s Megabytes! I don’t know where I’m going with that.

I’d love to tell you something useful/pithy about it, but unfortunately Capcom’s servers are currently receiving a right old shoeing so the download‘s going to take around three hours here, apparently. That’s a long to wait for thirty-three megabytes.

So, for now, here’s the official summary:

Singapore native Seow Zong Hui (aka “Sonic”), with an original soundtrack by Luke Esquivel (aka “A_Rival”) and with support provided by Capcom. Street Fighter® X Mega Man® stars the Blue Bomber as he goes toe-to-toe with some of Street Fighter’s most beloved characters complete with their own individual themed stages and boss battles. Jump, shoot, and use your special new Street Fighter abilities to defeat your foes and become the world’s strongest robot!

World’s strongest robot? But I’m almost positive Optimus Prime isn’t in Street Fighter. Something is terribly wrong here.

If you want to try your luck with the currently glacial servers, here’s the download.


  1. RogerioFM says:

    Optimus who? HK-47 would blast all those filthy meat bags and throw one-liners while his is at it.

  2. renatomrcosta says:

    I downloaded it via 3G and it went real fast. Weird brazillian servers, huh.

    Plowed through it in less than an hour. It was a very interesting blend of the megaman mechanics (the smart “teach feature in controlled environment” followed up by “mix features to test the player’s reactions” was really well implemented) and the SF mechanics (even though I’m a scrub player, some patterns we’re easy to discern due to muscle memory, as Urien’s Tyrant Slaughter and Blanka’s Shout of the Earth).

    I just felt that the end stage was a bit barebones… But, all in all, the game is a great great package, given to the fans for free. Let’s just hope that capcom keeps the ball up for a while, before shoving more DLC in our faces again.

  3. RogerioFM says:

    And Alec, since we are talking old school I recommend that you check out Maldita Castilla, it pays homage to classics like Ghost’n’Goblins. And it is incredible, I would check the older l’Abbaye des Morts too, but only if you like good old games :)

    • siegarettes says:

      Locomalito is kind of the torch bearer for old school presentation and game design these days. Makes better 2D games than a lot of major studios.

      • Skabooga says:

        Yeah, Locomalito is definitely one of the standard bearers for quality small development games.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Mega Man could totally take Optimus Prime. Mega Man has the Mega Buster. You can take everything out with the Mega Buster.

    • siegarettes says:

      I pretty sure the Metal Blade is the ultimate Megaman weapon: so powerful that even the boss you get it from is weak against it.

      • Premium User Badge

        Bluerps says:

        Yeah, but others are completely immune against it. I gues he had to try it on Optimus Prime to be sure.

  5. siegarettes says:

    What would happen if Megaman took Optimus Prime’s powers?

    • Prime says:

      • siegarettes says:

        No offense, Prime, but last I check you were known for your mercy–to the point of fault. Megaman’s similar of heart but he doesn’t seem to have trouble blowing up legions of his brother bots.

    • RogerioFM says:

      Would not happen, Optimus would need to be defeated first, Megaman would never be able to do it.

      • lasikbear says:

        I’m sure MegaMan would be up to the task. Optimus would probably shoot his gun a few times in a fan pattern then turn into a truck and drive really fast across the screen a few times before turning into a manbot again and shooting his gun in a different but equally simple pattern. Seems like with what he has going for him he would be a Chill Penguin level boss in terms of difficulty.

        • Baines says:

          Mega Man would probably gain the ability to turn into a truck, though.

          Can you imagine how (non-)useful that would be in the average Mega Man stage?

          • Premium User Badge

            Bluerps says:

            It would probably be the key to defeating the final form of Dr Wily though.

          • darkChozo says:

            I dunno, that sounds more like a Rush ability than a weapon. Rush Truck?

            Also, it’d probably work better in a Mega Man X stage.

  6. Ozgarden says:

    I uploaded it here if it can help => link to

  7. cpt_freakout says:

    I think the more pressing question to consider is: Mega Man vs. Toy Story 3 crew. Discuss.