RPS Asks: What Are Your Big PC Hopes For 2013?

Man! I spend half an hour of my NYE drawing this, then realise it looks like it could be from three years ago.

For some reason 2013 doesn’t sound as futuristic as 2012. It’s more the sort of date you’re used to seeing on tinned food than the year robot unicorns attack. But 2013 could well be the best year PC has ever seen. As you drift off toward your Newyearseving celebration of choice, why not leave a thought on what you’re most hoping for?

And I’m not just saying 2013’s going to be good because our livelihood relies on the success of PC gaming, no sirree. I’m saying it because I believe it’s very true. 2013 is going to be the year where people grow increasingly reluctant to buy consoles, knowing that they’ll be out of date and replaced by Christmas. And as console fatigue kicks in it puts the emphasis back on us, before 2014’s TV-toy excitement kicks off. It’s also a year where developers will be building 2014’s games on devkits for the next gen, and thus freed up to explore the greater power the PC already possesses, meaning previews should get more intriguing.

Also, it’s just a crazy good year for the games that we already know are coming out, let alone the unrevealed, unknown indie projects, delivery of so many Kickstarter promises, and break-out surprise mods that will sneak up on us along the way. And of top of that, the completely unpredictable, 2013’s equivalent to the astonishing rise of crowd-funding and honour-payments that formed so much of 2012. I’m fairly certain it’ll be a year that reveals the next twist on big budget game pricing, the evolution of F2P into something new.

2013 will give us BioShock: Infinite, Planetary Annihilation, ArmA 3, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Sim City, StarCraft: Heart Of The Swarm, The Elder Scrolls Online, GTA V, Metro Last Light, Watch Dogs, Total War Rome 2… And I’m scraping the surface – we’ll have FAR more detail about the games of 2013 over the rest of this week.

So what are your big hopes for 2013 in PC Land? What games can’t you wait to play? What changes do you expect to see? What new twists and turns do you predict? Let us know below.


  1. iGark says:

    2560×1440 monitors coming down to an affordable price, and graphics improving so that my 6770 (which I was informed was only a midrange card) is no longer viable for running everything on maximum (except Metro 2033.)

      • Scumbag says:

        Quick bit of feedback on them: I’ve had one of those Shimian monitors for about 2 or so months and, provided you get a working one, they are really bloody nice.
        Beware of the customs charges.

        • ashleypatterson8 says:

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      • BooleanBob says:

        Hnappy new year jOHN

        Lovely John

        • SuperNashwanPower says:

          Heh this is a new years eve drunk post isn’t it :) Hope you had fun and the hang over is kind to you !

      • Carra says:

        Got one for half a year now. The screen is great, everything on it looks very a lot better than on my old screen.

        One caveat though, my screen sometimes flickers. It’s solved by putting it off and on again but still…

      • Lovelydoveyfrog says:

        Happy New Years

      • Porkolt says:

        Looks like someone has a new year’s resolution

    • Kaira- says:

      To expand on this: laptop screens that have higher res than smartphones. I mean seriously, 1366×768 or something like that on 15″ laptop? That’s just bullshit, but for some reason it keeps happening.

      • bad guy says:

        Using a 15″ 1366×768 monitor on my PC. OLED though.

      • Lord of the Fungi says:

        I recently found my aged ThinkPad laptop when cleaning some of my stuff at my parents place. It doesn’t work well anymore with it’s half gig of RAM and a small hard disk that sounds like a farming machine, but it sports a screen with 1800×1200 resolution. It amazes me that even top laptops today can’t easily match this. What happened?

        • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

          The screen is the expensive part. For the price of laptops to come down to what most people were willing to pay, something had to give. Most people will notice when it takes their browser five minutes to load, but most won’t look carefully enough at the screen to be able to tell the difference between 1600×1200 and 1024×768.

    • Adekan says:

      I have the same card as you, a Diamond HD 6770. I’ve found little it can’t handle at better-than-average FPS.

      . You may want to check out updating your CPU/RAM instead. I went from a Core 2 Duo to an i5-2500K and Planetside 2 was like night and day, from slideshow on low settings to smooth, flawless beauty on ultra.

      • F3ck says:

        At the risk of being a new years dick…

        …while the 6770 is a decent card (and huge improvement over, say, the HD 5000’s) it actually falls into a weird limbo between low – mid range…

        (e.g., with my overclocked 7870, I have what is widely considered mid range)

        …if I’m you (and assuming Adekan is mistaken* and you don’t have this card shoved in a Dell Dimension or some such) I’d consider a 2gb+ card before I try gaming in IMAX.

        …just sayin’, before spending two weeks salary on a monitor, maybe Craigslist ye old Radeon for $50/ £30 and put that toward a beefier GPU.

        *though, it does help to have a decent CPU picking up the slack.

        [edit] there was some obvious misapplication here…this was not intended as a retort to anyone’s comment, more a meaningless addendum…

        • Adekan says:

          Valid points, I was assuming he was simply commenting on the fact that 2560×1440 monitors were coming down in price, rather than planning to buy one. I would likely look for a new GPU with that large of a screen, or if you’re planning to run dual monitors on 1920×1080.

          Otherwise, in spite of its awkward placement between mid and low end cards, I have found the 6770 to be perfectly capable even for top of the line games of this year, and presumably the first part of the next, at least with one 1920×1080 screen. For the price I paid ( Around $80 new off Newegg, with an included (at the time) $50 game (I’ll overlook the fact I’ve never so much as launched it, damn you GFWL) I find it quite a bargain for the power it provides.

          • F3ck says:

            They seem like decent cards (I jumped from a 5770 – which served me very well for years) and indeed there’s no need for upgrades when performance is satisfactory (although, as a tweaker, I don’t truly believe that)…

            …again, I wasn’t intending to directly comment on what you were saying…just thinking aloud about what might be prudent in terms of advancing overall performance, effectiveness…


    • Rinimand says:

      What I wish for is an easy list:
      – Thief 4 to happen
      – Star Citizen to be real
      – More time to play games (the ability to slow time in the evenings or 4-day weekends every week would suffice)
      – No more crappy console ports – design games for PCs first and then Consoles, or skip the console altogether.
      Then I’ll be happy.

    • D3xter says:

      link to tomshardware.com
      link to engadget.com

      2560×1440 will soon be Low-Fi and on the rather lower end of the spectrum (within 3-4 years).
      Expect things like 16-17″ 3840×2160 Laptops to be unveiled at CES in a week.

    • big boy barry says:

      you can pick up dell u2711s fairly cheap now a days.i got mine for £450.not cheap i know but a very, very worthwhile purchase,.tied with ssd drives as the biggest single upgrade ive had in many years.

    • donweel says:

      At this point I would say Pathfinder, and Elite Dangerous

  2. Fazer says:

    Steam on Linux and SteamBox. Finally free from Microsoft.
    Also trading games on Steam Market.

    • razvanab says:

      I hope that Steam for Linux will take off and the Bohemia Interactive stuff will be release form the custody.

    • Dana says:

      >Also trading games on Steam Market.

      Won’t happen. Ever.

      • Fazer says:

        I thought about it and came to a conlusion it is possible and profitable for Valve. Let’s say you can only trade games from your inventory. You buy a game, pay Valve, put the game in the inventory. Then you create an offer on the market, someone else pays for the game, the money goes to Valve. So it already earned on that one game more than it would without Market.

        TLDR same as current trading games on Steam, but you pay Valve for it.

        Edit: I’m talking about game gifts in your inventory, not your library.

        • The Random One says:

          It is also possible and profitable for Valve to give away 100 non-Valve games for each Valve game you buy, but other publishers would never be down with that.

          Considering how much publishers hate the second-hand market, they’d hate to lose the one platform where it isn’t as widespread.

          • Fazer says:

            This is not a second hand market, because you can’t use the games in your inventory. You may think people would get games for cheaper prices, but someone has to buy them first, so in the end the earnings per game will be higher.

            And if you’re concerned about the fact that you can buy games with your Steam wallet, the balance is still equal – the same amount of money goes to Steam in both cases, just from different sources.

          • Shuck says:

            @Fazer: The problem is that the prices are lower than they’d otherwise be precisely because they’re non-transferable. Thus bundle prices, for instance. I’ve bought certain games two or three times over because they were in bundles so cheap it didn’t matter that I already had a game (or three). If you could transfer games, the pricing would have to change, too, to reflect that.

          • Fazer says:

            @Shnuck: Firstly, I was talking about selling game gifts from your inventory, not games from your library. As I said in other comment, it’s already possible to trade games for nothing and for free, so adding an optiom to trade for money is a nobrainer to me (and you can’t take them out of Steam wallet into real life account).

            Secondly, we have huge sales because Valve noticed they bring more profits than normal prices. But I’d agree the sale fever may be strenghtened by lack of second hand market (which transfering gifts for money is not).

        • Dana says:

          Valve is only distributor. You think big publishers like EA, Acti, Bethesda, Ubisoft etc. would go for that ? Even for a cut of profits ? Nope.

          • Fazer says:

            Publishers already allow trading game gifts for free on Steam. So I’m sure they would allow trading them for money (remember that you can’t take the money out of Steam).

          • Archonsod says:

            Erm, no they don’t. Steam allows you to purchase a game as a gift, but you can’t add said gift to your own account and play it, you’d need to buy two copies.
            So not only are publishers highly unlikely to be happy with this, but Valve would also need to go away and recode the client to somehow allow you to move games from your account to your inventory in order to facilitate such sales.
            And that’s before you consider serial numbers getting shifted around, particularly when there’s 3rd party stuff involved.

          • Fazer says:

            “Erm, no they don’t. Steam allows you to purchase a game as a gift, but you can’t add said gift to your own account and play it, you’d need to buy two copies.”
            I never said about adding the game to your account permanently.

            The rest of your post is based on misunderstanding, so no comment on that.

            And yes, publishers are happy with trading gifts for free. I can’t see why would they be unhappy if they could earn money on it.

        • rb2610 says:

          I think you can, I bought Borderlands 2 as a gift for my brother when it was on sale in November, his birthday was a few days later so I went for the option of adding the gift to my inventory rather than sending it to the recipient straight away.

          From the inventory you can pass it on as a gift or use it yourself. (Whether the recipient can then pass it on again I don’t know).

          So if you want to add a game to your inventory rather than library just purchase as a gift.

          (You would have to deal with payment outside of Steam though)

      • Rhuhuhuhu says:

        Got 10.000 EUR to spare, and you happen to be living within the EU? – Help the whole PC community and force them to comply with the law.

        Faze’s idea is hopeful, but not legal. The idea behind first-right doctrine means that you have the right to resell a product you’ve bought, without control, limitation or compliance from the original publisher. If Valve takes a cut, and has to green light a sell, they are obstructing free trade.

        The European Court ruling did also state that original distrubuters have the right to enforce checks and mechanisms to check that the sale happens in accordance to law. In other works, Steam removing it from your list and adding it to the list of your customer is legal.

        More info:
        link to arstechnica.com

        Other then that, there are a lot of hopeful developments in front of the stage as well as behind the stage. The Ouya, Steam for Linux, Unity 3D 4.0 for quick and easy development for smaller teams. And of course, we’ll figure out if all those ambitious Kickstarter projects are worth a damn.

        • Harkkum says:

          I think that you are somewhat cutting the corners here. The CJEU actually does state in its decision that when a significant proportion of the license acquired is a service rather than goods you won’t have a right to re-sale your license. Even though I would personally lean to your final conclusion I am not entirely sure they would be willing to get it all the way to the court again. After all, the same logic as exemplified in the Oracle case would equally well apply to all application stores, which should allow you to sell apps you have acquired to your mobile device (i.e. iTunes content, Android/Amazon/Kindle purchases and WP/W8 apps).

          As the Court also made clear the price for such transaction to take place should not be prohibitive which, with games costing a full dollar a bunch (Humble Bundle) would either have to be non-existent or it would render the entire system obsolete. The same, of course, holds true for the application purchases. However, Valve (and the others) would find it hard to argue that they would have to invest to infrastructure as it is possible already now to gift game codes which would be close to the same as selling them with the minor distinction of erasing the access to content from the seller as part of the transaction.

          When it comes to the costs, I’d say that it would be close to free in a number of countries where you are entitled to represent yourself in small civil claims. After all, I could just buy one game from Steam and then ask for them to provide me a service to transfer the game once I get bored to it to, say, my brother. Would they refuse I could bring the case before the court myself and then just ask the district court to file a request for preliminary ruling to the CJEU on the matter after which the case would be stalled for the duration of the proceedings before the European court. Simple and easy (and not too expensive, if you happen to win).

          • Archonsod says:

            Problem being Steam makes it absolutely clear throughout the purchase that you’re paying for a subscription rather than a good, so it’s entirely a service. What they are in fact selling is access to a game under the terms of their own license with the publisher; in effect they can get around the law simply by pointing out their terms are no different to that of a cable television subscription (particularly now we have cable boxes that download programs …)

          • Llewyn says:

            @Archonsod: Thankfully, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong here.

            Yes, Steam define what you’re purchasing as a subscription but it clearly isn’t: it lacks the two defining features of a subscription, that the term is finite and that there is a recurring cost for extension. Contracts don’t define what things are, they only define how the parties (or more usually, one of the parties) would like them to be treated by courts. Steam’s terms could declare that what you’re buying is a bunch of flowers but it’s still a right to use computer software.

            I believe* that the ruling referenced in that article explicitly stated that a sale would not be the provision of a service merely because the supplier claims that it is, but would instead need to be demonstrably a service and not a sale of goods.

            *I’m too lazy to check, and so am prepared to be shot down here by those who aren’t.

  3. AchronTimeless says:

    My biggest hope is that this will be the Year of Linux. Steam has their beta out and Valve is porting all their own titles as we speak. THQ is looking into the feasibility of supporting it because they got an overwhelming response from consumers on that HumbleSelloutBundle thing. I’ve even heard rumors that EA is porting over Origin to keep up with Valve.

    Basically, the one thing that has always held Linux back was lack of support by game devs. Get the newest AAA titles on Linux and that barrier goes away. Add that in with Microsoft really losing their minds with the “walled garden” half of Win8 having every appearance of expanding in the future, and Linux might end up being the “Gamers’ OS” in the next year or so.

    • Cinek says:

      Yea, yea, yea, each year since ’70 is suppose to be a year of linux, while still Macs are more popular as a gaming platform.
      I hope it’ll be a year of Apple gaming. And every new game released will have it’s mac version. ;) :)

      • AchronTimeless says:

        Macs are better gaming systems? pft. You do realize they run the same x86 based hardware as everyone else now right? Fire up Apple’s site, pick a desktop machine, write down the hardware specs. Then go over to NewEgg and buy the same exact parts (once you sort out how they create their own model numbers for some stuff) and build a system for significantly cheaper, usually around a third of the cost.

        I don’t see how charging more for the exact same hardware makes it “better”, but then again, I haven’t had a lobotomy.

        • Douchetoevsky says:

          The person who you replied to said that macs are “more popular” than linux as a gaming platform, not “better.”

          Please work on your reading comprehension skills before you start calling people stupid. Are you sure you haven’t had a lobotomy?

          • AchronTimeless says:

            Oh sorry, I forgot educationally handicapped people need things spelled out for them. Allow me to help.

            Movies: The latest Spiderman film is more popular than Open Water.
            Games: Super Meat Boy is more popular than Barbie Horse Adventures.
            Literature: 50 Ways to Entertain Yourself On The Toilet is more popular than Sarah Palin’s America by Heart.

            If you’re going to sit here and complain to me because you can’t understand the inherent value statement there, that’s not my fault. I’m only responsible for what I say, not what you can understand.

          • Grygus says:

            Achron, more people just buy Apples than go through your system of saving half their money in order to run Apple software on a cheaper machine. You know that this is true. However, their way is not better; you said so yourself! How is it that you can draw a distinction between “popular” and “better,” but anyone else doing so is “educationally handicapped?” With your superior intellect, perhaps you can better acquaint me with the term, “hypocrite.”

          • AchronTimeless says:

            No one is this stupid. Seriously, you’re all just messing with me to see how long it takes for me to lose my mind. I refuse to believe that anyone actually has trouble understanding this.

            I’m going to put this simply because I’m losing my faith in humanity every time I have to explain this:

            1. Why is Call of Duty selling more copies than Barbie Horse Adventure? Yes, the end result is that it’s more popular, but that’s a result, not a cause. Why is it? No, not a demographic issue because look at the crossover of COD and MLP:FiM fans. So why is it? Because between the two there is a rather well substantiated view that COD is a better game than BHA.

            2. When you say “yeah yeah yeah… well X is more popular than Y” you’re being dismissive and heavily pushing the implication that X is in fact better than Y. The dismissive attitude immediately before supports the apparent condescending attitude that his chosen overpriced product is somehow intrinsically better.

            3. Upon pointing out that this was a false conclusion, I get poked at from the peanut gallery by someone who seemingly can’t comprehend that.

            3. Upon completing the cycle of refuting a condescending claim, and then explaining how it was in fact a condescending claim that needed to be refuted, I get called a hypocrite for daring to try to shatter this poor soul’s delusion that he paid more for something when he got nothing in return. See, to be a hypocrite, I’d have to contradict myself. I didn’t ever, not once, in my entire life say that macs were better computers. I merely pointed out that Cinek was claiming that distinction in a round-a-bout fashion and debunking it. The fact that you can’t wrap your head around that, and in fact try to conjure a contradiction out of thin air when it never happened, means I accept your judgement of having “superior intellect”.

          • drewski says:

            I think you need to put down the overreacting pipe.

            The guy you flew off the handle at just had a bit of a cheeky dig at Linux, noting that it’s fans claim it’s the year of Linux every year, and it never happens, while noting that Apple – for whatever reason – is vastly more popular than Linux (and, I would argue, his implication being that Apple is therefore more likely to be an attractive gaming platform for game publishers to target).

            I really don’t think he’s saying or implying that Apples are better systems qualitatively than Linux for gaming, and I don’t think that’s a fair inference you’ve drawn.

            Nowhere in his initial post did he say Macs were “better” – that was an inference you, and you alone, drew.

          • AchronTimeless says:

            Interesting critique but I disagree for reasons which are already apparent. Thanks for actually making a valid point instead of making me want to offer you a helmet for your own protection. Faith in humanity partially restored.

          • GepardenK says:

            The fact that something is better just because its more popular is a crazy assumption to make. It might be true in some cases but having it as a principle will clearly skrew with your view on things in the wrong way

          • TCM says:

            Ahcron: Congratulations on being the first person to type a whole essay’s worth of kneejerk defensive text based on a complete lack of reading comprehension and/or a sense of humor in the new year. I look forward to seeing what your next Wulf-level rant is.

            Also I like your counting style, if I can be pedantic for a moment.

            1, 2, 3, 3, presumably 4 is next.

            (It amazes me that anyone can devote so much time to typing so very little of value, and not give it even a cursory glance for errors.)

            I’m not a smug, pedantic, condescending jerk, or anything. I’m just like that towards people who like Linux, since I am clearly a superior human to them.

            [Let me know if I bruised your ego, it needs a good bruising.]

          • AchronTimeless says:

            3 was so full it needed to be broken into sections. Yeah.. we’ll go with that, or that I’m tired. =)

            Point still stands though, claiming macs are more popular is ipso facto claiming they’re better or else they wouldn’t have been more popular, at least in the context it was given. Since you all keep telling me that it’s stupid to claim that, I’m a little confused where you think you’re disagreeing with me since that was my entire point. Happy new year and all that rot.

          • dsch says:

            One more vote for ‘I don’t see how the other guy was actually saying Macs are better.’


          • Matindo says:

            Chalk another one for the “I can’t believe you thought he was implying Macs are better than Linux just because he said they were more popular” camp.

          • rb2610 says:

            McDonalds is far more popular than any Michelin Star restaurant in the world, it goes without saying though that the food at a Michelin Star restaurant is infinitely better.

            More popular =/= better.

            For a more tech related example, look at Internet Explorer, until fairly recently IE had the largest market share, thus was the most popular browser, is it better than FF or Chrome, not by a long shot, it barely scrapes by as ‘good’, let alone ‘better’ than anything else, yet it was the most popular.

      • karmafarm says:

        Clearly, Apple computers are shinier, and therefore technically superior.

        My hope for gaming in 2013 is to scrounge up the funds for one of they new iMacs. Do you think I can get a red one? Cos that’d be even faster.

      • IceSentry says:

        It’s fine for me since most mac compatible games use opengl which is the same for linux. Basically if a game works on mac it will probably work on linux very easily the only reason windows is still the biggest os is directx. I also prefer linux because i don’t like apple os.

    • wyrmsine says:

      It won’t be the Year of Games-for-Linux, but I’m hopeful there’ll be more widespread support for it.

      • goettel says:

        A (wireless headset-based) virtual surround solution that doesn’t suck monkey balls.

        Hell, as long as I’m hoping: full 3D (spherical) hi resolution rendered audio (probably on dedicated hardware) with wireless headsets switching to wi-fi for much needed extra bandwidth (24 bit/192 kHz) and stability, with full 3D mixing of all available audio sources.

  4. FullMetalMonkey says:

    Biggest hopes for me are: GTA V (IF it comes to PC), Watch Dogs, the evolution of Planetside 2, Sir, You are being hunted!, Prison Architect and Maia. But like John says, its only scratching the surface.

    • FullMetalMonkey says:

      Oh and World Peace! <3

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        World peace will be delayed until Q1 14. You heard it here first.

        • Cuddlefish says:

          How wonderfully hopeful. You’d think people would realize it’s vaporware at this point. How many lead developers have they gone through since Wilson?

          • Hematite says:

            I heard it will be an Xbox exclusive for a month, too.

          • Dunbine says:

            It was actually released in late 1991, but it was very buggy and in need of significant patches. Crashed a lot. No talk of a remake since then, even though there seems to be a significant interest.

          • GepardenK says:

            I tried the early beta back in november 1990. Lots of bugs and a stupid consept tbh. Not sure what they were going for really

          • emertonom says:

            The 1991 version was *terrible*. No balance at all, and tons of pay-to-win nonsense. Besides, didn’t all the servers come down when they were sued over some kind of copyright dispute by the estate of John Lennon? I think you can still find a cracked version online, but it seems kind of pointless to play in single-player.

          • AngoraFish says:

            I would totally throw money at kickstarter for the remake.

      • lijenstina says:

        World peace doesn’t sell enough copies as a platform so the publishers from big countries aren’t interested in support it, and has always on DRM.

      • YourMessageHere says:

        Duke Nukem Forever WAS the new World Peace, until it actually got released.

  5. KevinLew says:

    Well, the Watch Dogs E3 demo certainly blew me away and I have high hopes for that game. However, tech demos rarely turn out to be the same as the real game, and massive hype has nearly always led up to serious disappointment.

  6. povu says:

    I’m hoping for plenty of Kickstarter successes.

    • Craig Stern says:

      This! Crowdfunding is key to the continued vitality of indie games development.

    • abandonhope says:

      Me too. After one half-fail (Haunts) and with only a couple rough alphas/betas to go by, I’m looking forward seeing the results of all that money I may have waved goodbye to. Had I backed Chivalry or FTL, I’d count those for sure, but I didn’t, so I’m still kind of waiting on my “first.” Nekro, Kinetic Void, and The Dead Linger especially, if they make it here by Q4 2013, because they are not like other things I’ve already played.

      My smaller hopes:

      I’d love to see the campaign for Lodestar: Stygian Skies relaunched. The dev asked for a pittance for a Linux-first release, but all the Linux gamers who should have cared apparently didn’t. Too original, too sci fi-weird maybe. If you care, imagine the gameplay of Dead State and that RPG Black Isle claims they want to make, but still pretty different.

      I’m also hoping Cartel lands this side of 2013.

      And Age of Decadence. Is this the year? It’d be a shame if an old-school RPG in development for so long, and for such a barren period, were to be released after old-school RPGs had already made a comeback.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Yeah, a few of those should be due to be completing.

      Mostly though, I’m hoping for a quiet year so I can catch up!

    • meatshit says:

      It’ll be interesting to see the reaction to the first high-profile Kickstarter failure as well.

  7. baziz says:

    Oculus Rift
    Oculus Rift
    Oculus Rift

    Development seems to be moving forward at a decent pace, and the price point is well within standard monitor price. Excited for this and any other competition that comes along.

    • Clavus says:

      Hope the Oculus Rift will grow into something amazing. And not just because I have a dev kit on the way.

    • Mbaya says:

      I’m in the Oculus Rift boat as well, really more excited to get my hands on one and see how dev’s use it more than any single game this year.

    • goettel says:

      Still on the fence for the dev kit, although it seems very reasonably priced – if they can deliver on their promises. If Hawken turns out great, that might be worth it already.

    • lazy8 says:

      Yes, looking forward to play with the Oculus Rift, especially in combination with the Leap controller.

    • roryok says:

      Occulus Rift sounds like something my optician might warn me about

  8. F3ck says:

    I’m hoping to get “Sir, You are Being Hunted” changed officially to “You, Sir, are Being Hunted”…

    …as this is how it invariably forms in my head…also I feel it sounds decidedly more “English”…

    [edit] says the bourgeois American

    • Phantoon says:

      Not British at all. No “Cheerio”, no “pip pip”, no “wot”, and no statements about tea.

      • Lanfranc says:

        “You’re Beeing Huntid, Guv’ner” *spits*

      • I Got Pineapples says:

        ‘Sir, You are being hunted now excuse me while go and have this Scotsman I own beat an Irishman who had the termacity to look me directly in the eye while I get drunk on gin.’

        • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

          How quaint. One would think that there is a shortage of urchins who will perform simple errands like that for a shilling.

          • I Got Pineapples says:

            I have always found a stout length of wood to better serve for beating the irish than an urchin child. While once I would have been inclined towards the latter, an urchin child not gainfully employed in the mills being slightly less useful than cane or similar beating implement, I have found the irish to be terribly impertinent of late and it is more sensible to merely purchase the one irishman smiter and keep it to hand instead of renting several urchin children.

            And, while you may think me some sort of wretched fabian for this, I find the children to be terribly hard on the hands of poor McConnel. Yes, while the scots don’t feel things in the same sense a real human might, being closer to the heathen chinee in that respect, I do imagine I sometimes see some glimmer of something approaching comprehension in his dull, bestial eyes.

          • roryok says:

            poppycock. urchins are only uncomfortable to use when deceased. you need merely keep fresh ones

    • Flimgoblin says:

      Imagine it’s your butler saying it, all makes sense.

      • The Random One says:

        Butt-ler? Is that a British thing? In the US we call those ‘illegal aliens’.

        • lijenstina says:

          I thought in the US you call them – “The rest of the world” :)

          • Zakski says:

            sssssssssssh, Americans aren’t supposed to know about the rest of the world, you’ll doom us all!

          • Solidstate89 says:

            Nah, we refer to the rest of the world as our Firing Range.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Well, I suppose if you wanted to sound more like Michael Caine…

    • F3ck says:

      hmmm…how ’bout:

      What’s all this then? Bloody ‘ell! Automatons ‘re persuin’ ya…yes, quite.

      …too long?

    • jhng says:

      I prefer “Are you being hunted, Sir?” in an open-world, procedurally-generated haberdashery department. Back to the drawing-board, Jim!

  9. aepervius says:

    My big hope for PC gaming for 2013 :
    1) that PC does not get droopped like an old socks because of the promise of advaent of a new console generation (like they did for PS3/XBOX360).
    2) more & better indy
    3) finally a sandbox MMO which lets you build your own adventure (like the forge in STO or like the NWN adventure)

    • LittleWormOnTheShelf says:

      We will always be drooped, it’s our lot in life.

  10. TCM says:

    I hope for more XCOM content, for Rome Total War 2 to not suck (not that I think it will), and that CK2 is expanded into infinity.

    I guess for a non strategy game hope, I hope that a good first person sneaker comes out in the upcoming year.

    • Grygus says:

      I came to make a post but you already made it. I’ll just pretend to click Like and move on.

      Oh wait! Also, Grim Dawn. Now my post isn’t useless! Yay!

    • Mirdini says:

      A man after my own heart.

      Also looking forward to Bioshock Infinite and Metro Last Light, but who isn’t on that count.

    • Davie says:

      Proper mod tools for XCOM would make me immensely happy. I can’t get the image of a Deathwatch conversion out of my head…

  11. derella says:

    I’m hoping for a bunch of RPG announcements. I feel starved, and GW2 just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore… Supposedly DA3 will be released in the fall, which seems sudden, since virtually nothing about it has be revealed yet.

    Also, Kickstarter. The Cave. DoubleFine Adventure. TellTale’s Fables game.

  12. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    I’m hoping for more cats in video games.

  13. Malleus says:

    I hope the Bohemia guys get released from Greece because that is just ridiculous.

    Incidentally I also hope Arma 3 will get released and my PC will be able to run it … on medium … at 20 fps … it’s not much to ask for is it?

  14. NathanH says:

    I can’t say any of the games listed particularly excite me. Starcraft will be good I imagine. Apart from Crusader Kings 2 DLC I am most looking forward to seeing the new Eador game and seeing what happens with some of the indie or kickstarter strategies/sims/RPGs. I have loads of very good and very replayable games though, so frankly there could be no new games next year and I wouldn’t get bored.

  15. PopeRatzo says:

    My greatest hope for 2013 is that both next-gen consoles flop and the go-to platform for gaming becomes Linux.

    Also, I want to see the line between indie game companies and the big companies start to blur. But it will take indie companies putting out a few real blockbusters, not just “good enough for indie” games.

    Also, may the big third-person games flop so game companies stop making so many of them. And may there be some better way for game companies to “protect” their games besides lathering on a sucky and useless “co-op” or “multiplayer” section.

  16. AndrewC says:

    I hope to buy the biggest, bestest pc in the world, that will not only run every single game at 60fps minimum on max but will do so without any glitches, crashes, incompatibilities or general fannying about at all. And be really quiet.

    What do you think?

    • DiamondDog says:

      Yeah I’m sick to bloody death of medium. I want to get reacquainted with Mr. Ultra Setting.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I want graphics cards to abandon fans.

      And processors to give them a stern talking to.

      • Josh W says:

        Yeah, and just move into making graphics for themselves, following their own muse.

    • philbot says:

      Oh man, after spending so many years on medium/low I saved my pennies and bought a new PC in October. It is glorious. The best part about it, is I spent a bit more and got better hardware- Not a single faulty component in the lot. Installed windows on first power up and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. I hope you will have as much luck as I did.

    • Lawful Evil says:

      Dreams. You can have the best(est) hardware in the universe, but you’ll still have to deal with the software I’m afraid. And software (games especially) can be quite buggy as we all unfortunatelly know, and can render your beastly graphics card (for example) almost useless.

  17. 1Life0Continues says:

    The end of Zombies. Please.

    Less focus on graphics and more focus on mechanics and story.

    Fair pricing across the globe instead of the usual regional gouging.

    And, for the impossible dream, less arseholes in multiplayer.

    Begin telling me why I am wrong.

    • Phantoon says:

      WANTING things is WRONG! Quit your job and abandon society to live in the WOODS!

    • Grygus says:

      I will try.

      Zombies possess no moral compass, and therefore cannot be evil; they are merely true to their nature. By opposing them, you place yourself against something that cannot be wrong, and is therefore right; by fighting against right, you become wrong.

      Video games are about graphics; that is why they are called video games, and not story games or mechanical games. By opposing the video in video games, you seek to change the very nature of our hobby, which is clearly wrong.

      Fair pricing leads to thinking that everyone is equal, but an even cursory review of history shows that there are winners and losers, which puts that notion to the lie. Therefore, wishing equality is wishing for unreality – obviously wrong.

      Mutiplayer games full of friendly and helpful communities would not induce rage; since rage is a primal emotion useful for committing the kind of violence reserved for murderous rampages and high scores in video games, you seek to remove a useful tool. I don’t see how that could be right!

    • YourMessageHere says:

      The first two I can wholeheartedly support. The last I don’t. I enjoy the presence of arseholes in MP largely because it’s more of a pleasure to kill people you know to be actively aggravating and generally shit than it is to kill people who are simply on the other side. There is the problem of arseholes on your team, but play enough rounds and eventually they’ll be on the enemy team.

  18. Knightley4 says:

    I just hope that gameplay of watch dogs will not be too assassins, uh, creedy.

  19. Drake Sigar says:

    Dead State. I’ve waited long enough.

    • JB says:

      I am also eagerly awaiting Dead State. Also, I’m very keen for Card Hunter!

    • Flakfizer says:

      Dead State is the only upcoming game i crave.

  20. IneptFromRussia says:

    From all announced big titles (and not only on PC), i do not think any one of them will be 2013 GOTY, well maybe with exception of GTA V. So either 2013 will be a slow year, or something completely amazing will surprise us. *fingers crossed*

  21. MuscleHorse says:

    Saving up for a new PC is all at the moment really. Far Cry 3 was fun and all but the stuttering is starting to get in the way of the endangered species murdering fun.

  22. Tim says:

    Please let Star Citizen not suck
    Please let the Oculus Rift not suck
    Please let AMD not go under

    • Cinek says:

      SC in 2013 will have only a closed pvp beta. Hardly anything to judge the game yet :) ;)
      But besides that small detail: +1 to everything!

    • wodin says:

      I’m sure there are lots hoping SC wont suck, considering some have spent extraordinary amount of money on it, Can you imagine the backlash if it didn’t turn out that great..and some have spent well over £100 others well more than that!

  23. Toupee says:

    I don’t think I’m the only one who is most looking forward to Steam blossoming on Linux. I’m very curious as to how Windows 8 backlash will effect the future of PC gaming. Could it be that Steamboxes make their way to the market? Is it even possible for Valve to get DirectX working legally on Linux? Could developers ditch it in favor of multiplatform support?

    I got a Nexus 7 recently, and it’s my first foray into the Android world (yes, still rocking a phone with a T9 pad). It’s awesome, and I’m excited to see how that will continue to evolve.

    • Optimaximal says:

      Why would Valve need to have anything to do with DirectX when there are perfectly serviceable alternatives to each of its functions available? Ask Blizzard, Valve and iD!

      • ulix says:

        Cause they’d have a library of thousands of games that would immediatly work on Linux, without any porting needing to be done… instead of eight games.

      • Solidstate89 says:

        Because even John Carmack has publically stated that Direct X is better than OpenGL.

  24. Isometric says:

    Looking forward to ROME 2 (since rome was my favourite) and I had much fun with Shogun 2 and it’s expansions this year, really wanting to see CA go further and better and bigger. I hope Bioshock Infinite lives up to something compelling because that world looks fantastic. DAY Z was a harrowing journey of discovery and fear and of course I’m looking forward to playing the standalone version along with ARMA3 hopefully, fingers crossed. I’ll still continue to play Red Orchestra 2 because it has so much life in it, with the new maps and such and the fact that Rising Storm may come out this year, so those will continue to be my MP joys. Hoping to properly play Crusader Kings 2, finally sit down and read the manual, do all the tutorials and really get to grips with it. I look forward to GTA V although that might be the very end of the year if at all. Looking forward to reading lots about some of the cyberpunk games coming out next year. Can’t wait to see more of SPACEHULK. Company of Heroes 2 looks marvelous and I’m sure I’ll get stuck into that, even the MP maybe. Trying to get into more war sims next year (already getting stuck into Achtung Panzer) and there are a few kickstarters I backed that I’m looking forward to getting my grubby hands on. Hope to see more MEN OF WAR.

    There is a lot going on and there always will be, and it’s great to be a pc gamer.

  25. pi8you says:

    A universal Keybinding API/file, managed by Steam or otherwise. Or at least sequels that look at the prior entry’s save files for keybindings and update to match automagically where applicable.

    (I may have just started FarCry3 last night and been a touch annoyed at what it thought were sensible defaults)

    • YourMessageHere says:

      This is genius.

    • Somerled says:

      I’d just be happy with everyone coming to their senses and putting the default crouch button back on Ctrl and not C.

  26. Kong says:

    More like The Walking Dead.
    Something like Vampire: Bloodlines.
    A blend of both!
    Hopefully not with Vampires or Zombies. But I take what I can get.

    And FTL 2. Yes.

    Happy new year RPS. Keep on rocking.

    • Grayman says:

      Instead of something different from that you get Brian Mitsoda making a zombie game!

  27. benkc says:

    As said above, for Linux gaming support to really take off.

    Also, for [at least] one of the zombie survival/building games to be better than I expect.

    Also, for most of the backed kickstarters to actually accomplish their goals. Not just for the sake of all the current backers, and devs, and the enriched gaming landscape that will result; but also for the sake of future kickstarter pitches.

  28. Lucas Says says:

    Considering I’d not heard of most of my favorite games this time last year–thanks, indies–I’m expecting to be pleasantly surprised by games I’ve never heard of.

    Oh, and Monaco. Having already played Monaco’s little IGF-winning now pre-order bonus to death, I’m excited beyond the capacity for rational thought for Monaco. My brain will shut down when it’s done.

  29. Zenicetus says:

    In terms of impact on my wallet, I’m looking forward to my current computer lasting at least another year before I need to upgrade. This year I upgraded the GPU, and with the new console release timing, I should be set for a while.

    On the other hand, this could be a fairly dry spell for new game releases I’m interested in. Nothing on that list of upcoming titles in the OP really interests me, except for Rome TW 2. I’m not sure there’s anything else on the horizon, unless Bioshock Infinite turns out better than I expect from the initial info and trailers. Mostly I’ll be looking forward to incremental improvements in games and sims that are under continuing development, like Endless Space, X-Plane, and Rise of Flight.

    My one big “keeping fingers crossed” hope is that the XCOM devs find a way to extend replayability. I didn’t expect it to be such a one-trick pony (although it’s a really good trick, while it lasts). Maybe they could open up more modding options, or release a sandbox DLC of some kind. I’m afraid they’ve boxed themselves in with the game engine, but I’m hoping to be surprised.

  30. Filden says:

    2013 is the year I hope to see RPS step it up again, and give us some epic, multi-part, multi- participant game journals like the Solium Infernum and Neptune’s Pride sagas of yesteryear. I can get Farcry 3 GOTY noms from any old mainstream gaming site. Remember who you are, RPS!

  31. Moraven says:

    Kickstarter projects launching games successfully and on time.

    The phrase ‘Year of Linux’ not be uttered.

    Blizzard’s new MMO announced at BlizzCon 2013 along with D3 expansion.

    THQ lives. Relic announces Homeworld 3.

    MWO meta game gets released.

    Good point on multiplatform games. Devs will be working on PS4, Xbox 720 dev kits. Give the PC versions a little more graphic fidelity.

  32. Stalyn says:

    I hope PC ports will be taken a lot more serious than they have lately (Dark Souls, Darksiders 2, etc).

  33. Oak says:

    1. Dinosaurs in Far Cry 3
    2. Firaxis (or Goldhawk) doing Terror from the Deep
    3. Subversion brought back to life

    These are my demands.

    • TCM says:

      2: No, no, no, no, no, no no, no, no, no — ahem — no.

      For the love of God, if Firaxis does an XCOM expansion or sequel, I pray it has far, far more imagination and effort put into it than that mess.

      • Hematite says:

        It desperately needs an overhaul of the strategic game, and hopefully some way to skip the bollocksy base assault story missions. The main thing stopping me from playing another campaign is having to trudge through those enormous bases which are basically a line of spawn points you have to walk through to progress.

        That reminds me, I must check up on Xenonauts.

      • Oak says:

        It was lazy and unimaginative to reskin the original and call it a sequel, but the aquatic theme, monster menagerie, and spooky-ooky-ooky music are all things I loved in TFTD and would love to see reinterpreted in a modern game.

    • Blackcompany says:

      Would love to see a Far Cry type game (FC 4 maybe) in a setting where I don’t start to feel guilty about killing the damned animals after a while. Got enough of uber-aggressive, realistic wildlife in Skyrim. Which…was a fantasy game…so…yeah. Go figure.

      Oh…and if they would kindly keep the “rpg aspects” (read: shitty, arbitrary skill unlocks that let you do what the prior title let you do from the start) out of my shooters…that would great, too.

  34. mbp says:

    Elephant in the corner:

    Its all very well saying that PC gaming is healthy but the PC industry itself is far from healthy. With the rush towards tablets and the like some industry insiders are predicting that separate graphics cards are a thing of the past.

    • bad guy says:

      It is inevitable, we are a dying (master XD) race.

    • wodin says:

      With the new consoles maybe here by next Xmas well the XBox anyway..this healthy PC wave will have crashed against the shore and withdrawn back out to sea. Also not only the new consoles but tablets\phones this time around it’s an attack from two different sides. Then we have Windows 8. In 18 months the doom of the PC will be doing the rounds again if the new consoles have hit the shelves by then.

    • Narzhul says:

      Tablets have nothing to do with the gaming market really. Nvidia has said that while all in one desktop sales have gone down, PC parts sales have gone up.

      • subedii says:

        link to pcgamer.com

        “Consoles are in big trouble right now,” he continued, “they’re now not just fighting each other, they’re fighting tablets, phones and streaming boxes. What we’re seeing is enthusiast console gamers moving to PC.”

        Pretty much every game advert and show demo this last year has been running on PC hardware – and gamers are catching on. In a market where the focus is on mobile, and desktop PC sales are consistently dropping, PC gaming hardware is continuing to rise. A projected sales forecast AMD used earlier this week when they were touting their new mobile GPUs showed consistent growth, year-on-year, for gaming hardware.

        And Nvidia’s Berraondo agrees. “GTX desktop GPU sales are growing. GTX 660 and above the market is growing massively. Which we never thought it would. We thought it would stay flat, from a couple years ago, but we are selling more and more GTX cards. If you look at GeForce sales, GTX continues to get bigger because more and more people are moving over to have a gaming PC – we’re not seeing that market shrink at all. What’s happening is gamers from console are moving across and buying a gaming PC and that market’s remaining flat or growing. The bit of the PC market that’s shrinking is the entry-level as people buy more tablets. Tablets are replacing £400-£500 notebooks.”

        Now naturally he has a vested interest in saying these things. But with regards to the console market in general, I believe he’s right. Next Gen console hardware isn’t pushing specs the way it has previously, and you’re getting diminishing returns for a variety of reasons regardless. It’s going to be extremely hard to manufacture the same kind of jump seen between the PS1 and the PS2, or the XBox and the360. And that’s not just because of the hardware specs either, it’s also because all the new stuff released for them is likely to need to adhere to a 1080p standard (this generation, a lot of games don’t even reach 720p).

        Then you’ve got other issues. Backwards compatibility on digitally purchased products (I’m almost certain at least one of the big three is going to fall foul of this one), increasing cost of development for “AAA” titles (necessitating even more cross platform releases, which by the end of this generation, have basically become standard now), Whether or not the console manufacturers are going to keep chasing the elusive non-gamer / casual market.

        With regards to tablets things are a bit more iffy, not to mention more complex. It fundamentally resides on whether the Tablet Computer market subsumes the market that is the Gaming PC. And then there’s the question of what exactly defines a PC, is it just the modifiable hardware, or is it an open standard? Which in itself leads into questions of what exactly the future of something like Steambox could be.

        It’s not really all that cut and dry.

  35. webwielder says:

    I hope that game publishers will realize that Macs comprise a considerably larger percentage of the consumer PC market (the market which plays games on their computers) than the overall computer market (most of which are business boxes), which will cause them to release their games on the Mac, because money.

    • uh20 says:

      oh dear, not much for hating, but for the sake of our tightly sewn pockets, those bloody expensive mac’s need to die off more than anything.

      if you took every word “mac” and replaced it with “linux”, then i would be agreeing with you.

  36. Rao Dao Zao says:

    I’m hoping that DRM will go away and people will make more giant singleplayer RPGs and less F2P multiplayer shenanigans.

    … I can dream. ;_;

  37. Blackcompany says:

    For 2013:

    -That the ARMA devs are released. That’s just nuts.

    -Open world/Sandbox games that are – somehow – not reliant on the Skinner box or built upon soulless fetch quests and ultra-repetitive game play

    -More stealth based games on par with Dishonored

    -A solid game in a Steampunk setting

    -A truly sandbox game with semi modern graphics and no skills/perks/rpg type unlocks

    -A solid shooter without RPG mechanics

    -As someone else said: The End of Zombie Games

    • Itkovian says:

      “-More stealth based games on par with Dishonored

      -A solid game in a Steampunk setting”

      Some information on Thief 4. If I get to choose the information too, information that it doesn’t completely suck (my fear and expectation) and that they’re internally referring to it as the sequel to Thief 2.

      The only title that I’m particularly looking forward to which should be out in 2013 is Rome 2, but I wasn’t looking forward to any of my favourites for this year at the start of 2012 so I’m optimistic.

      Happy New Year guys!!

      • KenTWOu says:

        …and that they’re internally referring to it as the sequel to Thief 2.

        No way! Thief 3 has smarter AI and Shalebridge Cradle.

  38. choie says:

    Well as long as pipe dreams are allowed:

    An announcement, a real hint, a sign, anything, regarding a little game called Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Or HL3. Whichever it may be.

    Please, dear Gabe and all the good people at Valve. I still believe.

    Oh. And has Just Cause 3 been announced for 2013? Because that would be sweet as well.

    • uh20 says:

      hl3 is probably out in some form, and gabes not admitting he’s playing a beta of it on a steam-box

      speaking of which the steam-box is a planned thing now

  39. TreuloseTomate says:

    Half-Life 3 plox

  40. GreatGreyBeast says:

    Word that Prey 2 is alive and ambitious as ever.

  41. RandomEsa says:

    – Kickstarter that had over 1 million “invested” in them actually deliver.
    – Ea crashing and burning.
    – Dragon age 3 not being as horrible as da 2 ( yeah right).
    – More details about cyberpunk and the witcher.
    – Intel not going through with their plan of not having their processors removable.
    – Ouya actually being worth a damn.
    – Doom 4 coming comes out and it’s more like doom 1/2 instead 3.

    • wodin says:

      AMD said they wouldn’t go that way. Though funny enough I think I’ve only ever upgraded a CPU without a new motherboard once since ’97. When it’s time for a new CPU it usually means it’s time for a new system or at least CPU and motherboard.

  42. lordcooper says:

    I just can’t wait for Grandroids to start coming together. Viva AI Revolución!

  43. Cytrom says:

    It’ll proabably ruin my life, but I’m wishing for Fallout 4.

    • Blackcompany says:

      As developed by Obsidian, surely. On IdTech5. Right? Right?

      • Cytrom says:

        Obsidian has superior storywriting and character creation skills for sure… which is probably closer to the original vision of fallout, but the exploration and the survival aspects of the world (with some mods) was so much more interesting in Bethesda’s version. It was like stalker in a completely open world, and some bonuses from the fallout universe.

        If Bethesda can make another interesting world worth uncovering, and character to it, with (much) improved gunplay and a bit more hostile environment (and pretty gfx obviously), that’s already enough for me. But no matter what people say, Bethesda IS improving, so there’s a decent chance we’ll get more than that.

        And id tech 5 is out of the question.. making a world comparable in size and detail to even morrowind would require like a 100 Gb install. Not to mention that it would eliminate modding which is a key selling point of bethesda games on PC.
        Tech 5 is a horrible misstep in game tech evolution. Its like a fine tuned F1 race car that works perfectly on the race and track its calibrated for, but completely impractical for any other use, and unlike in the earlier years of F1, due to artificial limitations and rules it isn’t actually cutting edge performance anymore. Its a dead end.

  44. Advanced Assault Hippo says:

    -DRM continues its downward trend.
    -Devs carry on making games the way they want to make them, ignoring moral crusaders.
    -More TBS games after the success of XCOM.

  45. bad guy says:

    Assetto Corsa
    GTA V
    moar MWLL

  46. GunnerMcCaffrey says:

    That gaming communities can keep maturing and embrace further introspection about misogyny, racism, *phobia, and privilege, so maybe one day I can feel comfortable mentioning gaming as a hobby in mixed company.

    That we see more projects that effectively challenge corporate development and distribution models.

    That Dead Space 3 is not awful. Please please please don’t be awful, Dead Space 3. (Related: That people stop saying “But it’s not survival horror anymore.” The protagonist has grown and the games should grow with him.)

    That interactive fiction starts making its comeback in earnest.

    That I learn how to not be useless at Frozen Synapse.

    • NathanH says:

      I doubt it’s worth being uncomfortable; few non-gamers are aware of these issues in gaming. Their experience might go as far as remembering some article they read about some online gamers being shithouses to some woman, but that is easily explained by telling them that yes, a fair number of gamers online are indeed shithouses. From non-gamers my experience is that you’re much more likely to encounter negative reactions based on their lack of knowledge rather than their knowledge.

      • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

        You might be right. And, really, I want those things for more reasons than being able to talk to more people about gaming, anyway. Those things are important just on their own merits. But it would also be nice to encourage people new to gaming to look in to it, and gain some knowledge, inclined, without worrying about what’ll crawl out at them.

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      Oh, also, no more “procedurally generated” anything, please? Designers can design things again for a while, maybe?

      • Hematite says:

        Procedural generation of game content is still a pretty immature tech, sadly. It’s got so much potential but it takes a lot of skill to make a generator which will iterate through interesting content rather than just puking up random numbers and calling it level design.

        Drox Operative suffers from this pretty badly as did Din’s Curse before it – everything is randomly generated and placed, but there’s no particular value in the placement or the fact that your loot has +2% in a stat you don’t care about. It might as well have been a flat plane with evenly spaced planets and a fixed loot tree you ascend as you level up.

        Contrast with Diablo II, say, where everything was still randomly generated but item bonuses were usually either significant or just not present to keep things simple, and the level scripts varied between having lots of open rooms, corridors, outdoor areas, rivers, trenches etc. which actually affected the tactical game and kept each level fresh.

        Anyway, </rand>. The state of procedural generation reminds me of the early days of 3D games – it might be the future, but it looks like ass at the moment and 2D sprites still look great. I don’t blame you for not wanting more procedural generation; it needs to go back in the oven for a while.

  47. Entitled says:

    The first big Kickstarters starting to get finished, and the start of the second wave, hopefully with even more backers, and bigger budgets.

    I guess many of the projects will be delayed, but even then, at least them getting closer to the finish line, and being treated as real, half-finished games with presentable prototypes, instead of hopes and wishes, will have a huge impact.

    For example the Oculus now looks like will slip into 2014, but even then, the dev kits will be out in 1-2 months, and after that, there will be a shitloafd of hands-on previews, game announcements, etc.

  48. Lars Westergren says:

    I wish for more intelligent games. Not necessarily hard, but stuff that makes you think.

    I wish for the resurgence of the PC & strategy games & adventure & RPGs & indies to continue.

    I want all my favorite studios like Obsidian, Arkane, inXile and Irrational to get to make more great games, the stuff they want to make, the way they want to make it. And I want the masses to finally start buying these games in the amounts they deserve.

    I also wish for forums posters here and elsewhere to be excellent to each other.

    • Bart Stewart says:

      I’d like to see more of pretty much all those things, too, since they’re particularly suited to showcasing the PC’s strengths as a gaming platform.

      To that list I would add simulations and open-world games. Those also benefit from being designed to run on PCs.

      I’d love for 2013 to see an open-world game that emphasizes simulated systems. If it could be experienced at two speeds — near-real-time for RPG-tactical play, and 1 real-time hour = 10 years for strategic gameplay — I’d probably consider 2013 to be very successful.

  49. Soon says:

    I’m looking forward to “Masters of the Broken World”.
    Also, any bastard-hard, compelling, puzzley games.

  50. Swanny says:

    I’s like to see a viable successor to the 5770 video card i have installed. The 6770 was pretty much a re-branded 5770, and the 7770 is only about 8% faster. Madness.

    • uh20 says:

      same can be said about this intel i5 3570k, it’s only slightly better than a 2570k, and it actually has less overclocking potential since it heats up too fast due to their “improved” die size….