Resident Evil 6 To Reside (Evilly) On PC In March

In which Leon squares off with series most formidable villain yet: The Thing from 'The Adams Family'.

Capcom’s been taking its time with the PC port of Resident Evil 6, because that is what you do when people still mail you boxes of live leaping spiders on a daily basis in reaction to Resident Evil 4’s PC version. I assume this means it will be functional, and that I can finally stop illegally importing all these leaping spiders. Capcom, however, isn’t stopping there. Oh no. It’s also including all the features that traditionally accompany modern Steam releases. Does that shock you? Are you frightened and bewildered? Of course you are. We’re in spooooky territory, after all. And in the spookiest month of them all – March – no less. Details after the break.

Resident Evil 6 will be testing our iron nerves with its special brand of zombie-president-battling action on March 22nd. We’re apparently getting the complete package, too, which is nice:

“We can also announce the PC release date for RE6, which will hit North America as a download on March 22, 2013. It will land with all console content as well as any future content that arrive as free title updates (such as the No Hope mode).”

And of course, cloud saves, leaderboards, Steam achievements, and things of that nature will also be present and accounted for. So, in short, it sounds like it’s shaping up to be a serviceable port – and not the brainless, shambling corpse of one. That is the good news.

The bad news is that Resident Evil 6 hasn’t fared so well over in console land. And to be honest, what I’ve seen of it (haven’t played, mind you, so I’d hardly call this authoritative) looked like kind of a mess. Janky controls, obligatory vehicle segments, frustrating insta-death moments, etc. I’m  not sure if this is an “oh how the mighty have fallen” moment yet, but they may well have gotten tangled up in their own massive feet.

Who knows, though? Maybe Capcom will find time to smooth off a few of the more egregiously rough edges between now and March. I hope so, anyway. No, I’m not expecting another Resident Evil 4, well, ever, but I’m quite invested in the series’ long, winding, incredibly convoluted narrative arc. Specifically, Leon Kennedy’s hair. How does it stay like that? I mean, he’s getting covered in zombie guts and falling into Loch Ness eel creature swamp muck all the time, but just look at that sheen. Also something something Wesker T-Virus lockpicking or whatever I guess.


  1. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    Game is tedious garbage nothing can save it, camera gets in the way, controls are messy, QTE overkill (so much they are including an auto QTE feature now on PC to be patched onto consoles in late Jan) takes everything that was good/great about RE5 & flushes it down the toilet how 600 people can create such a mediocre & uninspired game is beyond me (except that japanese companies are notoriously badly managed at the top level).

    Not even a 75% off Steam sale would represent good value here watching paint dry will be more interesting! Sadly Capcom have become Crapcom not even dropping GFWL (which they only did because MS are quietly retiring it) & using Steamworks means anything its just a smokescreen.

    • Feferuco says:

      There’s less QTE in this game than RE5. I think there were some four or so QTE sections, RE5 had you pressing buttons not to die during cutscenes all the time. Unless people consider QTE having to press something really fast if a zombie grabs you, this has always been in games and it doesn’t bother me.

      The game lacks the polish of previous RE titles, some mind numbingly dumb decisions were made for the game but really, far from garbage. I don’t see how someone who played and enjoyed RE5 would hate this one so much.

      In many ways it reminded of Contra Hard Corps. Absurd action with no attempts to have a passing resemblance with logic or reality, a horde of new enemies every level, a bunch of gimmicky bosses and vehicle sections. Had they polished this a bit, improved the vehicle sections, thought a few things through it could’ve been a better RE game than RE5.

      • PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

        You obviously never bought & played the entire game on the 360 I did that’s how I know all about the QTE’s for every campaign there are some ludicrous QTE’s which on harder difficulties are appalling as you have so little time to react then must backtrack to get back to the QTE. Terrible gameplay decision which is why Capcom are patching out of the console version in mid Jan & PC will include that patch @ launch but without the QTE’s the gameplay is garbage & even the console owners turned on this game & they usually support rubbish so that tells you how poorly this was received by gamers even the paid for console reviews were average………..

        On PC I expect this to get slated & low sales all round launching inbetween Dead Space3\Splinter Cell Blacklist\Bioshock Infinite is also another in a long line of terrible decisions Capcom make on their PC gaming strategy.

        • Prime says:

          Hmm. Can you truly be a “PC Gamer 4 Life” when you’re playing games on consoles first?

          I sense shenanigans…

        • Feferuco says:

          Got the game on the PS3, I’m short of finishing it, just need to beat two more chapter 5s, Chris’ and Jake’s, I’d say I play most of the game by now. The first real QTE moment came during a Jake mission when I had to drill that big guy with the claw. Then I recall there being some minor QTE during the shark fight with Leon, another one in the airplane and some more in the fight against Simmons. There might’ve been a few more along the way, mostly very short.

          RE5 on the other hand had a bunch of “press button now or die” moments during cutscenes. Pretty much everything involving any kind of battle with Wesker, and some more during a handful of action sequences.

          BTW I mostly dislike QTE, specially insta-death during cutscene.

      • fluffy says:

        Not true when you take melee into consideration. Hope you are prepared to mash buttons and waggle sticks if you planned on hitting that enemy.

        This game is pure garbage. If the name wasn’t as well known it could easily be mistaken for a shoddy eastern Europe game. Capcom also manages to retcon the intro sequence in their own game. The game really is terrible and only if you play it as a really brain dead and unoriginal action game could you even consider it to be anything better than a turd.

        • Feferuco says:

          Melee is my main form of killing things in the game. You barely have to use QTE unless you’re grabbed, and really, having to wiggle the stick to break away from an enemy is hardly QTE. People got too sensitive to it after games like God of War, now any button showing on screen telling you do to do something is despised as QTE when stuff like that used to happen in games a lot.

          If it is an action that happens during gameplay, that can be avoided, that is punishment for a mistake and that involves using the same command always it is hardly QTE. It is no different than having to press a specific button to attack an enemy. You know when it is coming and you know how to get away from it.

          • Kasab says:

            I find having to wiggle a stick just as obnoxious as mashing buttons repeatedly. They’re as bad as each other, because they’re both QTEs.

          • Feferuco says:

            That kind of stuff IIRC was there since the first game. There are SNES games that use that, like you’re frozen/turned to stone and you have to press a button super fast to break free.

            None of that is QTE. Like I said, people got traumatized with any command print on screen telling them to do something. QTE is out of nowhere you have to press a button to do something, an arbitrary button and during cutscenes.

            Having to mash a button to do something during gameplay is as much as QTE as having to push forwards to walk.

          • fluffy says:

            To be fair the QTE is the least of the games problems and It’s mostly Jake’s campaign that has them. You are right about the over sensitivity of QTE but the game still overuses them. The game is simply not very good, at least in singleplayer, might be better in co-op but I doubt it.

          • Feferuco says:

            Yeah, Jake’s campaign is indeed kinda shitty. There are some nice moments but the worst ideas in the game where there. I’ve been playing co-op too and from my experience an okay game turns into a good game if you’re playing split screen, so there’s that too.

      • Shooop says:

        I watched someone play this on his PS3 and there were no fewer than 4 QTEs in a row in the first 7 minutes of the game. Probably more, I lost count.

        Just watch a YouTube video and count them. The fifth game was an atrocity in itself, but this one is actually worse.

    • Archipelagos says:

      I have to agree. Resident Evil 6 is utter nonsense. It’s like someone let Michael Bay be creative director.

  2. SkittleDiddler says:

    We didn’t ask for this.

  3. Jamesworkshop says:

    Resident evil 4 is quite solid once you play around with it

    • Kobest says:

      Agreed. It’s funny how RE5 and 6 were RE4 but worse and that was a console generation ago…or rather it would be funny if it wasn’t sad. (Russian saying)

    • Taidan says:

      I think the definitive version of Resident Evil 4 has to be the Wii version. The control method for that game was sublime, really showed off the potential of that Wiimote. (Which was then pissed away forever by endless collections of poorly done minigames.) After that, there’s nowhere to really go.

  4. Feferuco says:

    This gen Capcom has been doing some nice PC ports. I recall the RE5 port had some cool extra stuff and the DMC4 port was really fantastic with an extra difficulty level that could only exist on PC, similarly SFIV had some graphic effects that made use of PC’s better hardware.

    Only real issue is their stupid reliance on games for windows live on some titles, I hope this one doesn’t have it.

    • Wedge says:

      Capcom’s PC ports have been largely fine ever since this console generation, as now all their games run on the same engine that was made for cross-platform compatibility. The awful RE4/DMC3 ports are pretty old news by now…

  5. Didden says:

    When I saw this image, for some reason I thought the guy was shooting a flying cat.

  6. Spengbab says:

    “that is what you do when people still mail you boxes of live leaping spiders on a daily basis in reaction to Resident Evil 4′s PC version”

    Wait, what? Why?

    • Prime says:

      The PC version was ported from the Playstation 2 version of the game meaning the textures were, frankly, abysmal. Add to that a plethora of other problems (no mouse support, hideous controls) and Resi 4 PC is seen as one of the great porting failures of the day.

      link to

      Capcom clearly thought the need to port to PC was trivial (back when someone was saying every second week that the PC was dead/dying), as did the third-party pack of morons they farmed it out to. This is why they’re keen to talk up Resi 6’s PC credentials.

  7. strangeloup says:

    I’m really trying to come up with some kind of snark involving the mention of a No Hope mode but I didn’t sleep very well and I haven’t had any breakfast, so I’ll just point out that it seemed alright from the demo and at least the friendly AI wasn’t as fucking braindead as it was in Resi 5.

  8. Dominic White says:

    So, I’m going to be That Guy and actually say that I really enjoyed RE6. More than RE5, less than RE4.

    It’s a little low on polish, but that’s because it’s four times the length of your average action game. My completion time on my first time through was somewhere around 25 hours, and most of that was ridiculous setpieces. They went for quantity over everything here.

    It has a quirky, old-school Capcom combat engine – you couldn’t mistake it for anything else. Shooting is only half the equation – you have a stamina bar that fuels your melee attacks, which can do stuff like stun enemies, one-hit finish them, throw them to the ground, etc etc. It ends up feeling kinda like a hybrid of Dead Space and Sega’s old Zombie Revenge arcade/dreamcast game. You’ll run out of ammo in minutes if you try and play it as a pure shooter, and die just as fast if you try melee-only.

    It isn’t a horror game. Not in the slightest – the entire cast are a mixture of secret agents, superheroes and professional monster slayers on a buddy-action quest to save the world from another improbable mustache-twirlingly evil villain’s plot.

    It is also a Bro-Op game. Not co-op – that implies that it’d be a decent experience with a random mook from the internet. Play it with your best friend – someone you can communicate with – and there should be plenty of back-to-back moments of fistbump-inspiring victory.

    It ain’t a perfect game by any means, but my main problem with it was performance, which should be a non-issue on PC due to Capcom using a multiplatform-centric engine now. Just know that it’s big, it’s loud, it’s dumb, it’s not scary and it’s best played with a friend.

    Mercenaries mode also kicks copious quantities of arse:

    • JoeGuy says:

      If you compare it like I do to RE:make, Zero and Resi 4 as the more modern but still true to Resi gameplay efforts in the Resi game lineup and can’t think of anything it does better in terms of gameplay, survival mechanics or atmosphere then that’s a problem isn’t it?

      • Razumen says:

        6 does some things better than 4 + 5 in my opinion: controls, enemy variety, scope, but it also does somethings worse: polish, weapon upgrades(none) and story.

        • JoeGuy says:

          If you think controls of the older games with the stop and aim mechanics and the more intimate atmospheric slow burning presentation and scope of the games are negative then I’m afraid we just have different taste.

    • int says:

      Well I’m glad someone liked it and I hope I will too.

      As a Resident Evil PC fan since the first (I used to edit the sounds and voices with my mic!), none of the Resident Evil games have really disappointed me. Sure I miss the ambiance and the puzzles from the earlier games. The backtracking could get tiresome, key collecting and getting stuck was never fun. Nostalgia nostalgia. The early games, 1 and 2 are the best but they are far from perfect.

      I had a dream of Resident Evil. They were shooters. But it was all right.

  9. Shooop says:

    Who asked for this?

    No seriously, who? Who thinks a game with as much interactivity as a DVD menu is worth $60?

  10. SirKicksalot says:

    This is the best of Resident Evil: link to

  11. Kradziej says:

    I really enjoyed the game. The combat mechanics give more opportunities and room to develop your skills, unlike a lot of western action games. The Mercenaries mode is especially great in this regard.

    And there aren’t that many QTEs, and when they happen, they are not bad. You can trust me on this: I absolutely hate QTEs and they didn’t bother me in RE6 all that much. The story is alright – pretty dumb, yes, but it is a controlled, deliberate dumbness for which we love the series, and the writing itself is actually pretty tasty.

    Seriously, it’s a good game. I have a lot of doubts when it comes to opinions of Brad Shoemaker from GiantBomb and Kevin Van Ord from GameSpot. Both are (were?) reviewers I really respect, but their judgment on RE6 is just wrong, with the GameSpot Spoilercast being the worst offender. It really was just 4 dudes hating on a game for every reason they could come up with. Like “oh, and there was a STEALTH SECTION. So bad, right, guys?” “Oh hell yeah, man, I mean, STEALTH SECTION” when in reality the entire segment lasted 10 minutes, was easy and quite fun.

    • JoeGuy says:

      If it has a worse critic score than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & Revelations + lots of spin offs it’s hardly 4 guys tanking the game. I really want people who grew up with the originals and loved 4 also to actually tell me they think it is an improvement over previous Resi games and not a generic shooter purely made for casuals.

      • Razumen says:

        RE6 had better controls than 4 or 5 I think, melee, walking, dodging and taking cover added a LOT to the game and opened up more interesting combat scenarios. On the other hand, the game was overall just less polished than either of its predecessors, with many sections that needed a lot more work, or just should have been left out entirely.

        The story was also a bit of a mess; the multiple protagonists thing was certainly interesting, but it does a horrible job at telling you the story in any intelligent way and there are huge swaths of the game where the story is basically non-existent – Leon’s chapter where he has to follow Helen to the church before she’ll tell you anything is one major example, but not the only one.

        On the other hand, because of the multiple characters 6 had by far the biggest ranging story of any RE game to date I believe, and it was pretty exciting at times. It also has a huge bestiary of monsters and weapons, pretty much every campaign pits you up against new foes and gives you different weapons and this keeps things fresh and interesting.

        It’s not a bad game by any measure, well, unless you’re a die-hard RE fan, but even if you are, the series has jumped ship a long time ago with RE4.

        • JoeGuy says:

          There is a HUGE difference between clunky controls and atmospheric and intentionally limited controls. Lock and load, run and gun cover shooting is not an improvement in the Resi series by any stretch of the imagination and diminished the fear you have for your character, the whole survival and horror elements. If you make the game a different genre in the process you can’t ever call it ‘improved’.

          The scope with too many characters not only dimished the focus of the story, quality of the gameplay and caused the same things to be recycled again and again but it was intentionally built to entrap casuals with gimmicky QTE’s, long cut-scenes, ripping meaningful control from the player for no reason for the sake of cool camera panning, lots of explosions, chase scenes, ridiculous helicopter type exposition. If you consider scope designed completely to appease casuals and make good trailers a positive then so be it.

          You don’t have to be a hardcore fan to see how generic the game is. You can’t call being a fan of an old series a negative when weighing their opinion and a game that doesn’t appease it’s own fans taste isn’t a game made with any soul, it’s made for profit.

  12. Zinthros says:

    Bad, bad choice on the slow PC version there Capcom. Everyone know the game is a shitty insult to the franchise already.

    In before poor sales are blamed on piracy instead of the awful reviews.