Perhaps Ignoring Far Cry 3’s Multiplayer Was A Mistake

Yeah, sure, this reproduction of Battlefield's Wake Island is cool, but now everyone's just going to play Dust all the time.

Far Cry 3 has multiplayer. Or at least, I’m relatively certain it does. I am, you see, somewhat guilty of scampering into single-player’s wide open jungles – like a frightened tapir who doesn’t want to become a backpack – seconds after start-up. I honestly haven’t touched multiplayer in spite of my near-obsessive love for Ubisoft’s wild, wild wilderness rumpus, but I now have a strong reason to reconsider. While the mode selection’s fairly standard on the whole, the powerfully robust map editor is anything but. Case in point: these brilliantly faithful recreations of classic maps from all across the magical gaming kingdom. Have a nice mid-morning gawk about each place after the break.

All of the maps come courtesy of a player who goes by the handle “ShadowZack.” Most of them are fully available in-game, too, so a quick in-game search should put you in the right territory. At any rate, here’s Battlefield’s Wake Island.

Also from Battlefield, we have Noshahr Canal.

And of course, what would a classic map recreation spree be without some variation on Counter-Strike’s Dust? I’m fairly sure that’s actually impossible by all measures of modern science, so here we are.

Last but not least, here’s a very work-in-progress attempt at recreating Call of Duty’s ever-beloved Nuketown, but with a balmy jungle theme. Admittedly, it also scrapes at the outside limits of Far Cry 3’s map editor – at least, thematically speaking, anyway – but why not push these things as far as they can go?


So then, are you impressed? I’m impressed. No, Far Cry 3’s not particularly mod-friendly, but the editor looks quite intuitive – which means that more people will be able to realize their insane machinations in the long run. I’m looking forward to seeing how elaborate original (read: non-carbon-copy) works can get as well. So I’m definitely going to poke around a bit. Well, assuming an unreliable assortment of peer-to-peer connections don’t sink my ship before it even sets sail, anyway.

Thanks, MP1st.


  1. AmateurScience says:

    I am literally figuratively about to dive into this game having picked it up on Monday for a fiver when someone pressed the wrong button at gamestop. Looks like a lot of fun.

    Edit: I did the literal thing and now I hate myself.

  2. Paul says:

    It just sucks that the editor is for MP maps.
    It would be much better if they released complete tools and people could build singleplayer content. The game would live on for years.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Can’t you populate maps with AI soldiers and that? Or did I make that up?

      • Chaosed0 says:

        You can, but it’s pretty limited. For one, you can’t expand the borders of the map beyond 512×512 units (I’m actually not sure what units). For another, I don’t think you can make any campaign-y stuff like quests and skills.

        Mind you, this is speaking from only a few hours playing with the editor, so there might have been features I missed.

  3. f1x says:

    I’ve played not so much Far Cry 3 yet, but so, enemies dont respawn ever? thats actually nice so you can go back to some areas exploration without being chased


    • Cytrom says:

      In FC2 the exact same badguys constantly respawned at the exact same spots at every 10 meters, even if you just walked away half a street’s length they (and everything else you destroyed) already popped back. It was incredibly annoying and predictable (thus got old fast), and made the already pointless exploration a chore.

      But unfortunately they went the other extreme in FC3.
      The problem is that after you clear the area there is Nothing there to challenge you except for the occasional predator, but they just charge straight at you, and go down with a single well placed shotgun shot, so those aren’t particularly interesting either.

      There really should be more RANDOM encounters even in cleared areas.

      • roryok says:

        Clearly the devs Listened to the entire internet complaining about respawning enemies, and got rid of them. You can’t expect them to then respawn them sometimes

      • AndrewC says:

        Hahaha! A gamer is never happy! There *are* random encounters, but they are infrequent and very small scale.

        And yeah, I agree, the problem with Far Cry 2 was not respawning, but respawning after 5 seconds (btw every area as at least two exits/entrances, so solve the respawning problem by never backtracking!).

        I also came up against the problem of running out of encampments to take over, and when I tried to boat over to the second island it gave me a ‘leaving game area. turn back!’ warning and promptly stopped the game! An open world game!

        Poor show. Thus one is forced to play the story missions, and the story missions are egregiously bad. Sigh!

        Far Cry 3 is marvellous, but its bad parts are monstrously bad.

      • Advanced Assault Hippo says:

        Respawning rates were a minor problem in FC2, not a major gamebreaker – but they treated it as the latter and have gimped FC3 too far in the opposite direction in my opinion.

        I think they listened to the vocal hyperbolic fans too much and FC3 is a weaker game because of it.

        • AndrewC says:

          Oh hey, the core gameplay of taking over camps is great! Driving around places you’ve made safe and seeing locals running about is great in a happy ‘winning’ sort of a way. It just needed a bit more life and incident going on as, without it, ‘safe’ changes into ‘boring’.

          Equally, constantly being behind enemy lines and utterly paranoid (as in Far Cry 2) is also great, in a super intense way. It just needed to not cheat with the respawns, as it changed ‘harsh’ to ‘unfair’.

          It’s an interesting case stufy in how design decisions can change the whole ‘feel’ of a game. I must admit Far Cry 2 is one of my favourites ever. The respawning very rarely annoyed me, once I shifted into thinking the journey was the game, not the mission at the end of the journey. But hey, different strokes, and Far Cry 3 does Open World very well, overall.

        • haradaya says:

          Yes. My thoughts exactly. Still love the game.

        • Arglebargle says:

          Speak for yourself, John….

          The Far Cry 2 respawns were ludicrous, sometimes occuring while I was still in sight of the place I’d just cleared out. And worse, they knew about the problem in Beta and just couldn’t bring themselves to do anything about it. Respawning every couple of hours, or twice a day, having guys drive up to take over….it could have been done in any number of decent ways. But it wasn’t. That came along with a host of other bad design decisions.

          If the Far Cry 3 folks have a crew that can’t figure out a reasonable respawn rate, they’ve got some pretty serious blind spots. Certainly the FC2 team had blind spots aplenty.

  4. Ansob says:

    Sadly, the multiplayer itself is P2P matchmaking nonsense, and so unplayable. The map editor remains awesome, which is doubly a shame since it’s tied to the broken MP.

  5. Bodge says:

    Ansob is being daft as usual, the MP is quite a lot of fun despite the P2P stuff even if it hasn’t tried to do anything special it has nicked a lot of good bits from other games (CoDs basic game style, BFs spotting).

    The main thing that bugs me is the stability issues i am having with the editor that seems to crash every couple of minutes or so, I have given up on my map until I find a way of making it stable.

  6. roryok says:

    The upstairs window in that first house on the nuketown map is on the wrong side. Also what have I done with my life.

  7. Jnx says:

    Wake Island. Nuketown. What the f*** is wrong with these people? Not only the worst maps of their games, but some of the worst maps _ever_. But maybe there’s something cool too.

    • roryok says:

      Nuketown is hardly the worst map of the game. It’s not pretty like other maps, but its seriously frantic, and fun.

  8. rampofdeath says:

    I want an Aliens vs Marines dynamic where one team controls re-spawning jungle beasties attempting to stop the humans from escaping the jungle. Imagine the elaborate custom scenarios: 4 terrified humans vs 30 enraged parrots.

  9. cunningmunki says:

    LOST island map please.

  10. airtekh says:

    Anyone tried the co-op? What’s that like?

    • darkChozo says:

      Pretty basic. Most of either “get from point A to point B” or simple objective stuff (move bombs to bombsight, wait in a place and kill stuff). There are little semi-competitive things, like a sniping mission and a couple missions where you ride vehicles and need to get bombs to a barrier. It’s fun enough, though not super-impressive (though it does have a story, which is nice).

  11. SpakAttack says:

    Would love to play multiplayer. My client however, refuses to connect to Uplay – apparently their service is down (despite me forwarding ports and a variety of other recommended things).

    I’ve had a ticket open for three weeks now, and the few times anyone from Ubisoft Support (!) has been in touch, all they say is “Can you confirm you’ve still got the problem?”. Incompetents.

  12. hypercrisis says:

    I’m not sure if anyone ever got involved with the map-making in Far Cry 2, but there was quite a significant chunk of the community dedicated to making ‘challenge maps.’ Turned the game into an, admittedly very metagame, co-operative puzzler.