Universe Collides: Eve And Dust 514 Merge Tomorrow

Yep, as CCP have detailed in this dev blog, after downtime tomorrow their console team shooter Dust 514 and their space MMO Eve will be a hybrid game, with players from both inhabiting the same world. CCP Nullabor explains: “…you will begin to see unfamiliar faces in local. They may look a little funny and talk about bizarre concepts such as tanks, grenades and “running around” but I promise they are as friendly as New Eden citizens can be and want to learn everything they can about this world you now both share.” Moreover, corporations are going to be able to employ Dust folk as mercenaries to fight over planets in factional warfare, and then reap the benefits. It’s a fascinating experiment, and I will fascinated to see whether it blossoms in the coming months. CCP still seem to be making a big gamble.

Lovely Dust trailer below.

Still amazed that it’s on PS3 only, though. I don’t get it. Honestly, it’s baffling. They’ve explained it to my face, and I still don’t understand.

*Points at PC platform, points at millions of players on Steam*.


  1. Moraven says:

    Did not even realize this was out to play already. May check it out.

    ” DUST 514 closed beta ” ah

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      • nu1mlock says:

        If you’re going to spam made up numbers, at least make it look right. 10½ hours every day for 31 days straight isn’t what I would call “a few hours”.

  2. Sakkura says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this. Could be a bright moment in gaming history, or a spectacular failure in the way only MMOs seem capable of.

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  3. mandrill says:

    They’ve explained it to my face too, many, many, times, and I’m still baffled.

    a) it would have been much easier to get them talking to each other if it was on PC.
    b) It now has to compete with all the CoDs, Halos, and GoWs. And it has to be better than each ‘new’ iteration of those games. (not wanting to dis console players but as a market they do have a much shorter attention span, it’s the nature of the beast)
    c) What’s going to happen in a year or two when the PS4 is announced?

    Its a console game forever though, no plans for a port (unless it does really badly). Madness.

    • Sakkura says:

      c) Dust 515.

    • feffrey says:

      The game also supports keyboard and mouse controls natively. It practically is a pc game except it only runs on the ps3.

      • DaftPunk says:

        Don’t make me laugh boy,playing the game with K&M DOES NOT MAKE IT PC GAME. There is allot more then just that,you’ll learn with years great wisdom come by.

        • Hahaha says:

          What makes a pc game? can’t wait for this answer….

          • Tiax says:

            Adequate FOV and the possibility to disable mouse smoothing, for starters.

          • Simas says:

            How about the user interface designed for PC/mouse and not over-sized TV/controller navigation.

          • Hahaha says:

            Going by those 3 suggestions the ratio of “pc” games to games(?) is really out of wack.

            Wonder what c&c on the ps is or ofp on xbox or smb on the pc

          • x1501 says:

            “What makes a pc game? can’t wait for this answer….”
            Gee, I don’t know. The ability to play it* on a PC, perhaps?

            EDIT (for daft people): *natively

          • Hahaha says:

            So an emulator running powerstone is a “pc” game?

            “There is allot more then just that,”
            Indicates that he thinks more than one other thing makes it a “pc” game.

            Lol we can keep going

            Is spelunky a “pc” game how about braid or bastion? virtua cop?

            I think this needs to be quoted again
            “There is allot more then just that,”
            plays on the pc natively herp derp

          • b972984 says:

            From the standpoint of immersion – making it feel as if this is one living universe – this is fantastic.


        • Llewyn says:

          But not great typing skills, apparently.

        • Ovno says:

          Yes it does, and I speak as someone who has been playing pc games since the 80s

          All this other crap about FoV and graphics options they are just fluff the only important factor is the control method the rest is all just stuff for ‘enthusiasts’ and people who like playing with options.

          • solymer89 says:

            I wouldn’t say this is truth. I hate fiddling around with options, but I also understand that I can create a better gaming experience by doing so, and so I do.

      • Dowr says:

        Yes, which makes the fact of the game being PS3 exclusive ever more frustrating.

        • ChromeBallz says:

          CCP has never denied that the game will come to PC. They always started smiling and said ‘no comment’.

          I’m 100% sure that they intended to bring Dust to consoles first to reach an entirely new audience. Once they have established this, ‘giving’ the PS3 players their own ‘veteran’ game as it were (as they can start racking up those skillpoints now), they will get Dust to the PC – Probably after around a year or when the PS4 is released. This way they can effectively cross-promote the game much better than normally. If it were on PC from release, no one on the PS3 would play it and EVE wouldn’t get the proper exposure :)

      • x1501 says:

        “The game also supports keyboard and mouse controls natively. It practically is a pc game except it only runs on the ps3.”

        It also practically is a jet plane, except that it’s not an aircraft and it doesn’t use jet engines for propulsion.

        • Ovno says:

          So in fact not a jet plane at all then…

          That’s the equivalent of comparing apples with large german shepards.

    • Bilateralrope says:

      To reply to your points:

      a) The only difficulties there would be are because consoles are a closed environment. Console manufacturers set rules about what games on their console are allowed to do. MMO’s do things that are typically forbidden under those rules. Somehow CCP got Sony to let them ignore those rules. Probably by promising exclusivity.
      If it was a choice between PS3 exclusive or PC exclusive, PS3 seems the better choice because it means they don’t have to compete with Planetside 2.

      b) Being free to play gives it a major boost to competing as it’s much easier to get someone to try something if they don’t have to pay up front.

      c) Will PS3 games run on the PS4 ?
      If not, porting it over is always an option.

      • Malibu Stacey says:

        Console manufacturers set rules about what games on their console are allowed to do. MMO’s do things that are typically forbidden under those rules. Somehow CCP got Sony to let them ignore those rules.

        Probably because Sony don’t follow any such made up rules. Hence why VALVe have Steam on PS3 & can do things like add updates & do cross-platform co-op in Portal 2.

        Sony and Microsoft are 2 different companies. Might want to look them up to save future uneducated posts.

    • Nate says:

      d) Multi-platform games require multiple parallel universes, at least, if you want to avoid people complaining that one platform leads to an unfair advantage*, and in Eve, there is only one universe

      e) The console market is considered to be much larger (like 10x) than the pc market, so if you think you have a good game that can be played adequately within the limits found on consoles, consoles are where the big bucks are

      f) A workable design that involves multi-platform participation (Eve players on PC interacting with Dust players on PS) is an interesting enough experiment that, even were consoles not the largest market, it would be worth pursuing

      *unfair advantages, of course, being everything that’s listed below as things that make games PC: altered input, improved resolution, altered FOV– plus the obvious potential advantage of framerate

    • ScootaEu says:

      They’ve said in a few dev blogs/interviews that they hope this game will outlive the PS3 and will move onto the PS4. There’s a quote somewhere saying they want one day to be celebrating EVE’s 20th birthday and Dust’s 10th birthday.

    • loGi says:

      The game is co-published by Sony, who is developing Planetside 2 on the PC, which DUST514 would be in direct competition with.

  4. DaftPunk says:

    This looks generic as hell.

    • vatara says:

      I know, there are soooo many semi-permadeth shooters with vehicles and skill leveling that interface with another MMO space game.

      • crizzyeyes says:

        I’ve played the closed beta. Unless they’ve made a -lot- of improvements since fall,then it is still a buggy, laggy, unbalanced BF2142 clone. so yes, generic.

        • ScootaEu says:

          About a month ago they release the Chromosome build and it is a damn sight better/more stable than it was in the fall, fixing so many issues as well as adding sweet new stuff to the game.

      • Kapouille says:

        Granted, the setup is unusual, but the gameplay, design and feel of the actual game is lifeless, is what he means. I believe the concern is more : “if you don’t get your fundamentals right, the MMO tie-in fluff is not going to pull players in on its own”

      • meatshit says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s also the only F2P shooter on the PS3.

    • Simas says:

      I agree. But the Dust is not designed for EVE players. It’s designed for the “other” kind of console player.

    • Deston says:

      We played this at Eurogamer and unfortunately it really is very bland and generic in feel.

      I gave it a go for about 30 minutes or so. I really wanted to like it, on paper it ticks a lot of my boxes. But it just did not grab me at all. I walked away disappointed.

      • Cyrius says:

        I feel like if you played for only 30 minutes you didn’t get that good of a look. Sure, if you look at just the matches it is a shooter in space, but you are missing the entirety of the metagame there.

        It would be as if you got your 30 minutes of EVE by ratting a single asteroid belt. You miss the rest of the game.

        • Deston says:

          A fair comment. Although my gripe wasn’t with the potential intricacies of the game, it was with the basic user interface and feel of movement and combat. I doubt that would change for me with any longer playing it. Kapouille explains the issue of fundamentals above me.

          Some games just don’t make you want to play more. This was one of them for me.

          Glad you’re enjoying it though.

    • Cyrius says:

      I am having more fun with Dust than I have with any other shooter. Ever.

      It has all the skill planning and complexity of EVE but in a shooter. It is EVE for the twitch gamer and I will play it forever XDDDD

  5. cpt_freakout says:

    I hate (hatred! ARRG!) that this is not on PC. I’ve tried EVE, I liked it a lot but like all other MMOs, it just wore out on me eventually. Nevertheless, I’d love to be a part of its universe as a soldier, given that I’ve enjoyed Planetside 2 so much (and since 1 was my first MMO experience I’m still a sucker for FPS mayhem with hundreds of others). I guess I can only hope for this to be successful in order for us PC people to get another experiment from these guys (an RTS/ARPG hybrid about resource gathering merged with both EVE and Dust? :P).

  6. Didden says:

    CCP at least have a solid history of continual iteration. As a very committed EVE player, I hope this is a success. Despite my own scepticism, there are not many PS3 games that come out, and certainly none had been developed with this long term sort of complexity. I’m sure it will find it’s niche, but I feel like EVE it won’t be broad enough, but hopefully broad enough to maintain justifying continued investment in it to improve it.

  7. Tei says:

    Looks to me like a BF-lite for 32 players. With all the high-coolness sci-fi of Eve. :D

    pointless movie reference:

    There is no EVE, only Zuul.

    • ScootaEu says:

      They’re planning on getting the games larger and large much like they have with fleet fights in Eve. MAG is a PS3 exclusive that has support for up to 256 players, which is crazy.

  8. Reefpirate says:

    I’m going to go ahead and throw in my vote for “Why in the stupid goddamn hell is this not on PC?” It would go gangbusters on Steam in the first week. If the game is actually any good, it could become one of those ‘big things’ on Steam. On consoles I just see it kind of fading away no matter what.

  9. P.Funk says:

    What I find fascinating about Dust is the fact that its got this heavy console vibe around it but its being married to the single most ridiculously PC game I can think of. What is more PC than Eve Online?

    I don’t even understand the concept of limiting it to a single platform when the game its married to is on a completely different one. PS3 isn’t exactly the end all be all gaming platform these days, despite its value. I own a PC and a 360 and if it were on either I’d happily pile and have a go.

    And also, this seems like a perfect bit of competition for the rather stagnant and unimaginative shooter market. Though the combat seems facile as far as I can tell the concept of it being tied into the single most engrossing and emergent MMO is tantalizing. Shooters have struggled to give a sense of scale outside of scripted singleplayer and until Planetside we haven’t even had much of an option outside of hardcore modded Arma2 which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, or even many people’s.

    I will never understand, and if this is a great moment in gaming history I’ll be forced to miss it because honestly… screw the PS3.

  10. Berzee says:

    Like EVE, I hope this will make for some great years-to-come interview/diary articles about political-machination-mongering for me to read. It’s kind of a fun idea…I will stifle my default skepticism for the time being!

  11. b0rsuk says:

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  12. Arglebargle says:

    This PS3 exclusivity makes me question the acumen of the CCCP decision makers. I understand the issue with the Xbox and Microsoft’s head-up-their-ass attitude, but the nixing of the PC as a platform is just inconceivable. Their stated desire to not cannibalize their player base on PC just makes me shake my head. There are loads of folks who are not interested in the various arcanities of the EVE platform, who’d be happy to blast away as a soldier. I know I am one.

    I can’t even wish them best of luck, as this exclusivity idea was awful to begin with. Oh well, maybe parts of it will be useful in World of Darkness…..

  13. Megakoresh says:

    Meh, PS3 exclusive. Not interesting then. Especially a shooter. A shooter with a controller… Bah, what a joke.

  14. SuperNashwanPower says:

    “This equipment must be purchased from the marketplace, and will not be returned to you if you lose consciousness or life”

    So, that had better not be a real money marketplace then, or that would be penis

  15. Strangerator says:

    I really hope they continually iterate and hone this until it becomes a worthy partner-game with Eve. I envision people being able to earn their PLEX by being a highly sought-after soldier. Or successful Eve pilots being able to come into ground combat using gear they bought (or plundered) using their space-dollars.

    I’d love to see other applications of the ground combat, like instances in dead space which allow for boarding actions. You could scale up to raid-style “dungeons” needing several skilled soldiers. The cool part is that the reward for these types of missions could be a mixture of both Eve-loot and Dust-loot.

    The lockdown to PS3 might be for a couple reasons… but the most acceptable one I can think of is that they want to have people on the ground who are a totally separate community from the Eve people. That way it really feels like Eve players are negotiating with a sort of gruff soldier underclass.

    I personally like the idea of allowing a single character to occasionally get out of the capsule and stretch their legs in the shooter game. Maybe instanced “dungeons” would need to be unlocked by docking your ship and logging out, then when logging into the Dust game a special dungeon is generated just for you, along with whether or not your raid was successful.

    After reading the Dust site, this level of integration is far away, but an interesting concept nonetheless.

    • Gorf says:

      ” That way it really feels like Eve players (PC master race) are negotiating with a sort of gruff soldier underclass (console scum)”

      • Geen says:

        Ah, it feels good to be a noble. Oy! Playstation plebians! Where’s mah coffee?!

  16. derbefrier says:

    Hmmm might be a reason to use my ps3 for something other than netflix

  17. jellydonut says:

    It will be out on PC eventually. If for nothing else, because the PS3 grows stale and it’s easier to bring it to the PC than the PS4.

  18. pilot13 says:

    I would love to play this, shame it’s on the ps3.

    I’ve tried EVE a bunch of times, and as much as I really want to like it, I just cant stick with it for more than a month or two at a time. I did join the RPS corp on a patrol once but got totally murdered at a jump gate by myself as my ship was considerably worse and slower than everyone elses.

  19. buzzmong says:

    Folks have to remember that this game and its linking in to the normal EVE universe was planned before CCP had those big problems the other year which saw 20% of the staff being laid off, the promising World of Darkness MMO being mothballed due to it being the lesser developed of the two, and the massive shift in attitudes inside CCP.

    I very much suspect that while CCP would like it to be wildly successful so as to recoup development expenses, they’ll be rather accepting of it should it (expectedly) fail as it’s being viewed as an experiment. They probably have plans to take it round the back of the shed when the PS4 comes out should it not be popular.

    • pilot13 says:

      @ buzzmong

      I was under the impression WoD was still under development. I think they showed a vid of some environments at their fan convention.

      That said I believe they did drop some of the team.

  20. matveev.sergeev says:

    Well, that was quick, shame that it won’t be available on pc though adcocod007@mail.ru

  21. Blackcompany says:

    From the standpoint of immersion – making it feel as if this is one living universe – this is fantastic.

    Now let me tell why it will drive players away from EVE in droves.

    Were I still playing I would have canceled my sub the moment I read this. As a pilot who was focusing more and more on low and null sec, I used local to make tactical decisions. Before I uncloaked following a jump I would scan local chat, looking for wardecs, pirates, etc. A process that will now take twice as long and require me to wade through players who may not even be playing the same game I am.

    This is patently ridiculous. It will frustrate players and rightly so. Perhaps had we the option of landing our ship and jumping into a firefight on a rock it would not be so bad. Since it would then actually be one single game. As is, they are simply asking EVE players to advertise their PC MMO in local chat in an attempt to hook console gamers on EVE.

    Sad, sad times for the sandbox. I feel for the low and null pilots out there. I truly do.

    • wu wei says:

      I have to agree. Like most of CCP’s actions, the idea seems cool, but the implementation is so broken.

      Mixing sub-paying players with free-to-play ones? Forcing the use of the same chat channel – which has important tactical value to EVE players – even though they’re playing fundamentally different games?

      Who is going to invest the time in PI skills now if some random console players can continually grief you _and cost you_ in ISK, thus forcing you to pay more for your subscription?

      Having points of intersection between the two game is great, in theory, but until there’s a separate channel for SHIP TO GROUND communication (seriously, _why_ would foot soldiers be carrying around communication devices that capsuleers use?), and I have the ability to carpet bomb back to the stone age any squads griefing my PI setup, I don’t think I want to keep paying to play anymore.

      (I’ve just been informed by a more up-to-date friend that you _can_ turn off Dust players from appearing in local, which makes the whole chat integration even more pointless…)

    • ScootaEu says:

      Hey guys, I literally had to make an account and step up from being a lurker to say this…

      I’ve been playing Eve for 5 years and Dust since the closed beta started and as such feel I’m going to have to go through all the comments that say ‘Oh this is going to ruin eve because….’ when hopefully it wont because of x y or z.

      In this case, Z is the fact that you can turn off dust players and Dust comms from local so you can’t see them or here them and even if you have it turned on, they are highlighted blue(the entire box with their name and avatar picture) so they’re easy to pick out. On top of that I believe that they can also only be in stations or on planets in local to fight so they can’t sit afk in a null sec channel messing up nullsec industry!

      Hope this helps :P

  22. dtoracle says:

    CCP wanted to make Eve online for consoles, & Dust514 was born. It was created out of their desire to tap into the console market. & would have been multiplatform if MS had been more cooperative. We’re more likely to see Planetside 2 on the new Playstation console, before we see Dust514 on PC.

    BTW, Dust514 requires Eve pilots to play Eve. So for CCP to cannibalize, even a small portion of their subscription based players to their own F2P game just seems stupid from a business stand point. They want to grow the player base, not divide it. & with games like Planetside 2, Firefall, Tribes, TF2, etc… The F2P FPS market on PC is full of competition, where there is absolutely no competition on any home console ATM. This makes plenty of sense to me.

    • frightlever says:

      Smart analysis.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      The question remains whether a game like Planetside 2 attracts the same sort of gamer playing EVE. I’m sure there is some overlap in gamer demographic, but how much is that?

  23. Brumisator says:

    As an Eve player awake today morning with nothing constructive to do, I don’t care about DUST514. I just want the server to be up so I can resume flight.

  24. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Thinking about it, CCP should have tried to do something with Sony. I mean, CCP has EVE online and Sony has Planetside. Not that I think the Playstation could deal with Planetside 2.

    Or, you know, try to make their own Planetside variant.

  25. solymer89 says:

    Battlefleet Gothic got me into the idea of ship warfare coupled with planetary assaults. We had some crazy long games where we combined Gothic campaigns mixed with 40k battles… was great fun… ELDAR FOR LIFE!