Umm, OK: The War Z Is Out Now, I Think

Oh, hm. Well, this comes as something of a surprise. Not terribly long ago, The War Z ventured out from the safe embrace of alpha into the unknown reaches of beta, and now it’s… live? I think? The undead-infested MMO shooter’s shambled onto Steam, and Hammerpoint’s declaring this a “Foundation Release.” Which – from what I gather – is like a normal release, but with the promise of heaps of new features in the very near future. There might even be zombies involved. There is, believe it or not, precedent for this.

Currently, The War Z’s available at three price tiers: $14.99, $24.99, and $49.99. The latter two tiers come with various amounts of in-game currency, and all three are on celebratory launch sale right now.

Previously, a rather brief beta doubled the size of the game world and added a smattering of new features, but Hammerpoint hasn’t really elaborated on what makes this Foundation Release markedly different. They did, however, lay out a road map for the next few months, with drivable vehicles, player-defined missions, and maybe weapon crafting coming as standouts.

If nothing else, early buyers can re-download The War Z for free on Steam, so at least there’s that. But with DayZ’s standalone launch baring down, it’s tempting to wonder if this is some kind of reactionary sprint to the starting line. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to really sink my teeth into The War Z, so consider my knee thoroughly jerked for the time being.

What of you and yours, though? Have you given it a go at any point during its (relatively brief) period of public existence? Do you think it’s ready for primetime? Curiosity means I’ll probably join the War Z effort myself soon, but until then, what’s the RPS consensus on this one?


  1. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    DayZ vs War Z!

    Round 1.


    Is there anything else to say?

    • apocraphyn says:

      Well, yeah. The War Z is a reskinned and repurposed F2P game that had a dismal future ahead of itself, so it donned a ragged zombie outfit and is currently attempting to ride on the coattails of DayZ. Down to name, theme and general setting.

      It’s equivocal to a Zynga scam.

      • DarkFenix says:

        This one strikes me as pretty damn shameless even by Zynga standards.

      • LTK says:

        Dean Hall doesn’t have the exclusive right to open-world multiplayer zombie apocalypse simulators, you know.

        • mistery says:

          That is not even the point. This is a shameless copy of DayZ rushed out the door on a premade engine to cash in before the competition can have anything out. It even has a nice history of fake screenshots and promises under its belt.

          • LTK says:

            It is if you think that copying the DayZ formula is something to be ashamed of. It’s no crime if they liked the game and wanted to give their own spin on it using their own engine. I’d sure like to believe that this is the case, but the fact that the game is indeed rushed out the door in an incomplete state doesn’t lend much credence to that.

          • codename_bloodfist says:

            It doesn’t copy the DayZ “formula” though. It copies the DayZ label and very poorly so. This is essentially the The Asylum film studios of gaming.

          • Inacio says:

            The problem isn’t that it’s “stealing the DayZ formula”. The problem is that they simply reskinned their (bad) game to cash in on that famous zombie game that was going on.

            Most of their selling points in the Steam description, as an example, aren’t actually in the game. All the screenshots and the trailer are staged. It’s not how it looks like ingame.

            It’s a really, really, REALLY bad game, and I strongly recommend that nobody makes the mistake of buying it.

          • demicanadian says:

            Do not, I repeat, do not compare WarZ to Asylum mockbusters!
            Asylum films happen to be better than oryginal.

          • socrate says:

            add to this that its filled with hacker and nothing is even done to counter this and it show how much effort really went in this,the game is really unfinished and a bad copy and paste of something that already existed, in a better way.

          • DeVadder says:

            Wether it is a cash grab or a genuine game, it is full of bucks and falsely advertised. It was most likely less than 6 months in production and is a reskin + zombies of their older game called War Inc.
            That means, that by the looks of things, it was conceptiulized and named after the success of DayZ. Given how it is now released unfinished and full of bugs and exploits does indeed hint at it beeing a cash grab.
            If you want to know more there is
            link to
            While the author is certainly not impartial, he does back all posts and claims with sources and proof.

      • Kinth says:

        But Day Z is just a re skinning of a failing 3 year old Pay to Play game. How is it an insult for one and a plus for the other? If you say “hurr durr well da day z iz a mod and free” So help me Yoda I will slap you across the internet.

        Day Z is not free you have to buy Arma 2 a game a lot of people did not own. Therefore the price of admission to Day Z is one copy of Arma 2 CO, Currently retailing at £25. The idea of saying it is free is benign, it’s like saying you have to pay to get into Disney land but all the rides are free. Just because the price is not directly associated to the product does not mean it’s free. I know you didn’t make this point but it tends to be the most common excuse for why people don’t criticize Day Z and I would rather just skip it.

        The intention of the Day Z stand alone is to keep the game mainly the same and be able to work into the engine to fix things like the melee combat and the zombie pathing. so in the end it will just be a re skinned and re purposed Arma.

        I’m all down for criticism of War Z but people need to stop acting like Day Z is an innocent perfect naive child and War Z is the big bad convicted criminal. Both games have huge flaws and both are making a shit ton of money. Most criticisms I see thrown at War Z work directly for Day Z as well. Just for some reason people seem to think for Day Z it is forgiveable.

        • Gallimaufry says:

          DayZ is a mod and it’s free. If you go and buy ArmA 2 just for DayZ and it then turns out you don’t like DayZ or even ArmA 2. Well, that’s your own damn fault.

          Now War Z is sold as a whole new game which isn’t finished. On Steam. Without any information about that fact whatsoever. Hell, a lot of the info on the Steam store page is more like future wishes for the game. I’d be pretty pissed if I bought something like that without knowing.

          Now, I know you can say it’s your own fault for buying War Z as well. Yea you can, but I bought it thinking it is what the store page claims it to be. I bought ArmA 2 expecting I get ArmA 2 which I got, but with DayZ as a free mod. Like a bonus. In my opinion no one should buy a game that they know they will dislike but like a certain mod for, in case the said mod turns out to be shit.

        • Wreckdum says:

          A game with no sub can’t be failing… ArmA succeeded at launch. It served its purpose. If you missed out on it when it was new and cutting edge… I’m sorry.

          DayZ is free… And original. The creator was passionate about his project and it shows.

          The War Z is a reskinned War Inc. with zombie textures over the players. That’s it. Minimal effort to try and get maximum payout based on the reputation that DayZ created. People see zombies and they automatically assume it will be as good because… they have zombies.

          TL;DR The War Z is a shit scam money grab. Buyer beware.

        • Armitage says:

          But the WarZ stole the “Z” from DayZ! There is no reasonalble defense for that detestable act.

          • brulleks says:

            I’m looking forward to ‘Z Cars’, when the same developers re-skin GTA V with zombies and unwittingly land themselves in a law suit with the BBC.

          • Stromko says:

            On the topic of the name, they stole every part of their name from the most popular current zombie franchises in the hopes of fooling consumers. ‘World War Z’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Day Z’ = The War Z.

            Add to that the fake screenshots and trailers they’re selling their game with, the features they had on the store page that aren’t in the game (with no mention of the game being incomplete), the fact they are charging for a game that also has a pay-to-win cash shop, and how utterly SHIT the game is …

        • ZillaRacing says:

          I understand this is the internet and all but please don’t comment when you know nothing of the facts. The Standalone WILL NOT be using the Arma engine. DayZ was always a MOD and it’s free. What the WarZ did was take a crappy FPS in war inc., and sold it as a mod. (one that had been in production for 2 years yet when the alpha was released it was very pre-alpha. Even Sergy admitted that the original release was pre-alpha)

          • jroger says:

            DayZ standalone will supposedly use the Take On Helicopters variant of the Real Virtuality engine, which is the engine used in ArmA 2. Whether DayZ is free really depends on whether you bought ArmA 2 for its own sake or not.

            (Just to be clear: I am not defending The War Z here, which seems like an unimaginative rip-off.)

      • shagohad says:

        hey guys, a bit off topic…..

        BUT, if you have left DayZ for a while due to being fed up with the bullshit (hacking, duplication, ect.)

        this private hive is pretty cool link to

        and needs players! Its currently being modded by one of the community members working on the DayZ public patches and has some unique features.

        used to be 1st person only but lack of population has made it 3rd again at least temprorarily, anyways give it a shot, PM me on the forums if you wanna team up/ need help getting it running im Shagohad there as well :)


    • Revisor says:

      There is something more to say.

      Firstly, the Steam page is outright lying about features in the game.

      See this Reddit thread or this blog summarizing all lies
      link to
      link to

      Secondly, people confuse this game with DayZ – see the Steam forums.

      Thirdly, this game is already a top seller on Steam!

      All in all I see only bad will on the developer’s side and a huge oversight on Steam’s side.

      • Mctittles says:

        I checked the companies history of name changes and cash in games when this was first talked about. They are kind of the absolute definition of a “fly by night” company.

    • -Spooky- says:

      Day Z is overrated and overhyped bullshit too. Playing few hours and give it up. Serious. I don´t understand the hype around. *shrug* ArmA2 with ACE on Cap. the Island? Bring it on, mainstream nubs. ;)

      • Unaco says:

        What an odious comment.

      • Shooop says:

        It was a revolutionary idea, you have to give it that. Even if the game devolved into the world’s largest griefing sim, it proved people wanted to play games that didn’t treat them like spectators.

      • Machinations says:

        herp derp look mom im ‘controversial’

    • Innovacious says:

      They also like to claim (or liked, dunno if they still do claim it) that war z is the first zombie survival MMO. I played dead frontier years ago, there may have been more before that, and certainly others since.

      In fact, if you just google “zombie mmo”, dead frontier is the first result. war z has managed to move up to the second result now though (it was a lot lower not long ago of course)

      • Wreckdum says:

        It is not even an MMO… The War Z can only support 40-50 players per server. PC has first person shooters with 64 players like a decade ago… IMO unless you have over 1000 players on a server you’re not an MMO. There should be a concrete definition that a game has to meet before they can stamp that label on there.

    • bums_manifesto says:

      They announced this game about three months ago and they already pushed this out. Seems like they rushed to get this game done just to capitalize on the DayZ craze.

  2. Clavus says:

    The War Z is such a blatant cash grab on DayZ’s success it’s not even funny. Even the name “Foundation Release” was stolen after Rocket used it to describe the impending DayZ standalone release.

    • plugmonkey says:

      Normally at this point I play devil’s advocate and tell everyone to stop wetting their knickers and be sensible, but in this instance…nope, as you were.

      I’m not touching this with a shitty stick until I see some reviews so glowing I need welding goggles to read them. Not even out of curiosity to see how bad it is. Honest.

      Nathan, hurry up and get your shitty stick out, will you?

      My resolve is already failing.

    • Barnaby says:

      It is clear this game is absolute shit. Take a look at the trailer on the Steam page:

      link to

      Anyone trying to defend The War Z devs are either A) soulless B) uninformed C) both soulless and uninformed. I’ve never wanted to see anything fail so badly in my life, other than the CoD franchise possibly.

  3. VileThings says:

    There is a huge outcry in both the official WarZ and Steam forum. The main issue is that the game is not advertised as being still in development and that 90% of the features listed on the shop page are either a blatant lie or simply not yet in the game. Plus they used their doctored pictures as “screenshots”, even though they have no basis in the game itself.

    • Stardog says:

      Yes, none of those “screenshots” are screenshots…

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Steam has been getting away with misleading — or in some cases completely false — advertising for quite a while now, just not at quite the level that WarZ’s store page is showing. If there’s a bright side to this whole debacle, it’s that people are finally waking up to the fact that Valve have never had an interest in properly maintaining the store pages for third-party games.

      • Aemony says:

        This isn’t the first time this has happened, as Memoir ’44 Online is a Pay-2-Play game that was added and described as a Free-2-Play game (simply because it was Free-2-Try). However even then the efforts of the community paid off and Valve and/or the devs changed the categories and the description of the game to better reflect the product.

        But yes, it’s pretty insulting that Valve doesn’t even verify product descriptions before they go live.

        • TsunamiWombat says:

          It’s a greenlight game. It didn’t pass Valves inspection. It passed the users.

          • The_B says:

            Except I don’t think it was on Greenlight – I can’t find any evidence that it was, nor does it have the greenlight branding on the Store page as other games that did go through that process.

    • mr.ioes says:

      I’m really surprised RPS let them get away that easily. Their whole feature list is fraudulent.
      There’s a summery here (link to TB also announced his take on WarZ for today.

      Seriously, this is obviously a cheap cash grab and it wouldn’t hurt to mention it in the article.

      • dontnormally says:

        There is no TB War Z video available right now.

        Did he up it then remove it…?

        • Deadfast says:

          There is no video yet, but he did say the following on his Twitter: “Spoilers, War Z is terrible, 40 minutes of me telling you so will be up tomorrow”

        • daggerbite says:

          Here’s the TB Vid – he called it The Bore Z

          • Barnaby says:

            Hahahahaha!!! TB spawns next to an invisible player who is only visible as a backpack and a floating flashlight. The floating flashlight then proceeds to beat him to death.

          • Barnaby says:

            Here are the last 30 seconds of the video where he seems to give a nice summation of the game.

            link to

            “This game sucks! It is utter rubbish, and quite frankly Valve should be ashamed that they even allowed it to be on Steam in this state. It is an unfinished, completely reprehensible, and utterly irredeemable farce, and if you spend money on it then you are very silly. Please do not reward this business practice…”

  4. Duulis says:

    The worst thing is how they are blatantly lying about the game in the store page.
    A Huge Persistent World: The War Z is an open world game. Each world has areas between 100 to 400 square kilometers.
    Not true. Only about 50 square kilometers at the moment.
    Play with Friends: Hundreds of Servers to Play on and you can also rent and create Public or Private Servers allocating spots for Friends or Clans.
    Not true. No private servers.
    No Classes, No Levels, No Caps: Create your own survival campaign, gain experience points and spend it to learn dozen of available skills
    Not true. No skill points.
    Two modes of Play: Normal and Hardcore
    Not true. No hardcore.
    Up to 100 Players per Game Server
    Not true. Max amount is 50 at the moment.
    Dedicated Public Servers as well as Private Servers
    Not true. No private servers.

    So only over 50% of the features advertised in the store page are not in the game. How is this even legal?

    • Kitsuninc says:

      Well, there is a hardcore mode, unless they took it out in the foundation release, which I doubt. It just doesn’t make a difference really since the only progression is equipment and you lose that all when a character dies even in normal.

      Not that it really makes a difference, just pointing it out.

  5. Fatrat says:

    I would check it out, but i’d have to buy it, which i find odd for a game that has an ingame “gold store”. I mean come on, are you free2play with an ingame store, or a regular, purchasable game. Being both seems a bit greedy for a game that came out of nowhere pretty fast. And as someone above said, it’s a blatent cash-grab attempt from Day-Z’s success, which already makes me a bit wary on exactly how well designed it is.

    I’m not sure i really want to spend money on something that wants me to go ahead and spend more money in the ingame store. I’m not sure how pay2win the store items are, but i think i’ll wait this one out for now.

    • MrMud says:

      Mass Effect 3 says hi.

      • apocraphyn says:

        Eh, ME3’s cash store is only useful to those who want to attempt to speed up their rate of unlocks. Some could see that as unfair, I just see it as a waste of money. Not quite as bad as those console RPGs that had purchasable DLC to boost your characters to level 100, though. We’ve entered an age where we pay for cheat codes, hooray!

    • plugmonkey says:

      At a guess, you pay for the game, but then can also pay to skip to skip ahead – like with an EA “Time Savers Pack”.

      I don’t particularly hate that, personally. Not in principle, at least. I don’t see how having enough spare time to grind the game for 100 hours in the first week is any more laudable a reason to have better gear than me than getting your wallet out. If the game is well designed, it should be fun regardless of the level of your gear, and splitting the difference between pay-up-front and F2P should make it easier to balance a game that can just be played without you being nickled and dimed if you don’t want to be.

      But this specific game? No reviews, no demos and rushed out to beat DayZ to the punch?

      Whose Spider Sense is not tingling at this point?

      • njursten says:

        “Pay to skip to skip ahead”

        The game rushes by on fast-forward, unless you pay to slow it down? Brilliant business idea!

  6. The Godzilla Hunter says:

    I expect better of RPS.

    What a pointless waste of an opportunity to say that “WarZ is Undead” or something to that effect.


  7. Winterborn says:

    Number 1 on the steam sales chart at the moment so I guess we’ll find out soon enough if it’s a big a mess as feared.

  8. mrmalodor says:

    “not available in your region”

    In that case my money is not available in YOUR region.
    I’ll wait for stand-alone DayZ.

    • Xerian says:

      You should be happy. Its a bad game, and just a week ago where I tried it for free through my IGN Prime as a trial, it was still a broken mess of a game. Shoddy controls, guns were essentially both recoilless and feedback-less, bad animations, etc. It really is just a bad game, with nothing but outright lies listed on their store-page.

      • mrmalodor says:

        You’re probably right, although I’d still like to try it once.

    • Pryde says:

      Yup, after some small reading this is officially The first region-lock that made feel good.

  9. caddyB says:


  10. sinister agent says:

    But can you talk to the zombies?

  11. Sonblade says:

    Do NOT buy this. It is a fucking atrocious excuse for a game. Starting off, it is essentially a reskinned version of War Inc. with zombies. Secondly, the hacker population is absolute massive and puts the DayZ hack scene to shame (Roughly 80% of players cheat on any given server), and to combat this, the developers are throwing out bans randomly hoping to hit a few hackers which has resulted in many legit players being banned. They are refusing to reverse these bans & are banning anyone who brings it up on the forums. And worst of all: These are the guys who made Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

    • Revisor says:

      I admit I had to look up Big Rigs, but good lord, 8% on Metacritic?
      link to

    • plugmonkey says:

      Wow. Sounds even worse than I thought. How does crap like this get on Steam when other games have to queue up on Greenlight to get in?

      • Snoken says:

        Because the guys from Steam probably checked out how much money these War Z bums already have made from milking stupid or desperate people (including myself) that wanted to be able to gain access to that alpha-beta-whatever mess it was. They don’t care how broken this game is, it’s all about the money and they can make shitloads with this sad excuse for a zombie-survival mmo.

        Don’t get me wrong I had to pay to play Day Z like everybody else but I don’t mind because it has kept me hooked for seven months now and I hardly ever played a game that long except for EVE-online. I started playing it because of Jim Rossignol’s impressions about it and I got what I was hoping for. Yes the game still isn’t a hundred percent fixed and the standalone seems to be a distant dream but yet still, even with all of the bugs that some people might find game-breaking there is a good reason why I still play Day Z every day. It’s one of the best mods I have seen in years and the sandbox feeling I get from it will never fade away.

        And by the way I played the War Z for about 4 hours and never touched it again. I spawned and died after 15 minutes every time by getting oneshot with a friggin flashlight, then I found a spiked club and killed 15 newly spawned players in less than 5 minutes by hitting them once, so basically compared to Day Z you really don’t need any skill whatsoever playing that horribly bugged piece of garbage. I guess that’s why it’s such a hit with the twelve-year-olds and we all know how fast they get their hands on their parent’s credit-cards these days…

      • socrate says:

        It got on steam because greenlite was always a bad idea and that people tend to be easily hyped and don’t do actual research on the product and tend to believe everything they see without questioning it,then they get even more overhyped by retard on Youtube that think they could actually become reviewer and as popular as total halibut while doing “exclusive” review on stuff that they overhype with the dev and don’t do what reviewer should do in the first place and that is actually watching if the game is actually functional,offer anything interesting,isnt a pure copy and paste,etc…

        That said you have to realise that steam being big mean you have a load of retard that have the console mindset of if it look cool and sound cool we throw money at you and we follow the train of idiot without questioning anything.

        • Deadfast says:

          That’s actually the fun part. It never went through Greenlight in the first place.

        • stupid_mcgee says:

          As Deadfast said, The War Z was never on Greenlight. Stop spreading this lie. It isn’t true.

    • Shepardus says:

      They made Big Rigs? That explains a lot.

    • Masterpwny says:

      It is as if they released Big Rigs with not just a misleading premise but with actual fake screenshots of ‘hauling loads and trying to stay one step ahead of the law as you climb into your Big Rig for non-stop driving action.’

      It is utterly criminal that they have been allowed get away with this.

      • Skabooga says:

        They would appear to be approaching ‘Limbo of the Lost’ levels of duplicity.

  12. sovi says:

    To any one who is thinking buy this game please check this first:
    link to

    It can open eyes to some of you.

    • MrLebanon says:

      was going to post this too

      • dE says:

        “You must cease and desist all further production of the game OR sell the rights to another well known digital product development firm”

        Thanks for the laugh petition guys, great comedy. Although the roaring laugh I had, probably wasn’t your intention.

        • MrTambourineMan says:

          That’s plain ridiculous, this statement made me laugh.

  13. remoteDefecator says:

    I played DayZ like a crackhead this summer. Not sure the correct adjective to use, but I loved it. The reason I stopped playing was, of course, the hackers. Wondering (probably correctly) if it was a hacker that just killed me pretty much ruined the experience for me, so I decided to wait for standalone.

    I picked up WarZ about a month ago when you could pay for beta access. I only played it for a few days, and never got into it anything like how I was into DayZ. WarZ is inferior to DayZ in most aspects, but it does have the advantage in a few areas, and there are some fundamental design differences that might appeal to some players.

    For one, WarZ is much more about looting and accumulating stuff. There are safe zones in which you can log out and transfer items from your inventory to your bank (it’s not called a bank, but that’s what it is). When you start a new character or revive a dead one (1 hour cooldown) you can take stuff from your bank. So when you have a nice loot haul and find a bunch of good guns, you can actually save them for later. This feature really makes WarZ feel much more MMO-ish than DayZ, for better or worse. Of course, this greatly diminishes the “fuck yea!” when finding nice stuff.

    While food and supplies are easy to come by, the rarity of weapons is comparable to DayZ, especially the weapons everyone wants. In the few days I was playing, I had shloads of pistols, shotguns, M16s and M4s, but not once did I find a sniper rifle, except on some guy I killed.

    They talk about skill trees and xp but that stuff wasn’t implemented a month ago; doubt it is now. Zombies drop money which you can use to buy scopes, silencers, ammo, and supplies. Real money can be used to purchase backpacks, melee weapons, and some other stuff, but I’m pretty sure you can’t buy guns with real money.

    While neither one is pretty, I have to say WarZ wins when it comes to polish and how “finished” it is (though I haven’t seen DayZ in 4 months). The inventory is not great, but it is not the ass-backwards, completely counter-intuitive silliness of the DayZ inventory. You don’t break bones from standing up under a low ceiling and crap like that. The zombie animations are smooth and once you get the hang of it, you can reliably take down zombies in melee without getting hurt. I also never had gear disappear on me or any of the other bullshit that you just took in stride playing DayZ. Also, there is far less empty space in the WarZ map, which in my opinion, is a good thing. Chernarus just has way, way too much empty wilderness. It doesn’t take half an hour to run from one town to the next in WarZ, more like five minutes.

    Despite everything in the previous paragraph, however, WarZ is fundamentally a mediocre game. If you really, really enjoy scavenging and killing zombies, it might be worth your time. If you’re waiting for DayZ standalone, just keep waiting.

  14. BrendanJB says:

    It’s been said about 8 times already, but I would also like to echo the sentiment that you who are reading this comment should not buy this game.

    Poorly implemented game mechanics, the nickel and diming pay2win store, the guns that all act exactly the same and have no recoil, and the whole “your player is locked for X hours when they die” thing notwithstanding, the developers have gone out of their way to be completely unprofessional at every turn: banning users with no explanation, changing plans after people have subscribed, deleting forum posts that say anything critical towards their game, the list goes on.

    The fact that it’s the top seller on steam makes me rather sad.

  15. razgon says:

    Agreed – Do not buy this game..its just a blatant money grab,and as others have pointed out, the feature list is downright wrong most of the way through.

  16. Zarunil says:

    Is it legal to blatantly lie about your product listed on Steam, and why is Valve allowing it to happen?

    • JackDandy says:

      There’s something really fucked with Valve’s store approval system. Greenlight, too.

      • Hoaxfish says:

        At least with Greenlight there’s some onus on the community for what crap gets lit, and what good stuff gets ignored (though still doesn’t fix lying devs, mob-mentality popularism). However, since Greenlight exists now it theoretically removes any excuse Steam has with being “overwhelmed by submissions” that they would just pass any junk without proper curation.

        • Curry the Great says:

          Well, it’s the top seller right now. Maybe Valve just wants to make money? Do they gain enough by policing the games on their store, and thus losing out on money?

          • Snakejuice says:

            Maybe the bank-robbers just want to make some money? Do they really earn enough by NOT going around robbing banks?

  17. razgon says:

    STEAM has had some issues lately with their greenlighted games not being what they advertise. I would suspect their screening process isn’t the same as it with their “normal” games – TOWNS comes to mind, since it had a lot of issues and wasnt finished either, even though that was never mentioned anywhere.

    That said – STEAM also released games like Carrier Command, which was, and still is, an atrocious game.

    • f1x says:

      Well, gotta see where are the limits here,

      You can’t blame Valve for having a bad game on Steam, they are not who to judge quality,
      bugs? same thing, a broken game… well, could be argued

      Now fake screenshots and announced features that are not in the game, and an unfinished product, thats a different thing , because of fraud and vulnering customer rights

      So definitely I want to see how this story ends

      • Cyampagn says:

        They can’t sell a broken product; just as much as Walmart can’t sell you apples in a orange shell.

        • f1x says:

          They can sell you an orange that dosnt taste as good as a natural hand picked orange from your own cotage lets say, that was my point, Valve is not to judge the quality of the game, content, design, programing

          Of course they cannot sell you an apple telling you that this is in fact an orange, what I mean is problem here is fraud when advertising the content of the game, but not the quality or the brokenness of the game itself

          Hum fruit analogy is quite tasty

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        WarZ is a perfect example of why Steam/Valve should be judging the quality of the games they sell. I’m honestly shocked that they’ve been getting away with not playtesting third-party games for this long. Steam users are a forgiving lot.

        Hopefully the blowback from WarZ will finally force Valve to make some positive changes to their shoddy approval process.

  18. Hoaxfish says:

    Thank God I don’t care for Zombie games… watching slow-motion car crashes is much better

  19. Doghaus says:

    While this is undoubtedly a cynical move to pip Day Z to the post, and the game is simply a rip off, watching a “let’s play” I thought the environments did look very nice. Good foliage.

  20. Kitsuninc says:

    Huh. This seems pretty scammy, what with the falsities on the store page description, the screenshots that aren’t from the game, and how closely this is copying DayZ – which I would actually think was okay, if there wasn’t going to be a full commercial DayZ in the future.

  21. CPLDANABD says:

    This game sure does seem to start a lot of flame WarZ.

  22. Belsameth says:

    Waiting for the TB review to hit, this is what he tweeted as a preview…

    Spoilers, War Z is terrible, 40 minutes of me telling you so will be up tomorrow

  23. derbefrier says:

    It’s rare to.see so universally hated. Even Tue steam forums seems.devoid of even one fanboy lining up to.defend the game. Not a good sign if you ask me. Plus there’s that thing going around that innocent people are being banned left and right and hackers are all but untouched. There’s the story of a dude killing a CM amd.getting banned because the CM lost his developer spawned items. There’s just too much bad and practically nothing good about this game on the internet. I will pass on this. I genuinely hoped this would je a good game too.

    • Snakejuice says:

      I really tried to read this but I can’t. Who told you it’s a good idea to insert random dots in the middle of sentences? Back to school with you!

      • derbefrier says:

        lol. Yeah, my damn phone and its auto complete crap likes to use an excessive amount of periods. Sometimes i go back and fix it sometimes I submit the post before I even notice. this was one of those times I didn’t go back and check it.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      There are actually quite a few defenders of the game posting at the Steam forums now. I feel pretty bad for them because it’s obvious most of them got suckered into the game early on, and they are just starting to feel the effects of buyer’s remorse — and it’s causing them to lash out in grammatically improper fashion.

  24. plugmonkey says:

    Actually, a more pertinent question at this point is why RPS are plugging this game in their banner ads. I thought they had a policy of not advertising total crap they didn’t support. Or am I thinking of Penny Arcade?

    Would anyone from RPS care to comment?

    • drkeiscool says:

      RPS isn’t responsible for the ads on the site; I think Eurogamer is.

      • f1x says:

        That is correct

      • plugmonkey says:

        I remember now. I had a vague recollection of this having been mentioned before.

        • RakeShark says:

          Not good enough! We must raise this issue again! I can’t find such talk within a courtesy 30 second search! AND I HAVE AN OPINION ABOUT THIS!

  25. MrMud says:

    You are thinking of PA
    RPS gets their ads from Eurogamer

  26. Brainkite says:

    WarZ is Call of DayZ

  27. El_Emmental says:

    I wish Eurogamer wouldn’t advertise such a scam, and RPS wouldn’t give exposure to such a fraud.

    They’re helping out the people behind War Inc make a quick cash grab by exploiting the reputation and hype around Day Z.

    Tons of players think/thought War Z is/was “that Day Z stand-alone I heard about a few weeks ago” and are getting scammed by Hammerpoint Interactive. If go on gaming forums (of all sizes and nationalities), you’ll see that phenomenon everywhere.

    The worst is being the uninformed customers losing money on that, and the Day Z brand getting badly hurt in the process, just so people making bad F2P games can cash in some easy money to stay afloat, despite not providing any relevant services/games in the sector.

    If EA or Activision was funding Day Z development, a lawsuit (and an out-of-court settlement) would have already happened.

    ps: I’m surprised Zynga is not suing them over a patent on clone-cash-grabbing.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      I think not commenting on it would be worse since it’s high profile, but at least the news post isn’t exactly enthusiastic endorsement, and the comment thread is doing a decent job of highlighting the issue.

      It is annoying when bad products get ad space, but I hope most people understand adverts are separate from actual content (unless the site has stepped over that particular line of “corruption”).

    • Fwiffo says:

      Even if the tone of the article is neutral, here in the comments the truth of the mater is out.

      Not that that does much good. It’s the top seller on Steam right now. The trick worked, a lot of people genuinely think this is the standalone DayZ. Rocket must be fuming the damage this smash-and-grab is doing to his brand.

  28. Network Crayon says:

    What a shame.

  29. fish99 says:

    Sounds like you shouldn’t be giving these guys coverage.

    • plugmonkey says:

      Had it not been for this article and the response it created, I might still have been curious to give it a go.

      • fish99 says:

        Fair enough, but you had to read the comments to find that out, not everyone reads the comment or clicks through for the full article. Maybe an update to the story is due, with some mention of the controversy.

        • Arglebargle says:

          The tl;dr crowd gets what they deserve. Especially in this case.

  30. mixmixmixmix says:

    PSA: Avoid this game. A friend talked me into this, worst ‘game’ I have ever spent money on. It’s not finished and it will likely never be anywhere close to a polished game. STAY AWAY!

  31. Surlywombat says:

    So, having read all the comments, the gist of it seems to me to be.. 7/10?

  32. escherichia says:

    It might be worth reading through the steam community here: link to

    I can’t quite tell… seems like there’s something fishy about this game…

  33. Shooop says:

    Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t been to the game’s Steam forums page:

    Calling it a disaster is an understatement. Holy hell.

  34. NovaLight says:

    “not available in your region”
    first time in my life when I’m happy that peace of shit like this is not available in my region.

  35. rsanchez1 says:

    If they were desperate for money, they should have done a kickstarter or contact the Humble Bundle like a normal developer.

  36. junglist 69 says:

    Haven’t played either games , but I here its similar to the up and coming title ” Space Hulk ” ?

  37. LifeSuport says:

    Day Z like most things isn’t original, it is actually quite buggy, has horrible sound and AI, but it is free and like most multiplayer, for me anyway, was fun when I had someone to play with that spoke, well until the game glitched and I lost my only weapon after running around for four hours. With some professional support it could be worth paying for, though they need to refine the gameplay a lot.

    War Z is… well read the website. It has English bugs and that killed all interest for me. The features were also padded to hell with wordiness to make it sound impressive. They would have been better off with ‘War Z, like that other Z but with better graphics, sound, and fewer bugs!” That I would have bought, that is hopefully what Day Z Paid is.

  38. HighHill says:

    Pure gold here from Hammerpoint bossman Mr. Sergey Titov in a forum post about hacking, banning and general War Z hate.

    Be warned that it is by most accounts an infuriating collection of blatant lies.

    This game warms my heart in the same way that Limbo of the lost did.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      That guy is pure gold.

      Bottom line – we’re moving full steam ahead, but at the same time we know that now we CAN’T afford to rush half baked feature that as important as Skill Trees.

      So, you can’t afford to half-ass and rush out some skills, but you can afford to half-ass and rush out the base of the game?

      This whole entire thing is a joke and I feel really bad for the early adopters. Caveat emptor and all, but this is bordering on fraudulent. The GM, Sergey Titov, doesn’t seem to have a clue how to market or manage PR. He thinks he’s digging himself out with his answers, but he’s only sinking further.

  39. Abattur says: