RPS Asks: What Are Your Big PC Hopes For 2013?

Man! I spend half an hour of my NYE drawing this, then realise it looks like it could be from three years ago.

For some reason 2013 doesn’t sound as futuristic as 2012. It’s more the sort of date you’re used to seeing on tinned food than the year robot unicorns attack. But 2013 could well be the best year PC has ever seen. As you drift off toward your Newyearseving celebration of choice, why not leave a thought on what you’re most hoping for?

And I’m not just saying 2013’s going to be good because our livelihood relies on the success of PC gaming, no sirree. I’m saying it because I believe it’s very true. 2013 is going to be the year where people grow increasingly reluctant to buy consoles, knowing that they’ll be out of date and replaced by Christmas. And as console fatigue kicks in it puts the emphasis back on us, before 2014’s TV-toy excitement kicks off. It’s also a year where developers will be building 2014’s games on devkits for the next gen, and thus freed up to explore the greater power the PC already possesses, meaning previews should get more intriguing.

Also, it’s just a crazy good year for the games that we already know are coming out, let alone the unrevealed, unknown indie projects, delivery of so many Kickstarter promises, and break-out surprise mods that will sneak up on us along the way. And of top of that, the completely unpredictable, 2013’s equivalent to the astonishing rise of crowd-funding and honour-payments that formed so much of 2012. I’m fairly certain it’ll be a year that reveals the next twist on big budget game pricing, the evolution of F2P into something new.

2013 will give us BioShock: Infinite, Planetary Annihilation, ArmA 3, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Sim City, StarCraft: Heart Of The Swarm, The Elder Scrolls Online, GTA V, Metro Last Light, Watch Dogs, Total War Rome 2… And I’m scraping the surface – we’ll have FAR more detail about the games of 2013 over the rest of this week.

So what are your big hopes for 2013 in PC Land? What games can’t you wait to play? What changes do you expect to see? What new twists and turns do you predict? Let us know below.


  1. Chris Bischoff says:

    No pressure eh?

  2. Mordsung says:

    I am hoping that Kickstarter success leads to more similar sites so that the separation of the console and PC gaming market goes back to how it was in the N64/PS1 days.

    Back in those days there was very few cross platform titles, there was a significant divide in what was a PC game and what was a console game and I felt the industry benefited from this stark distinction as it ensured both fanbases were catered to.

    The merging of the two markets is what I believe led to a lot of strife in the industry.

  3. coolwithpie says:


    and less yogfans on Gmod Tower

  4. Numerical says:

    Prey 2 – not holding out any hope for this year but maybe a teeny tiny bit.

    World of Darkness MMO – if it’s 1st/3rd person, would be the first MMO I would participate in. Or a new Iteration of VTM: Bloodlines.

    NO Call of Duty games, please.

    Fallout 4 announcement? Maybe toward the end of the year, eh?

    Thief 4 something? Anything but a logo would be nice.

    New Alan Wake game announcement?

    Glad this year is over, some good games came out (FC3, AC3, Borderlands2, ME3) and I hope this year has some goodies in store. Cheers!

  5. uh20 says:

    8 pages later……..

    i hope this year and following years, the computer can expand to also be your t.v.s and multiplayer game machines.

    right now, thanks to the stupid market, we still have these sad single player games with lousy controller support.

    hopefully that alleged steam-box (which is now confirmed to happen in some sort of way) can break the ice, and let computers take over the console market

  6. eclipse mattaru says:

    There, I said it.

    Oh, dear, what controversy! Aren’t you a brave one!

    Go stand behind that line over there, with all the other 100.000 people that already said that.

  7. Inzimus says:

    maybe this year?

    link to newcomer.hu

  8. Thoric says:

    More info on Cyberpunk 2077.

  9. Josh W says:

    I want to see more valves; self owning creativity focused self funding game studios, with publishers just acting as one of many distributers. This would also help the problem of valve being a touch powerful.

    I really hope that kickstarter stuff and indie success can help this happen, as well as some solid best practice building up about how to do it without blowing all your reserves on remaking the same game (3drealms..), but keeping that flexibility you need to actually keep it a fun place to work.