Merry Christmas: Here, Have A Free RPS Christmas Game!

Cursed ignorance fairies.

Edit: The game is no longer available, sorry!

As RPS winds down for the Christmas break, you need not fear. We’ll still be posting some splendid things throughout the holidays. But today – the gift-givingest day of the year – we have a special surprise treat for you! A Rock, Paper, Shotgun game! Horace’s Endless Christmas explores the blasphemous horror of what would happen were Horace The Endless Bear to lose his infiniteness. You can get it for PC, Mac and Linux below!

Horace’s Endless Christmas is the work of Big Robot’s James Carey, with design from Jim Rossignol, and art from John Walker. See how we put the last names in to make them look like proper people? In tragic circumstances, Horace’s endlessness has ended, his infinity has become finite, and it’s up to you to help him restore his impossibly full length. Any similarities to any other famous games are entirely coincidental.

If you want to get hold of the free game (and let’s be honest – of course you do) then pick the appropriate operating system from below:

Download it, extract it, and run it. As simple as that.

(If any problems come about with these links, please email John and he’ll throw turkey over his shoulder and leap to the rescue.)

So we wish you the very best wishes over the holiday. Thank you for what’s been RPS’s best year ever. As we say, posts will still appear over the break, but we’re all on our holidays so clearly things will be slower than normal. And on Weds 3rd January, we’ll be back with our mega-preview of 2013 – what is already looking like one of the best years for PC gaming we’ve seen.


  1. manotaur says:

    Marry Christmas everyone, msg me in steam (link to if you want a free dota 2 copy, got like 6 of them left

  2. Eclipse says:

    Wot I Think: Horace’s Endless Christmas
    (please bear with my terrible english :( )

    In a move that surprised and blew their readers every single mind, Rock Paper Shotgun announced to turn from the best gaming related blog to a full fledged AAA software-power-house.
    While after earing the news few readers committed suicide impaling themselves with Christmas trees, the others were able to play the first title in what is going to be the most successful franchise of all times (yes, including timelines in parallel universes).

    Even if it’s easy to get emotional talking about Horace and his endless Christmas, I’ll start lauding it’s technical side: while we know in nature there are endless snakes and endless cats, this is the first time ever a game features a real endless bear. The technology RPS implemented to bring Horace to life is indeed astonishing: did they took a normal bear and stretched it re-encoding his entire DNA? Or they built him just out of sheer magic? We’ll never know, the thing we knows is that H’sEC sports the best videogaming character ever, because he’s a bear, and he’s also endless, so it’s more bear than every bear on Earth.

    A perfectly tuned gameplay is then surpassed only by the deep and emotional storyline this title offers to our winter cooled hearts.
    H’sEC is to Snake games what Braid is to Mario, but just a whole lot better than that.
    Horace is turned finite by an evil spell, and if this is not already tearing up your soul with sadness you are a cruel monster or an ignorant fairy, or both.
    He then embarks to his quest to retrieve his former glory, every knowledge present making him a bit less infinite and a whole lot more bear. This is a clear metaphor about how knowledge makes you fatter and hairier, and being a fairly fat and hairy person I really appreciated that.
    Present after present, Horace becomes faster: the burdens of an ignorant life slowly left him free to run and his hunger for knowledge quickly turns him into a brown train of coat. This is the point when the title winks and then makes sweet love with real gamers. Super Meat Boy runs scared, VVVVVV flips gravity to evade eye contact: Horace’s Endless Christmas is the new king of hardcore games, featuring a before-unseen-in-snake-games mechanic where if you press two directions too fast Horace just goes over himself and you fail him.
    Last but not least, the sound department, and with sound department I really mean the single sound the game uses, is made of pure genius. The softly crunchy rumor of a gentle creature opening a Christmas present full of knowledge will gently caress your eardrums, over and over again, and then it will continue after a while even when you stop playing. Another metaphor about the fact that we never stop learning, and we never should, because knowledge is what makes us less like humans and more like endless bears.

  3. spirit says:

    Exclusive: The Avengers 2 to feature Horace the Blasphemer.

  4. Charles de Goal says:

    I want to use ZQSD, not AWSD, on my French keyboard.