The 2013 Preview Of The Year Preview 2013, Part One

Ooh, lovely.
2013 is to be considered a fine feast, one for which can already read an extensive menu. We’ll glimpse into the steamy kitchen and see the fleshy morsels that we’ll drag onto our plates, piping hot, and those that we’ll probably scrape aside, to be served reheated, late at night in an ill-advised sale purchase.

This is simply part one of our preview, with two more parts to follow in the coming days. Read on, and feel your glands become swollen with anticipation of the digestions to come. The games are in a mystery order, and there will be a prize for the first person who can guess what that order is.

The Cave
January 2013

Ron Gilbert, he of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island fame, is making a new adventure game (!) with seven main characters (!!) and jumping (!!!). Not only that, he’s leading a team of Double Fine’s bravest men and women into the darkest depths of the human psyche, so naturally, there’s an underwater-breathing hillbilly. Also, the cave talks.

Dead Space 3
February 8th

The rumors of space’s death have been greatly exaggerated. It’s still up above the sky, doing space things, as is its wont. But oh does it ever continue to be infested with the scythe-armed undead. And the lights up there? They pretty much always malfunction. What a pain, right? So basically, we’re looking at more Dead Space, but with (optional) co-op and crafting. Spooky? Probably. But maybe don’t go in expecting the next great step in “ohgodscaryscaryscary” technology.

Aliens: Colonial Marines
February 12th

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been clambering around in the vents of Gearbox’s development space station for years, but – after countless delays – it’s finally just around the corner. No, it’s above you! Or… beneath? Actually, WAIT. It’s everywhere. Now you’re dead. But maybe that’s not the worst fate that could’ve befallen you. Aliens’ multiplayer might be worth a look, but the campaign’s displayed a worrisome lack of personality, smarts, or scares.

Crysis 3
February 22nd

Crysis 3’s being billed as a ferociously overgrown middle ground between Crysis and Crysis 2, and that’s a series of words we can absolutely get behind. And certainly, the snippets we’ve seen and played suggest a very finely tuned game of nano-powered manshooting and MAXIMUM squid punching. But will all the puzzle pieces come together and justify Crytek’s lofty promises? Also, more importantly, can it topple the likes of Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, and Assassin’s Creed III to capture 2013’s most prestigious honor: the title of bowiest bow?

Tomb Raider
March 5th

Over the years, Lara Croft’s been countless different things to different people. Sex symbol, role model, household name, Angelina Jolie. That, in large part, is why Crystal Dynamics’ re-envisioning of her raiderly origins is such a big deal: this isn’t the Lara any of us know. So what will she be like? How will she grow over the course of her first adventure? Was all of that “you’ll want to protect her” nonsense just uninformed marketing speak? Will there be tombs? And, perhaps most crucially of all, will the game itself be more than just a standard leapy shooty stabby adventure? Come March, we’ll find out.

BioShock Infinite
March 26th

For better or worse (usually better, thankfully), Ken Levine makes the games he wants to make. The original BioShock was an utterly mad undersea criticism of Randian Objectivism, and now he’s ditched his drill-armed diving suit and taken to the skies. And what do we find in the sky? Early-1900s-tinged American Exceptionalism, of course! Early impressions seem to suggest that Levine and co have struck gold again, but – whether polished to the high heavens or gravely flawed – this one’s sure to spark some serious discussion.

Strike Suit Zero

After a very successful Kickstarter, Born Ready Games are one of a number of developers looking to see space combat return to your screen. And they’re one of very few who are going to achieve that. Combining elements from Freespace, Wing Commander, X-Wing and Colony Wars, it then adds its own robot modem, adding a sense of third-person action. The strike suit caught people’s attention, and if it can deliver this might be one of the first big Kickstarter successes.

DmC: Devil May Cry
25th January

The Resident Evil spin-off is now twelve years old, and the title of the fifth game in the franchise doesn’t exactly suggest they’re bursting with fresh ideas. However, this is a reboot for the series, using the comickybook trick of setting it in a parallel universe. While publishing is still in the hands of Capcom, it’s no longer internally developed, and without Hideaki Itsuno at the helm. This time it’s UK-based Ninja Theory, following on from Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey To The West. For some reason the PC has to wait 10 days longer than the consoles to play.

Q1 2013

Immediately evoking thoughts of Dungeon Keeper, Paradox may well prove wise to have swooped in to fill the gap left by EA’s failure to revive the franchise. Much looks near identical, from digging dungeons to defending against invading heroes. But they also promise above-ground raids, along with some CCG-style card-collecting antics.

Grim Dawn

Two and a half years ago we were first excited to hear that many behind the excellent Titan Quest were working on their own ARPG. Two years later they raised a mammoth half million dollars on Kickstarter, which of course only means the game gets even further away. But does mean it is happening. Which means later this year we should see the open-world approach to the action-RPG that the Earth is so desperately needing.

Battlefield 4
Bound to be November

Absolutely nothing is announced about BF4, other than that DICE are working on it. In fact, the nominal website attempts to deflect attention away and back onto BF3 and its ongoing expansions. (And even more desperately, onto the horrible Medal Of Honor: Warfighter.) But EA are bound to be desperate for it for Christmas, especially with the MoH series proving a massively inadequate gap-filler for the non-Battlefield years. So your guess is as good as ours, really. But it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the series take a whole new direction, perhaps venturing into science fiction.

Summer 2013

After a pretty tough year for developers Bohemia Interactive, ARMA 3 has seen a big delay. With two developers still held captive in Greece, and clearly a huge amount of their resources focused on seeing them released, they’ve also seen a change in project lead. So it should now be Summer when we see the latest in their astonishingly detailed and somewhat daunting ultra-realistic military simulation series. As ever, we wish the very best to Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar.

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
First half 2013

It’s a very intriguing prospect. A sequel to Frictional’s utterly terrifying Amnesia, developed by they behind Dear Esther, the chinese room. But any fears of its losing the spooks have been put aside by a truly erk-inducing trailer. In fact, if there was anything wrong with Amnesia it was a slightly weak story – if the chinese room can plug that gap, this might be epic. Quite what it’s all about is not yet known, but you can be sure you’ll be walking in the pitch black, being terrified of everything.

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing
Q4 2013

Sacrificing one genre for another. As an ARPG, it looks like it might be good fun. As anything to do with the Van Helsing myth, it looks like it’s gone mad. Playing as the vampire killer’s son, you’ll take on endless crowds of mythical beasties in what could actually be an evolutionary step forward for the action RPG. That’s if they can deliver on promises of tower-defence-alike trap building and hideouts. There’s still quite a wait to find out.

Call To Arms

Described as “the true successor of the Men Of War series”, Digitalmindsoft are looking to update their hugely respected franchise to modern warfare. The rather odd decision is to try to crowd fund it, but not using a major crowd funding site. Instead they’ve established their own, which is unsurprisingly failing to attract much attention, with just 3% of its goal raised, and your money being taken right away whether they make their target or not. Bit of a strange situation.

Tune in tomorrow for Part two!


  1. Seifo84 says:

    Can’t wait for Impire…has been awhile for these type of games

    • Surlywombat says:

      Only heard of this end of last month, has it been lurking around for a while? If not I’m a bit concerned it might be a bit rushed.

      • Suits says:

        Considering Paradox is publishing, that’s quite possible. They aren’t exactly known for giving us polished games.

        • TulipWaltz says:

          Uhm, guys…? Cyanide? There is no hope for this game. None.

          • ashleypatterson8 says:

            upto I saw the receipt of $5421, I did not believe that my neighbour woz actually bringing home money parttime at there computar.. there friends cousin started doing this for less than 6 months and at present took care of the mortgage on their villa and purchased a gorgeous Chrysler. this is where I went..Millionaire Business 2013

      • Peptidix says:

        The first announcement dates back to last July as far as I can tell. It seems it has been in development for a while. But that still does not mean it won’t be rushed. Time will tell.

    • Shralla says:

      You should wait a little longer to buy one until you can buy one of the crowdfunded games that are actually going to be good, like Maia. Impire’s just going to be a crappy ripoff instead of an updated homage.

      • australopithecus says:

        Or like War for the Overworld, which has only 20 hours left to run on its kickstarter and is heading for its stretch goals.

    • Jomegalisk says:

      If you like that kind of game, you should check out War for the Overworld, its the unofficial sequel to the dungeon keeper series

  2. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Battlefield 4 to feature UFOs, you saw it here first guys.

    • SquidInABox says:

      That’s not a UFO. Clearly a flying submarine.

      • FurryLippedSquid says:

        I’m not saying it was submariners, but it was submariners.

        • iniudan says:

          Looked more child like to me, so more like some kind of son of a submariner.

          • b546537 says:

            Why is everyone wetting themselves over a console port that’s 12 years late? Is it really that good?

      • Mr. Mister says:

        OIr maybe an overmarine? Nah, just a supermarine.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      If it ends up being 2142 I will do everything in my power to make sure somebody at DICE gets a nice big cake to eat at the office. I want a new version of that SO MUCH!

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      A bold new art direction, certainly.

  3. The JG Man says:

    I have a sinking feeling that that BF4 screenshot will have more creativity in its development than the game itself. More importantly, thank you whoever did that for a good chuckle.

    • I_have_no_nose_but_I_must_sneeze says:

      That made me laugh, too. It must be John showing off his drawing skills again.

  4. povu says:

    Screw Battlefield 4, I want Mirror’s Edge 2 this year.

    • tehfish says:

      I second this motion :>

    • Zanchito says:

      I’d run to jump into this bandwagon!

      • Scumbag says:

        That would be a bit of a leap of Faith

        • The Random One says:

          I’d like to play more Mirror’s Edge, the first one had a certain je ne parkour

          (What? Worst pun of the year, already? Aw, thank you guys)

  5. ColOfNature says:

    Ooh, I know! It’s reverse-alphabetical order if you translate the release date into that heathen tongue used by the Chan-Tzo people who inhabit the Plateau of Leng, right?

    • zbmott says:

      Another opportunity to use the adjective ‘squamous’ gone to waste…

  6. Jody Macgregor says:

    “there will be a prize for the first person who can guess what that order is”


    • Lambchops says:

      It’s obviously ordered from the smallest to largest amount of peggles in the graphics.

      • P7uen says:

        It’s quite obviously % of the total game which is satire (pre-DLC), ranked from highest to lowest

        • JohnArr says:

          From left to right, their position on John ‘Never closes anything’ Walker’s taskbar.

  7. IneptFromRussia says:

    At least this article is better than that disaster on PC Gamer website, where they listed probably 500 games no one cares about

    • FurryLippedSquid says:

      Aww, I quite enjoyed that.

    • SuffixTreeMonkey says:

      Not true at all, they had a very detailed, very nice summary, especially if you’re into “strange, dark things”, like adventure games. There is a lot of upcoming ones I forgot about. Here is the link, if you want to see it:

      PCGamer’s 2013 preview

      Note: I am not their advertising bot.

    • Shooop says:

      Actually that was pretty good. It was their GOTY that proved once and for all they’re just another IGN but with a PC slant.

  8. cliffski says:

    that colonial marines ‘target render’ is a very embarrassing attempt to kid us that it’s a screenshot, even by games PR standards.

    • atticus says:

      From all I’ve seen of Colonial Marines so far, ’embarassing attempt’ is a very good description overall.

  9. Zarx says:

    the Call To Arms guys really should be doing a better job promoting that thing

  10. fauxC says:

    I know this is only part 1 of 3, but what an uninspiring list. Judging from this, 2013 might be the year for the clearing of the Steam backlog.

    • Stochastic says:

      I can’t say that my digestive glands are particularly swollen in anticipation of any of these games, but who knows? Perhaps 2013 will be the year of surprises.

      • Dances to Podcasts says:

        The surprises are always the best ones. Because they are surprises. And not hyped up sequels and such.

        • Xerian says:

          And more often than not, bad sequels. Atleast we’ve got a bunch of new IP’s this year, which is nothing but good.

    • Shuck says:

      There are a lot of quite intriguing-sounding games that are supposedly coming out this year- far more than I could get through in a year, which is bad news considering my Steam backlog still contains a lot of games from 5+ years ago.

    • Xerian says:

      Excuse me, but do you suffer from some sort of brain-damage?

      Amnesia. Grim Dawn. Metro: Last Light. Bioshock. The Cave. Castle Story. War for the Overworld (2013 I think, anyway.).
      Dark Souls 2. Maybe it’ll be a good port this time around, eh? Fortnite. Star Forge. Dark. Clang. Mew-Genics. Rambo (I reckon it’ll be fucking fun for killing time, and a load of asians).
      DayZ – The Game Which Isnt A Broken Mod.
      Dungeonland. The Dead Linger (an openworld zombie game, not a rip-off of Day Z either, as this one predates it – – Without it being a lie by some russian guy).
      World of Darkness. Yes, I realise its a stretch and that we dont know much about it, but I love the world its set in.
      Prey 2, hopefully. It looks quite cool, somewhat quirky and odd, but nevertheless cool. I’m hoping the smart-movement-thing will be much alike Mirrors Edge. In Space. Hunting Aliens. With Lasers. Hoping Human Head’ll get this one out, since they seemed to have trouble doing so thus far.
      Dragon Age 3. Which I really hope wont be shite as the second. But with recent BioWare games, I’ve grown doubtful, sadly, but its still worth looking out for. Overgrowth (yes, the karate-rabbit game is actually being released). Nekro (Kickstarter game, looking quite awesome).
      Zombie Playground (Another kickstarter, and its a 3rd-person zombie-killing coop-ish game where you’re a child. Its surrealistic as fuck, and looks quite good thus far).
      Dead State. (DoubleBear Productions, theres been a ton of interviews of them on the site earlier this year.)Octodad: Deadliest Catch (the sequel, and fuck me I want it bad). Europa. Wizardry Online also looks and sounds delicious.
      Firefall. Lets not forget Firefall. Shooty-ness and jetpacks. Hope it’ll be good. Really, really hope it will.
      Asylum, which is obviously a horror game, in which you’ll be able to explore the entirety of an Asylum, based on the blueprints of whatever asylum its based in. (Forgive me, I forgot the details due to a shoddy brain)
      The Stanley Parable. Yes, its becoming an actual game as opposed to a mod. Its called “The Stanley Parable HD Remix” or something silly along those lines, I’m looking forward to hearing more from the gorgeous narrator. Hes nearly as good as Bastions narrator, which I for one paid money to have inside of my Dowda 2. And I love it. Oh, and Dota 2 is probably also coming out in 2013… I hope.

      Gone Home (looks intriguing, and I’ll definitely be buying it).
      Routine. (Steam Greenlight game, think Amnesia but in space)
      Double Fine’s Adventure game thingiemajig from Kickstarter. Also something I look forward to.
      Among The Sleep, which I hope to be good, or even great. Lily Looking Through or whatever its called is also a 2013 game. Dream is also coming this year, and looks good thus far.
      Everybody has Gone to Rapture (TheChineseRoom’s pseudo-sequel or spiritual-sequel to Dear Esther, and I heavily enjoyed Dear Esther, so I’m on the look-out for this one).
      Zeno Clash 2, which’ll be more of an openworld game as opposed to a on-rails game, as the last.
      Oh and please dont forget Interstellar Marines. I really want it to be successful, and a good game. But that may just be because the guys behind it are Danish like myself. But it looks quite gorgeous thus far.
      I’d mention the action X-Com game, but thats an uncertainty at best, what with it no longer being FPS, but TPS (which is usually horrible, and I personally was looking forward to it, as the design and such was looking gorgeous, especially of the weapons and various tech)
      Oh, and Neverwinter. I’m hopeful for this one.
      Then theres also Survarium. Come on, these guys proved they can make good games when they created STALKER. So lets give them a chance besides the rediculously sounding online-premise, shall we?. Also: Divinity: Original Sin. I think it’ll be yummy.
      … And many, many other great games. There are a ton of great games coming out next year, so dont fool yourself, this’ll be a fucking great year. Perhaps not as great as these past two years, but they’re also hard to beat. Nevertheless, 2013 holds some great games.
      Oh, and Obsidians new RPG is 2013 too init? And Wasteland 2?..
      And South Park? That suckers actually looking pretty fucking good.
      Oh and Cubeworld. Lest we forget.

      Does anyone share my excitement for this one?

      Also, Sir, You Are Being Hunted. How can you not be excited for this game if you’re a part of RPS?! INFIDEL. THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Now I just hope the game’ll have android-children, that’d be lovely.
      Oh and I’d better end this now. I can think of more games, but this is becoming a hefty reply, which is looking more like a blog-post. Heck, they might aswell post this as part 2. Or a standalone. Then I’d be famous and stuff. Yay.

      And in summary: 2013 will probably be pretty fucking great. It may or may not beat the previous few years, but it is looking quite insane really. (In sheer volume of great-looking titles, anyway.)

  11. tobecooper says:

    Devil May Cry is not a spin-off to Resident Evil. What? Is that a whoosh, I hear?

    • John Walker says:

      Yes it is. It was originally intended to be a sort of sequel to the series, but grew so big it gained an identity of its own. And as such, a spin-off.

      • tobecooper says:

        I sorta understood your intentions – that’s why I whooshed myself.

        But the only in-game connection between the two is that the old Dante looks like Leon.

        The need to be a smartass was stronger in me.

        • Hmm-Hmm. says:

          The smartass.. it is strong in you. Give in to the smartass and become who you were meant to be!

          • tobecooper says:

            You must feel the smartass around you: here. Between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the comments.

      • roryok says:

        Why is everyone wetting themselves over a console port that’s 12 years late? Is it really that good?

        • Surlywombat says:

          Its a general reboot, the game is coming out on all systems. This isn’t a port of the 12 year old game.

          • Blackcompany says:

            Moreover the fact that ninja theory are making it gives me hope. Enslaved was pretty darn good.

          • f1x says:

            Indeed, Enslaved was a really fine game quite underrated

            too bad it didnt reach the PC even tho it would need fine tunning to work properly with keyb + mouse (mind you, with the gamepad it was a bit clumsy sometimes when climbing)

            And the DMC games have been quite good so far also, at least DMC 1 and 3 I have a really good memory of them, as silly and over the top they might be the gameplay is actually awesome if you like that sort of games (hack ‘n’ slash)

        • tobecooper says:

          Devil May Cry series are nice beat-em up games.
          So nothing to wet your pants over, but the third part was a campy expertly-choreographed bag of fun. Action movie unmade into ridiculous tongue-in-the-chick violence overdose.
          We need more of this, and we aren’t getting it.
          Thus, the knickers become twisted.

          You will either smile watching this, or frown with your most serious of frowns.

          • Surlywombat says:

            I might have to play it if its that “tongue-in-chick”.

          • RakeShark says:

            Lovely cartoon, what about the game?

          • tobecooper says:

            Surelywombat – That was a slip of the tongue, I have to control him better.

            RakeShark – The game is the same. Shoot-slash-cut-stab-surf on your enemy’s carcass. You know, beat-em up.

          • Ninjilla says:

            Devil May Cry (especially 3) is actually an insanely deep and challenging game with a high emphasis on combos and enemy control, very much like a fighting game put into the body of a 3rd person action game. Not the standard shoot-stab at all.

          • roryok says:

            I am a man of many talents and can frown while smiling

  12. Natti says:


    • John Walker says:

      If only there were some clues in the article!

      • iniudan says:

        What hint?

        But I must say I suffer from a horrible optical nerve disease that make me blind to the closing line of an article. :p

        • tigerfort says:

          And also blind to the first sentence of the second paragraph, not to mention the article title, both of which also contain very subtle clues that “Part One” is probably not the only part. ;)

  13. MartinNr5 says:

    They’re qiute clearly ordered by the age of the publisher’s CEO’s first born, in reverse.

  14. MuscleHorse says:

    ‘Aliens’ multiplayer might be worth a look, but the campaign’s displayed a worrisome lack of personality, smarts, or scares.’

    So, like every Gearbox game then?

    Rather excited for Amnesia and Grim Dawn, not so much for everything else.

    • iniudan says:

      Isn’t Colonial Marine, developed by Creative Assembly?

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Sorry, but the Borderlands series has personality out the badonga.

      • F3ck says:

        Couldn’t agree with this statement more (BL & BL2 were gotys for me)…but aren’t they the exceptions to the rule?

    • f1x says:

      I agree, not too excited about Aliens,

      but the rest are promising, myself looking forward to Bioshock: Infinite, and perhaps Tomb Rider (tho it could turn out to be really awful)

      And I think we should give Crysis 3 a chance, besides the stupid promo videos they seem to be going back to what made Crysis 1 good

  15. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Is the mystery order the freemasons?

  16. mpk says:

    What? This isn’t a preview of the preview, this is just the preview! How dare you give me the actual thing instead of just the bits of the thing I thought I was going to get when I completely misread the title of the article! What more can you expect of a website who clearly just want people to read and enjoy their wordthinks! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      You mean you missed the ARG leading to the preview of the preview’s preview? You fool! You just had to write down the second letter of every article title written on RPS this year to get the code you could write to make the game you could play that hinted at the location you should go to where the crazy old lady on the park bench would trade a USB stick with the preview’s preview’s preview on for a salmon and mustard sandwich. If you played that backwards at a quarter speed you can clearly hear John reading out the URL for the preview. I mean, come on, I can’t be the only one that found it?!

  17. Lambchops says:

    Only really interested by The Cave, Bioshock and Amnesia: Machine for Pigs out of that list.

    Hopefully the next parts will have similarly small numbers of intriguing games so that I can work through my backlog!

    It feels odd wishing for a quiet year but the last few have seen a glut of quality titles that I’ve still not managed to fully appreciate, and I’d really rather like to!

  18. Bob says:

    Order eh? I’ll go for the obvious: Chronological.

    My second guess would be KBE; Knights of the Bleary Eye.

  19. subedii says:

    Also, more importantly, can it topple the likes of Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, and Assassin’s Creed III to capture 2013′s most prestigious honor: the title of bowiest bow?

    Only if it’s being wielded by David Bowie.

    EDIT: Oh, and I’m guessing the carefully calibrated order is “Order in which we thought of them”.

    Or possibly “Order in which they were shouted out in the middle of our regular RPS rugby scrum”.

    • Kobest says:

      Who cares about the bow when it’s about a living world where unexpected things can happen? :)

      Last time I approached an outpost in Far Cry 3, I was close to my first stealth kill when suddenly I heard an oink-oink behind me. It turns out a pig started following me (I couldn’t shake it off), and we cleared the entire outpost together. Will Crysis 3 have a pig as an unexpected ally? If yes, then we can start talking, Crytek.

      • Blackcompany says:

        Recently I cleared an outpost, watched the flag change, heard a growl & was promptly killed by a tiger that had just finished with the pigs. FC3 has its flaws but it also has a pretty cool liging world. Where else can you startle at the shadow of a bird because, well, it could have been a kimodo dragon in that grass.

      • roryok says:

        I care! Actually the pig thing also sounds cool, can’t we have both?

        If someone released a shallow closed world game which accurately modelled real archery I would probably play it a lot more than any of the many open world games that exist out there. I paid for Receiver, even though it’s basically a tech demo. And that was just a handgun

        Also looking forward to something coming of that this year. I’m sure they got the message from all the people buying it. you guys all bought it, right?

  20. Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

    I’m only really excited for The Cave on that list (I’ll excited for Arma3 when it becomes playable some time late 2014). Roll on 2013 Preview Of The Year Preview 2013, Part Two!

    That being said I’m hoping that my favourite games of 2013 (like my favourite games of 2012) are all ones I haven’t even heard about at the start of the year.

    • Ninja Foodstuff says:

      After the utter waste of time that was “Middle Manager of Justice” I’m not so sure any more.

      • f1x says:

        Yeah because you can compare The Cave with Ron Gilbert directing the orchestra to an small iOS game done by the orders of some obscure publisher

        Yeah both are from Double Fine but seriously, trolling much?

  21. Saul says:

    It’s the order they popped into your heads, clearly. My prize?

  22. iniudan says:

    The game I’m really waiting is X: Rebirth, the series that actually kept Space simulation and thus combat alive, during all those year. :)

    And in that one they are supposed to have rebuilt everything from ground up, instead of adding on top, so should be less obtuse, so maybe finally stop scaring newcomers.

    • Prime says:

      While I AM interested in seeing what Rebirth is like, let’s just say that it has to dump the very heavy focus on Industrial-scale capitalism before us oldies stop being scared by it as well. In that sense it’s only marginally better than the great Space-Spreadsheet, Eve Online.

      • Blackcompany says:

        Tried to like X3. Desperately wanted to enjoy it. And it certainly is a quality game. But good god do I find it boring. I know its me not the game. Its a Excel: Instellar Edition for sure & some people like that.

        Unfortunately I want a little more action & a little less economics in space. But to each their own. It is a high quality experience regardless.

        • Prime says:

          Boring, absolutely. Tedium has been an inherent part of the X experience ever since Beyond the Frontier. Reading that pro-gamers started leaving the game running while they slept in order to accumulate their trading fortunes was the exact moment I understood what was fundamentally wrong with the series.

          • dE says:

            I’ve had some very curious fun with the X Games, by not playing them like intended. With the use of mods of course. One of which made enemies occasionally jump ship if it got damaged too much. Another one was a salvage computer thingie, that scanned sectors for derelict ships and with the use of a satelite spy network (another mod), I was running a salvage operation.
            It was rather cheaty in a sense, that I made lots of easy money that would have taken hours otherwise. But it was a much more active approach. Here I was skimming the universe for broken ships, hijacking them and then towing those broken husks to a friendly spaceport for repairs and selling them off for a huge profit. That occasionally meant flying through hostile areas and what not. The fun I had, trying to nick a broken cruiser from both some military and the xenon from a neat battlefield right under their noses.

            My point being, the base game of X is what is wrong with the spacegenre – a collection of ferengi simulators all focused on the trade aspect, rather than the exploration aspect. But it’s also a canvas one can use to kinda make ones own game, with the ardent use of mods.

          • Soon says:

            I play the X series as a pirate. Attacking and capturing other ships then selling those (or keeping the good ones) and occasionally selling the pilots too. Eventually you target more select prey with expensive cargo or the weapons merchants to see if you can pick up anything nice for yourself.

            It’s tricky, and I doubt I ever reached the wealth of those who set up galactic trading empires, but ships sell for a lot and it’s more fun.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I’ll be waiting for the sequel, X: Afterbirth.

  23. welverin says:

    Are they separated by who wrote them?

    The first bunch seem to be by Nathan all in order of release date, once it goes back to January the style seems to change.

  24. AlienMind says:

    After filtering out the games requiring STEAM, ORIGIN, UBILAUNCHER, or any other 3rd party internet depending master control program, and again filtering out the plain crap (RAILSHOOTERS, CRIPPLEWARE like competitive multiplayer games without demorecording, F2P envy contests,..), hopefully one stays afloat.
    Well, I guess I don’t even like video games anymore.

    • LJFHutch says:

      Haha, true that :D

    • f1x says:

      railshooters? Didnt see Call of Duty on the list

      About 3rd party drm, I do agree with you but lets not be too melodramatic ;), at the moment even tho as said it would be better without DRM, things are not so bad, Uplay crap has downscaled to be a bit less annoying and Steam and Origin are more or less aceptable (in terms of being to just play the games),
      on the other hand… games for windows live….

  25. mseifullah says:

    Half-Life 3. This is going to be the year, amirite guys?

    • Doomsayer says:

      Actually, yes. The probability this year is much greater than last year. Because math.

      • roryok says:

        2013 HAS A THREE IN IT OMG

        • The white guar says:

          And…oh! And Half life two came out in 2004, which was nine years ago, and nine is three times threee, or 3^2 and the half life two logo was “lambda”^2 and…oh god the clozapine is wearing off already

        • roryok says:

          2013 – 2010 = 3

          • roryok says:

            If the games follow the formula for actual half-life decay, which we have to apply inversely here, then HL3 will take 8 times as long to develop as HL2 did. or something

          • The white guar says:

            It will surely be released by the end of the current baktun

  26. dE says:

    They seem to be linked by theme in at least a character or item.
    The Cave has a guy in an exosuit.
    Dead Space has guys with exosuits, that shoot aliens.
    Aliens are a central theme in Colonial Marines.
    Marines and first person perspective link it to Crysis.
    The Bow links it to Tomb Raider.
    A female character, that just like Lara had issues with “breast-reception” is the link to Bioshock Infinite.
    The infinity of space is seen in that mecha game with the over the top action.
    Speaking of which, that’s a good cue for DMC, fighting hordes in a spectacular fashion.
    Hordes? Got plenty of them in Impire.
    Too many of them? Well switch perspective, let a hero fight hordes.
    With the next link, I wanted to go another direction, but really couldn’t refuse connecting the rails in the screenshot with Battlefield.
    So Battlefield is vehicular gunporn, and that’s the imprompto action with which Arma steps up the pace.
    Tanks on the other hand, are machines – often found under the control of metaphorical Pigs.
    Something often forgotten is the sheer quantity of mediocre looking ARPGs. Just like an Amnesia, it’s also easy to forget about Van Helsing actually being a thing. (This link is proudly presented by: Sorry captain, can’t see shit on that screenshot). It’s probably got to do with the insanity of Amnesias Story and the insanity of Van Helsings execution.
    Last but not least, there’s a tank. I have no idea about that one. Maybe the “incredibly stupid adventures of kickstarting with their own website”?

    I give up. Also layout is looking like it might want to kill me.

    • yogibbear says:

      I think it’s:
      1. In confirmed release date order
      2. In murky release date order
      3. In very murky release date order

    • Stochastic says:

      The formatting makes this comment look like a poem. A poem about the oblique relations between as-yet-unreleased manshoots.

  27. theleif says:

    I believe the games are either ordered by choice, by some criteria you deem appropriate or by some kind of randomization.
    A bold suggestion, I know, but I stand by it.
    I do not duck the hard questions, no sir.

  28. Post-Internet Syndrome says:

    I’d love BF4 to take the series in a new direction, but leaked info suggests that it is going to be very similar to BF3 and just polish the formula.

    • Rovac says:

      What kind of new direction would it be? this qoute still stands until today “War, war never changes”
      I guess with the dying of consoles they could focus BF4 to be the ultimate BF, with modding scene and all that
      Also, they should bring Battlefield Heroes from Pay2Win

    • roryok says:

      I’m looking forward to a Battlefield spin-off called BF: Skinner where you play a man who has deep psychological issues and wears the skins of his enemies.

  29. Rovac says:

    that Battlefield 4 really cracked me up :)
    It’s a pretty list. Shame I won’t get to play most of them.

  30. Agnol117 says:

    Every time I am reminded that A Machine For Pigs exists, I want it, but then I remember that I haven’t even found the time to play the first game yet.

    • empyrion says:

      Don’t worry. That’s the excuse everybody uses.

      I found it to be less scary after sitting through it for a while and after seeing one of the monsties up close though. They look sad somehow.

      • Agnol117 says:

        It’s not even a matter of being scared — it’s a matter of finding the heavy breathing and screen distortion when the character is nervous/scared to be annoying, and not the sort of thing I want to deal with when I get back from work and have the time to play a game. If a game wants to unsettle me, fine, but if it can’t do it without annoying me, it’s not something I’m going to want to play very often. Which is unfortunate, because I enjoyed the Penumbra games, and even enjoyed what of Amnesia I played before the fear effects got too annoying to continue.

  31. Hoaxfish says:

    Out of the ones listed here, I’m only vaguely interested in the Cave, Machine for Pigs, and Impire.

    PC Gamer has a similar article. With mutli-page support allowing them to cram everything into one article, the one’s I’ve spotted in their list makes me more optimistic (though they seem to have been slightly optimistic believing some of those “2013” release dates)

  32. Umbert says:

    Where’s Company of Heroes 2?

    • subedii says:

      This is simply part one of our preview, with two more parts to follow in the coming days.

      Tune in tomorrow for Part two!

    • Prime says:

      Read the last line of the article for a possible clue….

      And then smack yourself for even asking this obnoxious question in the first place. OMG WHERE IS X? is perhaps the most annoying and pointless thing to read since people started putting “First!” in comment threads.

      • Umbert says:

        Thanks and yes that smacking was well deserved, sorry for being annoying. ;D
        Though anyone excited for CoH2?

  33. derella says:

    Out of these, The Cave is the only one that I’m truly excited about. Strike Suit sounds like it may be fun, as does Impire.

  34. Malleus says:

    The most important part of Lara Croft’s survival equipment: the shaving kit :)

    • Stochastic says:

      To be fair, I think this scene happens near the game’s opening when she’s just been marooned on the island. That having been said, I very much doubt that the game will go to the length of simulating Lara’s axillary hirsuteness.

      • JackShandy says:

        I bloody well hope it does, I refuse to play any game without real-time armpit hair growth.

        I was really hoping I’d finally get to play a game.

  35. PearlChoco says:

    So far no RPG, RTS or hardcore Sim. Let’s hope it gets better.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Do Sims 3 expansions count as hardcore sim? Because I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of those in 2013.

  36. JoeyJungle says:

    I give this preview of the year my POTY award

  37. Cytrom says:

    Very excited for bioshock infinite, grim dawn.. and whichever space shooter game actually comes out in 2013.

  38. Joshua Northey says:

    The order in which they were assigned to staff people?

  39. Ergates_Antius says:

    When are you guys going to return to work properly? Lazy fuckers…

  40. Dances to Podcasts says:

    I bet it’s the order in which they were mentioned in the comments of the previous article. Crowdsourcing!

  41. roburt says:

    How can a game with absolutely no information at all and not even so much as an image be considered one of the most anticipated games by the editing staff?

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Because games are always best when they exist only in your head rather than within the harsh limits of reality.

  42. USER47 says:

    Age of Decadence, Cradle, Contrast, Routine, Dead State, Eador: Masters of the Broken World…all these games interest me much more than another Crysis, Bioshock, Battlefield or whatever.

  43. F3ck says:

    I care about exactly one of these games (boorish yank that I am) …so here’s mine:

    The Cave: cute games like this make me feel old.

    Dead Space 3: first was fun, second was slightly less so (yet prettier), now co-op? Dubious.

    Aliens CM: if there’s a campaign here they’re hiding it well.

    Crysis3: Loved the 1st, liked the 2nd, there’s a pattern here…

    TR: Never played, can’t be good.

    Infinite: even if it’s terrible (but it won’t be) it’ll likely be my favorite this year.

    SSZ: sounds new and frightening, I hate it.

    DmC: I bought DmC4 couple years back, never played…can’t be good.

    Impire: first I thought it was another cute game, but it’s RTS…and I like my games to think for me, thank you very much.

    Grim Dawn: never heard of it, can’t be good (although it actually might, still).

    B4: right after I suckle a hobo’s gangrenous ingrown toenail…then I’ll look forward to this.

    ArmA 3: took me 15 minutes to figure out how to kneel in ArmA 2…five more to lay prone…never did figure out how to get up…can’t be good.

    Amnesia: played the first one…still bleaching skid-marks of terror out of my boxers. Mod me an assault rifle into the game and I’ll consider it…

    TIAoVH: never heard of it…doesn’t exist…

    Call to Arms: goty 2016…I dunno, never heard of it…vaporware…

    …there…now that’s an informed list…

    • roryok says:

      Crysis3: Loved the 1st, liked the 2nd, there’s a pattern here…

      I assume you mean then that you’ll love the 3rd one then…

      • F3ck says:

        This would be a welcomed surprise, indeed…one concern at this point is the Dome (setting) with its “7 wonders” and what it might mean for open game-play…

        …the sequel severely narrowed the road from A to B… where the first game (more often) left it to the player to navigate their own route…

        …now it looks like it’s all just a big arena (again, I sincerely do hope I’m wrong) which is cool for some, but less my thing.

        …according to Hoejengaard (creative director or some such):

        “Part 1 was an open environment, and offered sandbox gameplay. Part 2 was more linear, because of the urban environment, and thusly did not support an open world…

        “Part 3 is a combination of both, an urban landscape that has been reclaimed by nature, which offers the possibly of sandbox gameplay, but also a more linear experience, depending on the point in which the player is at…”

        This sounds rather like what FC3 did…which I did not entirely care for.

        • roryok says:

          well I just meant if we were to infer a pattern from your reaction to the first two, it would swing back to the first value. We’d need three or more values to predict a downward series.

    • SooSiaal says:

      “ArmA 3: took me 15 minutes to figure out how to kneel in ArmA 2…five more to lay prone…never did figure out how to get up…can’t be good.”

      So you like informed lists, why not inform yourself about the controls of a game

      • F3ck says:

        …at the risk of pointing out the obvious – my “list” is not very well informed at all really…

        …my thinking is that ArmA might be beyond my abilities…as my aptitude with intermediate FPS’ is barely passable…

        In truth, I have nothing but respect for those who play the game with any competence…just pretty sure I aint one of ’em.

  44. pertusaria says:

    Having read / skimmed the PC Gamer list, I’m reminded that Gone Home and Conquistador are coming up this year (hopefully). Quite a few interesting things on the horizon, even if you choose to be pessimistic about some of the nostalgic Kickstarter projects.

  45. Nice Save says:

    Is it ordered in descending order of release date specificity?

  46. Shooop says:

    Machine For Pigs looks somewhat interesting, but that “HEY YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE SCARED! CAN YOU TELL BY THE WAY YOUR AVATAR SOUNDS LIKE HE’S GIVING BIRTH, HE’S BREATHING SO HARD?” gimmick needs to be dialed way back or eliminated entirely.

  47. PopeRatzo says:

    I don’t see nuthin’ about no Burnout Paradise 2 : Not NFS. So I’m bummed.

    What is so goddamn hard about an open-world arcade racing slash stunt racing that doesn’t look like it’s happening in the Land of Tron?

    NFS: Most Burnout reboot only made me want the real thing that much more. Seriously, somebody must have made good money on Burnout Paradise (hell, I bought 3 copies for 2 different platforms), so why haven’t they made another one yet? Maybe “Burnout Nation” or something. Let Criterion turn NFS: The Run into a real open world racer where I can do stunt runs off the Grand Canyon and jump from ramps on top of Chicago parking garages and a burning route from Memphis to New Orleans.

    And Half-Life 3. Where is Half-Life 3? What is WRONG with the game companies today?

  48. wodin says:

    Well Combat Mission East front, Combat Mission Shock Force 2 and Wings Over Flanders Fields are my biggies this year. I heard that Command Ops Chir River wont see this year so thats made me sad, but expected.

    As for AAA titles…I gave up being excited about them after last year and the year before, none live upto the hype both pre release and with the popular ones post release..throw away games, I haven’t played a game that I felt deserved or would get a classic status in a long time. Some really good games some even great games but no stand out WOW games that have replayability.

  49. Hulk Handsome says:

    That image of Strike Suit Zero gives me very strong Omega Boost vibes: