RPS Asks: What Are Your Big PC Hopes For 2013?

Man! I spend half an hour of my NYE drawing this, then realise it looks like it could be from three years ago.

For some reason 2013 doesn’t sound as futuristic as 2012. It’s more the sort of date you’re used to seeing on tinned food than the year robot unicorns attack. But 2013 could well be the best year PC has ever seen. As you drift off toward your Newyearseving celebration of choice, why not leave a thought on what you’re most hoping for?

And I’m not just saying 2013’s going to be good because our livelihood relies on the success of PC gaming, no sirree. I’m saying it because I believe it’s very true. 2013 is going to be the year where people grow increasingly reluctant to buy consoles, knowing that they’ll be out of date and replaced by Christmas. And as console fatigue kicks in it puts the emphasis back on us, before 2014’s TV-toy excitement kicks off. It’s also a year where developers will be building 2014’s games on devkits for the next gen, and thus freed up to explore the greater power the PC already possesses, meaning previews should get more intriguing.

Also, it’s just a crazy good year for the games that we already know are coming out, let alone the unrevealed, unknown indie projects, delivery of so many Kickstarter promises, and break-out surprise mods that will sneak up on us along the way. And of top of that, the completely unpredictable, 2013’s equivalent to the astonishing rise of crowd-funding and honour-payments that formed so much of 2012. I’m fairly certain it’ll be a year that reveals the next twist on big budget game pricing, the evolution of F2P into something new.

2013 will give us BioShock: Infinite, Planetary Annihilation, ArmA 3, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Sim City, StarCraft: Heart Of The Swarm, The Elder Scrolls Online, GTA V, Metro Last Light, Watch Dogs, Total War Rome 2… And I’m scraping the surface – we’ll have FAR more detail about the games of 2013 over the rest of this week.

So what are your big hopes for 2013 in PC Land? What games can’t you wait to play? What changes do you expect to see? What new twists and turns do you predict? Let us know below.


  1. calendar_man says:

    I am hoping that even with the likely rush for developers to throw yet more poly-whatsits through computer monitors, games still get made supporting a wide range of hardware so more people can enjoy gaming’s best without paying top dollar or having a “computer guy” to build them a rig.

    Additionally, I want more games to attempt to evoke emotions other than power or fear. The Fable series might haven been fairly disappointing but at least it let you hold hands and kiss your spouse and Skyrim doesn’t even do something as natural as that.

    Lastly, I look forward to gaming itself being more welcoming instead of people being internet fuckwads.

  2. jhng says:

    My wish is for Kickstarted outsiders to explosively shift industry paradigms.

  3. MurraySwe says:

    Hopefully most funded Kickstarter projects get made and will be good.

  4. Brainkite says:

    My hopes for 2013 is to have a job, and find the time to play the games I bought on steam sales.

  5. goettel says:

    A (wireless headset-based) virtual surround solution that doesn’t suck monkey balls.

    Hell, as long as I’m wishing: full-3D (spherical) audio rendering (probably on dedicated hardware).

  6. TACO BOY says:

    oculus rift and whatever mmo comes from it first,i remember reading newspaper articles about how year 2000 was going to bring me VR games and that never happened…i miss the future that everyone imagined in the 80s and 90s and thing like .hack,sword art online and break-age are nice fantasies that can happen with oculus rift so yeah,oculus rift mmorpg is my biggest hope especially if its a skill based mmo like ultima online(before t2a).

  7. Benjamasm says:

    The one thing I am looking forward to most in 2013 for PCs is the Oculus Rift, the consumer version with HD res for each eye. The promise of the OR for greater immersion in games, in conjunction with it being picked up and implemented into future and current games, hopefully be able to use it as a standard 3D headset so no ghosting… so much potential in one product to have a great impact on gaming.

    Either that or I spend the money to go with 3 x 27inch monitors. But the choice then comes to do I want 120hz or 2560×1440 res….

  8. goettel says:

    And a more urgent hope: hoping the Elite kickstarter can go the last mile £1,146,165 pledged, three days to get to £1,250,000 !

  9. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Bunnies or no sale

    • AndrewC says:

      And ducks!

    • Mbaya says:

      Originally I went with the Oculus Rift…but I do love bunnies! There’s even a game on Kickstarter called Super Bunny Insurrection that I’ll admit I’m tempted to back purely because it features bunnies…If only the bunnies were the good guys vs evil guinea pigs :(

      So yes, more bunnies please!

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Prepare to be bunnulated

  10. Morte66 says:

    I’d like an approachable flight sim-cum-trainer. It seems like everything on the market is either (a)_ for enthusiasts who know how to fly and own a thousand dollars in peripherals or (b) dumbed down to the point that you couldn’t land a Cessna after finishing the game.

    I’d like something that:
    – You could learn to fly a real plane on, with variable realism/difficulty.
    – Teaches you to fly a plane, assuming no prior knowledge, and working up to full complexity and realism. This mean tens of hours of tutorials. It might come in stages, with DLC for instrument landing or whatever.
    – Works with a joystick and keyboard, but can use fancier peripherals if you like.
    – Is flexible over hardware, and looks OK for the hardware it’s running on.
    – Is a polished product.
    – Optional game-not-sim elements (as DLC?) e.g. running a passenger/freight business, dogfighting, racing.

    • Syros says:

      Thanks a lot for this post! Flight sims have somehow completely fallen off my my radar. I’d love to see one like this too!

  11. Morte66 says:

    Also, the Europa Barbarorum II mod. It’s the only Total War game that matters.

  12. Klingsor says:

    Hmm no one looking forward to the 4th installment of Paradox’ Europa Universalis series? I certainly do.

    Hope they won’t screw it up and it’s not as buggy and unbalanced as EU3 was on release. Also hope they incorporate some stuff from the cancelled Magna Mundi project.

  13. dixonsteele says:

    Two words: Turn based. More turn-based games. Many more turn-based games. Omerta, Original Sin, Age of Decadence, Eador… And a new DLC for Game of Thrones, the most criminally underrated RPG ever. I love Mors.

  14. McDan says:

    I hope the PC industry finally lets the PC and all it’s components finally be free and live a natural life out in the fields. Producing new hardware by natural selection, all organic. rather than the disgusting forced breeding they do in their research labs. Awful, let them be free.

  15. Sander Bos says:

    A bigger focus from developers on games being fun to play, that is what I want from 2013 (and if that’s not possible, 2014). And what that means for me is allowing games to be played as the player wants to play them. That means in order of importance no checkpoints, no unskippable cutscenes, keep DRM to what you feel is strictly needed and not endless layers of crap, different difficulty levels where ever difficulty level offers something useful, and remappable keyboard/ controller configuration.

    Hmm, now that I read the list back it seems what I am really asking for is more configurability, but the sentiment when I started typing this message was that I feel more and more that game developers do not focus on that the game will actually be played by someone, and that those players use the game as form of entertainment and relaxation….

    • calendar_man says:

      Definitely agree with more customization, but I especially would like to see no unskippable cutscenes and, extending that idea further, a way to skip some of a game’s introductory sequence when starting a new game plus or making a new character (looking at you Borderlands 2).

      Speaking of Borderlands 2, I would also like to see difficulty options do something other than change how much damage the player and the AI do to each other and other games, like the GTA series, needs to implement some sort of difficulty option altogether.

  16. b0rsuk says:

    I hope all casual gamers are put into a rocket and launched into the sun.

  17. dE says:

    What I wish for this year? Well the same thing as the last couple of years:
    For gaming to stop neglecting technologies other than graphics.

    Yeah, in my book, the graphics are fine enough. Now folks, get to working on storytelling, audio implementation, improving the AI (or rather implementing one at all). In essence, I want my gaming to have more substance than a greasy cheeseburger. Admitedly, one painted in gold, with whistles and sparkling shady effects – but gaming currently looks like a greasy cheeseburger at heart to me.

    • D3xter says:

      Bar a few exceptions (Crysis, Battlefield 3, Metro 2033 most notably) they’ve neglected graphics since around 2005 when the Xbox 360 came out.
      Most of the things you are complaining about are limitations as to the nature of the consoles that already have a problem displaying as much as there already is properly and there’s barely any room for AI, larger levels or other implementations.

      “Good story” is going to get more important when that kind of thing actually starts to sell, instead of the 10+ Million copies game franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield or Elder Scrolls.
      It is also often rather anti-thetic to the “game” part of a game and might lead to a Quicktime-Event-fest or un-game (see Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, Beyond, The Walking Dead etc.)

  18. Rinimand says:

    What I wish for is an easy list:
    – Thief 4 to happen
    – Star Citizen to be real
    – More time to play games (the ability to slow time in the evenings or 4-day weekends every week would suffice)
    – No more crappy console ports – design games for PCs first and then Consoles, or skip the console altogether.
    Then I’ll be happy.

  19. TooNu says:

    A year without gaming controversy! No bad decisions from dev’s, publishers and journos! :D (I can hope)

  20. Wololo says:

    Announcement of a Homeworld sequel.

    And CoH2.

  21. elderman says:

    The games I’m most eager to see released in 2013:
    The Witness
    Spy party
    Johann Sebastian Joust (and the other Sportsfriends games)
    the Double Fine Adventure
    The Cave
    The Castle Doctrine

    And I want them all to run on Linux and on my now slightly aging machine.

    And I want to be able to find seven Playstation Move controllers for less than a gazillion euros so I can play JS Joust with my friends and family.

    And other than that, I want people to just stop making games for a year so I can catch up with all the ones I haven’t yet played.

  22. YourMessageHere says:

    I would like:

    – a 20th century-set (’60s-’80s) open-world, espionage-themed, mod-friendly FPSRPG (Immersive Sim if you must, although I hate that term). Skyrim with guns and conversation, fallout without the post-nuclear world, VtmB without the Vampires.

    – more transparency and straight-dealing in everything. At present it seems as if developers make stuff in secrecy just because they want to, then all of a sudden, boom, look at my trailer! Not actual gameplay! Alpha footage! Not representative of final product! I’d be much more inclined to follow or even pre-order a game if I saw it gradually taking shape, like we used to see concept drawings and early renders of models and maps for mods.

    – a Steam client for the Windows 8 Metro UI (yes, I have Windows 8. Yes, I quite like it. No, I’m fine). I’ve yet to find a real use for Metro, but it would suit Steam nicely. I suppose that means what I really want is a major overhaul of the Win 8 Store T&Cs to let third party shops work there.

    – for Receiver to, er, receive more attention and updating.

    – Homeworld 3, Saints Row The Fourth and a WH40K MMO to appear, be fabulous and restore THQs finances.

    – Those Arma devs to be released by Greece.

    – for the annual CoD to be a complete change of direction, and end up MP only and as unforgiving and brutal as Red Orchestra, only modern.

    – more indie games that I actually want to play. I really support the concept, but sometimes it seems like platform puzzle games are all indie devs want to make.

    – EDIT: Carmageddon Reincarnation and Starforge to be fantastic successes.

    – EDIT: Charlie Brooker to abandon TV and come back to games, and write on RPS.

    • roryok says:

      I never knew Charlie Brooker started out in video games journalism until you said that. How interesting

  23. D3xter says:

    Hopefully to be the year of the RPG:
    The Banner Saga (February 2013), South Park: The Stick of Truth (March 2013), Divinity: Original Sin (May 2013), Shadowrun Returns (June 2013), Grim Dawn (August 2013), Wasteland 2 (October 2013), Age of Decadence (October 2013), Dead State (December 2013)

    Although I’m kinda counting on at least some of those coming out later than thought.

    Some of the AAA games that I’m somewhat interested in: South Park: TSoT, Aliens: Colonial Marines Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs, Remember Me, Star Wars 1313, Metro: Last Light

    Some of the Indie/KickStarter and smaller games: The Cave, Double Fine Adventure, Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse, Castle Story, Leisure Suit Larry Remake, Shadowgate

  24. golem09 says:

    What I hope for:

    The Oculus works.

  25. Carra says:

    Half Life 3. A man can hope.

  26. Morte66 says:

    A PC port of Ico.

    Kickstarter stretch goals to drift from “more stuff” towards “more polish”.

    Neverwinter Nights 3 (or whatever) with a construction set that anybody can use, not just professional level modding teams. Also, a NWN-style licenese that makes all user content (models and skins and so on) available to other modders for re-use, no copyright bullshit. NWN1 had over a thousand mods with quests and stories and so on. Some of the best RPGs I’ve played were NWN1 mods. No game has been anything like as fertile ground.

    Good DLC.

  27. cronos1013 says:

    I would have to say that my biggest hope is that Archage gets brought to the US market, there are no AAA quality sandbox games even on the horizon except for this one. Sure there are some indy games trickling down the pipe, but all too often put all my hopes and dreams on a small group of indy programmers, only to be delivered a half finished, half baked project that fails due to it’s too small budget and development team. Sadly, MMO’s take tons of cash and hours pumped into them (like millions of dollars and thousands of hours) therefore they require fairly decent sized dev teams, or they turn out like many of the indy mmo attempts we see. GREAT concepts, poor delivery. I’m tired of poor delivery…I want a AAA sandbox game…and Archeage is the only one in site.

  28. roryok says:

    I’m mainly looking forward to playing the games released in 2012 and 2011 which are still on my shelf. Notably DXHR, Dishonored and FC3

  29. Megakoresh says:

    To my knowledge 2013 will be the year when Firefall finally drops the beta tag, so John is very correct there about the evolution of the F2P market!

  30. MarloBrandon says:

    Whose idea was it to use nails to fix that sign onto that poor bear? WTF is wrong with you?

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Horace is infinite, so presumably any pain he would feel from having stuff nailed to him would be infinitely small. Negligible even.

  31. solymer89 says:

    That those “enhancement” pills finally start to work…….

  32. DHP says:

    That NASA makes a Moonbase Alpha sequel set on Mars that features more advances simulations of mechanical/environmental/electrical systems.

    That devs start making real use of multicore, physics and x64 tech.

    That internet oceans finally drain into the sub-aquifer of history.

    That 2013 holds more audio gems like Bastion, Braid, Limbo.

    Oh…and that Australia finally gets good internetz, and AMD and THQ pull through.

    • Bob says:

      The NBN looks promising but ever since the government told us there would be a deficit my hopes are fading. The fates might smile on us and we’ll get good internets and an 18+ classification for games in 2013. I just won’t hold my breath.

  33. Suits says:

    Consistent respectable PC ports and cross-platform equal release dates. Also minimal console exclusives.

  34. poohbear says:

    happy new year all! most def looking forward to Total War: Rome 2!!!! it looks incredible and the 1st one was one of my favs of all time!!!!

  35. plugmonkey says:

    Having finally just hooked up my PC to my TV, 2013 is going to be the year of sofa based PC gaming for me.

  36. MistaNaga says:

    Why RPS insists with that faggy bear?

    • hemmingjay says:

      I think you should bring your keyboard in to a competent repair person as soon as possible. It seems to be mis-calibrated as your intended message was converted to a moronic, hateful and borderline gibberish statement. If need be I can recommend any number of professionals who can help you in your part of the world. Until then, a short term fix to our mutual problem involves you taking a bath with a plugged in toaster.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        I was about to step in poised for fisticuffs, but I see you have things well in hand here. Try the punch, it’s quite delightful, and the petits-fours are delicious and moist.

  37. Chris Bischoff says:

    Finally finish STASIS, and move onto my next gaming IP. :)

  38. Toupee says:

    I’d also love a spiritual successor to Beetle Adventure Racing.

  39. cptgone says:

    more Blendo games.

  40. Syros says:

    Let me take this space to thank you all, guys, for this wonderful thread! Oddly inspiring.

  41. Jade Raven says:

    *64-bit executables.
    *Cross-platform release comes to mean Win-Mac-Linux rather than “PC”-360-PS3.
    *Several new “AAA” releases on GOG.com
    *Dev teams in the 20-40 people range start to crop up more often filling the gap tiny can-only-do-so-much indie teams and risk-averse mega-publishers.
    *Boss battles to go the way of small pox; ie. eradicated in the wild.
    *Publishers realise that retail sales aren’t the main game in town any more and that world-wide simultaneous internet releases become the norm AKA there are NO OCEANS on the internet.
    *A ‘realistic’ simulation game of a domesticated cat’s life.
    *Optical based internet becomes available where I live.
    *Less sexism in multiplayer games and in games in general.
    *As for announced games: Thief 4, Planetarry Annilhation, Star Citizen and Crysis 3 turn out to all meet expectations (or hopefully exceed them in the case of Crysis 3).

  42. SuperNashwanPower says:

    I would also like a proper, deep rpg open world shooter. That could be Fallout 4 or STALKER 2, but a deeper, better, less stupid cutscene filed FC3 with all the shit bits removed would be good

    • F3ck says:


      I’m hoping we can forgo the tedious rescue missions too, rather give me a puzzle/mystery to try and solve…STALKER nailed that part (as well) in there was such a casual pace to it…no rushing to save vapid “friends” (rescuing FC3’s version of Shaggy was such an I-couldn’t-care-less moment for me)…

      I don’t really give a shit if it takes place in Boston or not; the next Fallout will be just fine if they can just do without the theatrics and remember what makes these types of game great: freedom, atmosphere, exploration, discovery, etc.

      • Syros says:

        Well said. Atmosphere, mystery, exploration and discovery all the way!

  43. Syros says:

    – No more “Sorry, this title is not available in your region” crap. Get your act together, publishers!
    – More immersive, atmospheric games.
    – More focus on well-paced progression. One of the best aspects of games to me is that feeling of reward and excitement when you get an item/power-up/level-up/etc at the right moment and get a chance to properly appreciate every one of them without becoming jaded or overwhelmed.
    – Seeing even less polygons, stretched/extrapolated textures.
    – Better physics. Can’t wait for things and environments to start feeling like tangible material objects.
    – Better displays! The LCD black levels are a particular eye sore. It’s frustrating to see that mobile displays are evolving at a break-neck pace, while the desktop sector hasn’t taken any significant steps forward in ages.

  44. dangermouse76 says:

    1. Want an old school Hitman game. They could even sell contracts as DLC to keep the game fresh I would love that.

    2. But most of all I want a RPG version of Terry Pratchetts Diskworld, his daughters in the business. This must happen. Rockstar can do the world, Terry can do the over arching themes, side quests by a reinvigorated ( gonna loose your jobs unless you stop making games by committee attitude ) Bethesda.
    And art inspired by ( is it ? ) Josh Kirby.

    3. I want dev engines to become even more ubiquitous and more people to try and put out games from different disciplines as this really helps with innovation.

    Have a good one.

  45. megarock58 says:

    i’m hoping that Lucas Arts comes to GOG this year.

  46. KenTWOu says:

    I hope Splinter Cell Blacklist will have 90% of stealth/ghosting and Thief 4 will be much better than Dishonored.

  47. eclipse mattaru says:

    I already know I’m gonna be disappointed by all the games I care about (maybe not so much by Metro, but most definitely by Tomb Raider and Bioshock), so I’m gonna go with: “A lot of teasing coverage for Dark Souls II, and maybe an early release.” “In March.”

    On a more serious note, though, I wish all vendors would get rid of those fucking retarded regional restrictions. OK, “serious note” is just a figure of speech, of course.

  48. xcopy says:

    * More games from Blendo
    * Great, surprising Kickstarter Projects
    * The resurrection of the Space-Sim
    * Universal default gamesave folder
    * 64bit executables become standard

  49. Master Solon says:

    I hope sega US and EU gets its act together over the BS Sega JP were doing by devestaing and even taking down whole channels that talked about shining force, I’d really hate to boycott Rome 2 but i will if i have to for them to realize that what there doing is blatenly ileagal

  50. rustybroomhandle says:

    I want to know THQ’s fate.