Candy Coloured Clowns: Nights Into Dreams Out Now

I missed out on Nights Into Dreams but I feel I should describe it as ‘much-loved’, or possibly ‘cult favourite’? Does that sound about right? Steam describes it as follows: “Collect Ideya (colored orbs), rack up points, and battle bosses to help Elliot and Claris save Nightopia from Wizeman the Wicked. With enhanced graphics, achievements, leaderboards, and playable content from Christmas NiGHTS”. The reason Steam is describing it is because the HD re-release is now available on PC for £5.99. Videos and words have led me to believe that it’s an on-rails flying game set in colourful dreams and nightmares.

Nights is one of those games that people have told me to play several times but I’ve never had the inclination to seek it out. I’m not completely console-ignorant but I was never a Sega or Nintendo kid. While eight year olds wearing overalls and fake moustaches were putting out bowls of sour milk for the neighbourhood hedgehogs – the most vile act undertaken in those early console wars – I was debating the qualities of the Amiga 1000 and wondering whether it would be a decent replacement for my ailing Atari ST. I was seven years old and most likely already an insufferable being of pomp and fluff judging by the memories.

I might try Nights during the Christmas break but I’ll probably be doing the opposite of so many other people and actually avoiding games for a week or two.


  1. Memphis-Ahn says:

    It’s fun.

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  2. Richie Shoemaker says:

    When I was seven I was debating the merits of the colour Binatone TV game system over the back and white version. Having a B&W TV swung it in the end.

    • Xardas Kane says:

      When I was seven I was debating the merits of Mutu over that Mu Pokemon. Also, candy.

    • Roland says:

      When I was seven it was the drought of ’76, so was 2 years before I would play my first video game (Space Invaders) *old*

    • MadTinkerer says:

      When I was seven I heard about this crazy, crazy game where you’re just trying to explore this huge world instead of going for a high score and you fight monsters and break blocks and there’s a ton of secret areas and you can sometimes climb up beanstalks like in Jack and the Beanstalk and sometimes you have to go into underground caves and sometimes the entire level is water and there are flying fish and flying turtles and you get powers by eating different plants and then you have to FIGHT YOUR WAY THROUGH THE DRAGON’S CASTLE TO RESCUE THE PRINCESS BUT THAT’S NOT THE END THERE’S A TWIST I WON’T SPOIL AND OH MY GOSH SUPER MARIO BROTHERS IS THE BEST GAME EVER.

      Sometimes I dig up some of the sketches I did at the time of the original SMB just to remind myself how revolutionary that game was at the time. Younger people look back and think it’s some kind of “retro origin point” where of course it’s the beginning of the Super Mario games but it’s not as good as 3 or World and only two buttons that’s pretty lame and what’s an Odyssey, what’s an Intellivision, those sound stupid and who travels out to arcades to play games and SHUT YOUR LITTLE PIEHOLES SMB WAS THE HALO OF IT’S DAY.

  3. MrMud says:

    Some people hate this too (see the Giant bomb QL).

    • welverin says:

      I didn’t hate it, but I do question the adoration it frequently gets.

      • MadTinkerer says:

        It’s all right.

        In the context of the time of the very first version, game companies were still in a crisis trying to figure out how to make good playable 3D games of the quality of their 2D games, not to mention 3D that looked as nice as the nicest looking 2D. There were a lot of failed experiments, but Nights is considered one of the big successes of the time. Yes, it’s short, but it’s fun and pretty, which was a huge step over it’s competition.

  4. El Stevo says:

    They don’t seem to have put very much effort into this. Low res textures. Sprites for things like trees. Terrible draw distance. The same cutscenes as in the original release. Nights was gorgeous in its day, but it hasn’t aged well, and all they seem to have done with this is increase the resolution.

    • DickSocrates says:

      You need to compare it to Saturn footage, the textures are much higher res and the draw distance is greatly improved.

      That said, this “HD” version is actually the PS2 Japan-only update with a higher screen resolution. That said (again), that update was in my opinion quite good.

  5. Mccy_McFlinn says:

    It’s £4.50 on Greenman Gaming: link to

    Apply the coupon: GMG25-CFGY3-4THJI

    This will register on Steam too…

  6. august says:

  7. Shazbut says:

    I was personally very happy to see this. That’s all

  8. bVork says:

    NiGHTS is one of those games that takes a while to “get it.” The real trick in the game is to learn how to do an infinite link, where you manage to keep a link going as you loop around an entire stage. Elliot’s second dream (Frozen Bell) is probably the easiest place to do this. It’s a score attack game more than anything.

    What really makes the game magical to me is the sheer amount of entirely optional and interesting things to do. There’s actually a fair bit to see if you walk around as the kids, rather than just make a beeline for NiGHTS. There’s this whole weird a-life system that lets you breed and modify the little Nightopians that are scattered throughout each stage. You can ram enemies into them to cause mutations and otherwise breed different types by moving them around. And this plays into the dynamic music, which changes based on how happy and numerous they are. It’s a totally optional but surprisingly deep system that most people will never ever see.

    By the way, this appears to be based on the PS2 port released back in 2008. It didn’t look particularly spectacular then, and the only difference in the PC (and other HD versions) is the resolution.

    • DickSocrates says:

      I had it on Saturn and never ‘got it’. I don’t hate it, was just left confused by it. I beat it to 100% or however it’s measured without ever really enjoying it.

      As you say, it is a score attack game. You chain collecting things and then cash them in to move onto the next path through that stage. There’s a lot of imagination and some brilliant ideas for the levels but the Saturn wasn’t really abel to show them off. I remember Sega Saturn Magazine slagging off Mario 64 and saying NiGHTS was the true work of genius. That’s obviously nonsense, but NiGHTS is still definitely worth checking out. I really like the music too, listen to it often.

      Christmas NiGHTS also comes with this version (was a seprate free disc back in the old days) and I actually much preferred it to the full game. I can’t quite remember why now, but it felt more interesting to me.

      • jorygriffis says:

        This mirrors my thoughts very closely, though perhaps I’m a bit more negative. I had a Saturn and this game completely eluded me even back then.

  9. Chizu says:

    I picked this up, it was a game I had always wanted to play, and never owned a saturn.

  10. Xzi says:

    This is one I missed as a kid as well. Although I did play a brief demo at a Target, and it absolutely blew me away. Keeping in mind that it was the only 3D game I had ever played other than Mario 64. It seemed like the flight mechanics were really solid. I might consider picking this one up in a future sale, just to see if the childhood me was as easily impressed as I think he was.

  11. haleha says:

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  12. Crossing says:

    This was the first game I ever played. Sure, I had played some shitty flash games online before, but I found a Sega Saturn and a few games, including NiGHTS. I’m so happy that this finally got a release on PC.

  13. strangeloup says:

    My big gaming regret is trading in my Saturn for a PS1 many many years ago, not least because I had some games that fetch a king’s bloody ransom these days (see: Panzer Dragoon Saga). NiGHTS was still my absolute favouritest game on the system though, and I even bought the 3D pad for it.

    I saw this pop up on XBLA but seeing as I’ve lost about 98% of interest in the 360 I held out for a PC release. I fully imagine I will play this for a great number of nostalgiariffic hours.

    And yeah, it takes a bit of time to ‘get’ it. Once you get the hang of playing, you can pull off a wonderful combination of showboating and score-attack gameplay. I think it’s going to be fun to relearn.

    The Wii version, incidentally, is also pretty good. But it’s not the same, for all that entails; though at least the Wii gets quirky and interesting stuff that’s far more appealing to me than the Xbox’s 1080p manshoots. (I digress.)