Iron Sky: Invasion Demo Dogfights Moon-Nazis

Topware send word that there are Mac and PC demos for their game of the silly movie Iron Sky, Iron Sky: Invasion. They say: ““Iron Sky: Invasion” is a space fighter simulator, calling to mind such classics as the legendary… You-Know-Which series – further enhanced with strategy and RPG elements.” I honestly don’t know which, but a new space combat game is always welcome at the Monitor-Lit Underdark Of Rossignol Lair. Sadly though, I’ve yet to play the demo, because I am not currently in my creepy data-nexus man-cave, but instead on a crap laptop in John’s cheery dining room. But: “The players can access a tactical map of outer space to spot the positions of Nazi forces or any ongoing battles, and thus instantly know where to fly. The ultimate goal is to destroy the secret Nazi base hidden on the Dark Side of the Moon and to keep the Earth safe from the invading spacecraft.” Which sounds okay. It’s made my Reality Pump, too, who made not-terrible things in the past, if I recall correctly.


  1. Eddy9000 says:

    If ‘Chuckie Egg’ ever gets a re-make you can bet it’ll include ‘strategy and RPG elements’. They’re the new ‘stealth aspects’.

    • Mehall says:

      “The more often you, as Hen-House Harry, climb ladders, the better you get at it!”

      • marianthomas4 says:

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  2. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    It’s like they reached into my brain and slathered handfuls of 1s and 0s all over my fever hallucinations.

  3. trjp says:

    The material in Iron Sky is ripe for plundering in a game – but I’m not sure this is quite what I expected (I’ve played the demo) – it’s a BIT basic as spacey-flyboy games go – it also triggered motion sickness but I guess that’s my problem…

    Reality Pump are the people behind Two Worlds and the Eart 21×0 series – amongst other things – so their name is clearly Polish sarcasm? :)

  4. Superanos says:

    The demo and the game have actually been available for 5 days now, but it’s only available in Europe. So you’ll have to get someone in Europe to play the game for you.

  5. Theory says:

    I’m loving its C&C style live-action cutscenes. Put some stills into the article, stat!

  6. Dilapinated says:

    This makes my John/Jim fanfic practically canon! Wait ’til I tell Tumblr!

  7. Surlywombat says:

    In some ways it seems a shame a crowd funded movie didn’t get a kickstarted game..

  8. TΛPETRVE says:

    Well, the sad REALITY is, I’m not too PUMPED for the game.

    I was really looking forward to the movie, and it turned out the most criminally unfunny, uptight, politically over-correct snoozefest I’ve seen in a long while. If I want some harmless family entertainment, I watch Nickelodeon.

    • sabasNL says:

      A pity, I found it very amusing when you turn your brains off for a sec. There was a little bit too much romantic stuff in it, but I could appreciate the references, jokes and Nazi-parodying in it.

      • TΛPETRVE says:

        The problem is: Turning my brain off made it actually WORSE. I can thoroughly enjoy stupid bullshit like The 25th Reich, which is so laughably bad that it’s almost a work of genius. But Iron Sky with its limp-wristed, most offensively UNOFFENSIVE writing was an insult to my last few rotting brain cells even as I drowned them in alcohol. This movie is rated 12 here in Germany for a reason. It’s so horribly harmless, even our kids can watch it without having to ask their parents, which is something that can’t be said about many movies that make nazi jokes their main source of entertainment.

        • Xari says:

          Yeah, I completely agree. It wasn’t really bad, but it was severely underwhelming for a crowdfunded movie that openly displayed the swastika and various Nazi themes in their marketing. I never expected it to be a glorification of Nazis but the movie was disappointingly centered on the Americans, as usual.

  9. LimEJET says:

    It’s made your Reality Pump what?

  10. DK says:

    Having actually played the demo of this I can confirm it is *so* close to being amazing. Just a little more polish, a little more work on getting the combat feel right and this would have been one of the greats.

    As it is it’s passable. A great combat idea (different armor values on specific sides on slower enemies, specific weapon weaknesses on different dog-fighty enemies), an interesting take on the energy-distribution mechanic. A terrible/funny/so-terrible-it’s-funny story, depending on your Iron Sky liking or hating. But so unpolished, such a terrible interface, no rebinding of keys (and their controls are non-reversed in a space game! with no option to change it).

    10 Bucks I’d be a must buy. At 30 bucks it’s a “wait till it’s 10 bucks”.

    • darkath says:

      When there are not enough Polish working on the game, just add more Polish !

  11. Loyal_Viggo says:

    Bah! Who wants to play the Allies….

    So weak.

    They should let you play as the Moon Nazis…. I’d love to pilot a Rheingold or Valkirie, superb!

    The Moon Fuhrer himself seeing you off to glory… majestic.

  12. SuicideKing says:

    “The ultimate goal is to destroy the secret Nazi base hidden on the Dark Side of the Moon and to keep the Earth safe from the invading spacecraft.”

    No come on, you don’t use Pink Floyd references like that.

  13. MadTinkerer says:

    “You-Know-Which series”

    That’s just brilliant. “Our game is, in fact, more than a little bit like that series you all so fondly remember. Wink. No gsameplay spoilers! ;)”

  14. Kong says:

    Iron Sky a silly movie?
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