A Braindance With Death: Cyberpunk’s Snazzy Teaser

Mass murder and a total fashion faux pas? Things are not looking good for you, lady.

WITH BONUS GIGANTIC WITCHER 3 TEASE. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

First up, Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt’s finally seen fit to crack the whip on its legion of cybernetically enhanced hamsters and power up its hyperfuture projector, resulting in a trailer that looks too good to be true. And that’s because it is, being a CG-based teaser and all. Still though, it’s still our first real glimpse into the post-human dystopia CDP’s envisioning, and – assuming you don’t drown in a quicksand mire of slow-mo – there are some pretty intriguing sights to be had. For instance, a bullet-proof woman who managed to fulfill my lifelong dream of evolving into a Scyther. Oh, and before this post ends, you’ll know what a braindance is. For now, though, a sobering hint: it doesn’t summon a rain of brains from the sky. I know. I was disappointed too.

So I guess she cleaned up her act, shaved her head, and then joined the force? I think that’s what’s being implied here. Guh, why does dramatic slow motion always have to make everything so confusing? Also, why was she rampaging about in her underwear? Was the really necessary? Oh, right: CD Projekt.

Speaking of, the sometimes less-than-subdued developer explained the scene as follows:

“The teaser shows how the Psycho Squad might acquire a new member. The Psycho Squad specializes in combating ‘psychos’ – individuals who overuse implants and substances that boost or otherwise alter the human body. There comes a point when they overdose on these innovations, and their bodies start to rebel against their biological body parts as well as all things organic around them. Simply put, they start killing people, who they now derisively call ‘meatbags.'”

Meanwhile, CDP also sent along more information about the culture of Cyberpunk 2077’s world. Apparently, senses-overwhelming “braindances” – a new form of entertainment – will be a central source of ideological conflict. Basically, they let people live others’ experiences – every sight, sound, smell, taste, and emotion – so some people get addicted and decide real life isn’t worth the hassle. I’m pretty sure I read a short story about that exact idea once, but it’s still a fascinating concept. Also, hi there, overt allegory for videogames. But anyway.

“OK, fine,” you’re probably thinking, “but where are all the spells, swords, and silver-haired amnesiacs?” Well, whoever you are, that’s a strange question to be asking given the subject matter, but CDP went ahead and answered it anyway. The all-seeing infini-eye that is Reddit noticed a brief flash of text at 2:14 in the trailer, and – as it turns out – it wasn’t just for show. In addition to promising a real Cyberpunk trailer “in the future,” the Polish mega-studio teased an additional, probably-Witcher-3-related announcement for next month.

“And that’s not all that’s new, we are about the reveal our other project which is much closer to being completed. And yes, it will also be a fully open-world game with an intense story. You can probably guess the game we’re talking about. On the 5th of February it will be all clear.”

Hmmmm. But yes, this is exciting news! The Witcher 2 was a marvelously multi-pathed murder frolic, and Cyberpunk looks to take that same spirit into very new territory. I am hopeful. Also, I just released that the term “braindance” sounds kind of dirty.


  1. Harlander says:

    Also, why was she rampaging about in her underwear?

    Bloodstains are a nightmare to wash out, and don’t even ask about how badly eyeball juice stains

    • f1x says:

      The question is.. why not?
      Lets not bring the sexism thing everytime some female shows some skin, of course boobie-time was important here in terms of marketing but it looks coherent to the Cyberpunk fashion universe,

      I’m missing some spikes and leather tho, ala Mad Max ;D

      on the other hand: slow motion its starting to get boring

      • Lars Westergren says:

        > Lets not bring the sexism thing everytime some female shows some skin

        But if an entertainment industry is almost pathologically unable to depict females in any other way than by showing a lot of skin, then it is totally appropriate to bring that up as sexism until they stop.

        • Jubaal says:

          Well said Lars

        • NathanH says:

          To say that this statement is true of the “industry” is clearly outrageous. It might apply to AAA games, though; I’m not really too familiar with AAA games.

          Still, for CD Projekt it seems to be a deliberate style choice they make, rather than just something they do by default without thinking about it, so I’m more forgiving anyway.

        • newaccount23019 says:

          Have you played games? There’s plenty of depictions of women in games which I couldn’t possibly imagine you would regard as sexist.

          What’s sexist is that you don’t view them as women in videogames simply because they’re not sexist depictions. Or whatever reason you may have for ignoring them.

          • Bhazor says:

            Not sure if serious.

            I can think of maybe five female characters in mainstream gaming that are not completely embarrassing.
            1) Pre Other M Samus
            2) Faith from Mirror’s Edge
            3) The protagonist from Silent Hill 3
            4) Possibly Fem-shep
            5) Bayonetta strangely enough, very much in the ludicrous self parody mold.

            Everyone else is either a damsel, a little sister/mother or a wank fantasy.

          • Zephro says:

            Yeah all of this. Until it becomes the norm to have strong female characers it’s a legitimate complaint, and it’s far from the norm yet.

          • Adriaan says:

            HL2’s Alyx wasn’t bad either I thought?

          • Lanfranc says:


            You could add Jade from Beyond Good & Evil, and… um… Laura Bow, I guess?

            So, yeah.

          • TheApologist says:

            I might be remembering my time with Saint’s Row 3 wrongly, but I remember feeling like they broke through into to some kind of parodying absurdist place that I felt used and undermined the typical sexism of games (in this case open-world crime games). Maybe.

          • Bhazor says:

            I wouldn’t call Beyond Good and Evil mainsteam but yeah Jade is a great character, Alyx? She skirts into “oooh aren’t you a big and strong”/player pandering a little too much for me.

            Saints Row is bizarrely one of the most mature franchises around. Of course it undermines itself by having half the cast voiced by pornstars and filling their live action promotional videos with “booth babes”. Having ones cake and eating it too comes to mind.

          • jussipe says:

            April Ryan !

          • Lars Westergren says:

            > Alyx? She skirts into “oooh aren’t you a big and strong”/player pandering a little too much for me.

            Yes. At least she is clothed and has realistically proportioned breasts, but apart from a few reminiscences of how life used to be she pretty much only gushes about how awesome you are, and look how many times the “wide eyed subconsciously brushes her hair back to signify physical attraction” animation is played any time you talk to her.

          • lordcooper says:

            Just throwing out the first few examples that pop into my head, this list is by no means exhaustive. The vast majority of those listed are protagonists.

            Pretty much every female character in The Walking Dead. One is a mother, but I’m not sure why mothers are sexist now.
            Lightning from FF13
            Yuna, Lulu and Rikku from FF10
            Beatrix, Dagger, and Eiko from FF9
            Quistis and Selphie (I’ll giver you Rinoa) from FF8
            Aeris, Tifa and Yuffie from FF7
            Most female PCs in FF 1-6
            Alice from Alice: Madness Returns
            Aline Cedrac (I think it has been a while) from Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
            Sayaka from Ape Escape 3
            Jade from Beyond Good & Evil
            Flawkes from Cargo! The Quest for Gravity
            Whatever her name is from Mark of the Ninja
            Thingy from Dustforce
            Dr. Eva Rosalene from To The Moon
            Niobe from Enter the Matrix
            Koudelka from Koudelka
            Recette and Tear from Recettear
            Chell from Portal
            Kate Walker from Syberia
            April Ryan from The Longest Journey
            All six playable characters in The Path

          • brulleks says:

            Phoenix from Culpa Innata.

            But here’s the thing: we can make a list of them, because there are so few. Try making a list of non-objectified male characters and it will never dry up.

          • Bhazor says:

            When I say mom I mean this link to tvtropes.org. It can be done well, it rarely is.

            I’d give you Lightning but everyone in that game is terrible.
            All three FF10 characters can be repeatedly hit on and have gratuitous clevage and ass shots (remember Yuki taking her disguise off), this went full on in FF10-2
            Haven’t played much of FF9
            Quistis is the team mom
            Every pre FF7 game had very vague characterization.
            Every other example is a left field indie game.

          • tigershuffle says:

            I would add Mount & Blade : Warband as an example of getting it right. Even the ‘damsels’ can kick ass. My characters still trying to get in to the pants of a fine Ravenstern lady, and she is having none of it. Bliddy mediaeval wimmin!

          • NathanH says:

            You wouldn’t be able to sensibly list all non-embarrassing women in video games because that would require listing a ludicrous number. These “there are only like five such characters in the gaming universe!” people either don’t pay any attention or only play about seven games.

          • TheApologist says:

            @bhazor Ah – wasn’t aware of that regarding SR3 PR. Massive shame – although I wonder what relation the creators have to PR.

          • Runs With Foxes says:


          • Ergates_Antius says:


            You wouldn’t be able to sensibly list all non-embarrassing women in video games because that would require listing a ludicrous number

            No. What would be a ludicrous number, would be if you tried to list all the objectified representations of women in games.

          • Zephro says:

            Though of course powerful (physically, politically etc.) equating feminist is a definite fallacy.

            As the portrayal and depiction of a powerful character can still be made for male vision.

          • Bhazor says:

            That’s why I said not embarrassing. An “Emotionless space marine but without a dick” is just as bad a character as a damsel in distress. To me a strong character has to have emotional depth and conflict, something that very few male characters have. Asking for a a strong female character in mainstream AAA gaming is aiming too high. A female character whose writing doesn’t make me cringe is as ambitious as I can hope for at the moment.

            Indies and the shallows of the mainstream are a little better. Faith in The Longest Journey and the main character from the Blackwell games are both strong female characters.

          • lordcooper says:

            @Bhazor: That would seem to be as much a problem with terribly written characters in general then, rather than specifically female ones.

          • Derppy says:


            Yeah all of this. Until it becomes the norm to have strong female characers it’s a legitimate complaint, and it’s far from the norm yet.

            Why should it be the norm? The designers need the liberty to design the characters they want, nobody should be forced to create a strong, not-too-skinny character in not-too-skimpy clothing just because someone else designed the opposite for their game.

            There is games with strong female characters and there will be more games with strong female characters if there’s demand for it.

            We’ll see more of such games in the future, as the adult gamer community grows bigger, but the vulnerable and sexy female characters will be dominant as long as the hormone-packed audience remains the biggest and appreciates that in their games.

            Vote with your wallet, or at least send feedback to game studios and publishers about your opinions, if you want to see more serious female characters. If you keep buying the game and only express yourself in RPS comments, you are basically saying “I love sexist stereotypes in games” to the publisher and developer.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            “The norm” doesn’t mean “all there is”.

          • Zephro says:

            I’d personally say it’s the norm when it becomes unworthy of comment. It’s not the entire argument of course, just a rule of thumb. I probably shouldn’t have said “legitimate complaint”, but up for discussion.

            It’s also part of a wider discussion about video game characters in general being shallow cliches. So there are ones out there that are insulting to male gender identity (probably a majority). The problem lies in the context of our society, ie one where women are treated un-equally and as second class perv objects. So poor portrayal of women is a more “urgent” concern. To me at least.

            I do vote with my wallet. However I don’t really like “let the market decide” as an argument for things that are moral or not, markets are inherently amoral. It’s perfectly legitimate to say (extreme I know) that capitalism or the market biases towards slavery. So long as there’s a market for it it will exist, just doesn’t sit well with me.

          • NathanH says:

            Ergates_Antius, don’t “No” me and then respond with a counter that doesn’t logically counter what I said. Both of our proposed lists could be ludicrously long, that is entirely possible. I think my list would be longer though, because there are so many minor characters in games that aren’t objectified or embarrassing. For instance, I have practically every female NPC from every Bioware and every Bethesda game to start with, and that’s an awful lot of characters.

            To be honest, though, this is broadly irrelevant. I doubt there are very many characters even in the AAA market that are actually sexist in isolation. If there is a problem, it’s that the “default setting” for female characters in the AAA market is not a particularly good one. I’m not well-placed to judge that particular postulate. However, the statement that the “default setting” in the industry in general is the same is a little too strong for my tastes and experiences.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            This is where we disagree. I believe a list of “objectified” (or whatever phrase fits best) female characters would be significantly longer than a list of “non-objectified” ones.

            However, what is more important is…..

            To be honest, though, this is broadly irrelevant. I doubt there are very many characters even in the AAA market that are actually sexist in isolation. If there is a problem, it’s that the “default setting” for female characters in the AAA market is not a particularly good one.

            Exactly this.

          • PikaBot says:

            Final Fantasy VI had vague characterization now?

            Honestly, the state of female characters in games isn’t exactly stellar but it seems to me that you really are writing off a pretty wide swathe of characters on no basis except that you can fit them into a box. A box sufficiently vaguely defined that you can fit pretty much any character into it if you want.

          • PikaBot says:

            I also would question the assumption that the developers putting in an ass shot at some point totally negates any amount of characterization. Do we really need to judge female characters primarily on the basis of how men respond to them?

        • Sic says:

          Of course it isn’t.

          Not unless you have an actual argument for this particular scenario.

          This whole RPS white knight crusade is getting automated to the point of repulsiveness.

          Somewhere, someone has to start making some actual specific arguments, or I’m going to go bonkers.

          • TheApologist says:

            There were ‘actual arguments’ made that pertained to this scenario – 1) that the female figure depicted in the trailer in her dress and pose was an example of a depiction of females using tropes that are sexist, 2) that the use of these tropes are so overwhelmingly common that the few counter-examples that exist in games stand out. 3) That because these tropes are so regularly used is not a legitimate reason not to complain about it, even if the inevitable repetition of those complaints becomes boring for some. The reason not to complain is when these tropes stop being used.

            A further specific argument: your use of the term ‘white knight’ implies 1) that I believe that women require defending as a ‘real’ motivation for complaining about sexism, because, as a corollary 2) I have no personal stake in complaining about a widespread culture of sexism in games because I am male, and instead I hope to garner some other advantage – likely the positive regard of those females who do have a stake in combating sexism.

            Both are patently nonsense. Please stop using the term.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            …RPS white knight crusade…

            BZZZZZT…. You used the phrase “White Knight” unironically. Instant argument fail.

          • Zephro says:

            The White Knight line made me chuckle for it’s lack of irony.

          • Sic says:

            That was not the “argument” at all.

            Lars said the industry fails to depict females in any other way than scantily clad, then implied that any scantily clad women is sexist by default (the trailer being an example of that).

            That is not an argument. It’s wholly ridiculous.

            Talking to the people in this commentary field is like making a time jump back to the sixties. It’s like feminism never happened.

            … and it’s obviously a case of mindlessly crusading on behalf of the gender, since you haven’t got the first clue about what women think about this since they’re not included in the debate, and neither is any sort of feminist approach.

            In addition, you’re not making any arguments against this work in particular. You’re not asking any questions pertaining to why she is wearing what she is. There is no analysis, there is no thought, there is nothing.

            In short, you should all be ashamed for jumping on this bandwagon of utter folly, and if you truly wanted to discuss sexism and/or feminism, you should know better than to spew simplistic drivel in a commentary field. This is an important issue. You lot randomly crying foul isn’t helping in the slightest!

          • Zephro says:

            “then implied that any scantily clad women is sexist by default (the trailer being an example of that).”

            Not to be rude, but he didn’t imply that at all. He said it was appropriate to bring it up for discussion when they do. So pretty much the stuff you said after that is just a straw man argument.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            Lars said the industry fails to depict females in any other way than scantily clad, then implied that any scantily clad women is sexist by default (the trailer being an example of that).

            No, he didn’t.

            That is not an argument. It’s wholly ridiculous.

            Good thing nobody said that then.

            … and it’s obviously a case of mindlessly crusading on behalf of the gender, since you haven’t got the first clue about what women think about this since they’re not included in the debate,

            Well, apart from the women taking part of course. But I guess they don’t count as they don’t agree with you.

            You’re not asking any questions pertaining to why she is wearing what she is. There is no analysis, there is no thought, there is nothing.

            If this kind of depiction was uncommon then this would be a valid line of reasoning. It isn’t, it’s the norm. If someone makes racist comments about black people, it’s reasonable to assume it’s because they’re racist. We’re not obliged to do a full anaylysis of their life to see if there are any valid non-racist reasons they might have said what they did.

            In short, you should all be ashamed for jumping on this bandwagon of utter folly, and if you truly wanted to discuss sexism and/or feminism, you should know better than to spew simplistic drivel in a commentary field. This is an important issue. You lot randomly crying foul isn’t helping in the slightest

            Just because lots of people disagree with you, doesn’t make it a bandwagon.

          • TheApologist says:

            ‘…if you truly wanted to discuss sexism and/or feminism, you should know better than to spew simplistic drivel in a commentary field. This is an important issue. You lot randomly crying foul isn’t helping in the slightest!’

            I believe you when you say you care about feminism, but, if you are unhappy with the arguments of those whose concerns you say you share, blunt dismissal and name-calling (‘white knight’) is probably not helpful.

            More specifically:
            You may feel an argument to be wrong – even ridiculous. That doesn’t mean it isn’t an argument. If you wish to dismiss that argument, you should provide some basis for doing so that engages with the actual argument made. As others have pointed out, you didn’t do that.

            Secondly, if you think that ‘feminism’ can only exist as an expression of ‘what women think’, and that men by virtue of sex are inherently unable to engage in such debates, except perhaps as ‘white knights’ or ‘crusaders’, then I suggest that you might want to go and do some reading and learn what feminism is.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            I believe you when you say you care about feminism,

            You are a kinder more generous person than I.

        • lurkalisk says:

          Unless you want to bring up the laughable and useless concept of sexual “shame”. Gender then becomes a secondary issue.

        • Lemming says:

          It’s cyberpunk. Google image search ‘cyberpunk women’ and tell them they’re wrong.

        • ukpanik says:

          It’s to show off her androidy parts…obviously.

        • Tukuturi says:

          In what way does a woman depicted wearing clothing that exposes her arms and legs place women in a social category that is inherently inferior on the basis of their biological sex? These conversations between men on the internet about the oppression of women in the media only lead to such oppression through the inevitable ridiculous insistence that any depiction of a woman doing anything other than fulfilling a stereotyped male gender role constitutes sexism.

          Women have bodies. Women have sex. Some women are mothers, sisters, doctors, construction workers, lesbian archaeologists. It is not inherently sexist to depict any of these things. It is troubling when women are depicted as one-dimensional gender stereotypes, and that is admittedly common in games. However, I fail to see how this trailer constitutes such a case. It’s a two minute scene in slow motion wherein nothing much happens. Of the two characters focused on, the female character is by far the most developed. We see that she has cybernetic implants. We see that she has killed people. We see that she is apparently on the wrong side of the law for doing so. We see that she is bulletproof. We also see that she is wearing clothing that reveals the entirety of her arms and legs, which to me seemed the least important aspect of the character. The insistent focus of observers on the female character’s manner of dress, her sexuality and how the portrayal of such demeans women and places them in a position inferior to men IS sexist. If you can’t see that, you should probably try to have this conversation with a woman instead of beating an imaginary dead horse with a bunch of dudes on the internet.

          • Zephro says:

            “ridiculous insistence that any depiction of a woman doing anything other than fulfilling a stereotyped male gender role constitutes sexism.”

            Luckily nobody is insisting on that.

          • Kevin says:

            Couldn’t have said it better myself, Tukuturi. I feel as if this phenomenon on the internet is the product of confirmation bias if anything and some let the few very blatant examples that seem to prove their point far outweigh the many other examples that prove contrariwise (for instance, did you know you can also play as a female fighter pilot in Jane’s F/A-18 and Falcon 4.0? Something I do myself).

            I’d also point out that a well-developed female character and a female character where her sexuality is on display are NOT mutually exclusive. Take for instance the world-renowned French comic Valerian and Laureline. With the latest books, it’s getting increasingly harder to tell which of the two serves as the primary protagonist in the story

        • dontnormally says:

          My honest, not-trolling guess is that Lars hasn’t hung out with any real-live actual/physical human beings that could be considered ‘cyberpunk’ (or would have been a few decades ago when it was still fresh).

          Skin isn’t uncommon. For whoever.

      • f1x says:

        Sure, absolutely appropiated
        but has to be done with some criteria else you are just killing the power of your arguments

        I mean it cannot be just a problem because of some lady showing a bit of skin, the line between discussing a social issue and pure censorship is thin

        • The Random One says:

          “the line between discussing a social issue and pure censorship is thin”

          Yeah I remember the time when I tried to say I personally found a joke in poor taste and accidentally banned it from appearing on any media because I forgot I was the King

          (EASY MODE ADDENDUM: censorship doesn’t mean what you seem to think it means)

          • derbefrier says:

            And your a naive child if you refuse to believe political correctness isn’t used as a form of censeorship.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            And you’re a fool if you can’t comprehend that “Freedom of expression” isn’t the same as “Freedom from being told to shut the fuck up because you’re being obnoxious”.

            Censorship is preventing someone from expressing something, not asking them not to.

          • Oban says:

            I think this fits thematically in more than one way: link to tnellen.com

            Excerpt: “THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.”

          • Skofnung says:

            “I have the freedom of speech to be an ignorant, misogynistic asshole, but you don’t have the freedom of speech to criticize me!!!”

            That’s basically how these discussions go.

        • f1x says:

          Obviously censorship was an exageration, but I think you are smart enough to see my point

          What we have here is simply an aesthetic decision in terms of coherence within an imaginary universe (remember that female replicant from Blade Runner? the crazy one, okey, or maybe Kusanagi from Ghost in the shell?), wanting to see a political statement about genere differences is going over-the-top

          • Bhazor says:

            The replicant… is slightly more justified and at least wasn’t done for sex appeal but Kusangi in Ghost in the Cell was completely gratuitous.

            Also people using “CENSORSHIP” when they mean “people complaining” is one of my rage buttons. You have no clue what censorship is.

          • The Random One says:

            Using a word that’s associated with government-sanctioned systematic destruction and suppression of art to describe legitimate concerns with content and the worldview it enforces is what’s over the top.

            There are two reasons why one would use the word censorship; ignorance is the least awful.

          • f1x says:

            Okey, let me apologize for the word “censhorship”,
            since I understand that everybody is seeing it as a governamental tool rather than a word to describe the act of.. censoring, which was my intended use
            and I was not accusing anyone of censoring, I was rather saying that it can become a dangerous long-run consecuence sometimes

            About Kusanagi, I disagree, I’m thinking about ghost in the shell movies (the manga is different, more silly also) she is definitely an eye-candy characther, but its a strong lead characther at least in my eyes, you can prove me wrong tho, I will listen, but last time I saw Ghost in the shell 1 and 2, Kusanagi was a very smart female lead which also could fight anything, should it also be ugly?

            I’m open to arguments, and dont get to think I’m dismissing the whole sexism problem, I believe that it is a problem and has to be taken serious, but I fail to see THAT problem here in this trailer

            By the way, no need to call me ignorant, I tried to express my opinion with respect even if I explained myself poorly

          • Bhazor says:

            A strong female character who spends most of the film wearing a bathing suit and who takes her clothes off every ten minutes for increasingly poor reasons.
            link to upload.wikimedia.org

          • f1x says:

            She appears naked in a promo poster and has a skimpy suit, so what?

            Appears naked in the “making of cyborg” sequence aswell, oh nasty!

            But, Kusanagi is strong physically, intelligent, you dont see her flirting with men or being submissive, I dont see how a promotional poster nullifies that

          • distrocto says:

            Censorship is exactly what it is and fits perfectly, although it isn’t state-imposed censorship, but a large outcry for an idiotic kind of self-censorship from sites like this that cannot into naked women, similar to how religious groups often cannot into evolution and want to “ban that sick filth”.

          • Bhazor says:

            It wasn’t “a poster” it was “every poster”.

            Censorship is nothing like this. Censorship is being put under house arrest for 25 years for protesting. Censorship is having death threats put on you for drawing Allah.

            What have you in this thread is not censorship, this is complaining, do you want to see censorship..?

            Free speech is a wonderful thing. But it goes both ways, they are free to show half naked women, I’m free to call their marketing team a gaggle of howling bell ends for it.

          • f1x says:

            I already apologyzed for the censorship thing, as it was taken out of my intended context,
            still… you are always putting radical examples like if middle ground didnt exist,
            not being able to talk about something (for example heavy metal) in a small town music magazine because the editor doesn’t think its appropiated is also censorship unless you give me a better word for that

            About Kusanagi, I keep repeating, I’m not saying I like the marketing, or that poster in particular, (I agree with you its a bit silly)
            I’m asking you if you don’t think Kusanagi is a strong female lead after watchin the movie Ghost in the Shell 1

          • Bhazor says:

            That is just a “picky editor”. No one is stopping them from publishing their heavy metal article in another magazine or online. Censorship would be if that editor stole it, locked in a safe and made it illegal for the writer to distribute it.

            Having a character spewing pseudo philosophy in ten minute chunks does not make for a strong intelligent character. It just makes for a crap character, who is female. Haven’t seen GitS 2, don’t particulary want to after GitS 1.

          • Zephro says:

            I think Kusanagi probably is a strong female character (though far more so in Stand Alone Complex), but not universally so. It’s not black or white. She can be a strong female character while also being portrayed in exploitative and pointless scenes.

            Oddly I think the nudity when she is being processed at the beginning and fighting the tank at the end probably are legitimate. As nudity presents her alienation.

            But other scenes are just fucking pointless and there to look at bewbs.

          • Michael Anson says:

            The point of the nudity in the Ghost in the Shell movie was twofold. First, in the movie’s universe, thermoptic camouflage works with either a bulky suit or a cyborg body. For her clothes to be affected, they had to be specially crafted, which most were not. This can be seen as an excuse for nudity, but it makes sense to have a pure-cyborg body be always ready for combat regardless of the external appearance, when the character is expected to be frequently under cover.

            Second, and more importantly, the nudity is intended to fulfill the same role as the nudity in Watchmen; namely, the less Kusanagi wears, the less attached she is to her cyborg body. This culminates in her trying to rip open a tank, destroying the bulk of her body in the process, in the midst of using her camouflage. This is further expressed in the character of the Puppetmaster, whose android body was also nude, and subsequently destroyed by a truck.

            That said, the character of Kusanagi in the Stand Alone Complex series is much more fleshed out, containing no nudity (style choice, and one I prefer since more of the members from Section Seven can use the camouflage) while still going out of their way to indicate Kusanagi’s strength and her detachment from her physical form.

          • Zephro says:

            Expressing her detachment from her body fine.

            The problem with the opto camouflage argument is two fold.
            a) You could just it differently so that isn’t required. it still involves an author’s choice, which also includes the author adapting it to the film before the manga is dragged out.
            b) All the male characters use clothes for it. Also I’m pretty sure section 6 have cloaked cyborgs who are wearing clothes, though I’m not 100% on that due to the decoy switch thing they do. Anyway the male characters who do use the thermoptic nudity camouflage are never shown uncloaked. So you still have problems of what they chose to show or hide, i.e. Kusunagi’s silicon tits.

          • quijote3000 says:

            God, so there are people here that would love to ban Ghost in the Shell. Scary, scary, scary

          • quijote3000 says:

            I kind of censorship is producers pushing directors so the movie gets a PG-13 Motion Picture Rating instead of a R. That’s the difference between R-rated Die Hard and the Pg-13 Live Free or Die Hard, where producers cut and reshot whatever they needed for the PG-13 rating.
            Me, I really prefer to see the director’s vision, not the producer vision for the PG-13 rating.
            So I really want CD Projekt to do whatever they want, instead of bowing to the yells of the puritans. The same ones that yelled in the mass effect facebook page, saying that videogames were responsible for the Newtown violence

          • Bhazor says:

            Thinking something is crap does not mean I want to ban it.

          • Zephro says:

            Who said they wanted to ban it? I just said it was silly.

            If we banned everything I thought was silly or crass 80% of the population would be in jail.

          • Snargelfargen says:

            Haha, nobody wants to ban GitS, silly.

            I’m a big fan of the series, actually. Kusanagi’s nudity is used to make an interesting point about depersonalization and body dysmorphia, but it is also used as titillation. It’s worthy of criticism. It would be a real shame if depictions of women in cyberpunk were limited to sexy robot ladies.

            As a sidenote, the tv series actually has some serious gender problems, even if the major is all business. There are almost no female characters apart from the major, and those that are present are usually passive and helpless. The first 3 or so episodes also have some really dumb and gratuitous ass and titty close-ups on the major. Thankfully the director must have noticed that they were distracting and not in a good way.

          • f1x says:

            Ghost in the shell is definitely not the best example,

            I mentioned Kusanagi and the crazy replicant girl from blade runner because they could be similar examples of female characthers (and cyborgs) in a similar futuristic setting (similar to this teaser)

            The point I tried to make is that a sexy female characther is not necessary a sexist depiction of women, this has shown me that the Ghost in the shell thing is actually more complex than I inititally thought, which is good tho (and bad also)

          • Snargelfargen says:

            “The point I tried to make is that a sexy female characther is not necessary a sexist depiction of women, this has shown me that the Ghost in the shell thing is actually more complex than I inititally thought, which is good tho (and bad also)”

            Pretty much. Writing three dimensional, likable characters is hard! All too often gaming (and anime… and hollywood…) has shitty writing that takes lazy shortcuts. Revealing outfits and submissive poses don’t automatically make characters interesting. Making a female character super strong doesn’t automatically make them more interesting either.

          • f1x says:

            yeap, I wrote “necessary” but I mean “necessarily”, that changes my comment a bit,

            but we can still agree ;)

          • Taidan says:

            Anybody who believes that Kusanagi’s “nudity” in the various anime versions of Ghost in the Shell was in any way gratuitous has completely missed the point by a vast margin. (The Manga, yes, you can make an argument for gratuitous content there, but only in the cases of the sexual content rather than the actual nudity.)

            Firstly, at no point in that series does she ever display an inch of naked flesh. Think about that. The creators of the show did, and it’s pretty much said outright that the character “herself” does. She doesn’t even have naked flesh to cover up, she’s a brain in a jar, and she’s shown to be very, very aware of that fact, in conversation and in action. (In fact, I’m pretty sure that one character even jokingly questions whether Kusanagi is even a woman at all at one point, been a while since I watched it though. There are certainly hints that she’s a hell of a lot older than her physical appearance would hint at.)

            Secondly, you are projecting your own cultural baggage onto another culture’s media, and judging it by your own standards. Consider that even the characters in the original, unedited version of Sailor Moon appear pretty much nude with reasonable regularity, and that’s not there for mindless titillation, that’s a show about younger-teenage girls aimed at younger-teenage girls, and considered family friendly in its home territory.

            Finally, it’s a sci-fi show set in the future! Sci-Fi has a strong tradition of using extremes of fashion to enrich its verisimilitude, and also as sly commentary on the state of current fashions.

          • PikaBot says:

            Oh, please. Let’s not pretend that the vast reams of robo-flesh in GitS was for anything but sex appeal. Let’s not pretend that it doesn’t look exactly like the real thing. let’s not pretend that the flimsy justification for getting her naked was anything but that. And let’s not play the ‘cultural differences!’ card with a totally non-applicable example, all so that we can not feel bad about enjoying watching the Major flash her nipple-free titties at us through a screen.

            Let’s also not pretend that GitS was a good movie, because it wasn’t.

          • f1x says:

            Would you mind writting down some arguments rather than saying that we should not pretend anything

            Kusanagi flashing titties? maybe you watched the hentai version of Gits and thats why you think is so shit?

          • PikaBot says:

            How about this: the narrative is crafted to give her as much titty time as possible, with no narrative justification. There’s no reason, narratively, for her to be nude in half her scenes, or sexually posed. And yet she is.

          • f1x says:

            Saying that the whole narration in Ghost in the shell is tailored to show Kusanagi naked is quite surreal as an statement

            she appears “naked” maybe in 2 or 3 sequences and 1 of them is the making of cyborg and in one of the others she goes invisible,
            None of this scenes is forced but rather comes into the narration naturally,
            The making of cyborg is an awesome opening secuence that shows you the creation of the protagonist thus putting you in situation of the level of technology displayed in the movie and the fact the Kusanagi is not human
            The in one of the camouflage scenes, you dont even see her and she kicks the shit out of the some guy, at the end of the scene you see her but its not even a full shot (only head and shoulders), so that scene is definitely tailored so you can see how Kusanagi is very able to kick ass, not specifically to show her naked

            If I’m missing any other very important scene in the movie which is just there for flashing tits please let me know

      • Hoaxfish says:

        100 years ago, showing ankles was being a slut, now everyone walks around in t-shirts (a.k.a ye olde undershirts), add another 64 years and maybe everyone will walk around in swim-suits (unless they need tacticool armour)

        • Bhazor says:


          The “ankle outrage” applied to only a small portion of the population, namely the upper classes. There were plenty of women in the working class who wore short skirts and sleeveless tops.

      • Nameless1 says:

        >Lets not bring the sexism thing everytime some female shows some skin

        It’s RPS, what do you expect? Whenever there’s a virtual woman showing too much skin or whimpering too much they all become frantic and must rant and bitch about it.
        It has become pathetic.

        • Lars Westergren says:

          > Whenever there’s a virtual woman showing too much skin or whimpering too much they all become frantic and must rant and bitch about it.

          I chose to speak out when I see something I don’t like.

          >It has become pathetic.

          Yeah, people who don’t agree with you are just the WORST, aren’t they?

          • quijote3000 says:

            Actually, that wasn’t his complaint. He just said that RPS alwaaaaays complain about it. to the point that
            when I saw in other webpage this trailer, I inmediately guessed that RPS would bitch.

          • Jesse L says:

            A woman in a modest 50’s style bathing suit?! To action, men!

            link to historybyzim.com

        • yhancik says:

          I don’t remember reading any kind of reaction like that from RPS when The Void was teased/released/reviewed.

      • Universal Quitter says:

        When, in your mind, does it become okay to bring up the sexism thing? There’s male sexism in games, too, y’know. All of it needs to be bitched about, discussed, and argued over by enough people that game makers get off of their asses and care about it. And even that won’t fix anything right away.

        As a raving lunatic once wrote, “you owe all progress to someone looking around at the state of the world and going, ‘This is bullshit. We deserve better.'”

        • rasatouche says:

          So much fuss. Really. I mean she has no sleeves to show off those badass, bloodied scythes, she has no pants to show the faint joint lines on her legs where she has more implants (go watch the trailer in 1080 if you can’t make it out), which hints at more awesome implants, and the rest is pretty much covered, in white too which is just about the best color choice ever. I mean with those scythes at those angles, the white attire, the stunning beauty, she looks like a bloodied fallen angel. If this is the kind of art direction in the finished product it’s going to be a ripper.

          Also, considering this is project red, a studio that employ good writers, who discuss issues, if you look at this and immediately jump to sexism, you just don’t get it. I expected to see a lucious debate about transhumanism, trading your humanity for beauty, and the potential for immortality augmentations like this could provide, instead there’s a barrage of men talking about female sexism, and how it’s degrading to women to see them essentially in anything less than a business suit. She has scythes in her arms and just killed a bunch of people, she can wear what she wants. But given the themes that they’re going into, augmentation, physical ‘perfection’, beauty at a cost, it’s totally appropriate for her to be dressed like that. Not to mention, it’s 2077, and in the trailer they also established the game worlds female ideal via the blonde woman advertisment in the shop window dressed in similar attire.

          I get the feeling all these people complaining are the same people who think movies like kill bill are sexist when they’re anything but.

      • SaturnineTenshi says:

        But . . . but . . . the hypothetical objectification of women! Feminism as it currently stands is a scourge, and so are any who support it. Perhaps I’d be more understanding if feminists actually sought equality rather than a means to drag down the opposite sex based on fabricated and warped facts. Or, better yet, if they were actually unequal: both sexes have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages in society, but only one is portrayed as a victim and given the right to misandry, a word that Firefox’s dictionary doesn’t even recognize.

        For people who expect sympathy and serious discussion, they sure do their damnedest to avoid the same. There was a time when I may have been on the other side, but I’ll not brook being criminalized, dragged down and painted as a cave man. Perhaps one day the movement will mature into something that actually seeks equality—not knee-jerk, dimwitted reactions like this and those in the responses—by seeking to break down the injustices and inequalities harming both men AND women. But I won’t hold my breath.

    • Inigo says:

      It’s almost as if people on a cybernetics-induced homicidal rampage aren’t thinking straight or something.

      • Ansob says:

        It’s almost as if the main concern CD Projekt had was to show a semi-naked pretty lady, with any plot-related justifications coming a distant second or something.

        • greenbananas says:

          It’s almost as if people were actually expecting plot-related justifications in something as useless and unsubstantial as a teaser-trailer (for something that’s coming out in 2015).

          • DK says:

            Drug Addicts going insane are often in a state of undress. They’re not thinking straight. Hey remember that guy who ate the other guys face off? He was naked. And a Dude. And it *actually happened*. If anything CD Projekt is being wimpy because insane drug addict trailer girl is wearing anything at all.

          • Snargelfargen says:

            Have you ever actually met a drug addict?

            Please, let me know where all these half-naked sexy looking addicts are at.

        • Tuimic says:

          Perhaps she’s an assassin disguised as a beautiful woman whose wearing very little to catch the attention of her mark, hence the low amount of clothing. Perhaps she murdered her mark and his guards and maybe a few civvies around her too. Perhaps you don’t just have to jump on the “zomg it’s a woman in skimpy clothes” thing again when you know entirely none of the context of what’s being shown and try look at it from different angles.

          • Bhazor says:

            Or maybe the industry should grow up and not rely on half naked women in their trailers for attention.

          • Zephro says:

            I’m in agreement. There isn’t enough in the trailer in of itself to make a judgement whether the aesthetic is justified by the story or setting.

            So the fact that it is in there should be seen as part of marketing, hence skin sells and spills it over into the dubious section.

          • HisMastersVoice says:

            There’s enough to make is CP – from the overall aesthetic to small details like posters and weapons. CDPR is a company that pays much attention to source material and the fact that maybe someone, somewhere won’t get why something looks the way it does is not a major concern for them.

          • distrocto says:

            Or maybe you could grow up and realize that not everything was meant for or will appeal to you and move on.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            Or maybe *you* could grow up and not get grumpy when people dare to suggest that maybe, once in a while, something could be produced that wasn’t designed to appeal to you and your grubby friends.

            But given the content of your other comments, I doubt that’ll be happening any time soon.

          • distrocto says:

            You shouldn’t act too surprised if people tell you to basically stfu already and get over it in the nicest way they still possibly can if you constantly overdo these things and fall into some form of weird circular abstract rhetoric that only you and your “friends” can still follow.

            *Once in a while* and *suggest* are nice euphemisms for screaming for censorship from the mountaintops at every opportunity of something not entirely appealing to you.
            For that matter, please do go ahead and prove your inane point by going through the last 10-20 pages of News-stories and telling me how many percent of the games being talked about offend your delicate sensibilities and we will see which scenario of “once in a while” holds true.

            Other than that, the developers have obviously made a decision, lots of people like it and you can gently sod off and find something else if you don’t instead of crying your heart out and stamping your feet that you didn’t get what you want.
            It would be just as hilarious as me popping up in the Sim City or Skulls of the Shogun stories and demanding more tits cause there aren’t enough, which as you can see I am not doing.

          • Zephro says:

            “Sigh” who even mentioned censorship? You’re counter arguing something that was never said.

          • MasterDex says:

            What’s happening here is people crying for censorship. You can all say you just want strong female characters and developers and games that don’t have to use nudity, busty beauties or scantily-clad women to sell but you use that as a high-horse to denigrate anyone that disagrees.

            Personally, I like a bit of titillation in my videogames; not in every game or every scene, mind you, but as a hethro, red-blooded male, the sight of a beautiful woman actually does something for me – as does sex, funnily enough.

            The problem with this entire debate is that you’ve got two sides avoiding the actual issue. One side says “That woman has big boobs and is wearing a bikini! That’s sexism”. The other side says “That woman probably has big boobs because she drank a lot of milk and she’s wearing a bikini because she’s on the beach and wants to get a tan. STFU”. Really, what both sides should be saying is “It’d be great if more people were into games” because that’s the real issue here.

            It’s not only an issue as far as gamers go, it’s also an issue with the developers. Any work of art can only express what the author or authors wanted to express, if they can even manage that much. If you’ve got a creative team made up of 80% men and 20% women, the chances are that the end result will resonate more with men and is more likely to feature titillation for men than it is for women.
            Until the ratio of male and female gamers and developers becomes more equal, there’s going to be a greater amount of games that appeal more to men than there will be games for women. The same goes for every group, be it women, LGBT, Mexicans, etc.

            tl;dr: It’s not always sexism, sometimes it’s just the gender imbalance in the industry.

          • Tasloi says:

            Few if any might have outright mentioned it but self-censorship is very much what lies at the bottom of these wells of outrage. “For the greater good”. I can see their point except it damages as much as it fixes and personally I don’t believe the collateral damage is worth it. Things like this breed resentment or worse.

          • Guvornator says:

            “It’s not always sexism, sometimes it’s just the gender imbalance in the industry.”

            Which is caused by…aw, come on, kids, I know you know this one…

            Look, I’m not against tits, far from it (a statement which has sadly been literally true on many occasions). And I’m not for censorship. There is defiantly a place for nudity and sex within games*. Games provide me with excitement and fun, why not arouse me as well? I’d just like games developers to think I was something other than a libido to sell to. When it comes to the portrayal of both women and sex in games we’re getting a dumbed down, male teenage Chicken Cottage value meal, just the same shit every time. Media Studies taught me that there are three female stereotypes commonly used : the Virgin, The Mother and the Whore. Most games only use one…

            *An example of smart, intelligent use of sex and nudity – also SPOILERS: “A History of Violence”. Sex is used to show the change in relationship between a husband and wife. The first scene is them perform a sex act that is, um, mutually beneficial. However, the husband is drawn, against his will, into violent world and the second, on the stairs with his hands around her neck, is more brutal (though still consensual, IMHO). Afterwards, she walks in to the bedroom with her robe open, naked in the casual way married couples are around each other. But then she catches his eye. She draws her robe around her and turns her back. In that moment, you know everything has changed between them, more than dialog could achieve. Why can’t games make me feel like this?

          • iucounu says:

            If people say things I disagree with, and then I criticise them because they are plain wrong or somehow doing harm, that isn’t the same thing as censorship. Censorship is a third party with the ability to control your speech interfering in your freedom of expression.

            (My dad can remember when all new plays had to be submitted to the Lord Chamberlain for approval before they could be performed; that was censorship.)

          • distrocto says:

            It’s nothing else but a call for self-imposed censorship on the developers part because [I don’t like this] out of [moral outrage reason X]. It doesn’t much matter if it’s religiously/politically or otherwise motivated. If you simplify it down it’s the same as crying about banning/doing something against violent videogames because “they corrupt the children”, or religiously motivated campaigns for removal of content because it is “unchristian” or depicts religious figures that your specific group holds dear like this: link to wsbtv.com
            To you some of this may sound stupid, but to the people asking for it, it makes just as much sense as your concern if not more.

            Further than that as everyone who has any experience in marketing whatsoever could tell you sex is a very basic thing that sells, as the top-funded Tabletop Game on KickStarter for instance proved once again just a few days ago: link to kickstarter.com
            Listening to “moral outrage” groups of whatever kind would inhibit a companies ability to market the game and sell the most amount of copies possible, even if they manage to appease that loud minority for a while, until they are back with even more ridiculous demands than last time.

            Someone posted a dictionary definition of a censor somewhat further down and it very much fits the bill:
            “1. an official who examines books, plays, news reports, motion pictures, radio and television programs, letters, cablegrams, etc., for the purpose of suppressing parts deemed objectionable on moral, political, military, or other grounds.
            2. any person who supervises the manners or morality of others.
            3. an adverse critic; faultfinder.”
            You don’t have to be a government official to be calling for censorship, although that is censorship in its most classic form.

            Oh and the “people say things I disagree with” thing goes both ways in that people can criticize you back for when you say something stupid, pedantic or out of other reasons.
            I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone holds the same opinion as you or your group and to other people you are just as much “plain wrong” as they are to you.

    • newaccount23019 says:

      I’m assuming she’s a stripper or a hooker. We know nothing about the story yet. Except what this teaser shows, which is her (presumably, scratch on the cheek) putting on a police/secret service helmet.

      I’m expecting some conspiracy shit here. Can’t fathom how this entire thread has devolved into sexism talk when we got a serial killer joining/working for the police-force. That’s much more interesting.

      • Scautura says:

        We have a cyber-psycho joining MAX-TAC (aka Psycho Squad). It makes sense in the Cyberpunk world, but you’d need to know the universe.

        MAX-TAC is very much “set a thief to catch a thief” when it comes to cyber-psychos, they tend to be a little more hardy than your average meatbag.

        • jezcentral says:

          Are we sure the end bit came after the massacre? I haven’t come across the game, so I wasn’t sure if it was AFTER, or it took place BEFORE, and she was a cop who augmented “too far”, went berserk and had to be offed by her fellow auged team-mate.

          Anyway, this reminds me of Call of Cthulhu’s Sanity mechanic which got reduced as you learned more lore, so jolly good.

          • Scautura says:

            There are a few hints that it takes place post massacre: The “scar” (damage) on the left cheek (from the first round hitting and fragmenting there), the lack of hair at the front of the head (while it’s possible they could have been implants, the implication is shaved before having the headgear used – it’s not easy to see, but there’s no hair around her head in the craft at the end), the “wake up” moment in the craft at the end.

            All that, without the supporting text (which I hadn’t read):

            The teaser shows how the Psycho Squad might acquire a new member.

            The Psycho Squad specializes in combating “psychos” — individuals who overuse implants and substances that boost or otherwise alter the human body.

            There comes a point when they overdose on these innovations, and their bodies start to rebel against their biological body parts as well as all things organic around them. Simply put, they start killing people, who they now derisively call “meatbags.”

            When a psycho goes on the rampage, strange things can happen. There’s carnage, and the psycho might be taken down by regular police, but they’re not always able to get the job done.

            When things spin out of control, they call in MAX-TAC (Maximum Force Tactical Division), popularly called the Psycho Squad.

          • jezcentral says:

            @Scautura, thank you for your non-condescending reply. (If it had been condescending, I would have deserved it). I am now sure it happened afterwards, cheers! :)

    • Advanced Assault Hippo says:

      God I preferred this place back when moral crusading wasn’t part of it.

      • c-Row says:

        The Hippo speaks the truth.

      • Lars Westergren says:

        “Don’t you agree that black people are so gauche when they are raising a fuss about this so called racism thing? They should just shut up and sit at the back of the bus as they are told to and the world would be such a much more PLEASANT place.”

        • Runs With Foxes says:

          100% the exact same situation.

          • Lars Westergren says:

            In that some people are casually, aggressively or contemptuously dismissing things that other people feel are important questions, yes, I do feel it is exactly the same.

        • quijote3000 says:

          The opposite would be the kind of nutjobs that bitched about The Wire using the “n-word”, and saying the progressive thing would be to not show what people in the street actually use. I suspect you would be one of those

          • Lars Westergren says:

            The Wire is one of my favorite series. I did not “bitch” about that.

            The issue of underprivileged groups appropriating slurs as a way of empowerment is complex. I suspect this isn’t the thread to discuss it.

          • Bhazor says:

            Calling censorship liberal
            No, most censorship/protest is right wing and mainly religious toned. I certainly didn’t hear any complaints about the N word in the Wire that wasn’t just the same “Parents for XXXXX” church group who complain about the rap music.

            Just look at the groups that condemn videogame violence.

          • quijote3000 says:

            Seriosly, no complaints at all for the totally unnecessary sex scenes? And here thinking you were a puritan

            Agreed: There are groups that condemn videogame violence, groups that consider Mass effect porn disguised as a video game, and groups that consider that women showing any kind of skin is evil. There are even groups that think that a woman on his knees in front of a police officer showing part of her body in a cyberpunk setting is evil.

            Me, I simply don’t like any kind of censor, as in “any person who supervises the manners or morality of others” link to dictionary.reference.com

          • Lars Westergren says:

            Just because you are against sexism doesn’t mean that you have to be against sex. I’m strongly pro-sex, especially if I’m involved in it.

            Since you asked about the sex scenes – I generally find them poor, not because of moral grounds, but because they feel like they have been put there just because “We have a licence to create adult content, and we’re going to use it damnit!”. They rarely add to the plot.

        • Jesse L says:

          Oh, so now you’re a Freedom Rider, I guess? There are levels of appropriateness to moral outrage. This should be a little bump on the white knight alarm, at most. The trailer really doesn’t linger in gross filthy ways all over her sexy sexy body… More than titillation, the woman’s appearance is made to link the ideal of physical attractiveness and its pursuit to something ultimately dangerous. Thematically this is appropriate to cyberpunk. Sexy =/= evil EVERY time. Nuance exists, but the internet doesn’t understand it.

          • Lemming says:

            Spot on.

          • Zephro says:

            I don’t think the internet does suffer from that. These debates however do suffer from people not understanding the nuance and range of arguments against what people perceive as sexist.

            You just dismissed everyone who complains a white knight for not understanding that there are levels of outrage. However I don’t think anyone has expressed MORAL OUTRAGE, just concern and pointing things out.

          • Snargelfargen says:

            “the woman’s appearance is made to link the ideal of physical attractiveness and its pursuit to something ultimately dangerous”

            Uhh, that’s actually a very negative stereotype, that stems from old christian beliefs that women were the source of original sin. The idea that being sexy is dangerous is pretty messed up, and it’s a short leap from that to the common misogynistic trope that women who dress attractively are malevolent, promiscuous and deserve whatever happens to them. Like getting shot by police in slow motion, for example…

            Now that’s no good reason to overreact and burn down CDProjekt’s headquarters. It is however, a chance to take a closer look at how female protagonists and villains are often portrayed as violent and cold hearted. Why don’t writers create more likable characters?

        • MasterDex says:

          The very fact that you would post that in response to hippo seems to indicate that, yes, you’re on a moral crusade and you don’t care who disagrees with you.

          Good for you man. Really, I admire people with strong principles and convictions. But please, take a step back and realize that you’re on a blog about video-games. There’s a time and a place for taking a stand for something you believe in. This isn’t it.

          • Bhazor says:

            “How dare you talk about things in a videogame in a blog about videogames!”

          • MasterDex says:

            Would you care to search out some of my other comments and take them completely wrong and out of context? I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading the zany way you interpret them.

            Hippo said he preferred RPS before all the moral crusaders arrived. I agree with that. Lars then responded with “Don’t you agree that black people…” which served no point other than to say “You’re the same as a racist in my eyes because you’d rather not hear about my morals on a videogame blog” without having to actually say it. It was an absurd comment, plain and simple.

            As I said to Lars, this is a video game blog. Rather than discussing morality, sexism, the underprivileged, or whatever the crusade of the day is, some of us would actually like to talk about games.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            Hippo said he preferred RPS before all the moral crusaders arrived. I agree with that

            Except… they’ve always been here.

            What’s happening here is people crying for censorship.

            As I said to Lars, this is a video game blog. Rather than discussing morality, sexism, the underprivileged, or whatever the crusade of the day is, some of us would actually like to talk about games.

            If people complaining about what they percieve as sexism present in the gaming industry and culture is an attempt at censorship, then what is it when you say you’d prefer it if some subjects weren’t discussed here?

      • Ergates_Antius says:

        Nobody is forcing you to stay, there are plenty of other sites on the web were you won’t be confronted with ideas that conflict with your own.

      • quijote3000 says:


      • Snargelfargen says:

        I think RPS’s comments are really interesting these days. Lively, too!

    • distrocto says:

      Oh boy, oh boy. It’s the knight in shining armor asshole parade! Always a spectable to behold this time of year.
      Here you have another near-autistic writer that agrees with you to feed your preconceived notions of social justice and circlejerk around for, telling each other what progressive little flowers you are: link to digitallydownloaded.net

      • Polmansol says:

        Indeed. This comment says it all imo:

        “It’s only sexist to people who are sexist. Otherwise it’s a badass chick who is apparently bulletproof.”

        • Memphis-Ahn says:

          Is this what the patriarchy has done to us?
          Open your eyes sheep.

    • Runs With Foxes says:

      So hey has anyone pointed out that showing ‘skin’ in this kind of cyberpunky genre fiction is actually really common, because one of the staples of the genre is posthumanism, and the modification of the human body is obviously a big part of that, and in order to show the human body you kind of need to not have clothes covering it?

      and has anyone pointed out that in, say, the Human Revolution trailer, Adam Jensen was actually mostly naked, much more so than this woman, and that wasn’t considered cheap or exploitative, and was actually kind of necessary to show his body augmentations

      and has anyone suggested that actual adults should be capable of seeing the human form without immediately getting nervous about how their internet colleagues will react to it because the ENTIRE VIDEOGAME INDUSTRY IS BEING PAINTED IN A BAD LIGHT DON’T JUDGE US ALL PLEASE SOME OF US ARE ACTUALLY NICE GUYS AND TREAT WOMEN WELL AND OH PLEASE

      • Bhazor says:

        So in order to show her arm implants it is important she is wearing no trousers and is on her knees in front of a man?

        You don’t get it. You either don’t pay attention or you willfully ignore it.

        • Runs With Foxes says:

          Listen, my little pony avatar guy or whatever that is … sometimes it’s just a woman on her knees, not all women on all their knees giving blowjobs to all men.

        • quijote3000 says:

          You don’t really know how law enforcement actually works, do you?
          “¡Drop the gun! ¡On your knees!, except no, please, ma’am, that’s totally unaceptable. Stand up. Hands to the wall, no, actually, that’s also mysoginist. So, errr, keep facing me”

        • Bhazor says:

          ….and she is wearing no pants because…

          • Dances to Podcasts says:

            Let’s analyse!
            Obviously we see a scantily clad woman on her knees while men are shooting guns at her (we know what guns stand for, right?) because that symbolizes her oppression in modern western society. But don’t fear! Fortunately there is a man (of course) who comes to take her away from this and put her in the same unisex overalls he’s wearing, even covering up most of her face. Clearly this is a muslim man rescuing the woman from evil western society and putting her in a high tech burqa so she can be a virtuous happy woman from now on.

            Yeah. I’m sure that’s what they meant. :)

          • Asurmen says:

            Because she’s just come out of her apartment after getting ready for bed? Because it’s bloody warm? Because she’s on a night out? Reasons can be provided for her attire quite easily.

          • Bhazor says:

            … and why is CDProjeckt showing her in her underwear in their debut trailer….

          • Asurmen says:

            It just looks like an exceedinly short dress to me.

          • Ergates_Antius says:

            Because she’s just come out of her apartment after getting ready for bed? Because it’s bloody warm? Because she’s on a night out? Reasons can be provided for her attire quite easily.

            Oh, she just happened to be in her underwear when whatever happened happened. What a coincidence. Quite funny really when you think about it – because with scantily clad women in submissive poses being a very common theme in videogame imagery, you could see how someone might mistake this for another case of that.

            That sounds like the kind of excuse people give when they turn up at hospital with foreign objects stuck up their arse. “I was doing some DIY, and I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty so I took them off, including my under wear, and I slipped and landed on the screwdriver”

          • SuperNashwanPower says:

            Maybe it was just inspired by the character of Pris from BladeRunner.

          • Asurmen says:

            You’re assuming she’s simply dressed in her underwear based on your own bias on what the scene is presenting you.

      • Zephro says:

        While nudity can be justified in some cyberpunk for that very reason. This trailer doesn’t seem to cover it and it isn’t just a blanket license to put everyone in skimpy outfits.

        Also the whole caps thing at the end is just nonsense.

      • Guvornator says:

        I did notice that. I also noticed that in HR, there were a hell of a lot of prostitutes, all of whom were female, hot (well, relative to the rest of the rest of the cast) and none of whom look like actual hookers. Actual hookers look like this : link to guardian.co.uk . Now, I’ve not finished it, but I’m guessing there aren’t any ugly ones, nor any rent boys for Adam to hang out with…show me one and I’ll be a happy man (and in the game, too, ahahaha…dies…)

        • Valvarexart says:

          1. And 95% (yes, 84% of statistics are made up) of the hookers you see are female. It is thus sexist not to conform to reality and it can’t possibly be light-shedding rather than derogatory.

          2. That is not how actual prostitutes look in the milieu where DE:HR takes place (your link, that is). Go down a street in any big city of your choice, and look for women standing close to alleys, corners and doors in shoddy parts of the city smoking cigarettes and there you go. Most have to look fairly good to make a living.

          • Guvornator says:

            It has a quest in it where you help a prostitute get out from under (ahem) the influence of evil drugs runners who have taken over her brothel, so she can restore it to the fun lovin’, 1960s Western style cathouse it used to be. If that doesn’t play to the incredibly sexist myth of the “happy hooker”, I don’t know what does. Oh, and according to you, there should be a 5% male prostitute population, which I’m betting there isn’t.

            I’m not saying it’s not a great game, because it is. I’m not saying it’s the worst offender, because it isn’t even close. But to hold it up as a bastion of gender equality on the basis of one trailer as “Runs With Foxes” did is a total misrepresentation of the games stance on gender relations.

    • Valvarexart says:

      The problem with “sexism” is that it can be applied to almost anything. It’s an ubiquitous term, kind of like democracy, human rights and freedom and other watered-out axiologically meaningless terms. “Sexism” can just as well be applied to a “too weak” character, as it can to a “too strong” character or a “too beautiful” character (we are here forced under the assumption that beauty can only be dichotomous from sex appeal). The only character which seems to be conformable to the “anti-sexist” agenda is one that is beautiful without being sexually appealing as well as strong and independent without being male-conformist (which, being a derived ideal, is seen as a negative ideal in the first place), in short a contradictory and perhaps realistically impossible character is what is idealized.
      I think that to properly discuss such a wide or perhaps meaningless term as “sexism” one must “separate” (or rather identify the actual issues) its components rather than using blanket-terms.
      Please demonstrate for me how showing a (perhaps unrealistically) appealing depiction of a female is somehow derogatory towards other females. The only argument I am able to perceive here is that it is conforming to a male userbase (which it is), and I fail to see how this should somehow make the game less appealing for female consumers. The counter-argument here is obvious and often-used; male depictions are usually no different and it is hard to see how they should make games unappealing for the intended consumers.
      If this is then compared to the more classical definition of sexism (Damsel in distress, etc), it would clearly appear that when the term sexism is used to describe more than one general thing it becomes self-contradictory.

      Oh, and five bucks says I will get mostly responses strawmanning isolated sections of my post.

      • Zephro says:

        Would this be blanket terms like referring to people who disagree as an “Agenda”?

        Also most of your post is itself a strawman with a victim complex :-S

        • Valvarexart says:

          No, clearly you have not understood my post at all. I suggest you re-read it, especially the last line.

          • Zephro says:

            Sigh fine. Here you set up a straw man:
            “The only character which seems to be conformable to the “anti-sexist” agenda is one that is beautiful without being sexually appealing as well as strong and independent without being male-conformist ”

            Which you proceed to counter argue. This “agenda” you’re fighting against doesn’t hold that view. Done?

            Or do you mean I missed a level of irony?

          • Valvarexart says:

            All right, you have a good point there. I was mostly responding to the incessant use of the words “sexism” and “sexist” throughout this thread, as should be perfectly clear after reading my comment. I’m not sure whether the people actually using these words conform to the various different connotated and implied opinions, but they do help create them.

          • Zephro says:

            Well ok. Personally I don’t think the people raising concerns are being so strict as labelling it sexist in that same way so it’s somewhat cross purposes. Quite a few comments I’ve read have said they see potentially sexist components, rather than blanket going that is 100% bad. Above people definitely discussed GiTS having objectifying scenes while the character over all being fairly good in balance. Which I think is the kind of reasoned comment you were asking for?

            There is an issue about internet debate here of people arguing against the perceived opinion rather than what is said. I tend to think around here that the stop complaining, are forming a block for actual debate by generalising on what they perceive “feminists” to think.

      • Bhazor says:

        How do we debut our brand new RPG? I know! TITS!

        It’s tacky, its insulting and its unnecessary. Notice no one has actually called it sexist. It just continues the trend of the industry catering to the lowest common denominator.

        • Valvarexart says:

          Take a look at the excellent comment by tungstenHead below mine, please.

    • tungstenHead says:

      Bloodstains are a good reason for not wearing clothes.

      The first reason I can come up with myself for the woman character to be wearing naught but her underwear is that it allows the artists to show the extent of her modification more directly.

      The next reason I can think for the skivvies is that underwear is private. She isn’t wearing a piece of underwear that’s meant to be seen — hers has no lace and is white. The symbol here is that her mind has come apart and she can’t hide her madness anymore. She is also literally not hiding her madness.

      Sorry, but this next part gets long. Buckle up or bail out.

      Considering the application of cybernetics and augmentations like this, I can come up with five reasons for someone to go through with it: overcoming disabilities; a needed strength or capability for specialist work; keeping up with the Joneses; power attainment; or body dysmorphic disorder (oversimplified: wanting to be better looking). If a person is trying to overcome a disability or just meet the needs of their job I doubt they’re going to be driven crazy by their implants or otherwise go overboard with them. Madness builds upon madness is a better piece of writing, so we’re probably going to assume that the woman here is trying to be stronger and better looking. She is decadent and narcissistic. I can see three costuming options that are particularly good at getting this across: underwear, stripper-wear, or a fancy/elegant/blingy dress.

      There’s a narrative to be found in all three, but stripper-wear or a fancy dress imply a sudden snap and lashing out. Say, she’s performing or at a party and the lechery gets to her, perhaps. This is a female power fantasy, and not very complicated. There’s arguments for why this would be a good way to go, but I’d bet on this trailer being written by men, so it’s probably best that they not tackle that sort of story. The underwear allows a more drawn out, private and tragic descent into madness: she’s changing clothes, sees herself in the mirror and falls in love like Narcissus did. Who knows how much later, she breaks away from the mirror and is now crazy as a coconut. This is a more universal sort of “going crazy” and works better than the female specific sorts of crazy that stripper-wear or a fancy dress would imply.

      Underwear is also good because it doesn’t necessarily say much about her personality or who she was. She could have been a sex worker, a socialite, a doctor, a banker or anything. She’s definitely got money and she’s definitely self-obsessed, but otherwise, the viewer can apply whatever personality they like.

      Now, crazy cyborg could have been a male character, but the fact is we humans decorate our females. Female humans wear makeup and women’s fashion is much more interesting than men’s fashion while for men we’ve got notions like Bald is Beautiful. The idea of men going to great lengths to beautify themselves is less ready in mind than it is for women doing the same. It becomes more obvious that the female character in this trailer is after something that’s mad because it’s a thing that we know in our real lives for women to go to great lengths in the pursuit of beauty. There’s some sexism in that, but it’s hard to blame CD Project for using culturally understood images when they only have a minute or two to tell a story, even if those understood images are based on a culture with imbalances. If they take the opportunity to have narcissistic male characters attempting to perfect their bodies in the game itself, it would help them to depart from this particular sexism in future promotional materials.

      I’m not sure whether to say I believe that CD Project put this much thought into it or not. I would bet on not. For example, the underwear she has on is a less common garment; it’s possible that she’s wearing it because it’s what the artist liked, but it’s also possible that she’s wearing it because of specific symbolic reasons (which I can’t really grasp at). The funny thing about artwork is that sometimes it’s immensely economical and every element is given a massive amount of consideration and other times it’s just done on feel alone. Sometimes the gut level decisions end up creating a piece that people read more into and get more out of than the pieces that are full of deliberate elements. But again, I don’t really believe that CD Project put this much thought into it, but for my money I’d have gone with the same decisions after putting my thought into it.

      So, that’s why I think that this character is portrayed the way she is. It’s all well and good to be afraid of sexist thinking because it damages people, but sometimes you’ve got to step back and wonder if there’s non-sexist thinking going on as well and what value that might have. To that end, I’ll end this monster of a post with a few questions: Why do you think the crazy cyborg is portrayed this way? How would you have portrayed the crazy cyborg? Why? Do you think my thoughts on her portrayal make sense? If you started from where I left off here, how do you think you could improve her portrayal? And something I completely failed to address: how do the other elements of the trailer fit in with the crazy cyborg character?

      • Bhazor says:

        Firstly, no they didn’t put that much thought into it. She is a woman ergo by default she must be super hot and look slutty for our trailer.
        Secondly, this is how they choose to debut their daring new RPG, with tits. That’s just insulting.
        Thirdly, you’re presuming she got those augments to look good, if so then why would she have three foot long blades in her arm?
        Fourthly. CDProjeckt are a fantastic company. They have made two brilliantly written games, they have released tonnes of free updates for these games, they are fiercely anti-drm pro consumer. But ask the mainstream what they’re known for and they’ll say “Cenimax sex scenes.”. This shit just continues that.

        • Valvarexart says:

          Man, you can’t be for real. I know you’re trolling now.

        • The Godzilla Hunter says:

          I am pretty sure that is circular logic, or at least something very close.

          “They are sexist because they portray women in a sexist manner, and thus this portrayal must be sexist, because they are sexist.”

          • Bhazor says:

            Nope, never said it was sexist. Anywhere.

            It’s just really really really dumb that their brilliant games are continually by their ridiculous focus on sex.

          • 2helix4u says:

            “didn’t say it was sexist” man you’ve been implicitly arguing that this is sexist for the entire page.

            I like sexism outrage as much as the next 21st century male (its genuinely one of my favourite topics) but I just figured she went “psycho” while wearing underwear, like maybe she was in bed or something.

            Luckily an internet white knight was there to shoot her, shave her head and put her in unisex combat gear, I guess.
            Also pretty funny that someone with a brony avatar is giving people advice on how to take their media.

        • elmo.dudd says:

          Thank you CD Projekt Art Director for clarifying why it was depicted as such! Perhaps RPS could do an interview with you? I’m sure a lot of readers would love to get a first hand glimpse into the art design of a game tackling such a visually striking genre.

        • tungstenHead says:

          Like I said, I don’t really disagree with you and you’re right that it’s probably a play to the lowest common denominator. That said, I also feel that if I were trying to be cerebral about this and creating a character for this trailer myself, I might end up with the same decision. The biggest problem with the portrayal may be the climate of female characters in games. Then again, the portrayal I would go with depends a bit on that climate.

          So, Bhazor, what would you have done instead? I’m not being facetious. I want to — *need* to — be informed. What other options exist? How else can you create a tragic character in this scenario? Answer and help everyone out with some more ideas! Please! Seriously, you obviously care, so help create alternatives. If you want people to get out of a rut, you’ve got to make some tracks elsewhere. The window is really small here, you’ve only got a couple of minutes to create a character so it’s no small challenge, but I don’t care if your idea is terrible; that’s fine! Just give us a springboard to another option.

          Please. Make the change you want to see. I’m no good for it because I like what’s already been done and hints at body dysmorphic disorder is something that plays well with me, but maybe you can provide some imagination!

          (Aside: why arm scythes? Maybe as a self defense against implant harvesting gangsters? That sounds like believable pseudologic. Maybe sinister forces secretly placing them inside of people for some nefarious ends? That’s a stretch.)

          • Bhazor says:

            Well we know so little about what her character is supposed to be but going on your version and not changing too much I would have gone further. Completely naked but with a grotesque barbie doll body, skin flawless but unnatural, impossibly long spindly legs, no genitals, rock hard breasts with no nipple and seams around them, hair like a 80s hair metal rock god, face like a porcelain doll devoid of emotion from too much botox and painted like a clown, her back looks like an emaciated skeleton covered in dense scars from all the surgery and shes covered in chunky pulpy blood.

            Removing the sex appeal from nudity can have a fantastic effect, but the trailer up there didn’t try, The midwife bots from System Shock 2 and the bobble head nurses from Silent Hill 2-4 are an example of it working.

            If I was doing a trailer for the game with this, I would have had her shown from a distance dressed normally . Then a slow zoom along the street until the camera is right in, slowly the wrongness becomes clearer with a glassy expression and makeup done like a little girl, then the camera is so close to her we see her green pupil swivel like a camera lens to focus in on the viewer, flash to white as she slumps backwards from the gun shot of the “camera”. Her hair slides off revealing the metal plating of her skull. Camera drifts up to show the window of the shop she just left now filled with hideously mutilated bodies. Cut to her in the police drop ship

          • tungstenHead says:

            That could run the risk of making her appear to be a robot at the expense of her appearing to be a cyborg, so maybe not push it that far, but you’re right that adding some grotesquery would help desexualize her and allow the viewer to come to a stronger conclusion that this cyborg mocks humanity. It’s a great idea, I’m happy to have asked specifically, and I’m glad you gave such a great answer.

            <3 Bhazor! It helps me a lot and hopefully it helps other people reading this.

          • Slaadfax says:

            Way too late to this party obviously, but hey, why not…

            There is no doubt that providing stark elements different from our own experiences (in this case redefining sexuality and what makes a person attractive) is a very strong tool to establish bits and pieces of setting, as in, “Nowadays, people aren’t interested in art that isn’t tattooed on fat guys.”

            Making the woman more androgynous would have been a decent enough choice, but I believe I understand why they went away from it. Not for any reasons to provoke titillation, but more as a means to both attract AND alienate the people who watch the trailer. Making her too robotic, grotesque, or desexualized reduces the impact of her deed and makes the ideal level of attractiveness in that world too far away from our own to foster deeper meaning to the viewer. While sure, we can understand that a different time/place may have different standards of attractiveness, it’s far more immersive to have one that mirrors our own to a more serious degree.

            The real telling moment for me was the advertisement early on in the background depicting a woman dressed in similar fashion. To me, that speaks quite a bit toward what they’re working toward in terms of world-building, specifically what this society deems as important for a person to appear as. That it doesn’t shy super far away from our own world and reality really gives it a lot more impact than if they simply went super far in the other direction and made it more of a spectacle to be shocked at (which is already relatively achieved by the whole mass murder thing).

            And as far as sexism goes, I dunno… I think this one is a bit too “cry wolf” for my tastes. There a lot more important things to get up in arms about.

      • The Godzilla Hunter says:

        Well said.

        Compare this trailer to that terrible Hitman one: in the Hitman trailer, the women were portrayed in a sexist manner because they were sexualized in way that defied logic. In that trailer, the women wore clothing that would massively decrease combat capability – no one would actually wear 6 inch heals into battle. Furthermore, their clothing was not commonplace, but looked like something someone would intentionally seek out to look sexy.

        In this trailer, the woman is wearing !!!future!!! underwear. This wouldn’t hamper her ability to kill people in the real world. As Tungsten head noted, it is not sexy, fantasy wear, but clothing that could be expected to be owned by many women (though the top is a bit strange, but, hey, it’s !!!future!!! underwear). Furthermore, it shows that she is not mentally stable, as no one in their right mind would go out in their clothing. Her outfit is very similar to the Witches outfit from L4D, which was used to show mental instability.

        And I can’t see how she is being a weak female “lead”. Yes, she is kneeling before another man, but she is less powerful than him, not because of his gender, but because of his augmentations. All of the other lowly mortals can only scratch her with their bullets. No one with those claw things, next to twelve-some people they just killed, could be considered weak by my standards.

        • Bhazor says:

          Yep, what a strong female character.
          link to 70-seas.com

        • Guvornator says:

          I have to say, it looks like the top of either a corset or a wedding dress.

        • tungstenHead says:

          Actually, I would call crazy cyborg woman a weak person because she seems to have succumbed to the madness of body dysmorphic disorder, power hunger, narcissism and self-dehumanization. Her act of violence is a result of her weakness, not a manifestation of her strength.

          But that’s not what people mean by strong or weak characters. They mean three dimensional characters. A victimized slave character that barely gets any control over his or her life can be a strong character depending on how they react and, critically, develop in their situation. Strong characters are a result of good, complete writing, not their capability.

          She could be considered a strong character because there’s a tragic arc that maps to the Icarus myth with a rehabilitation at the end. A two minute trailer isn’t a good space to create a strong character of any sort, and my interpretation requires applying a lot of subtext that may or may not exist. But if you want to call her a strong character, that’s why you would do so; not because she’s physically powerful.

          • Bhazor says:


            She might still be a strong character. Given this is CDProjeckt she probably has lots of depth. But using her like this is incredibly tacky and shows alot of the problems with this industry.

      • rasatouche says:

        My god man, someone who saw the same trailer as me! I thought everyone here was watching that other, sexist one. I get the feeling a lot of thought went into this trailer, as for the clothing, with her kneeling on the ground, scythes out at that angle, they make a shioullette that’s similar to that of an angels wings, throw in the white clothing, legs uncovered to show more augmentation lines in the thighs, tparms uncovered for augmentations, what’s left of her body, her humanity, pure white with bloodstains. Throw in the dark tone of the whole trailer, dark blacks and blues, she’s the high contrast fallen angel. You could maybe even stretch it to something akin to Icarus, only with a bit of transhumanistic flair. Replace daddys wings with father scientists new scythe arms, and instead of falling and drowning she falls into insanity and lashes out. But She’s traded her humanity limb by limb, at a huge personal mental cost, she’s post-human, and what little humanity or purity she has left is stained with blood.

        Then you’ve got the police, using guns with bullets, something we mere 2013 cyberpunks know of, being shown as totally powerless against the more augmented people of 2077. The idea is the police can’t keep you safe, heck, they’re powerless to stop a killer. The idea of disempowering the technology that we would most relate to, showing how old hat it is. Sure they could have used laser guns, but it wouldn’t have the same effect. Bullets, to a gamer, are our feedback loop, our core way to solve the visual puzzlers we call shooters, and here, in this world, it doesn’t work.

        As for the clothing, it’s either underwear, or IMO more stylistic. You’ve got the woman in the implant shop window showing off similar dress, big 80s style hair, no pants, sleeveless top. It’s likely it’s a fashion of the times, as for the ooh wouldn’t she get cold. She has fake skin that stops bullets, I’m sure it keeps her warm. Not to mention there is this whole pervading idea of physical perfection running through the trailer, given skin implants remove the need to wear clothing for warmth, much like you see today, when you go to the beach and see women and men in bathing suits. People who are attractive like to show their bodies off, external Validation and all that. Heck, you see it today, someone who’s a bit chubby, wears frumpy clothing, goes to the gym, starts eating right, a year later their doing their groceries in a pair of skins shorts and a sportsbra (I am grateful to often witness this glorious parade where I work).

        There is something empowering when you look your best, and in cyberpunk they take it to the extreme, like the girl in the trailer, flawless skin, ideal proportions (face and body), then juxtapose it by showing the scythes, and now she looks like the angel of death. Is the cost of beauty worth it? If she was wearing pants and a t shirt she wouldn’t have the sort of sexual power she does in this trailer. She wouldn’t look nearly as beautiful either.

        One of the other big transhumanistic themes is death, and we see in the trailer this woman can’t die, at least not from bullets, and that in the pursuit of becoming a flawless beauty, she’s not only flawed her humanity but covered it in blood. What I think is really cool though, is they’ve taken our culture of beauty that we have today, where mainly women go to huge lengths to stay youthful, risky operations, make up, clothes, etc, thrown it into the future, taken it to it’s endpoint, that being beauty of a flawless, unfading nature, then juxtaposed it with her killing a bunch of people to show how inhuman this cultural idea of beauty we have today is. The idea that this obsession to fight our humanity, will one day in the future cost us our humanity. Tying back into death, people are meant to age and die, not still be on tour in their 50s while they look like they’re in their 30s, like Madonna, there are plenty of people today who go to huge lengths to fight aging and death. It’s an excellent thematic mash up, beauty and trans-humanism.

        Anyway, Not talking about sexuality in an adult and mature way is what does our medium a disservice, but cd projekt know what they’re doing. I still can’t believe all the people who watched this and went thats sexualization! It’s not, it’s art, and you just plain don’t get it. But hey, on the other hand I’m now aware there are a lot more daily mail readers here than I thought, which is kind if sad :(.

    • Lambchops says:

      Looks at long series of talk, analysis etc.

      Reassess opinion that teasers are a pointless waste of time.

      Contemplates that it’s a good thing I don’t work in marketing as I’d be rubbish at it.

    • Superpat says:

      I actually see it as her just coming off the operating table, so it’s a wonder she’s not completely naked. I mean if they go craaaaazy after too many implantations then she probably just got one.

    • Zepp says:

      It’s not her underwear. You can see red heels seconds before they show her (she was obv wearing them when going to party). White attire is night club dress. You can see her pants because of the way she is sitting so the dress rolled up a bit.

      Can we stop making a fuss about it? I blame Nathan Grayson.

      • Asurmen says:

        While I agree with the idea that she’s not in her underwear, those heels could have belonged to someone she just injured/murdered.

        • MaXimillion says:

          They do indeed, seeing how one of the corpses is a woman still wearing the other shoe.

    • Kamos says:

      The video is what it is because it is soft porn for geeks, made by geeks. It is a demographic fly trap to lure in teenage boys and young adults who like roleplaying games with scantily clad girls in it. I don’t see how this could possibly confuse anyone. Nor do I think that anyone should feel ashamed for enjoying it for what it is (scantily clad robot girl with arm blades).

      After reading all the above posts, one thing I have noticed is that a lot of people feel ‘insulted’ by the video. My question is: why? How does it insult you? Is it intrinsically wrong? Should material such as this not be allowed to exist?

  2. Carbonated Dan says:

    pretty, but will my cyberchap’s movement be less stilted than Geralt’s ponderous tumblings?

    • Lambchops says:

      I genuinely don’t know whether you are talking about Geralt’s movements or, err, his moves.

      • Carbonated Dan says:

        I intended the former, but if this trailer’s anything to go by I suspect the latter will remain a somewhat pressing concern

        • LionsPhil says:

          When you braindance with her cyberports, the game will reward you with a vidcording of the event on a holochip to keep.

          And then you’ll feel bad because you were honestly just trying to play it for all the wholesome violence and cyberpunk ambience, and just got caught up in roleplaying, really.

    • The Random One says:


  3. Cinek says:

    Trailer was lovely. If the game graphics will look like that (not a chance though >_<) then I'll be in heavens!

    • Narzhul says:

      Witcher 2 has some pretty dazzling graphics already. I don’t think it’ll be *that* far off in 2015.

      • Cinek says:

        Yea, true, but engine in Witcher 2 was quite unique… kinda in a way of Unreal Engine – in 15 seconds you’d be able to tell that the game was made on it. This trailer looks like something made on completely different engine, or entirely rendered in CGI without involving game engine ever.
        I would be delighted though if they managed to tune RED Engine up to this level

        • LionsPhil says:

          resulting in a trailer that looks too good to be true. And that’s because it is, being a CG-based teaser and all.

          Admittedly, all games are “CG”, but I’m pretty sure the intent is clear there.

    • f1x says:

      Won’t look like that, but considering the graphical level of the Witcher 2 and I assume they will use the same engine but improved, its gonna look definitely awesome

    • PoulWrist says:

      The last bit, after fade-to-black, looks like ingame footage, no?

      • Cinek says:

        A lot of sequences look could be in-game, especially with DX11 involved, only not for my current GPU ;)

  4. Dana says:

    Music not cyberpunk enough.

    • Inigo says:

      I’m just glad it’s not dubstep for once.

    • Justin Keverne says:

      Quite. It’s also horribly heavy handed in its “symbolism”.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      You could always mute the trailer sound and play Ghost in the Shell film soundtrack instead. Trailer suddenly much improved.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      future 80s music is better than dubstep, especially since musical tastes change over the multiple decades since 2020

    • Tiax says:

      It’s Archive, could have been much worse.

    • mrpier says:

      GITS chant works fairly well.

      link to tubedubber.com

    • I Got Pineapples says:


      There is a complete absence of 80’s hair rock.

    • jussipe says:

      Cyberpunk and Italo disco. A match made in heaven!

      Dharma – Plastic doll (vocal), Italo 1982

    • Low Life says:

      I thought it’d have worked fine if it was instrumental. The singer’s voice made my ears feel uncomfortable, and I’m not even exaggerating. It had the same effect as listening to music with my phone’s shitty speaker at loud volume.

      To me, the true cyberpunk (not Cyberpunk) soundtrack will always be Front Line Assembly: link to youtube.com

      Or Vangelis, of course, if you’re going for the 80s approach to the genre.

    • Kevin says:

      Might I suggest the work of Chu Ishikawa, otherwise known as Der Eisenrost?

      link to youtube.com

      Would it still qualify as electronic if his instruments of choice was banging scrap metal together in an abandoned warehouse?

  5. molotov23 says:

    Isn’t this concept of “braindances” what the 1995 film “Strange Days” is all about? Or did you mean something different?

    • The white guar says:

      Also, Brainstorm, link to en.wikipedia.org which was an autobot too, incidentally :D

    • nindustrial says:

      Oh man, Strange Days was great! I’d agree, but I’d also go even older and point out that braindances sound like Simstims from William Gibson’s Neuromancer trilogy (the Sprawl Trilogy, technically). Simstim units let a person jack into live or pre-recorded sensory experiences. From wikipedia:

      simstim is a technology whereby a person’s brain and nervous system is stimulated to simulate the full sensory experience of another person. Simstim is usually used as a form of entertainment, whereby recordings of simstim stars in soap operas are transmitted in effect replacing television. However, simstim also has other uses; Case is connected to Molly via simstim during the Panther Modern’s attack on Sense/Net. In this way, simstim was used as a sophisticated method of communication although the signal was one-way.

      • Unruly says:

        There was even a main character, Count Zero/Bobby Newmark if I remember right, who’s mom was addicted to simstims. I’m pretty sure that your first introduction to him makes mention of the fact that all she does is lay on the couch and plug in the latest simstim from some celebrity, and then I’m pretty sure there are a few references to it later on as well.

  6. Kits says:

    Looks interesting enough, but I’m unsure about the tactical reasoning behind having your team open fire while you’re holding the target at gunpoint less than a foot from her.

    • Scautura says:

      MAX-TAC (aka Psycho Squad, the guy at point blank range) and the rest of the Police aren’t exactly on friendly terms. It certainly isn’t “his team”!
      I am looking forward to this on so many levels, and while I understand the comments of “misogyny”, I’m not entirely sure it applies. A full conversion ‘borg isn’t necessarily female on the inside, for a start, and isn’t a weak “damsel in distress”. Maybe I’m just missing the point.

      • Justin Keverne says:

        This does a good job of explaining why it bugged me: link to plus.google.com

        Shorter version, she’s the protagonist of this trailer and does almost nothing but sit there in the rain. Compare that to the CG trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution which featured a similar aesthetic but showed Adam Jensen actually doing something.

        • Narzhul says:

          Yea, after killing a dozen people. Sure seems like doing nothing to me. The guy didn’t even kill her, she shaved her head and joined the team. What part of that is misogyny?

          • Ansob says:

            So where can I watch the hidden part of the trailer where they actually show her taking down those people in a cool and interesting way that makes her more than eye-candy? Because it wasn’t on YouTube.

          • Narzhul says:

            Trailer=/=teaser. Teasers are meant to be.. well, a tease. Short. It shows the end of the conflict. What’s so hard to understand about that?

          • f1x says:

            Its a pretty old narrative resource to show a scene and let the viewer imagine what happened before and after

            should rather thank CDproject for making a trailer that allows you to use your imagination to reconstruct what happened and what this all means,
            but guess you prefer the power-ass nanosuit guy killing people backwards from Crysis 3 trailers

          • Tuimic says:

            @f1x, how dare you suggest people use their imaginations.

          • Lars Westergren says:

            > What part of that is misogyny?

            The part where they chose, again, to depict a female in a certain way.

            The narrative implies that she is strong, capable, or at least dangerous – she presumably just killed all those people. But they chose to show none of these things, but instead only show her as vulnerable, helpless, passive. In panties, with her legs apart.

          • f1x says:

            But Lars, can you tell me whats the depiction here if you put the clothing issue aside?

            The girl is weak because you cannot see her performing graphical violence?
            Sorry I disagree with that, in terms of narrative that would’ve focused the interest in the violence when that was not the point of the trailer

            About vulnerable, I didnt get that impression, mostly because there was no fear in her face, and the bullets to be honest weren’t doing much damage to her, you don’t see panic, as others have pointed out gives more the impression of someone who just regained a bit of sanity after going on a crazy killing spread,
            which is more interesting than showing a merciless female killer chopping people appart

          • Narzhul says:

            >but instead only show her as vulnerable, helpless, passive. In panties, with her legs apart.
            It’s a *teaser*. Not a trailer, not a short movie. A short teaser.
            And they’re using a narrative technique where they show the *end* of the conflict instead of any other part. The end of the conflict obviously HAS to be her losing and giving up. How is the guy supposed to take in the girl if she’s STILL rampaging?

          • Lars Westergren says:

            +1 for calm and reasoned discussion, thanks for that. Let me ask you this, why wasn’t there an almost nude male in his underwear, kneeling in the rain, with a badass female police officer in control pointing a big hard gun towards his head?

            I’m not saying I want to see that, but why wasn’t that imagery chosen? Why are females almost always depicted as passive, controlled, weak, helpless, childlike, emotion driven, undressed?

            The trailer is gorgeous. I can’t wait to play this game. But some parts of it they could have done better, more original. Less sexist.

          • f1x says:

            Now we are a getting to a middle point where I can agree with you, I would definitely like to see more female bad ass “policemen” or special forces

            not in this trailer perhaps, but in different stories

          • Narzhul says:

            >why wasn’t there an almost nude male in his underwear, kneeling in the rain, with a badass female police officer in control pointing a big hard gun towards his head?
            Isn’t that guy an established character? Judging by how other people here recognize who he is and what he’s doing, that is to say, taking in the lady into his team.
            I still don’t see why anyone would say she’s helpless or passive. She’s clearly killed all those people, with blooded blades out of her arms. Not to mention, at the end of the teaser, she *IS* a squad member with a big hard gun just like that guy.
            Why half naked? It’s probably to show her augmented state. You see her blades? What about the fact that her skin isn’t normal? It has these ridges in them. If she’s wearing ten layers of clothing you probably can’t see it.
            Pants? Who’s to say she didn’t break down(out of having all those augs) and came out from her room in insanity. I don’t know about you, but it kind of emphasizes her unaware state of mind when she’s wearing something like that when rampaging.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            “Why are females almost always depicted as passive, controlled, weak, helpless, childlike, emotion driven, undressed?”

            Lars, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill with the way this woman is represented in the trailer.

            ●She’s not passive (she just got done killing a dozen people);
            ●She’s controlled, just not by horrible bad evil raper men.
            ●She’s not weak (she just got done killing a dozen people);
            ●She’s not helpless (the eye-closing scene indicates final realization of her predicament);
            ●She’s certainly not childlike;
            ●Emotion driven? Maybe, but the trailer doesn’t present enough context to make a proper judgement in that area;
            ●She may be “undressed” (dependent on definition), but aesthetically I’ve seen much, much worse. CDP’s representation is certainly not gratuitous when compared to other examples.

            You’ve got some good points when it comes to universally condemning sexism as a problem in media, but you just come off as entirely unfocused when you don’t account for the vagaries involved with this particular trailer: context, setting, source material, backstory, artistic intent, etc.

            TL;DR version: Just because you call it sexist doesn’t necessarily mean it’s sexist.

        • MrMud says:

          Sitting in raid is very much a cyberpunk thing though.

        • Scautura says:

          I’ve already read that, and while I disagree, I understand where it’s coming from.

          I’m coming from a background where I’ve played CP2020 and various other cyberpunk based RPGs, watched movies and read books in the genre, and even written my own (short stories published ages ago, current novel in production) so unfortunately, I’m on the inside. It’s hard for me to see things from the outside anymore, because of how deep inside I am.

          The “doing nothing” argument is a little silly, in my opinion. The trailer takes place over a second, maybe two, and using a 5.56mm round as a rough guess for the ammo they’re using and estimating distance, may even be a fraction of a second. Over these sorts of periods of times, nobody is moving apart from the MAX-TAC officer with the super boosted system (he is the only human moving in the whole trailer, apart from her blinking). Everyone is passive in that respect. If you want to say in terms of “she’s being shot” (passive, natch), she is grieving for what she has done. She has murdered these people (as far as we know) and finally come back to “sanity”, collapsed to her knees in grief. To quote a great cyberpunk movie: ” I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain… Time to die.” (In her case, suicide by cop.)

          The “only female” argument; a little reaching, but have you seen how much a full set of body armour changes your body shape so everyone wearing the same set of armour will have the same body shape (give or take – we’re talking normal sized humans here). We cant tell what the regular cops are, period.

          All of this is perception, and everyone sees things differently. You see a woman, passive in the rain waiting to die, I see the female incarnation of Roy Batty realising she has lived a terrible life.

          • Dunbine says:

            “It’s hard for me to see things from the outside anymore, because of how deep inside I am.”

            Now that is a noir-ish cyberpunk line if I ever heard one.

        • Neo says:

          There’s a very good reason for why she just sits there, check the first quote in the article. She augmented herself to the point of losing her humanity and ended up murdering a bunch of civilians as a result. She’s either realised what she did and surrendered or her cyber-brain (I assume) has just reached a breaking point and shut down.

          It’s really not sexist in the slightest, I understand completely when people – myself included – get up in arms over actual sexist content or behaviour in the video game industry but labeling just about everything that exists as sexist because there’s a good looking girl in it is absurd.

          • Lanfranc says:

            It’s not just “because there’s a good looking girl in it”, but because of the expectations that CD Projekt have created with their previous games, as well as issues in the industry as a whole. This doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

          • Neo says:

            What, you mean the sexual content in The Witcher? It’s all adapted directly from the source material and, frankly, though the whole ‘sex card’ thing was over the top (wasn’t included in TW2), the way everything is depicted is fairly realistic given the nature of that world and the characters who live in it.

            CD Projekt have done nothing but make faithful adaptions of Sapkowski’s work, I think you’re seeing sexism where it doesn’t exist and/or when it’s perfectly logical and fits the context. It’s like the people complaining about the use of the ‘n-word’ in Django Unchained when it was set during a period of history where that sort of language was rampant.

          • f1x says:

            Yeah, actually the saga of Geralt of rivia (the novels) yeap they are set in a fictional period where society was extremely sexist, as it is a fantasy reinterpretation of the middle age

            And Geralt is quite of a playboy, in a casual way and has lots of romances through the novels, but I dont see why thats exactly sexist, he seduces and gets seduced and so do most of the characthers in the novels

            but then, the saga has an array of incredible charismatic and powerful female characthers, such as Ciri, Yennefer, Filippa, Calanthe (and Triss even if sometimes its a bit foolish characther)
            Considering Filippa and her council in the end hold quite more power than the kings

            Thats something they missed a bit in the game tho

          • Lanfranc says:

            “But the setting itself is sexist!” isn’t a valid excuse. As a storyteller (writer, director, game designer), you have a choice in how you deal with an unpleasant setting and subject matter. You can actively problematise it, subvert the issues and the player reaction to them, or you can just accept it and go along with it. The Witcher series seems to do the latter far too often, with female characters that (granted) not entirely, but certainly to a considerable extent, seem to owe their existence to the gratification of the protagonist, or sex in situations or for reasons that are gratuituos or just plain doesn’t make any sense.

            If all that is a faithful recreation of the material, then maybe the CDP people should have considered doing a slightly more critical recreation. Just a thought.

          • f1x says:

            I never said the “historical context is sexist” was an excuse for sexism, rather than just a characteristic of the depicted world, as much as power abuse, injustice, poverty

            And because of that, this sort of situations are depicted, and the characthers are positiniong themselves with their own beliefs, but the history is never telling you sexism is OK
            And considering one of the best characthers of the novels is a girl: Ciri (from my opinion) which in some books even steals the main protagonism from Geralt, and is actually quite a complex character for a fantasy spell&sword saga…

            About the sexual life of Geralt,
            well, he has a sexual life and thats seems to be part of the problem? that he is able to seduce or be seduced seems to be a big issue,or the relationship between Triss and Geralt, which seems to be quite healthy (as casual sex partners and adventure companions)

            now the collective cards of the Witcher 1 was kind of dumb, not gonna say the opposite

        • The Random One says:

          Maybe she’s not the protagonist. Maybe the teaser’s story is just to show the flavor of the world. That would be likely if the game will have you create your character. Although that’s not really Projekt’s speed.

    • Tellus says:

      Also, the distance and rate of fire of the bullets is madness; physics straight from The Matrix!

      I know I’d be better off just admiring the spectacle, but such compositional irrationalities triggers the jaded nitpickering cynic in me.

      Like 47 killings nuns: just not that interesting.

      • Scautura says:

        Madness? In what sense?

        It’s a volley, not a single weapon firing them all, and there are modern firearms that can fire over 1000rpm (single barrel) with ease.

        • Matchstick says:

          Even back in the 80s the H&K G11 was capable of firing a 3-round burst at over 2000rpm, though that that was with the aid of caseless ammunition which clearly isn’t being used in the video

          • Scautura says:

            That 2000rpm is 3 round burst, not sustained (it was only capable of 460rpm full-auto sustained). It never went into production, rather the German forces chose the G36 (mainly due to cost, I believe) instead. The firearm that came to mind was the Ingram MAC-10, but I’m sure there are others with higher full-auto rates.

            MetalStorm is another interesting development in firearms, with a similar “caseless” system being used (rounds are inline, down the barrel, rather than in a magazine), allowing for a 36 barrel system managing 1.62 million rpm. That’s around 45,000rpm in a single barrel.

            Needless to say these are prototypes, so I think Cyberpunk has decided that conventional firearms are “the future” – caseless didn’t really happen, and while MetalStorm is a good system, nobody is really taking notice of it.

          • Unruly says:

            If I correctly remember what I read about it, the reason for the decreased rate of fire in full automatic mode was, at least in part, because of problems with rounds cooking off prematurely. When firing at 2000 RPM for an extended period there’s nowhere near enough time for a single-barrel system to dissipate the amount of heat required to keep the exposed propellant from going off. So they reduced the fire rate to help prevent that. The cook off issue is also a large part of the reason why it wasn’t adopted.

            But even your example of the G36 has a maximum fire rate of 750 RPM. Even going back to the MP 40, which was solely full automatic so there’s no arguing about full vs burst speeds, you could see a fire rate of 500 RPM. The MG42 had, on average, a rate of fire of 1200 RPM. It’s not like we can’t make guns shoot fast. It’s just that, beyond a certain point, that firing fast is absolutely worthless. All it does is screw up your aim, make you waste ammo, and apply unnecessary heat stress to the weapon.

  7. Kleppy says:

    I will buy a new computer to play this and Witcher 3. CDP, you just cost me $1000.

  8. Justin Keverne says:

    I wish that, as the protagonist of the trailer, she’d done something other than just sit there waiting to get shot. She has fucking arm blades!

    I think I’m just starting to get bored of slow-motion trailers with heavy handed musical tracks.

    • Carbonated Dan says:

      first off it’s not like anyone else did very much either and, if you watch the end again, you’ll notice she’s a cop

      • Justin Keverne says:

        I noticed that the first time. My point is she sits there in the rain for the entire thing, she’s utterly passive and then she turns out to be the protagonist? Why not show here tearing through all those people, and then have her gunned down in a hail of bullets?

        I liked it, and hell they’ve got me already the original Cyberpunk RPG is on my shelf about two feet away right now. I just wish there’d been more to the trailer than: “Shoot the pretty lady.” Like maybe “Heavily modified lady kills loads of people with her fucking awesome arm blades!”

        • f1x says:

          Check Crimsoneer comment below

          About showing her killing the people… come on, have we forgot all the narrative tricks that the cinema and literature have created for the last century,
          you dont freaking need to show everything, when you see the trailer you can picture her tearing that people apart

          • Justin Keverne says:

            Can we please not do this. I understand how to parse visual information, I have a strong grasp of the source material, and I kind of liked the basic concept of trailer – apart from the horrible music choice. In the end somebody made the decision to focus on the part of the event where the pretty lady is kneeling in the rain in her underwear getting shot at.

            The wealth of material available in the setting, the myriad cinematic techniques at their disposal, and that is what they chose to depict? I’m not outraged, or offended, just bored and a little disappointed that this was the best they could come up with for their teaser reveal.

          • HisMastersVoice says:

            The scene is quintessential CP and deals with one of the, if not the most important concept of the game – how technology affects humans in that setting. It really sounds like your issue is with the fact it’s a woman Barbie hard shell (again, very CP) and not a 50 something clerk from the corner shop that went on a rampage due to his new memory plug.

          • Justin Keverne says:

            There are so many things that constitute Cyberpunk, both in the broader sense of the term and in the specific example of this licence. The trailer could have been anything, and given that wealth of potential what did they pick? Pretty lady, in slow-motion. It’s dull, I would have preferred the store-clerk if for no other reason that it would at least be a character you don’t see in practically every trailer. (No I don’t mean arm blade girl, though there’s a wealth of them, but generic half clothed pretty lady.)

            Think about everything Cyberpunk means and tell me that “passive Barbie shell in the rain” isn’t the most obvious and clichéd choice imaginable. If she’d actually done something it would have elevated it above the level of dull at least.

          • f1x says:

            Justin, what I mean is that showing footage of a girl killing people doesn’t have anything to do with this and I don’t it would make a “strong depiction of female” but rather killing all possible cyberpunk related story telling here

            It would just make a call of duty-like trailer but with a girl

          • HisMastersVoice says:

            It’s not any random cyberpunk. It’s Cyberpunk 20XX, a specific PnP setting within the broader cyberpunk genre. It’s flashy, glitzy and over the top. A store clerk doesn’t make sense there, a hard shell doll in a skimpy outfit does.

            It’s not anyone’s fault that they do not follow the source material, but at least accept that what’s being shown is relevant to the setting and not just about boobs.

          • Justin Keverne says:

            I know the setting, as I said the book is barely two feet away from me right now, let’s not make this a purity test. There are hundreds of things you could do to make her an actual character while conforming to the aesthetics and theme of the Cyberpunk licence, they didn’t take that opportunity. They relied on lazy tropes, cinematic tricks, and clichéd associations of sex and violence.

            Keep the woman, keep the outfit, but make it more interesting than the generic cliché this is. Have her brain hacked so she goes berserk, inter-cut it with images of her life before she got her blade arms, maker her a Rockerboy, have there be somebody else experiencing this via Braindancing. Something, anything to elevate it above lowest common denominator sexy lady. The wealth of fiction available and what you select is the most obvious cliché? That just makes me sad.

            My problem is not “the boobs”, I’m a straight guy I rather like breasts actually, if anything it’s that resorting to “the boobs” is such a predictable choice for a setting with so much more potential.

          • HisMastersVoice says:

            I disagree with your overview, but hey, it’s a teaser, the actual full length trailer will follow at some point so maybe you’ll get the context you need.

          • Justin Keverne says:

            I hope it does. *Shrugs* I don’t know, I was super excited about this when I heard they were making it and maybe I just expected something different from the first teaser.

            Though the inclusion of some of the art from the book was a nice touch. :)

          • Zephro says:

            Ok I admit to not being familiar with the PnP system. However you have to think about the intent of the trailer’s author. They knew the general audience isn’t familiar with the system and that they could present any part of it. Or even adapt parts of it to fit with more modern culture re: feminism.

            So it still begs questions as to the author’s intent.

          • HisMastersVoice says:

            @ Zephro – I’m assuming that was directed at me. As I said, CDPR has never been overly concerned with their audience not being familiar with the setting. I’m not saying it’s the best way to do it, nor that I don’t see any way to improve the trailer, just something to bear in mind when asking why things look like they do.

            Very much like sexuality and it’s various ‘social uses’ is a very strong theme in Sapkowski’s work and the Witcher follows that path without concerning itself with people rising brows at naked bodies, CP’s visual design is defined by an almost Barbie/Ken plastic surgery physicality often combined with gruesome implant technology. I do feel the hard shell doll was a very conscious choice both in terms of sex appeal AND the setting themes. More so the later considering the fact the ‘tits aspect’ wasn’t even that pronounced. There was perhaps one pan view of the torso and a wide shot at the end where the fact that she’s scantly clad is apparent and one of those was a bullet impact scene.

          • Zephro says:

            I guess it was. As I said elsewhere I’m not really up in arms about this, just a bit disappointed. Also it’s because its a marketing trailer.

            So what I meant by author intent was that this isn’t the whole story in context, which I obviously can’t judge. It appears to me that someone thought showing a clip with boobs and knickers in would sell, full well knowing nobody would know the context or background material.

            It’s a minor issue and one that relates to improving the trailer only.

        • perfectheat says:

          Haven’t we seen enough games where blades cut stuff? I would be totally happy if one can go through this without slicing anything. I’ll probably enjoy this game, but for once it would be great to play a protagonist who isn’t the king or queen of the hill.

        • Laurentius says:

          While i don’t like CDR love for showing violence against women this is not such clear case. General momentum of this trailer is passive, practicly even cops are passive, actually theri guns are shooting while they are standing still, so id the guy from psycho squad. Most active part of trailer are flying bullets….trailer showing her killing these people could be better but it would be complelty different from artisitc standpoint.

  9. pakoito says:

    Disappointing trailer. Where’s the dubstep? I NEED MY WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB

  10. Crimsoneer says:

    Reddit has explained to me what the trailer actually implies:

    For those who haven’t played the tabletop game: Night City’s Psychosquad (MAX-TAC) is a special police unit that responds to situations involving cyborgs that go crazy (cyberpsychosis). They often “recruit” from the pool of cyborgs that go crazy, by reprogramming them to serve in the Psychosquad and save people to pay for their former crimes. That’s what you’re seeing in the trailer. It’s playback of how a female MAX-TAC officer became part of the squad.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      Thank you. That makes so much more sense than my grasp at a random “Huh, was she police all along? Is it some sort of conspiracy, or did she take out a gang of drug dealers and the police mistook the agent for a suspect”? All confusion over now. :P

  11. Screwie says:

    Not sure if it’s supposed to be her underwear, or the remains of an evening dress, but I’m more confused by the police guy standing behind her execution-style. Is she not bullet-proof on the back of her head or something?

    Anyway, very keen to see more of this game, mostly on the back of playing the PnP RPG. I wonder if/how they will explore the dehumanisation/psychosis caused by the player having too many cyber implants, mechanically or otherwise.

    • greenbananas says:

      It’s officer John Pike circa 2077 trodding on the underwear clad, razor-armed 99%.

    • westyfield says:

      She’s bulletproof and has knives for arms! Quick, stand right behind her with a gun!

    • Scautura says:

      Not allowing for high caliber AP/API ammo?

      CP2020 had rules for custom ammo, even to the point of mixed rounds in a clip. Imagine a 3 round burst comprising tracer, armour piercing, then incendiary (or high explosive), aimed at a fuel tank. Game rule wise: Improved to hit, improved penetration, followed by a big boom!

    • FeiFae says:

      She’s in her underwear because well, when the cyberpsychosis hits a person, last thing they think about is to get dressed. It’s most likely night, and she went to bed after getting her new implant earlier that day..and then she snapped, her body rebelled against the overdose of implants, mind got shattered and she went on homicidal rampage.

      The guy is from MAX TAC aka Psychosquad. He probably has more and better implants than her, also a weapon with armor piercing bullets. Top tier military grade hardware. He is trained to deal with psychos unlike the normal ass police force that just servers as a stalling force because they can’t really hope to achieve much.

      She just sits there because she knows she can’t do a thing.

  12. Rictor says:

    Looks awesome. At least in terms of a glossy marketing trailer…the gameplay will come later.

    On a side note, does anyone else think that their logo is amazing? Yes? Hmm…maybe that’s just the design nerd in me talking, but it’s pretty damn great!

  13. Eukatheude says:

    “I’m pretty sure I read a short story about that exact idea once, but it’s still a fascinating concept”

    You’re thinking Strange Days.

    • Corporate Dog says:

      Strange Days: 1995
      Cyberpunk 2020 (2nd. Edition) RPG: 1988
      Gibson, Sterling, et al: Early 80’s

      • yogibbear says:

        Or you know… the entire plot missed by the movie conversion of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep where his wife is ADDICTED to the mood organ device.
        link to en.wikipedia.org

        • dE says:

          Maybe it will be in the collectors directors super re-cut remastered ultra this time he is seriously directing the cuts edition of it.

      • jhng says:

        Similar concerns in Fahrenheit 451.

      • Lumberjack_Man says:

        William Gibson’s Count Zero (1986) – the protagonist Bobby Newmark’s mum spends her whole life jacked into soap operas.
        Also by Gibson, “Fragments of a Holographic Rose” (1977) protagonist uses the same kind of full-sensory recordings to help him sleep.
        So no, not Stange Days.
        Also – here’s a nice text doc of “Fragments of a Holographic Rose”! link to lib.ru

    • nindustrial says:

      William Gibson, Sprawl Trilogy

      Simstim is exactly that.

      A portmanteau of simulated stimuli, simstim is a technology whereby a person’s brain and nervous system is stimulated to simulate the full sensory experience of another person. Simstim is usually used as a form of entertainment, whereby recordings of simstim stars in soap operas are transmitted in effect replacing television. However, simstim also has other uses; Case is connected to Molly via simstim during the Panther Modern’s attack on Sense/Net. In this way, simstim was used as a sophisticated method of communication although the signal was one-way.”

  14. TreuloseTomate says:

    Didn’t like the trailer. Show us the game, not some CGI clip.

    • DarkLiberator says:

      They probably don’t have anything to show since release is in 2015 apparently.

  15. ViktorBerg says:

    Getting a very strong GitS vibe here.

  16. Thoric says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake. People in a psychotic fit aren’t generally picky about the clothes they wear y’know. And this is someone with an almost entirely cybernetic body, feeling cold is for meatbags. I’m more interested in why she thought armblades would be an useful aug to have in her everyday life.

    • Rao Dao Zao says:

      Maybe she works in a butcher and is reaaaaally dedicated?

    • The Godzilla Hunter says:

      Seriously, I reeeeally don’t understand the cries of sexism. She looks to me to be an escaped mental patient with her clothing. It would be like saying that the Deus Ex trailer was sexist because it showed Adam Jensen shirtless. The outfit works because it adds to the atmosphere of her having a complete mental breakdown.

  17. sfury says:

    Don’t know what I just watched or what the game’s gonna really be, BUT I’M HYPER-EXCITED!!!

  18. Corporate Dog says:

    Oh, don’t mind me. Just whistling past the graveyard…

    link to academia.edu

    • jhng says:

      What an interesting article! Of course, Neuromancer roughly 30 years old and still more subtle than CDProjekt, bless’em.

      • Corporate Dog says:

        I don’t know if the essay suggests that Gibson was being ‘subtle’ so much as he was ‘ambiguous’ about Molly-as-a-Feminist Character.

        And I’m of two minds on that when it comes to this teaser trailer.

        IF you completely divorce the ‘mini-story’ contained in the trailer from the fact that it’s a piece of marketing… if you assume that the mini-story is a smaller part of a larger narrative… then I feel it’s just as ambiguous as Molly’s backstory as a prostitute in Neuromancer.

        She’s in her skivvies. Perhaps she’s fresh from the implant clinic, where she got that final, fatal implant that sent her over the edge. She wouldn’t be operated on in full clothing, right? (Though it could be argued: if that’s the case, where are all the unsexy bandages, bruises, stitches, and operating scars, then?)

        She holds all the cards in this encounter. She’s killed a bunch of people already. Armored men with machine guns are throwing everything they have at her, and not making a scratch. The only reason we presume that these silly men with their silly guns are still alive, is because SHE’S the one who wills it. She’s in a position of power (though I’m not sure what the deal is with the guy who gets in at a point-blank range).

        From a pure storytelling perspective, I don’t see anything there that’s too, too controversial, other than the visuals (where her lack of clothing IMPLIES vulnerability), and if I were to encounter this scene in a game, as I’ve described it, and with the blanks filled in as I filled them in, I probably wouldn’t think too hard on it. As part of a larger story, the protagonist’s feminist cred COULD still be intact.

        But the fact is that this whole clip was used for MARKETING purposes. Even if all that I say about the narrative is true, and there are reasons for her to walk around scantily-clad like that, marketing for video games is less about cohesive narratives, and more about stunning visuals. In short, it puts the focus less on the backstory that I suggested (the parts that we assume make her a more well-rounded, feminist character) and more on the “girl wot sits there submissively in her underwear”.

        I mean, if Neuromancer had a teaser trailer, and out of the entire book, they chose to focus on the flashback to Molly’s past where she was a prostitute who was used by one of her johns to kill another woman, we’d probably call THAT sexist too, right? Molly presumably didn’t undertake said murder (and subsequent revenge killing) in military fatigues.

        Will *I* purchase this game? My love for cyberpunk and RPGs is deep and abiding, so most likely ‘yes’. But it won’t be on the strength of its marketing, which is patronizing at best.

        • Zephro says:

          Exactly. Their might be justification somewhere, but we’re not presented with it, we’re just presented with marketing images. Taken as that it’s totally different.

        • jhng says:

          Yes — I can certainly see how you can read subtlety into the portrayal but, as you say, we do have to read the clip in the context of its marketing role. In this context, there is no doubt in my mind that she exists for one reason alone — tits: full, rounded and eye-magnetic for a fair chunk of the potential audience.

          • FeiFae says:

            Or is it all about tits? Frankly I don’t even notice them. Maybe because I’m a female, or maybe because I can actually look at human body and not think about it in purely sexual terms even if it would be a naked body. Don’t know. Don’t care, it’s not where my attention was when I fist watched the teaser. Could as well be a guy with his junk out, I still wouldn’t care.

            Sometimes I do wonder tho, if the whole, ever repeating “drama”about even mildly sexuality content in video games is not more of an issue with the viewer rather than creator. Or maybe it’s just cultural thing. Maybe people beyond big blue look at nudity differently than people in my country and few others in Europe.

            Is she attractive? Sure she is. Does it help in promotion? Most likely yes. Is it wrong? Don’t think so. As someone interested in the game mostly due to the setting I was focused more on little details of the world than her boobs. Sorry.

          • Xocrates says:

            “I do wonder tho, if the whole, ever repeating “drama”about even mildly sexuality content in video games is not more of an issue with the viewer rather than creator.”

            Well, I would say the problem isn’t the content, but how it’s presented – which broadly means that any kind of content can be acceptable for the viewer, so long and the creator does a good job at presenting and contextualizing it.

            But by context I do not mean “story”, I mean the context within the society that’s meant to consume the piece presented.

            And that’s where the problem starts to arise. Games do NOT have a reputation for mature and thoughtful material, and the use of exploitative and/or offensive material is kind of rampant.
            While that’s slowly starting to change, and thank god for that, it’s not to the point where you can show a sexy women in a submissive pose with no further insight into the character and setting and expect people to not assume the worse.

            Were the industry filled with thoughtful mature games that approached sexuality in a responsible matter, and I would agree that the tits aren’t an issue.
            Since that’s not the case, this feels a lot more like they’re trying to use tits to sell games.

          • FeiFae says:

            “Games do NOT have a reputation for mature and thoughtful material, and the use of exploitative and/or offensive material is kind of rampant.”

            Maybe because gamers themselves don’t want it to be different? I mean, whenever you look at comments on various sites there is plenty of people just pretty much yelling “BEWBS!” like it was some kind of divine revelation. They don’t seem to care about anything else. So how any game can even attempt to portray sexuality in mature/semi mature way when gamers will just twist it and focus on the fact of the boobs existing more than the context?

            Another thing is, why the “girl next door” type is acceptable but scantly clad vixen is not? People make huge issue out of amount of clothing but completely ignore everything else. I, personally, am more annoyed by the “sweet, innocent and kind of naive” portrayal of female characters. They strike me as even more fake and catering to the “boy gamer” needs than the pinup cards from first Witcher game. It’s irrelevant how many or how little clothes the character wears, it’s what they represent that matters.

            I’d also guess that for most people who in fact were into Cyberpunk pen and paper, the teaser has plenty of context, explaining exactly the “why”. Cyberpsychosis is like nervous breakdown, dialed up to 11 and combined with deadly implants.That’s why she has that pose, that’s why she shows zero emotion and that’s why she doesn’t care about her clothes. Just look a little bit closer, beyond the curves, compare her face during the shooting scene to the face when she puts on the visor with that hint of a cocky smirk.

            For me it’s just case of lazyness on gamers part really. People kept saying that Witcher was immature and juvenile, but same time you’ll hear praises about HBO tv series, including Game of Thrones, about how mature they are. If one wants to make boobs and butts their focus there is really nothing developers can do about it other than making every character androgynous asexual gender-less androids…and even then you will find that some are aroused by that.

          • Xocrates says:

            That was kinda my point.

            Gamers are either going “BEWBS” or feel like they’re being treated like the morons who keep going “BEWBS”. The people bitching about this just want for the industry to grow and mature.

            This does not mean alienating the “BEWBS” crowd, but does mean starting to appeal to a wider and more diverse audience.

            They may have done a wonderful job at contextualizing the “sexy” within the game, but right now the industry is not in a state where they can pull it off without, at least, a few raised highbrows.

            Defend the trailer all you want, heck it’s not even a bad one, but until the industry and its audience matures, they won’t be getting a free pass on using potentially exploitative material for marketing.

          • FeiFae says:

            Question is, how will we know the audience matured? I mean, according to various research the average age of gamer is ~30. I’m about that age, and people I know that play video games tend to be mostly in that age. Do we judge maturity of the gaming crowd by comments on YouTube or any gaming site? That’s just a vocal minority, only very small percentage of people visiting the websites posts comments.

            The only way to progress the maturity of the medium is to keep producing mature content, even if it provokes immature comments. Same time, teasers, trailers and promos will always use the concept of beauty as focal point, because that’s how humans operate. Every media industry does it, equally to both the genders. How many balding men in their mid 40ties with bloated bellies you see in commercials of cars/male perfumes? No, it’s always that image of a stud with ruffled hair, bare chest and Adonis physique on display. As humans, we tend to like things that are pleasing to the eye. Average, we can see in the mirror every day :P

          • Xocrates says:

            Valid points certainly, but I will note that while attractive people of both genders are common, males have a vastly larger variety of body and character types and are disproportionately more likely to be “ugly” or monstrous.

            And yes, do keep making mature games with hot chicks on it, but is there a reason why your focus character who is being shot at after murdering dozens of people in a likely to have been messy way looks like she just came out of the beauty salon?

            And that’s the other thing though: this isn’t restricted to games, this is kind of a huge societal trend. Other media are more established and therefore had more time to mature, but there’s a reason Anita Sarkeesian was bitching about movies for quite some time before turning her attention to games.

            All we ask for is respect for us and others. No-one is asking for the tits to go away, only for there to be a reason to for them to be there. Women do not normally look like that, and when we’re talking about a medium where nearly all of them do, it becomes, quite frankly, tiring.

          • FeiFae says:

            “And yes, do keep making mature games with hot chicks on it, but is there a reason why your focus character who is being shot at after murdering dozens of people in a likely to have been messy way looks like she just came out of the beauty salon?”

            It’s cyberpunk future. People augument their beauty with implants. Her skin is fake, her hair are probably fake, her face has self-makeup implant, her boobs, probably, are also fake. In CP Style over substance is the motto. It’s a world of decadence where you can look whatever you want. You don’t get chrome arm because it’s practical but because you think it looks “rad” to keep to the riginals 80s cornyness. There was whole supplement released to CP2020 with all sorts of body mods like cat tails, lizard tongue, etc. In a world were implants are as common as tattoos/piercings are in ours, why not look pretty if you can afford it?

            Maybe she actually is ugly, maybe that’s what pushed her to put too much hardware in her flesh, maybe that’s the reason she snapped and cut through 14 people, injuring several more. It’s very likely in Cyberpunk universe. Vanity is way of life.

  19. jhng says:

    Ah, CDProjekt, how I love thee!

    Witcher 2 has my favourite example of pervy boy-humour. Totally immersion breaking but I laughed out loud and it made me feel young! (about 13, to be precise) I’m sure you know the one — “Ma favourite kinda magic…”.

    Back on topic: Sexy lady with arm-blades! Wahey! But in the very first trailer for a major new game? Did we learn nothing from the nunsploitation fiasco? Despite what Rubens may have thought, great art cannot be exclusively pervtastic…

    • f1x says:

      So she should cover up because it is a scandal?
      You cannot even see an uncovered tit so where is the pervy thing? Maybe if I was actually 13 I would get super excited about almost seeing half of a boob…

      And you imply there is nothing more in the trailer than perv stuff, as you also think that Ruben’s 3 graces is a painting only about lots of flesh

      Also, comparing this with hitman’s killer nuns trailer? Come on, they are widely different and I will tell you (even if you dont want me to!) why I think they are different:

      -Here you dont know why the girl is wearing those clothes (or not wearing),
      it might be because of the implants, his apparel is not actually related to anything actually sexual, the color is not red of black and is not leather which could link to the usual depiction of a brothel girl,
      the sexual issue, is actually related to how much skin you can see, so in the end we are talking about her apparel in terms of decency?
      In the nuns trailer tho, you see the typical (as in hollywood’s view) lady of the night outfit (with all my respects), aka black tights, high heels, corsets, plus they are also dressed as nun, which didnt make any sense, and there wasnt any clue in the trailer that would explain why

      -In the nuns trailer, the nuns get killed by agent 47 (or whatever number) in a gruesome way because they wanted to kill him, in this Cyberpunk teaser the girl is not killed but reduced by the police because she was killing several civilians

    • Tukuturi says:

      A lot of what we consider great historical art today was essentially pornography for elites, and a lot of what we consider to be lewd and indecent today was no such thing in its proper context.

      As an aside, check out Rubens’ The Head of Medusa if you really want to see sexy.

      • Snargelfargen says:

        Feminist interpretations of classic literature and art have been around for a long time too, fyi.

        It’s actually kind of odd how the classics can be critiqued safely, but people get offended when they point out problems with modern film and gaming.

      • f1x says:

        Yeah but what I mean about Rubens is that you cannot just dismiss, I will mention again the 3 graces because of how famous it is, as “just pornography”,
        because well, can’t we talk about the composition, technique, colors? that surely must be important aswell

        and yes I was “offended” of someone dismissing a classic because of “its perv stuff”,
        for me its the same with this trailer or rubens (they are in a different artistic level tho), if you want to criticize, I’m all up for it but arguments need to be presented further than “there are boobs so its sexist”

  20. int says:

    I’d like to know the name of that song. So I never have to accidentally listen to it again.

  21. tobecooper says:

    I like the police helmets. Remind me of Splinter Cell/GitS* I want one.

    *Though I know that Cyberpunk 20XX predates them.

  22. Totally heterosexual says:

    Come on guys. Don’t get your knickers in a twist over this.

  23. captaincabinets says:

    link to youtube.com

    This should have been the teaser music.

    • blurpdurpblurp says:

      It’s a definite improvement

      link to youtubemultiplier.com

      • P.Funk says:

        Yea I dont’ know why if they’re completely going after that 80s cyberpunk thing that they’d use obviously awful modern music that has no substantial link to the mood of the game. The titles themselves clearly show the 80s influence. When you watch the opening sequence of Drive and you see the Miami Vice style titles and you hear the music you have no doubt as to whats happening in terms of homage and reference.

        This however, well, after seeing the trailer once with the original music and once with the Pulp song I actually cannot see the visuals in my head with the original song, in fact I can’t even remember how that forgettable tune goes. The Pulp song however grabs onto you and digs deep inside of that hard to nail down 80s feeling that has kept culture from that era still present and significant in our own contemporary culture.

      • captaincabinets says:

        Wow. Some of it synchronises rather creepily.

  24. Shooop says:

    This blog post is the real reason to be excited.

    link to cyberpunk.net

    They’re looking at the best bits of several games and trying to see will they blend. And since CD Projekt has yet to let us down it’s a VERY good sign.

  25. Juuuhan says:

    I’m Pretty sure that when you becomes immune to bullets and start hacking people to pieces, having jeans ain’t of that major importance. After all, terminators were also “spawned” without clothes and the only reason they get dressed are to avoid unnecessary attention which I doubt this “girl” really cares about. Not to mention you are bound to be more clumpsy if you’re wearing clothes.

  26. Erithtotl says:

    Not a fan of the music. Doesn’t feel futuristic at all and distracts some from the scene.

  27. Ovno says:

    Regardless of anything else, the trailer is very very in keeping with the covers and art in all of the PnP Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebooks, hell the chromebooks (books of extra weapons and cyberware) always featured some sort of scantily clad 1/2 or more cyborged women in skimpy clothing so I am not surprised this did and it would have been very far from the source material had it not…

  28. Snargelfargen says:

    So I’m actually really exited for this game. I think CDProjekt are the perfect team for this genre, and I hope they go balls out with the cheesy cyberpunk atmosphere. Deus Ex:HR took itself a bit too seriously.

  29. Mathute87 says:

    “Lets not bring the sexism thing…”

    Oh, my god, you did bring it. Apparently everything has something to do with sexism nowadays… And people do love to debate about that.

    • f1x says:

      Sorry for that, wasn’t my intention actually,

      the discussions have been quite interesting tho, unfortunately it has eclipsed what is in my opinion an amazing teaser

    • PikaBot says:

      I’m sorry that people discussing it has ruined your illusion that things were ever not about sexism.

      • f1x says:

        Sir I dont get your point, rather than trying to make a fool out of me

        I could swear I’ve just said that the discussions were interesting

        • PikaBot says:

          Was my comment written in response to yours?

          • f1x says:

            Well it was right after mine,
            if it was for the other guy, still why so much hostility? are you angry because of any specific reason we should know about?

          • SuperNashwanPower says:

            Did you know there are 73 varieties of south american pinecone?

  30. Sythonz says:

    Is this really an issue? She clearly snapped, I don’t think clothes would be high on her agenda… especially seeing as she’s all bullet-proof n shiz.

    Edit: I guess what I’m trying to say is; were she replaced with a man, sitting in the rain, surrounded by the recently slain in nothing but his underwear after a clear psychotic break – there’d be no issue.

  31. Tukuturi says:

    Braindancing sounds a lot like BTLs (Better Than Life chips, pronounced like beatles) from the Shadowrun universe. I guess there’s also Chuck Palahniuk’s rant and probably a lot of cyberpunk that includes this same kind of thing. Still, I’m intrigued by this, as I always wanted to play a BTL addicted Shadowrun character but never got around to it as I always have to GM/DM/ST.

    • nindustrial says:

      It sounds like an exact replica of Simstim from William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy (Neuromancer, etc.)

      From wikipedia:
      A portmanteau of simulated stimuli, simstim is a technology whereby a person’s brain and nervous system is stimulated to simulate the full sensory experience of another person. Simstim is usually used as a form of entertainment, whereby recordings of simstim stars in soap operas are transmitted in effect replacing television. However, simstim also has other uses; Case is connected to Molly via simstim during the Panther Modern’s attack on Sense/Net. In this way, simstim was used as a sophisticated method of communication although the signal was one-way.”

      • Tukuturi says:

        I didn’t think Gibson’s version was full immersive first person in the same way, but I guess it is pretty much the same. There’s similar stuff going back to the pulps in the 30s and probably beyond. There’s something compelling about being able to live someone else’s experiences.

  32. Ernesto says:


    The trailer makes me want to buy that instantly. You won this time, advertising guys!
    What’s that music, btw.? Is that Radiohead?
    Please tell me Radiohead does the music for this game, please? ;)

  33. Banana_Republic says:

    I see that the “sex” card has been played again. Not by the CD Projekt, but by the hypersensitive manboys, who think that decrying the visual of a woman dressed in anything but a burlap frock, makes them appear more socially conscious than the rest of us.

    If they’d bothered to examine the subtext of the video, they might have understood that portraying an attractive woman in that state of vulnerability, even though yes, she’s a cyberpsycho, would easily elicit sympathetic feelings from the generally male demographic it was aimed at. That’s important because it’s the same twinge of sympathy that stops the cop from putting a bullet in her head, even though she’s just slaughtered a bunch of innocents. It just makes it easier for the viewer to also, ‘not pull the trigger’.

    Anyone who’s played Cyberpunk and was able to see through the orgy of guns, silicon and cyberwear, knows it’s a game about maintaining your humanity. That’s exactly what was shown here. Squeezing a tiny drop of humanity out of a scene of catastrophic violence. Also, it supposed to show that cyberpsychosis isn’t a problem that is uniquely focused on booster gangs and wireheaded cyborgs. Anyone is susceptible at any time — once they start swapping metal in for meat. As for the woman in the vid, she cleary hadn’t geared up for a killing spree, as evidenced by her attire. Her clothes point to the fact that she slipped into psychosis without warning. The only thing that would have pressed the point home harder would have been to put her into a housecoat with her hair in rollers. But that would have been a little too absurd. Thanks, but I’ll take sexy over silly, any day.

    And even if everything I wrote is just an exercise in rationalizing hypersexuality, so what? I’ll never apologize for finding lethal beauty, stimulating. No one else should either, so to hell with your moralizing and guilt-ridden brow beating. Sexy and savage? You’ve got my attention.

    • Utgaardsloke says:

      At last a comment I can get behind. This teaser was impressive, and in line with what I expect from a Cyberpunk setting. What happened with RPS? I see nothing but white knights on the comments these days.

    • PikaBot says:

      And even if everything I wrote is just an exercise in rationalizing hypersexuality

      Yes, it pretty much is. Even if we take every single thing you said at face value, it’s still playing into very old, very tired, and very sexist tropes.

    • someone else says:

      “If they’d bothered to examine the subtext of the video, they might have understood that portraying an attractive woman in that state of vulnerability, even though yes, she’s a cyberpsycho, would easily elicit sympathetic feelings from the generally male demographic it was aimed at. ”

      Putting women on pedestals is wrong, please don’t do it.

  34. Yosharian says:

    Ahhh this needs to come out NOW

  35. bgf says:

    Teaser depicts a bloody mass murder, and what is the Purity Patrol upset about? An (artificial)woman not wearing pants. For a British site, the comments sure have a puritanical Bible-belt mindset.

    Any legitimate concerns about graphic violence and depictions of women aside, this teaser shows that CDP has positively nailed the look, sound, style, and themes of the cyberpunk genre, which really gets me excited for this title even if the game ultimately has nothing to do with the teaser.

    I’d call that a success. For this one genre fan at least.

    • PikaBot says:

      There is more than one reason to not be fond of the oversexualization of women in media. The one most people are flogging here is actually very much opposed to reasons of puritanism.

      • bgf says:

        Yes, as I alluded to there are problematic aspects and media cliches to the female character’s depiction here, namely the doe-eyed slow scans of her powerless face and submission to the male figure of authority.

        However “oversexualization” isn’t one of them and simply doesn’t exist in this teaser to those outside of a narrow worldview that sees uncovered women as demeaned in default by their very nature of being uncovered.

        Third wave feminism did happen, female undress isn’t universally ‘sexist’ or degrading by nature in media or otherwise.

        Such things are largely dependent on context and intention, which so many here seem to wish to ignore in this case for whatever incomprehensible reason beyond what I suggested may be simple-minded puritanism.

        • PikaBot says:

          A woman in a state of undress isn’t automatically sexist, no. But a woman wearing very little, with slow-motion pans over her body over and over and over, sitting helplessly…well, you would have to make a rather compelling case to the opposite. It’s not about what she’s wearing (although that helps) it’s how the camera treats her, the conflation of feminine innocence and masculine violence, etc. etc. etc. etc.

          • f1x says:

            Over and over?

            Its 1 pan actually, and its still there to show the bullets crashing with her body also

            and I wouldnt call the image of a woman with 2 huge mechanical scythes coverd in blood in the middle of a mist of corpses, femenine innocence

            You seem to be extremely exagerating everything just so it fits better in your argument

          • PikaBot says:

            She’s a woman in white, staring blankly at the horror around her. Feminine innocence. Masculine violence – all the guns and police men and violence inflicted upon her. Yes, the dripping arm-scythes, but notice how the trailer is shot so that they seem detached and out of place on her body – an effect added to by her blank, detached expression.

            You’re really not very good at this.

          • f1x says:

            What I see, and I’m not the only one so there lots of us which are very bad at this:
            is someone who just realized what she did after going insane from the body modifications and killing at least 10 or 12 people, the expression in her face is of realisation, of recontacting with reality. perhaps because of the bullets
            The actual knee pose reminds me of Elias in Platoon, its actually a pose that reminds me more of the usual dramatic (male) hero that kneels because he just realized that everything is wrong

            Thats what I think, and its of course my opinion, but you are free to keep trowing you anger at me
            otherwise, the woman is actually in blue rather than white

          • bgf says:

            You certainly aren’t the type of knee-jerk commenter my original post was digging at, as you clearly put your finger on or at least closer to more relevant issues here than those angry about skin exposure.

            While I’m not sure I’d agree with your certainty in the leering nature of the camera gaze in this particular teaser, that’s at least a more reasonable and nuanced argument toward bringing sexuality into a larger discussion of gender depictions.

            edit: This was a response to pikabot’s post @ 19:54. I see conversation moves quick around here. Forgive my newness.

  36. Solidstate89 says:

    “…who managed to fulfill my lifelong dream of evolving into a Scyther”

    YOU TOO!? I thought I was the only one!

  37. noodlecake says:

    Well I’m not going near that. I enjoyed the trailer and since CD Project made the best narrative driven RPG ever made in The Witcher 2, I have high hopes for this.

  38. Dowr says:

    Ignoring the idea: Witcher 2’s brilliance was a fluke – I’m so excited for this game.

  39. Michael Fogg says:

    Ah, CDPR are succesfully building up the hype for their mediocre game buy outsourcing trailers to talented video production companies. they learned the lesson from Dead Island devs.

  40. SilentWinter says:

    oh my god, look at that MAXTAC cop and his uber-macho pose, and why he needs to have the shirt open? maybe to show how his pseudo-whatever-it-is-armor has a perfect 6 packs ABS and super-defined pectoral muscles? did anyone else notice how perfect his lips are? And why he looks so aggressive and manly?!? most men looks nothing like that!!! all this stereotypes had to stop! i find them so offensive toward the average male gamer…. we need to act now! DO SOMETHING!! WRITE A COMMENT ON RPS!!!11!11!!!

    (seriously, it’s not even a game, it’s just a teaser to keep a bit of hype, and i can see more oversexualised women on tv at 10 o’clock in the morning….)

  41. P.Funk says:

    I think the conversation on sexism is fun just because I get to see how varied people’s point of view on the very nature of female identity is.

    Some would say you must avoid sexism and depiction of women this way or that way, but then you get down to the core of it, especially in feminism, which frequently states that a woman’s indentity cannot be properly differentiated with the way she is identified, largely by her sexuality, and that she is inherently vulnerable not just because of a social construct but also in how her gender is organized in the greater scheme of things. Some think gender identity is a wholly socially invented thing (ignoring obvious physical differences for some reason) and others more extremely consider that all sex is rape because by genetic certainty a woman cannot consent because she’s been programmed into a certain order or some such.

    All I know is that you often learn more about a person through his discussion of a topic like this than you actually learn anything about the topic.

    My biggest gripe with this game is that its using the title of the genre for itself. A bit arrogant I think. It would be like if Bladerunner had instead called itself “Chandler’s Cyberpnk Android Noire Detective Hour”.

    • Pray For Death says:

      “My biggest gripe with this game is that its using the title of the genre for itself. A bit arrogant I think. It would be like if Bladerunner had instead called itself “Chandler’s Cyberpnk Android Noire Detective Hour”.”

      Not this again… The game is based on a decades pen & paper game under the same title.

      • P.Funk says:

        Fair enough, cool your jets dude.

        If someone said “Temple of Elemental Evil? Who named this game?”

        Its not like everyone has to know thats one of the oldest and most important DnD modules.

        Now I can look up this pen and paper game and get some insight into whats informing the developers. So, actually, thank you.

    • saginatio says:

      and dont forget that the full name of the game is cyberpunk 2077, to distinct it form the original cyberpunk 2020. Numbers play important role here :)

  42. IneptFromRussia says:

    You boys need to use braindance and live for a bit inside of women’s brains who disdain feminism, equality (today’s definition of this word), and conservative look of modern society on why females shouldn’t express themselves through sex appeal. That ought to blow your brains out.

    As for article – I hope they finish Witcher 3 first, and in grand fashion. As far as the plot goes, they pushed literally everything that was remotely interesting into 3rd arc of the story, kinda like Mass Effect did. I hope they’ll do justice new(old) characters like Ciri and Yennefer. In Witcher 2 they made Leto’s final dialogue as some sort of terminal for plot delivery, where he just answered all the questions you accumulated during your playthrough, very simple and boring way to do it. Here is hoping for more slick approach in W3.

  43. Zepp says:

    It’s not her underwear! You can see red heels seconds before they show her (she was obv. wearing them earlier). White attire is nightclub dress. You can see her lingerie because of the way she is sitting so the dress rolled up a bit. Anyways, women these days wear more revealing lingerie when going to the nightclub than it was shown here. Seriously, what can we see are 60’s style panties? WHOAH…

    Can we stop making a fuss about it? I blame Nathan Grayson.

  44. Laurentius says:

    Well, and all these people complaining also admited that that are super excited about the game and will most probably buy it, that’s not a good way to signal things to CDR, you should complain and NOT buy their games as RPS writers should not just criticize sessism in video games but also have a balls to take a stance and refuse to review and promote sexsist games ie. Hitman, Witcher, whatever…

  45. SuperNashwanPower says:

    All controversy aside, I can’t wait to see more of this game. Exploring an open Blade Runner world looks like the most up-my-alley alley imaginable. Flying cars, maybe some origami, hopefully a deep and interesting / ambiguous sci-fi story, awesome looking tech design (I really like the helmets and uniforms) and lets not overlook the gun porn … anyone else notice the Militech.com printed on the gun? I was so hoping CDProjekt would have set that site up already and let me download my shotgun manual.

    They haven’t, by the way, before you go looking. Hopefully you can choose characters too. I am a FemShep kind of player.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Also I found this dev presentation. Looks like its going to be awesome if it can deliver on its promises

      link to youtube.com

      Also, I want the black guys voice.

  46. rei says:

    So, the official video for the trailer song has even more objectifying going on! Even NIPPLES. I think they might even be hard.

    link to youtube.com

    That’s absolutely gratuitous. Offended? Don’t be shy, let us know!

  47. CommanderZx2 says:

    Man this place has really gone down hill. These wanna be protectors of the female gender have completely made the RPS comments section toxic. I think I shall be deleting my bookmark of this site, the community is now just a shit stain.

  48. Polackio says:

    This game is based on the pen & paper RPG Cyberpunk 2050 from R. Talsorian Games. In the original rulebook for the game, on the front inside cover, is an illustration that is very similar to what you see in this trailer. The cyber-enhanced woman is wearing essentially the same thing (maybe a little lacier) and is in pretty much the same pose. The context of that illustration is very different from this scene (no violence at all, it’s just a character illustration), but it’s one of the more memorable images from the game.

    As for the appropriateness of the attire, in the world of Cyberpunk 2050, that is totally club wear. You can see that her legs are also metal and not meat (the seams around the hips) so she is showing off how enhanced she is by not covering them. I’m not a big fan of the flavor text attached to this video. It goes on and on about how cybered individuals go “psycho” and start thinking everybody else is a “meatbag”. That’s really not how it worked in the original game. In the original game, cyberpsychosis was basically a cross between a steroid rage and schizophrenia. It wasn’t so much that cyberpsychos thought themselves superior to the “meatbags” around them and started killing for that reason. It was more that they stopped perceiving life as meaningful and became extremely paranoid, which usually resulted in a violent outburst.

    Gotta say, this trailer does not excite me. Looks like the great source material is being dumbed down.

    • FeiFae says:

      Eh? First it’s 2020 (first was 2013, 3rd ed is just V3).

      Second. Look into the rulebook again. Or rather lemme quote some of the fluff texts. Page 73. I believe this was actually sort of inspiration for the teaser.
      “The guy weighted in at about 550, once you counted in the metal. When we took him down in the maglev station he’d already killed fifteen people. He said he couldn’t stand all those flimsy sacks of blood and water…” – Sgt. Max Hammerman NCPD

      Another bit from the rulebook
      “The cyberpsycho must constantly fight to keep them from going over the edge and committing irrational, violent acts of murder and mayhem. Most of the time he loses. Then everybody loses”.

      Of course not everyone who gets their EM rating to 0 goes on rampage, some “lesser” effects include kleptomania, compulsive lying, sadism, extremely violent mood swings, split personality, etc. All the the discretion of DM running the session really.

  49. Radiant says:

    hopefully 2077 isn’t when it gets released.