Children Of Liberty Mixes 2D Stealth, American Revolution

Granted, this raises an important question: if they're all two-dimensional, why not just turn sideways and be invisible?

Won’t somebody think of the children? That’s a pretty big social problem, I think: we’re always underestimating them and their grubby little minds. And then, before we know it, boom, the American Revolution happens. That’s the way Children of Liberty tells it anyway, by way of absolutely gorgeous-looking 2D/3D stealth, no less. Or at least, that’s the plan. There’s a free alpha demo up on Lantana ‘s site right now, you see, and it, well, leaves a fair amount to be desired. But apparently, change is afoot.

On paper, Children of Liberty’s actually quite promising. The look is extremely unique and attractive, there’s apparently quite a lot of historical research involved, and switching between four different kids should (in theory) offer a decent amount of variety. Right now, though, ‘Murica of the Ninja this ain’t. What I played of the alpha demo was mostly kludgy platforming and very occasional, extremely unclear stealth. But, if nothing else, the team at Latana’s quite aware of its vertically challenged opus’ shortcomings.

“The biggest comment we got from last year’s PAX East was that the stealth did not feel prominent enough. In order to fix this, we have made enemies more deadly not just in terms of their attack power, but also in terms of how aware they are to your presence. You can now see their vision cones, which change color depending on their attitude (neutral [white], startled [yellow], or angry [red]). They are not only aware of you, but also of other enemies, and will wake them up if they see they’ve been knocked out (you can indeed use downed enemies to lure other enemies to you for a second takedown and, yes, it feels awesome).”

Also in the pipeline: takedowns that leverage shifts between 2D and 3D, dashes that help you keep out of sight, and a new UI. So there’s hope for this one yet, though it’s still got quite a ways to go.

My fingers are, however, crossed in a skull-crushing vice-like grip of hope. I wasn’t entirely kidding about the Mark of the Ninja thing, either. Klei proved that stealth can be bonkers incredible in 2D, and I really hope more developers try skulking around in its shadow. That’s not to say I want carbon copies, and Children of Liberty’s obviously multiple time periods, continents, and dimensions away from being one. But still, I like it when people do neat things with stealth. Here’s hoping this one manages to keep that torch aloft.


  1. Bhazor says:

    Not so keen on the art style actually, but a stealth Pandemonium sounds like fun to me.

  2. Hoaxfish says:

    So, when do we get the game where we play as the heroic English rulers preparing to make a tactical withdrawal from the Americas, whilst granting those citizen their independence out of charity?

    • mckertis says:

      A heroic redcoat battlefield survivor, angered by deaths of his friends, creeps around USia with the final goal of strangling the thin neck of that treasonous traitor – Washington…*fade out*

    • donmilliken says:

      Sure, because if we’re gonna make a ludicrous one-sided fairy tale out the whole thing, why not one that favors the other side for once?

  3. Skabooga says:

    Man, that last kid’s voice. To steal a line, is he smoking cigarettes or just eating them?

  4. elmo.dudd says:

    ” ‘Murica of the Ninja”
    I’m sure you thought this was very clever, but it just comes off as casual anti-Americanism to me. I’ve yet to hear anyone pronounce it “‘Murica”, except people mocking their own country (claiming a target of some theoretical idiot who does pronounce it that way). I’m sure others have, but being from the south, it wasn’t something that I encountered until I left it – along with a lot of other ideas as to what “Americans” are like, which typically involves lumping every bad habit that is common in humanity into one nationality.

    • Llewyn says:

      except people mocking their own country

      You might want to check who wrote the article.

    • Skabooga says:

      Don’t worry too much, Nathan is American. Heck, he was raised in Texas!

      Of course, if you knew that already, go right on worrying, I suppose.

    • DigitalParadox says:

      As an American, calm the fuck down

    • sinister agent says:

      I thought it was awfully charitable of him not to refer to anyone as a Merkin. He’s a lot nicer than I am, that Nathan-son-of-Gray.

      • maninahat says:

        Are you a b3tard, by any chance?

        • sinister agent says:

          Fuck, no. The window during which their three jokes were funny expired years ago.

          Edit: Oh wait. I am a massive cretin. I thought you were talking about 4chan. I’ve never looked at b3ta, possibly because typing numbers as letters makes me want to kill myself.

    • Lanfranc says:

      If that’s enough to provoke you, you’re going to have a rough time here.

  5. Anguy says:

    I saw the game on Greenlight a while ago and thougt it looked interesting.
    That was a while before witnessing the greatness of Mark of the Ninja so I’m even more excited for some more 2D stealth now!

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