Guns And Voxels: Paranautical Activity

I’ve been keeping an eye on Code Avarice’s Paranautical Activity. The right one. It has become rather skewed after a month of watching my second monitor, always staring off to the side, never blinking, never doing whatever it is eyes do when they’re not staring or blinking. Not crying. Definitely not crying. Thankfully, there’s now something to show you of this fast-paced FPS roguelike. There are bullets and voxels. In the meantime, I’m about to blink. Wish me luck.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Actually, it turns out there are three videos of the game to show you. The little Youtube window was in my blindspot? Funny, eh? I’ve sacrificed an eyeball to bring you these. The game is in the very early stage, but looks like it’s shaping up to a be a particularly stylish take on the bullets ‘n’ guns genre. Things see you, you shoot them and dodge the bullets. Simple.

The first video shows shooting and jumping.

The second video shows jumping and shooting.

The third video shows jooting.

I think this is what it’s like to live inside a jukebox, you know? No release date, as the team are also working on something more ambitious. My left eye has been on that one, but it’s lazy.


  1. Feferuco says:


  2. albeec13 says:

    Looks more like a Doomlike than a Roguelike, imo.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      and an FPS version of Voxeltron

    • The Random One says:

      Well if there’s a Doom roguelike why not a Rogue doomlike?

    • cloudnein says:

      At this point I’m starting to think the use of “roguelike” by RPS writers is an act of trolling. Either that or Craig should lose his privileges to the “roguelike” rubber stamp for a week.

      • DXN says:

        Roguelike = procedural level/enemy/item generation and permadeath.
        Roguelike != top-down ASCII/tile fantasy dungeon explorer.

        Things change!

        • wu wei says:


          The Berlin Interpretation can suck my left nut.

        • Anamon says:

          The meaning of labels can change, yes, but I think a term such as “roguelike” should at least have the slightest, fleeting relation to the gameplay of the game called Rogue.

          This game isn’t turn-based (one of the elements that defines Rogue-like gameplay in my opinion), and also otherwise has no similarities to Rogue in gameplay, interface, or presentation. The randomness is literally the only similarity left. So if that is all it takes to be a roguelike, then the term really just means any old game with random content.

          I don’t think “It’s a roguelike, but nothing like Rogue” makes sense.

  3. Createx says:

    I like the pace of it, but do the voxels serve any purpose other than aesthetics? Because the artstyle isn’t doing it for me.
    I like the spider bit though, illumination through gunning is awesome.
    And it needs something else than a shotgun :P

  4. Hilden2000 says:

    Watching those enemies explode into cubes reminds me of Killer 7. Neat.

  5. nuhasifa says:

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  6. SonicTitan says:


    This game is more than just a combination of Things I Like. This is like dropping cocaine and hookers into my peanut butter and chocolate.

  7. SpooderW says:

    Hey all, I’m the game’s developer. Well, I’m the programming half anyway. Quite exciting to see my little game on such a big site!

    If any of you have any questions about the game, I’m more than happy to answer them.

    Cheers! :)

    • kibble-n-bullets says:

      I’d like to see a projectile come out of the end of the weapon. Like a slower moving ember with a tiny tail on it. It’d be more fun for me if I had to anticipate enemy movements when making shots anyways. But really it’s because the quasi realistic weapon rapport feels out of place and aloof from the zaniness at hand.


      Edit: Found what I was looking for. It’s the (pipe?) bomb launcher from Quake 1:
      link to
      Basically, how that weapon behaves, without the exploding part.

      • SpooderW says:

        We’ve actually been thinking about this a bit lately. We’ve been discussing adding a bow of some sort that has a slower moving projectile, but deals massive damage.

        We definitely don’t want *all* of the guns to have slower projectiles, some of them will still have regular bullets. But I really like the idea of having weapons that are harder to use, but deal more damage. A risk vs reward sort of thing.

        • kibble-n-bullets says:

          A clarification: I’m not saying I’d like to see your typical gun replaced with a large damage projectile but rather to have visible projectile for regular guns. One that travels at such a speed that a strafing enemy twenty feet away would need to be leaded.


          Edit: leaded or led? Probably led.

          • SpooderW says:

            I don’t think that making *every* projectile slow moving is a good idea. It’s an interesting prospect, but I think it would slow down the pace too much.

            I’ll look into it, though. :)

          • kibble-n-bullets says:

            Thanks for being a good sport about things.

  8. Engonge says:

    Reminds me of doom aswell which is a good thing.I met doom when I was 6,now I’m 24 and I still have strong feelings for her♥
    I’d like to see where this goes.Its on my watchlist now.Just dont make me jump that much.Add some punch to the guns but not too much.Doom guns had a good punch to them.

  9. Liudeius says:

    The title put this on my radar, the video took it off.
    This has nothing to do with voxels, it’s just an excuse for lazy art.
    It’s like first person Voxatron, if it had nothing to do with voxels other than an ugly art style.

    Where is the destruction? Or construction? Or customization? Or anything that even suggests those characters are voxels rather than normal polygon models with death animations breaking them into cubes?

    • fucrate says:

      But cubes = voxels! Cubes are voxels, voxels are all cubes so if you have cubes in your game its VOXELS! VOXELS VOXELS CUBES ARE VOXELS


      • kibble-n-bullets says:

        Yarr…. tis a bit aggressive. Perhaps decaf is in order.

      • Liudeius says:

        Voxels are to cubes as these words are to squares.
        Voxels are pixels in 3D.

        However, not any cube is a voxel, a voxel is a graphical method of representation, like polygons. A cube made out of polygons is NOT a voxel. (Minecraft isn’t even actually made out of voxels.)

        Whether or not this game is actually made out of voxels, I do not know, and THAT’S THE PROBLEM.
        They do nothing in the game (as it is shown in the video) that is unique to voxels. There is no procedural, impact based environmental destruction (or construction), no voxel based puzzles, no customization (forgive that my suggestions lack invention, but I’ve not seen much more than that done with voxels).

        This game, as I have seen it, has done NOTHING that necessitates the use of voxels. This could be done with polygons with ease (at least ease so far as making 3D models goes). All voxels have done is allow lazy art because they’ve basically done 8-bit 3D rather than anything nice.

        • Anamon says:

          Hmm I agree, representation and rendering are separate areas. In rendering, I don’t think anyone has made a real voxel engine since those Novalogic games back in the 90s (although I have some fleeting memory of a more recent revival in some helicopter sim?). Well, there’s that Infinite Detail vaporware.

          If not rendered with a real voxel engine, I think the term “voxel” should only be used if a voxel representation is used for stuff that you actually couldn’t do without voxels, otherwise it doesn’t really make a difference, does it? Or especially if you’re just using cubes, not a voxel representation at all, which I think might even be the case here. I just see some cube particle effects and some models built from cubes.

          Not criticising the game itself of course, just the wrong impression this article gives by implying it’s voxel-based.

    • Velko says:

      You’re not true indie if you are using angles other than 90 degrees.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        You’re crazy. Science has proven that angles other than 90 degrees are impossible. Because otherwise how would the voxels?

  10. cuiagaha says:

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  11. beatbox32 says:

    Not bad, but I really need to see a video demonstrating the shumping feature before I make a purchase.