Vol-Steady As A Rock: Omerta – City Of Gangsters

Here’s some Prohibition news: I watched Lawless last year and even though it’s paced badly at times, I enjoyed it and marvelled at Shia TheBeef doing some proper acting. Keep the lad away from Spielberg and Bay and he might have a bright future in the business called ‘show’. Or at least a less obvious one. Omerta takes place in the big city rather than out in the sticks but, like Lawless, it’s about guns, gangsters and odd pacing, the latter due to its turn-based nature. Craig pointed out that the latest trailer is a Mac trailer and it also reuses lots of footage from the previous video, but it does show more of the strategic interface and has a toe-tapping tune.

Although it looks about as clunky as the reload mechanism on a poorly maintained M1918, I want Omerta. The combat looks daft in videos but could be swell to play around with and the setting should provide plenty of character. We’ll find out on February 1st.


  1. Bostec says:

    I watched Lawless too and yes, Shia lepuff does infact fucking act for once. I couldn’t believe it myself. Of course Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce steal the show, you know, like real actors. Anyway, the game, its about time we are due a gangster game. Boardwalk empire and lawless is itching my hairy clicking fingers and I want to bootleg booze instead of drinking it. It would be like a whole new perspective about it

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Even though puns are prohibited, Adam always smuggles some in. Listen RPS goodfellas, if you don’t stop behaving like lawless untouchables I swear to Godfather I’m gonna Capone of you.

      • maninahat says:

        You’re just taking the cannoli now.

        • darlenejeffrey2 says:

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    • Slinkyboy says:

      Shia is a fucking piece of shit. I’ll have to see this Lawless film for myself.

    • socrate says:

      You should play Gangster 1 and 2 they are by far the only decent gangster game out there and while a bit easy allow you to do tons of fun stuff….i really don’t like Kalypso at all and them claiming their fame out of Tropico 4 which is basically a copy and paste of the original tropico and one of the purest form of copy and paste at that…i mean there is almost no work or new idea in Tropico 4…its just a revamp of graphic and turning the game into easy mode and adding no challenge to the game at all….these are what AAA title tend to do and offer nothing worth the money they usually ask for for their game most of the time.

      Might i remind you that they are behind a ton of crappy game and they really have never done anything actually worth mentioning in their entire career,this yet again look like a crappy version of gangster and gangland(that game was awful)…its sad because gangster 1 and 2 were extremely fun game and i really wish they would make a good game like that again based on that time period and the crime life of that time…but i really doubt they will make another interesting one like that in this decade

      • plugmonkey says:

        No, there is some new work.

        They introduced a handy autosave bug that both crashes to desktop and corrupts your save.

        Last time I checked (although admittedly that was a while ago), this was still happening, despite a large number of people pointing out that the normal way to implement a save flow is to successfully create the new save and THEN remove the old one.

        Players losing saves is pretty much the #1 apocalyptic catastrophe bug situation. An absolute quadruple A, stay all weekend, no one leaves the building until this is fixed sort of an issue. They left it in there for months.

        I’m not a huge fan of theirs.

  2. DrunkDog says:

    Lawless was certainly watchable, although very by the numbers and there’s not really alot of substance to it. Some nice chewy performances though and yet despite “doing good at acting” Mr LaBeouf’s oafish character was unbearable to watch – his dumb-headed actions causing all those around him to suffer some major hurtings. I’d be amazed in anyone remembers it within a few months…

    • Bostec says:

      I watched it a few months ago and I still rememeber it. As to Mr LaBeaouf’s character, that was the whole point. He is the youngest of the brothers, the runt, the one with no balls. To get anywhere near to impress and to show he had balls he had to do stupid “dumb-headed” actions, even if he didn’t know what it would do to the family.

      • DrunkDog says:

        Yes, of course I know the reasons behind why the character did what he did, but that story has been told many times before and in many more exciting ways. I just personally find any narrative where the drama is driven by a character’s bad/stupid choices annoying to sit through.

        • Bostec says:

          I understand now, like my missus who shouts at the TV “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DICKHEAD” shes like a gentle cocoon that turns into a ugly moth. Personally its The Shia so I laughed at all his misfortunes. Ruined Wallstreet he did.

          • socrate says:

            Boardwalk empire is just a million time better and required less money to make and as a million time more talent in it then the joke that was that movie…im really glad i didn’t pay for that one…then again movie nowaday aren’t interesting at all and offer nothing new and just recycled and bad idea made by really bad producer and actor…very few are interesting or worth remembering at this point…television series are now a million time more interesting then movie and have now the budget to “WOW” us and make stuff look interesting in a very visual way.

            I really don’t get people that cling on to bad movie and i never will…oh well

  3. doma says:

    Problem is, everyone wants this to be a sequel to the fantastic Gangsters: Organized Crime.

    Its not :(

    Can someone please make that?

    • Quilty says:

      Yes please! I loved the original Gangsters, although it didn’t receive a lot of love from reviewers. It did suffer from a clunky UI and a pretty much pointless real time segment, but its atmosphere-building juices just kept dripping all over me, and it was delicious.

      • Tom De Roeck says:

        Gangsters was so fucking awesome. It was a truly sandbox gangster game.

    • iucounu says:

      I remember Gangsters simultaneously being great and unplayable. (The less said about Gangsters 2 the better.)

      • JiminyJickers says:

        But there was no Gangsters 2!. Hmm hmm hmm, no be quiet, I’m not listening.

        I really enjoyed Gangsters but it was sometimes a bit of a chore to play. Still haven’t found something similar since.

        I hope Omerta turns out good.

        • socrate says:

          Gangster 2 was….ok when it worked….it did some stuff really nicely and improved,but other stuff…well they were just totally broken and uninteresting….and the difficulty was just a joke

    • sPOONz says:

      Yes! Someone must remake Gangsters Organised Crime. I loved playing that game and simply trying to expand my empire whilst being at peace with the 3 other crime families. I always wished I had internet connection back then so I could set up a multiplayer game and play one family whilst having the others idle and not a.i controlled. Single player always turnt into chaos. Loved that newspaper feature. And them dual pistols. And calling my character Harry ‘The Hatchet’ Lonsdale.

      Thinking about it, why on earth have there been no other decent gangster strategy attempts? Surley its a popular theme?

    • socrate says:

      bah i should have read the whole post page…anyway yeah one of the most ….and really the only good gangster game of all time so far but all the people that worked on these are pretty much not together anymore and seeing how the industry is today and how the new people entering it aren’t even into game and more into $$$ more then anything else we can only hope on an indie dev to do it right IMO.

  4. Tilaton says:

    So… It is Silent Storm with gangsters?

    • LXM says:

      I thought that at first as well but watching some gameplay videos the combat doesn’t seem as in-depth. Also, I didn’t see any destructible environments which automatically removes it from SS levels of awesome.

  5. gravity_spoon says:

    Gangland: link to gog.com could be a viable/cheap alternative to this game. While not turn based, it still kinda has same look and feel.

    • gladius2metal says:

      the skirmish mode was in my opinion totally unbalanced, the enemy always went for killing my boss in a quite unfair manner, maybe I just suck at the game or it was a bit unbalanced.

      • gravity_spoon says:

        No you’re not wrong. It felt the same to me as well. That is the general strategy the AI had.

  6. Rich Tea says:

    Make me an X-COMish game with wiseguys and rozzers and I’ll be happy for the rest of the year.

  7. sPOONz says:

    “my buddy’s mother makes $63 an hour on the internet”

    I bet she does the dirty Mommabot

  8. Zarunil says:

    Kalypso. Damnit!

  9. maryhelen975 says:

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