FOLK Lore: RPS’s ARMA Peeps Celebrate 2012

One of my absolute favourite things is that there are various RPS communities. Seriously, it blows my mind. People have become proper friends with other people because this website exists. That makes me very happy. One such community is the hardcore gathering who get together to play ARMA 2, FOLK ARPS. And as I’d hope for anything spawned of our name, they’re an open, welcoming and friendly community, who encourage anyone interested in playing to join in. They’ve compiled a 10 minute video to show their antics in 2012.

I’m not even going to pretend to understand. I actually installed ARMA 2 with the intention of looking at DayZ, but was too terrified by the menus to even begin playing. But these are stronger, better, faster mens and womens than I. They understand what on Earth is going on at any point, and for that I respect and fear them:

If you want to join them, you can see their simple requests on their site, and find out details about upcoming games on their forums.

And if you’re another RPS-affiliated community and want some attention, let me know via my name above.


  1. Bodge says:

    Thanks John, you should come and play with us at some point. We would protect you from the menus, though perhaps not from the bullets.

    It has been a great year for our little Arma community as you can tell from the vid and long may it continue.

  2. egg651 says:

    All credit to SuperU for editing the video, very well done!

  3. JimTheDog says:

    Zero credit to Throwback Thursday crew for awesome (very brief) footage of flying boat fight? That was in REBELLION against Folk! (Sort of. Not really. We are all the same anyway.)

  4. jkostans says:

    ARMA developers:

    -Give a description when you click on a control of what each control bind actually does. Use a lot of detail!
    -Eliminate the redundant controls!

    I don’t play often so every time I play I have to spend 10 minutes re-learning all the bindings because I forgot the ridiculously vague and sometimes just wrong descriptions in the menu.

    • BAshment says:

      Is there a chance we can have a post about arma, without peoples nitpicky complaints in the comments.
      happy new year!!!!

  5. smokingkipper says:

    Okay, not enough Lancashire accents in that footage. I will have to come join you guys -this looks terrific fun.

  6. felisc says:

    speaking of RPS communities : come join our new fresh rps natural selection 2 group :D sunday evening ! european accents ! jokes about french people ! questionnable tactics !
    look for us in the forum; rock paper skulk.
    Happy new year everyone.

  7. m0ntag says:

    Hey, we made the website! Woohoo! Yes, you’re spot on when you describe people meeting because of this website. I’ve been an avid reader of RPS for over a year and have been in the Steam group for the same time. That group of folks is the best one that I know of and one that has helped make my year great. They got me into ARMA along with countless other games over the time I’ve known ’em. RPS is truly a beacon in the sea of mediocre communities and I thank you for that. You’ve changed my gaming (and normal, for that matter) life for the better. Thanks to the fine writers of RPS, thanks to my fellow RPS’ers in the Steam group, thanks to everyone involved in FA. I’m grateful and am glad to be a part of all of this. Let’s make 2013 just as good.


  8. ProctorEldritch says:

    “They understand what on Earth is going on at any point”

    That we do. That we do. *nods reassuringly*

  9. jimangi says:

    I always like to provide this when trying to convince people to join our community.
    link to
    JC2 isn’t a regular thing but it’s one of a number of little things people play aside from the bigguns like ARMA and DOTA.

  10. Joshua says:

    How much the community has changed in 2012.
    STill, it has been awesome playing with you guys – I will be back for 2013 for sure :).

  11. blindrocket says:

    Awesome vid.

  12. Stellar Duck says:

    I’m still a bit scared after the Folk merger. I feel too useless.

  13. Skabooga says:

    Good old FOLK Arma: perhaps as much as Dwarf Fortress, an embodiment of the motto, “Losing is fun!”

    • Geen says:

      Nah, not quite DF levels, you can at least kill anything that can kill you in ARMA. DF has undead giant sponges.

  14. jhng says:

    Ha! I did exactly the same — bought Arma2 in order to check out DayZ and then got intimidated by the systems (or that’s what I tell myself, nothing to do with people-phobia, honest).

  15. Ayam says:

    ARPS members were the first very welcoming gaming community I found on the internet – looking forward to some ARMA3 with these fine fellows.

  16. Tiax says:

    Well, I already knew that ARMA 2 multiplayer was tons of fun…

    …what I didn’t knew was The Glitch Mob. Great music, thanks for the discovery !

  17. Dilapinated says:

    Is the RPS Team Fortress 2 community still active? The only one I could find looked kinda dead.

  18. haradaya says:

    I have to join in on this. I’ve been yearning to play uncompetitively as a team with voice chat for so long. In any multiplayer game really.

  19. Gap Gen says:

    I played with RPS when they started and watched from a nearby hilltop as an entire Chinook full of nearly everyone on the server was shot out of the sky after flying directly over the enemy base. I played with them a few months ago, and damn are they organised. ArmA is no fun if you’re actually competent, guys. You have to go back to shelling your own coordinates again.

  20. daf says:

    Only been playing these guys since the DayZ sale of ARMA2 and already had so many memorable moments.

    I tried arma2 many times, but always ended up giving up frustrated with the single player jankyness or the lack of my friends interest in trying the MP with me, yet after learning about Folk ARPS and seeing the DayZ sale I took the plunge and got ARMA2 OA to complete my set (Arma2 + OA are required for the sessions).

    My only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner, I never knew how awesome ARMA could be until i attended my first Folk ARPS sessions, still worried for fear of being too incompetent, fear i quickly found was totally unfounded with such a friendly atmosphere and great people :)

    • SuperU says:

      Incompetence is not just welcome, incompetence is a recommended!

  21. El Spidro says:

    Imma definitely attend a session or two in the near future with these guys

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