The RPS Bargain Bucket: Squarely Between

Good morning, readers of RPS. Did you have a fun Christmas time? Did you get any new games? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, or didn’t get any of the presents you wanted from Santa because you were naughty instead of nice, why not just buy yourself something instead. Here’s my roundup of the best deals on downloadable PC games this weekend, and for more gaming cheapness you can hit up, there’s bound to be lots of great deals in the January sales over the next few weeks.

Costume Quest, Psychonauts & Stacking – £4.65/€5.67/$7.49
Registers on Steam. This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address.
A trio of lovely games from Double Fine, each full of more character and heart than the next. Costume Quest is a fairly basic RPG, but it made me smile and laugh often enough that I didn’t mind that it I wasn’t really engaging with it on a cerebral level. Psychonauts is a 3D platformer like no one else seems to want to make these days. Beware the cows! Stacking is to Messiah what Brütal Legend is to Sacrifice, and it’s so sweet that it made me want to have kids so that I can play it with them.

Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Borderlands [Goatee Edition] & Duke Nukem Forever – £6.20/€7.56/$9.99
Registers on Steam. This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address.
This is a pretty good price for both Bioshocks and Borderlands, you never even have to install Duke Nukem Forever. Amazon will give you separate serials for each game, so if you want you can just print out the one for DNF and throw it in a volcano or something. The first Bioshock perhaps had some shortcomings when viewed as a continuation of the immersive sim genre, but it was a highly polished journey through a bizarre and beautiful city under the sea, unlike any game environment you’ve ever seen before. Bioshock 2 was a decent, but ultimately unnecessary return to the same city, with tightened up combat, and some pretty great set-pieces. I never got too far in Borderlands, it certainly felt like a game that was made for coop, and I was going solo.

Limbo – £1.74/€2.49/$2.49
Haunting arty puzzle platformer about death, eternity, and that bloody spider. John said this:

It’s a side-scrolling platformer, but even that description sounds too busy and over-involved to capture the essence of the game. Painted in soft-focused silhouetted black and white, sitting squarely between the design of World Of Goo and those weird Eastern European cartoons you’d see on BBC 2 at 4am, its delicacy is breathtaking. Your goal? Run from left to right. The reason? Unknown.

More here.

Left 4 Dead Bundle – £5.74/€7.49/$7.49
Or you can buy either L4D or L4D2 individually also discounted. Both of these come with a substantial amount of post release extra content. Here’s John on why the sequel was a really good sequel:

It’s those moments that made Left 4 Dead so much more than just a four-player zombie shooter. It was the stories, the individual tales of terror and derring-do. Left 4 Dead 2 is not just a bigger, better, more involved sequel to the original game. It’s an opportunity for more of those shouted celebrations of success, or cries of betrayal on defeat. It’s what a sequel should be: the ideas from the original game rethought, reimagined, and enormously improved upon, in a new setting, with new characters, new weapons, new enemies, new tactics and new ways to play. And significantly longer than the original.

More here.

Deal of the week
XCOM: Enemy Unknown – £10.50/similar prices in other currencies.
Apply coupon “GMG30-DPLIM-DN831”. Registers on Steam.
Alec quite liked the new XCOM, and so he wrote down all these words explaining why.

This isn’t a matter of a starving man grateful for the slimmest of pickings. XCOM is a bounteous strategy/roleplaying feast, and I’m not particularly dismayed that a couple of the side-dishes taste a bit suspect. It’s a triumph that XCOM even exists, so that it’s also bloody brilliant and thoroughly modern with it excites me to introverted core. X-COM’s tiny, precious world has seen many unwelcome invaders over the years, but trust me – this one comes in peace.

Also of note:
fren-ze, Leave Home & qrth-phyl – £3.20/€3.90/$5
Mobiloid – Pay What You Want
The Walking Dead – £7.75/9.45/$12.49. Registers on Steam.
Spore Ultimate Collection – £4.65/€5.66/$7.49. Registers on Origin.
Fallout: New Vegas – £3.50/similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “GMG30-DPLIM-DN831”. Registers on Steam.
Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers – £1.22/similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “GMG30-DPLIM-DN831”. Registers on Steam.
Saints Row: The Third: The Full Package – £5.25/similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “GMG30-DPLIM-DN831”. Registers on Steam.
Battlefield 3 – £10.50/similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “GMG30-DPLIM-DN831”. Registers on Origin.
Mass Effect 3 – £5.24/similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “GMG30-DPLIM-DN831”. Registers on Origin. can keep you up to date with all the best deals on games across all platforms throughout the week.


  1. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Damn. Stopped using GMG after a dreadful experience with them. Otherwise 10 quid is a great price for xcom

    • Ertard says:

      Bought almost all of my 2012 games on GMG. What happened?

    • D3xter says:

      I wonder if I’m the only one that can’t really seem to get payments approved on GMG for some reason. I tried buying from them over 3 times already and somehow it ended up failing every single time.

      So I’ve been using other stores like (Ex Direct2Drive) and instead, since there seems to be less of a problem there.

      • dE says:

        Yeh, I’m having major technical issues with GMG too.
        It often takes upwards to 2-3 minutes for a page to load and if it does, payment often fails.

      • mwoody says:

        I had to outright disable NoScript (not just allow all) and my antivirus to get them to work. It’s possible, though, I just got lucky on the final attempt, if it’s just intermittent site issues (though this was over a week ago). I don’t think the payment is actually failing so much as their site is crapping out.

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        Yep payment problems, with the payment hanging, then ridiculous claims that my bank had rejected the payment because “they thought GMG was a gambling site”. Turned out it was no such thing and GMG had just failed to take the payment even though actually authorized by the bank. Took a week to get anywhere and much waiting for unhelpful responses- in the end the payment lapsed.

        Then I started talking to other people on their forums and found out GMG had a habit of not buying enough keys to keep up with the demand their low prices creates, with people waiting up to a month for popular titles they had paid for. It may not be intentional but the delay in processing payments most certainly gave GMG breathing space to get keys in, whilst simultaneously hanging onto your cash and blaming the bank.

        I don’t know why but up until recently lewie apparently wouldn’t link to GMG in the bargain bucket. TBH there are just other suppliers I trust more.

        • x1501 says:

          If you’re having problems with processing payments to GMG, make sure that your GMG account information is identical to what your credit card provider has on file. My friend had the following problem with two different credit cards:

          “Your Payment Provider has not authorized your purchase. This may be because some banks (incorrectly) believe that Green Man Gaming is a gambling website. Please contact your bank to discuss your order. We are working with these banks to resolve this issue.”

          The problem was immediately solved when he double-checked his address information and entered his actual phone number in the account details section of the website. I’m sure this won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

          • SuperNashwanPower says:

            That’s not what happened for me. The bank authorized the payment, GMG just didn’t collect. Then GMG tried to blame the bank which was rubbish.

          • Zogtee says:

            That’s the message I got. The thing is, though, that I’ve been using Greenman for a long time now without any issues, but this christmas it suddenly (with no account changes made) had a fit and rejected my payment with the above error message. I haven’t been able to buy anything from them since.

          • x1501 says:

            Yeah, it looks that use the same error message for describing every single payment processing error out there. So it could be a whole number of things, from insufficient funds, to incorrect expiration date, to a referral to a voice authorization center, to some internal GMG website glitch.

          • SuperNashwanPower says:

            No, it wasn’t a standard message. This was the emails I received from GMG staff. They failed to process an authorised payment and tried to blame the bank. Maybe mine is an isolated case but nonetheless I won’t be using them again.

          • jrodman says:

            They’re not alone. Valve fucked up a purchase for me — the site hiccuped and then they decided not to let me try to buy it for a while. A tech support ticket resulted in a data-free accusation of my bank, but I’d already checked with my bank who clearly stated there had been no attempt to authorize any transaction made by anyone to my account within the relevant time window.

            Valve refused to budge from their story over weeks of asking for clarification. They would provide nothing. Not a transaction number, not an error code. Not one iota of information beyond “it’s not our fault”.

            Despite the fact that it obviously was.

            When Valve can’t successfully run an ecommerce site competently, you have to expect pretty much no one else in the field can either. I’ve had better luck with Amazon, but an operation that size is going to have flaws in handling exceptions.

    • Advanced Assault Hippo says:

      That’s unfortunate. I’ve bought many Steam games from GMG without a single problem.

      I think it’s a great site. Some of their discount codes are amazing when applied to already reduced digital titles.

      • Suits says:

        Yeah, I actually bought all my Steam games from them at the current holiday sales, instead of the Steam store, because GMG has simply way better deals. Haven’t had a single issue with payment personally.

    • Jenks says:

      I’ve had 2 different credit cards temporarily frozen and my paypal account in some sort of weird locked state where I had to send them copies of my drivers license from trying to buy things on GMG. Besides a credit card being rejected there last night (no call from the bank yet), I haven’t had too many problems with them recently.

    • derbefrier says:

      man that sucks the X-com deal was a steal. I bought it the second I saw it I could get it for under 20 bucks. Its also my go to site for pre orders (preordered dishonored, and borderlands 2 there for like 30% off or more) Its a good site that very often has awesome deals.

    • abandonhope says:

      I’ve encountered a site-wide payment processing failure, a slight delay in receiving a pre-order key (12 hours), and a frozen credit card. Still, I’ve bought a good amount from them this year–with PayPal. Generally they have some of the best deals you can find without going into gray market territory, and they seem to be a cheery, easygoing lot. When they make mistakes, they blog about them. Gamersgate could take a page from them.

  2. dangermouse76 says:

    So is Xcom patched and fixed in terms of dodgy camera work and glitching? Also can anyone recommend any decent mods for it ?

    Is there a mod to increase the maximum number of soldiers; cant find any at nexus.

    Edit for clarity: I am not saying whether I MOD a game immediately after purchase or passing opinion on that. Just asking are there any decent MODS for it. And is it patched for camera bugs etc. XXX

    • mpk says:

      I’ve never understood this notion of people buying a game and then immediately modding it to change it to their own personal satisfaction. It’s one thing to fix errors and bugs, but to change the mechanics to suit yourself seems like an insult to the people who spent time and energy building the game.

      It’s all well and good saying the original let you have more than four soldiers on the field – this isn’t the original game, though.

      • eks says:

        A consumer doesn’t owe anything to the people that created the product after they paid for it.

        • mpk says:

          This is true and I don’t disagree with you, but I just hink that by changing the experience – as intended by the developers – you devalue it. I’m not against modding, I just like to experience games in their original state /before/ making changes.

          • TechnicalBen says:

            Modding a couple of items is like putting a couple extra chips on your plate or some different source (HP/brown/Ketchup/Mayo). To think the chef can dictate we only eat mayo, is well… strange. Granted, the chef has the majority say in how the meal is presented, but it’s a two way street when your paying.

          • Tams80 says:

            It’s not devaluing it; not changing it to your liking would be devaluing it.

            There’s not point in complaining about this though, as you will always be able to get the vanilla game.

          • Stellar Duck says:

            Why would I care what the developers intended for my experience though? This seems a bit strange to me. They get their money and from that point on they are out of the picture. This goes doubly so in these times of crummy DLC, DRM and general disdain for consumers. I simply couldn’t care about the developers hurt feelings.

            There’s a reason I also play RISK with house rules as well, after all. It gives me a better experience.

          • Jenks says:

            The first time you played RISK was with house rules?

          • GameCat says:

            “Modding a couple of items is like putting a couple extra chips on your plate or some different source (HP/brown/Ketchup/Mayo). To think the chef can dictate we only eat mayo, is well… strange. Granted, the chef has the majority say in how the meal is presented, but it’s a two way street when your paying.”

            Fun Fact: Putting some sauce on pizza in real Italian restaurant is actually an insult to chef.

          • Tams80 says:

            If the pizza was bad enough to require sauce, I’d take the pizza to the kitchen, throw it in his/her face and then walk out without paying.

            If I’m going to pay for something, I expect something that meets my requirements in return. I couldn’t care less about the makers’ feelings.

          • Ich Will says:

            @Tams80 – Big words, bet you wouldn’t ever do that though. If you came to me in my kitchen and threw food in my face, regardless of the quality of the food, my chefs and I would pin you down and hold you face down in the mess you just made until the police arrived, and you would get to spend the night in gael. The next morning, you would get to be told by a judge just how much you are going to have to pay me in compensation. But yeah, you’re a big man on the internet, impressing all the girls.

            @Gamecat, I think you’re referring to Greek Pizza’s with no sauce – Greeks baked flatbreads and topped them with oil, herbs and cheese. By the time the enriched placenta (yes I know, but that’s the proper word) reached Italy it had a sauce made from bay and honey. Italian pizzas always had a sauce, so if you know an Italian chef who serves pizza without sauce, what he is making is an ancient Greek dish and he really shouldn’t be offended that other people enjoy them with a sauce. The Italian way of making the base so crispy means it is horrible to eat without a sauce anyway.

            — Signed, Ich Will, An Italian Chef.

          • dE says:

            Games… bringing out the peaceful side in people. It’s not like two folks just tossed each other a violent “if only, i’d fuck you up real good” salad over modding a game.
            One way or another, with the food analogy being a bit fat fetched anyways, where I live you’d have to look faaar and looooong for a restaurant that doesn’t have a collection of spices on the table. Because folks know that everyone has different tastes and likes different things.
            And if a Pizza Chef is throwing a hissy fit over a customer adding something to the food, I wouldn’t throw a temper tantrum. I’d simply get up, pay and leave while telling all my friends to stay clear of that dreadful place with the maniac in the kitchen.
            Exactly the same I’d do with a Developer going crazy over mods in a game. Stay clear, inform friends. Done.

          • The Random One says:

            “The first time you played RISK was with house rules?”

            It was, me and a few friends found the box but no rules so we made it up on the spot. When I found out what the real rules were I was amazed at what a boring game it was.

          • jrodman says:

            Some original game experiences were already devalued by the developer. That is, they included choice that seem stupid and annoying to me, the gamer. So why shouldn’t I change them?

            Still waiting for easy setting Dark Souls.

          • Saiko Kila says:

            I’m still very angry because of my experience with Skyrim before modding… Fortunately it was a rather short experience. And I’m not buying anything from Bethesda in the foreseeable future. Experience as intended by authors is not always a nice one. Other example would be Dragon Age 2.

          • Schmitzkater says:

            @Ich Will

            Thank god you haven’t worked in a kitchen for some time now, then, seeing as I accidentally threw food in a chef’s face once and I would be scarred for life if he’d pinned me down and held my face down in the mess.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            @Schmitzkater – The key word there being accidentally!

          • Schmitzkater says:

            Of course! I really did not mean that remark to be taken too seriously, especially since it is such a ‘mundane’ topic that has spawned it :)

      • dangermouse76 says:

        Sorry friend not here for a debate on your opinion about modding. Have a good New Year.

      • x1501 says:

        Some unmodded ‘vanilla’ games are an insult to people who spend time and money on buying them. Ever played vanilla Oblivion? And who in their right mind would play unmodded Minecraft? In case of Xcom, I had to apply most tweaks from the Warspace Extension mod, as well as a few tweaks of my own (much longer research, slight accuracy adjustments, etc.) just to make the game enjoyable enough for me to finish.

        Take a look at link to

        • Advanced Assault Hippo says:

          Don’t be silly. Who in their “right mind”? Give me a break.

          The core game of Minecraft is/was fantastic. And I couldn’t have hallucinated when I was perfectly enjoying vanilla Oblivion the first time I played through it.

        • mpk says:

          I’ve only ever played unmodded vanilla versions of Oblivion and Minecraft, and only added mods to Skyrim after something like 30 hours in the game – even then it was only cosmetic mods, nothing that changed the mechanics or balance of the game.

        • x1501 says:

          While the core of Minecraft may be fantastic, it still has some of the ugliest textures I have ever seen in a video game and utterly pales in comparison to what its modded versions may be capable of. Given the choice, I can find no reason whatsoever to spend any time with and prefer the vanilla version of Minecraft over the modded one. It’s just pointless.

          As for unmodded Oblivion, its horrendous console UI alone almost made the game unplayable for me from the start. The game also had a forced level scaling system that completely ruined the experience for a lot of players (including me) and thousands of minor bugs and glitches that were thankfully fixed by mods like the Unofficial Oblivion Patch. Again, given the choice, it made no sense whatsoever to ever play the game with the vanilla UI and (if you hated it) vanilla leveling system.

          Not to mention that in addition to essential mods that reworked level scaling, remade the UI, and fixed most of the glitches (including a few gamebreaking bugs), other mods added a layer of strategic depth to the combat, remade some of the blandest environments, added hundreds of new creatures and challenges, implemented more complex crafting and housing systems, expanded the playable area, added realistic weather and climate, etc., etc., etc., ultimately turning what many viewed as a mediocre and underdeveloped game into something deep and finally worth playing. So yes, in my view, for someone with a huge backlog of games who only intended to play it once or twice with the only goal to get maximum enjoyment out of it, spending 30 hours of the unmodded version would be a complete waste of time.

          • Jenks says:

            Yes, spending 30 hours with a game which received many GOTY honors would be a “complete waste of time.” You nailed it.

          • x1501 says:

            Well, excuse me. If it received that many GOTY honors, I should have just ignored all the great additional content that came from the mods and stuck with the vanilla edition no matter how much I hated its numerous shortcomings. Good point.

          • The Random One says:

            “Yes, spending 30 hours with a game which received many GOTY honors would be a “complete waste of time.” You nailed it.”

            I’ve yet to see a game that has received numerous GOTY honours and I don’t find a perfect distillation of everything that’s wrong with the videogame industry. The boring, drab, glitched, unrealistic, bloated, uninspired, derivative, repetitive mess that’s Skyrim takes it to near parody levels.

      • Zogtee says:

        I seriously doubt that the devs intended all the glitches in XCom to be “part of the experience”, though. In reply to the OP’s actual question, no, very little has been fixed. There has been one patch that (sort of) fixed the roofs of the big alien ships blinking in and out of existence, but that’s it. Line of sight is still a mess and aliens and XCom will frequently shoot and be shot through solid objects. No official mod support. No worthwhile DLC. No nothing, really.

        I know the devs talked up XCom a great deal here on RPS before the release, how much they loved the original and so on. It would be nice to see a follow-up article asking them what happened to the love and if they have abandoned the game.

    • gulag says:

      Short answer: No.

      It’s looking increasingly unlikely that modding for Xcom is going to go anywhere. Firaxis don’t seem to be about to release an SDK/mod kit, which is a pity. Despite having a blast playing it through ‘as is’, there are a lot of things I would like to see changed in the new Xcom (although squad size isn’t one of them).

      Fingers crossed that they see the futility of story-driven DLC and release the tools that will change this from an interesting update to something that has the same long life as it’s predecessor.

      • dangermouse76 says:

        The more troops idea is just a thought, no idea if it would work. But custom maps would be a great thing. For shame.

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        I’m wondering if its not 2K wanting to sell more DLC since it doesn’t seem inline with how Firaxis has approached mod support in the past, but who knows with these things.

  3. eks says:

    Bah, I see greenman gaming hate our country as much as Steam does. It shows a price of $35.99 for XCOM.

    Screenshot: link to

    e: Sorry, seems I was wrong, you can’t even get it for that price. When going to the checkout it’s over $70 and when applying that coupon listed it’s $50.

    Screenshot: link to

    • andibarnes says:

      Yeah the voucher only seems to bring it down to £21 in this country as well, which is less than Steam has it on sale for right now, bit odd!

    • MeestaNob says:

      2K demanded GMG apply regional pricing for Australia and New Zealand as of this week. Guess I wont be buying any more 2K games any time soon.

      More on this from GMG: link to

    • mwoody says:

      It might help to specify what country “this country” is, especially since it uses the dollar sign. ‘Was very confused where you were seeing a $70 game.

  4. larchy says:

    The GMG Xcom voucher took the price down from £29.99 to £21.00 – not £10.50, so not sure what’s going on there (I’m in UK). Steam sale has it for £20

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Yeah, same for me. It is cheaper to get the disk from Amazon.

    • mpk says:

      Strange – I got it for £10.50 just before midday (according to my receipt) . Perhaps someone noticed the code was up on RPS and pulled the deal? Does that happen?

    • Phinor says:

      The XCOM deal was available for 24 hours starting Friday midday so it expired around the time this bargain bucket was posted.

    • Advanced Assault Hippo says:

      Yep. You snooze you lose.

      I recommend everybody simply goes to GMG a couple of times every day to look at their latest offers. They’re pissing all over Steam sales so far this year.

  5. wengart says:

    Green Man Gaming is also having an end of Christmas sale. Well that is what the X-Com deal is from.

    Friday 28th December

    50% off XCOM Enemy Unknown
    66% off Worms Ultimate Mayhem and WormsCrazy Golf
    Great Savings of up to 75% off on the Total War Series

    Saturday 29th December

    75% off Spec Ops: The Line
    75% off Renegade Ops
    75% off Crusader Kings 2

    Sunday 30th December

    85% Off Civ 5 Gods and Kings

    • arboreal says:

      Just picked up Spec Ops: The Line for £3.50 using “GMG30-DPLIM-DN831″. Activates on Steam. Cheers.

    • Suits says:

      Spec Ops sale is pretty good, picked up a Steam key there

    • Kuschelwampe says:

      Is the sale for Renegade Ops something regional? For me it shows 12,99€ without anything off. I’m in Germany, so..

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      Either it’s regional or something’s wrong. In the US I’m seeing Spec Ops, Alpha Protocol, Mount and Blade, and SR3 as today’s 75% off games.

  6. Sander Bos says:

    Can’t believe it, I appear to have just bought Battlefield 3 for 12.88 euros in the Netherlands…
    Thanks RPS! Thanks Lewie!!

  7. dE says:

    Just a friendly reminder, there’s still somewhat over a day left to grab the build a bundle dealie thing from Groupees. Even if you have no interest in the games you can pick yourself, you owe it to yourself to grab it – if only for the bonus things in it. Amongst which there is the Indie Darling La Maluna (HD Remake) and the Soundtrack for it as well.

    link to
    La Maluna for a minimum of $1.50? A Steal.
    (it’s a rather difficult but well made Metroidvania, it’s long and complex and has that Indiana Jones Feeling to it).

  8. Vandelay says:

    Surprised by there being no mention of the Borderlands 2 deal on Get Games. Original game and the DLC is all 50% off. This includes the season pass for only £9.99, which I hadn’t previously seen on sale anywhere.

    • Suits says:

      Season pass had been on GMG 50% + 30% coupon (=65%) sale before that. Also on GamersGate 50% (75% during pricing error). So apparently you’re not so up to date.

  9. Tams80 says:

    Saints Row: The Third with all DLC is already down to that price?!

    Damn do games depreciate quickly. Nintendo and rare ones being exceptions (and some sims and military strategy ones I think to).

    • LionsPhil says:

      The great thing is is that the hardware to run it at high settings deprecates as fast. This hobby has never been cheaper.

    • Jupiah says:

      They only depreciate that fast on PC though. :(

      Cheapest I’ve seen SR3 full package used for xbox or ps3 is $35. But I just picked it up off of steam yesterday for less than $8. Because of pricing differences like this I seem to be spending more and more of my money on PC games nowadays.

      • belgand says:

        It’s also an entirely digital phenomenon. If you want to pick up superior physical copies of games you’ll still be paying console prices for them. Probably even a bit worse because you can at least buy console titles used or borrow them from a friend.

      • Baines says:

        Console games get the initial “used game” drop, and from there they either go on the fast track to the discount bin or tend to sit on the shelf at the same price for years.

        Downloadable console games are worse. They hardly ever see any form of price drop. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo don’t have a reason to drop the price, as there is no real competition within an individual platform. It is almost a form of console maker price fixing (or may be actual console maker price fixing, in cases where the console maker tells publishers that they cannot charge less than a certain amount.)

        And DLC never sees price drops, at least not beyond being included in a GOTY-type bundle. Console games get this worse as well, as again there is no store competition, so consoles hardly ever have sales for temporary reductions.

        And downloadable versions of disc-based games? Prices tend to be disconnected from the actual disc market. Microsoft would put up a “download on demand” title for $40, when stores were selling disc copies for $20. (I was surprised when I saw that Microsoft had reduced the downloadable version of Bayonetta to $20.)

      • derbefrier says:

        lol you aint lying. I mean I buy full games for the price you can rent an xbox game. I tell people the start up cost to PC gaming may be higher than a console but you save so much money buying games it makes up for it. I have hundreds of games on my steam account and the vast majority of them I didn’t pay more than it would to go to blockbuster and rent it.

        • lordcooper says:

          This is somewhat negated by Steam forcing me to buy every game ever made.

    • ProctorEldritch says:

      Unfortunately, the SR3 voucher brings the price down to $35 USD.

  10. paddymaxson says:

    Anyone else seeing Xcom at £21 after that voucher code, not £10.50? :(

    edit: Looks like it was only valid yesterday

  11. Yosharian says:

    Spore? Really? Fucking Spore?

  12. ShineyBlueShoes says:

    Alpha Protocol is $2.62 on GMG with the discount code. Best price on that by far since steam had it for $2 that one day a year ago, so if you missed that like me this is probably closest it’s getting again. Also Spec Ops is $5.25 with the code which again is close to the flash price amazon had it at a couple weeks ago, though for $10 with both Bioshocks on Amazon is a better deal, if you don’t have them yet, since those still go for $5 a piece on steam.

  13. Hoaxfish says:

    GOG’s announced (on their Facebook account) that XIII will no longer be buyable from their site in about 2 days (if you’ve already bought it from them, you can still get it from your account). It’s currently on sale for $2.99.

    • elderman says:

      Is it a must have? A good old game? If I were deciding between this and Far Cry 1, for example, are they equally good? [Edit: bad joke excised.]

      • Tams80 says:

        It’s a good game, at least for its time. The story is a bit ‘meh’ and I’ve had save corrupts, but I did play it through in one sitting, which is something very few games get me to do.

        It really depends on whether you like cell shading though.

        • elderman says:

          So, not a ringing endorsement. Thanks for that. Still might get it just because I like the visual style. I think I do like cell shading.

  14. JonasKyratzes says:

    I’ll do the irritatingly shameless thing again and mention that The Sea Will Claim Everything is 50% off for the rest of the year: link to

    It’s on Greenlight, too: link to

    Urgh. I feel like every time I do this, God punches a llama. But poor indies need money, so screw those llamas, right?

    • Skabooga says:

      Certainly, your comment is related to the article, and you prefaced it with a self-promotion notice, so I don’t think there is anything with this.

      Though, subconsciously, could be I’m giving it a pass because I really like your work. :)

    • elderman says:

      I’m glad you posted.

      What’s the deal with the game in Wine under Linux? Seems to work, but not fully tested?

      • JonasKyratzes says:

        Yeah – I’ve been told by several people that it worked for them, but I don’t have a Linux system to test it on myself.

    • The Random One says:

      If it makes you feel better, llamas are total jerks.

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      Very interesting looking, don’t know if I would be able to enjoy it all that much but may buy it anyway.

      • JonasKyratzes says:

        My recommendation is to try one of the other games set in the same world – The Fabulous Screech, for example, which is short but definitely representative. They’re all free, and if you like them, you’re probably going to enjoy TSWCE.

        • elderman says:

          Oh, I liked that. Downloaded Screech and played it through. How lovely!

          This is much better than Far Cry.

          I’ll have a TSWCE, thank you very much. Delicious and nutritious.

        • ShineyBlueShoes says:

          Went ahead and bought it, still not certain but certainly hopeful and worthwhile none the less I think.

          • JonasKyratzes says:

            Yay! My one bit of advice for enjoying the game: play slowly, take your time. It’s more a game about being there than about solving puzzles.

  15. Wedge says:

    I saw the X-Com deal yesterday, and then it dawned on me I have not played a TBS since Valkyria Chronicles a couple years ago, and as a result, I probably never will again.

  16. SkittleDiddler says:

    GMG will be putting Civ V Gods & Kings on sale tomorrow at an 85% discount. Rumor has it that the 30% off code will also apply to the deal. That puts the final price at $3.15.

  17. elfbarf says:

    “Mass Effect 3 – £5.24/similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “GMG30-DPLIM-DN831″. Registers on Origin.”


    Since when is $21 similar to £5.24?

    • Delusibeta says:

      The joys of posting daily deals right as they end. The deal is now Spec Ops, for £3.50 or your regional equivalent with aforementioned voucher. Deal doesn’t apply to Australia & NZ, because 2k are douche-bags.

  18. RegisteredUser says:

    I also recommend looking into the sub 5er games on steam.

    Rocketbirds 1,99 EUR
    link to

    Kung-Fu Strike 1,99
    link to

    Possibly the Penny Arcade double pack + Part three for < 5 EUR.

    Stuff like that.
    Right now, Awesomenauts is on sale as well, the threepack for < 7 EUR.

  19. gujamari says:

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