GOG Squeeze In One Last Sale Before End Of The World

With only two days left until the end of the world, you really would be wise to finally get around to playing those games you’ve been putting off. Thankfully GOG.com have recognised this need, and are having an End Of The World sale. For the next 24 hours. But by their clock, they appear to think it’s Tokyo’s 21st December the Mayan’s meant. But surely it should be for Central America, affording us an extra 9 hours on Earth before we’re all consumed in Horace’s infinite belly? This stuff is important! Also, you can get a bunch of the collected editions on GOG at 75% off.


  1. Llewyn says:

    I was just about to post about this in today’s Calendar entry. For those tempted to take a bite at Day Z by Jim’s Words, Arma II Combined Ops is once again 50% off ($15), this time on GOG.com

    • Sic says:

      I am genuinely torn between getting ARMA II now or wait for the standalone version.

      Have there been any speculation as to the price of the standalone? I guess I’ll have to get that one at some point in any case, so spending it on ARMA II would be a bit of a waste at this point?

      (I am, of course, asking you to tell me, in a stern voice, to hide my wallet someplace I can’t find it. Preferably until 2013.)

      • marianthomas4 says:

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      • wnasdv says:

        Christmas is coming! Fully 30% discount! I like the Video Game Accessories! Many! Great! link to jive.to

  2. Carwash says:

    Did they have a moan about Steam having 75% off sales? Not that I’m against them doing them, just want confirmation so I know i”m not going mad.

    • Gnoupi says:

      A few years ago, they were holding a strong position of “no need to devaluate the games, people will buy at the right price”, from what I recall, yes. And they were against the concept of those large sales.

      Apparently they came to the conclusion that it was more lucrative to organize such sales.

      Edit: nevermind, it was this year:

      “GoG: Selling games at too high a discount – one often sees discounts above 80% off here and there -sends a message to gamers: this game, simply put, isn’t worth very much. Of course you make thousands and thousands of sales of a game when it’s that cheap, but you’re damaging the long-term value of your brand because people will just wait for the next insane sale. Slashing the price of your game is easy. Improving the content of your offer when you release your game, that’s more ambitious.”

      • lordcooper says:

        ABOUT FACE!

      • Shooop says:

        He apparently realized lately what he was saying doesn’t really apply because GOG and Steam are retailers, not developers or publishers.

        • corbain says:

          Bear in mind that both GOG and Steam are backed by developers (CD Project and Valve respectively) so they know very well how it affects their bottom line when they discount their own games by 70-80% or more

          • Michael Fogg says:

            Or perhaps they are just retailers who happen to own some dev studios?

          • dkibafhy says:

            For some reason I never played MOO (1 or 2) back in the day, despite it being right up my street. Are they playable with modern eyes?

      • Michael Fogg says:

        But that was one CEO switch ago.

    • Kinth says:

      Yeah EA did the same as well then went and did origin sales.

    • Kodeen says:

      They did, but then their customers said “No, we actually want these massive sales” so GOG acquiesced.

      • Mccy_McFlinn says:

        They’ve done it in a rather cunning manner, however. Selling bundles at 75% off but each individual item at 50%. So the depth of the discount isn’t necessarily as deep as the plunging V-Neck sweater Steam uses to barely conceal its muscular chest when on a night out.

        • MadTinkerer says:

          Indeed, GoG’s bundle schemes have cleverly convinced me to buy some games because not buying them reduces the discount on the other games in the bundle that I really want. I usually want all of the games in the bundle (eventually) anyway, it’s just a matter of virtual haggling.

          It is more than a little bit similar to the Steam sales, but I’m not complaining. My End of the World checkout list was 2/3 off pretty much everything altogether, on top of GoG’s base low prices.

          • phlebas says:

            They do, however, cleverly apply the sale discount to the games in the bundle that you haven’t already got. So if you’ve already got all but a couple of the games in a bundle you’ll still get the 75% discount against just those games rather than being offered what would be a bargain price for the whole bundle but is less so for two.

    • MondSemmel says:

      It’s somewhat different in that these sales are only 75% off if you buy a whole bundle (50% otherwise), i.e. each bundle usually still costs you 10-15$.
      But sometimes that’s still worth it. I especially appreciate not having to overpay up to 30% on Steam due to exchange rates (€ vs. $).

  3. Diggidy says:

    If there was an acceptable method of combining my Steam library with my GOG library, the world would be one step closer to perfect.

    • Kinth says:

      You could add the .exe’s to steam as non steam games.

      • Phinor says:

        And two days later Steam would lose all shortcuts you made. Manually backing up Steam shortcut files isn’t very convenient.

        • spacedyemeerkat says:

          Ah, good. Not just me that happens to, then.

        • Shantara says:

          You should switch Steam to offline mode before adding non-Steam shortcuts. Then after you switch it back to online, your shortcuts would sync with Steam servers and won’t disappear. This method has worked for me for ages.

        • Trelow says:

          That hadn’t happened to me since at least spring.

          • SominiTheCommenter says:

            Yes, they fixed it several updates ago. It works on my machine at least.

          • MaXimillion says:

            Considering that I lost mine this week, I quite doubt it’s been fixed.

        • Rublore says:

          Try adding the shortcuts, then restarting Steam immediately. Whenever I have that problem, this method works for me. Steam can have trouble with long term memory, it seems.

          • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

            Thanks, I’ll try that. (Yes, I’ve been having the same issue with Steam a lot too)

  4. abandonhope says:

    If I can’t get good deals on games right up until the very end, that’s not an End of the World sale I can use.

  5. justinlee21 says:

    Yeah I stumbled upon the sale an hour ago, hopefully the sales will resume as normal, my moolah’s still not available yet :(.

  6. Vorphalack says:

    End of the world, huh.

    Never believe an apocalypse prophecy made by a civilisation that failed to see its own extinction coming.

    • serioussgtstu says:

      The Mayans didn’t take leap years into account, so the apocalypse they predicted happened about 8 months ago. You can prove anything with facts.

    • diamondmx says:

      No, that’s the thing – it was never an apocalypse prophecy. It’s plain BS from the outset.

      1) The Mayans didn’t predict anything happened after their last calendar (neither does your 2012 calendar predict anything, it’s just time to get a new one)
      2) The specific details of this apocalypse prophecy are recycled from another one a few years back
      3) This wasn’t even the last Mayan calendar, someone found one going a few thousand years further into the future, but of course, this was ignored.

      Even from the bemused perspective of anyone who notices that there’s a fabricated reason to predict the end of the world every few years, this one is a poor sham.

      • Dilapinated says:


      • mouton says:

        Welpz. People love their armageddons.

      • The Enchanting Wizard Of Rhythm says:

        Also, there is the fact that human beings can’t predict the future.

        Anyway, I picked up FTL, Botanicula and Gemini Rue for a very nice price. Thank you GOG!

      • Iliya Moroumetz says:

        Also, wasn’t that also supposed to be a ‘vow of renewal’ or something to that effect? Of starting over? Like… New Year’s Resolutions?

        Fancy that. It’s just another version of New Year’s that takes place on a different day for a different culture. Well, color me surprised.

    • int says:

      Why does Horace’s infinite belly, sound so much like an indie game?

      Shit, wrong comment thread, box thing.

  7. Guvornator says:

    Witcher 2, $7.49. I’m all over that.

    • soco says:

      I’ve been playing through Witcher 2 for the first time the last week or so. Got it about a year ago, grumble grumble backlog, etc.

      At that price the game is an absolute steal. Get a copy and send it off as an xmas gift!

      • LJFHutch says:

        Totally awesome game, I’d buy a second copy as a gift if I wasn’t so cheap.

  8. Henneth says:

    “It’s made my Reality Pump, too,”

    I really hope that’s a typo and not a euphemism.

  9. BooleanBob says:

    I’d quite like the end of the world to come, I could stop worrying about clearing my backlog of sale-purchased games.

  10. FCA says:

    I (barely) survived my 30th birthday, I think the world will survive my 31st birthday.

  11. SanguineAngel says:

    mmm some tasty looking treats there. I’m looking at to the moon. And possibly some might & magic or ultima goodness. Although when I will find the time for them I do not know!

  12. fauxC says:

    For some reason I never played MOO (1 or 2) back in the day, despite it being right up my street. Are they playable with modern eyes?

    • Rublore says:

      Best way to find out is probably to take a look at a Let’s Play of it on Youtube.

    • tobecooper says:

      I had my first time with MoO1 about four years ago. I barely remember the weekend of our encounter. But I recall a lot of traveling from planet to planet in my little upgradeable ship. The attempts to befriend aliens and erect new colonies were made. Many were successful, even though some aliens got exploded in the process too. But they were acting like assholes so they should have seen it coming.

      In short, the graphics are visibly dated, but the gameplay is brisk – very playable and replayable.

      I have a friend who had a similar experience with MoO2, but I haven’t tried 2 because I like the 1, and he hasn’t tried 1 because he likes the 2.

  13. rentonx says:

    I might actually go for the Might and Magic bundle and pick up Amra 2 for Day Z. Since I can request any GOG game for Free here. I’m sure sale periods are supposed to be times when things are cheaper, yet I end up spending more than I usually am supposed to.

    • lordcooper says:

      Oh you clever little spambot.

      • Hematite says:

        That’s worryingly complex! I watch the evolution of the spam bots as a kind of hobby, and that’s the first of its type that I’ve seen. I’m inclined to think it was actually a hand crafted post – the only other spam bots I’ve seen post on topic nick comments from further down the thread and post their link on the end. This one is:
        – topical
        – unique
        – has a topical spam url!

        If they’re advancing this fast, the end of the world will be caused by the spam bot singularity.

  14. eks says:

    If for some strange reason you don’t own FTL, you really should. It’s my personal GOTY and has pretty much been the only Kickstarter I have backed which I haven’t regretted.

  15. Mac says:

    There is no point buying something I will never finish by Friday ! :)

  16. Suits says:

    Because US isn’t part of the same world as Tokyo

  17. SuicideKing says:

    “before we’re all consumed in Horace’s infinite belly?”

    Isn’t Horace your IT guy?

  18. Kitsuninc says:

    Why thank you so very much GOG for forcing me to finally buy La Mulana.

  19. Beanchilla says:

    If you haven’t played MOO2 you should! I was surprised I hadn’t but felt like playing a 4X game and have always been a fan of star trek.

    Masters of Orion 2 is amazing and while I’m still noob at it I think everyone would enjoy it for the cheap price of $3 for the Moo1+2

  20. mwoody says:

    Holy crap – GOG has Moonbase Commander! I’ve been waiting for this game to hit digital sites for years! I thought it had completely disappeared to the bargain bin of history.

    For those who don’t know, it’s a clever little top-down competitive puzzle game wherein you spread by “throwing” expansions out, artillery-style (pick direction and power). The catch is that if your base can’t establish a line to where your module lands without crossing an obstacle (including enemy lines!), it blows up and the turn is wasted. So you can throw far and risk it, or stay close and safe.

    When it came out, it was pitched as an edutainment title, but it’s too much fun and not super educational, so it tanked unfairly. The wiki mentions it got IGN’s “Best of 2002: The Game No One Played” award, which sounds about right.

    Anyway, $3 right now at the first link (50% off alone, 75% off in the the pack with a bunch of other good space games). I highly recommend it. Has an AI and a challenge mode for single players.

  21. malkav11 says:

    Observant folks may note certain changes to the versions of SMAC, Wing Commander 1 and 2, and Privateer that are currently being distributed on GoG.