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The RPS Bargain Bucket: No Class

Sick of playing the same games you already own over and over again? Want to buy some new games but also enjoy spending money on other things like lollipops and hair clips? I think I have the solution for you right here. It’s the RPS bargain bucket, your weekly summary of the best PC download deals from all across the web. If you want to find out the best deals on games throughout the week, you can always rely on Read on for this week’s deals:Ghost Recon: Future Soldier [Signature Edition] – £6.80
This may or may not be reduced in other regions too, as far as I can see there’s no easy way for me to find out.
After its release date slipping multiple times, and lots of corporate umming and ahhing from Ubisoft over whether or not this would even get a PC release at all, Future Soldier eventually came out without much of a bang. I heard more complaints about bugs than I heard enthusiasm about shooting future-men with future-guns. Have the issues since been ironed out? Is this a fun game? Is it anything at all like the earlier Ghost Recon games that I quite liked?

Defense Grid: The Awakening, Gemini Rue, Nuclear Dawn, Soulcaster & Soulcaster II – £3.39/€4.10/$5.47 at time of writing
All except Soulcaster & Soulcaster II register on Steam, and the price will fluctuate over time, as explained here.
This is a redux of some of the more popular games from previous IR bundles, which is pretty handy if you missed the respective bundles these were originally in first time around. Here’s comrade Griliopoulos on Nuclear Dawn:

It’s not quite up to TF2’s anarchic melees, but it’s damned satisfying when you snipe someone or run through a squad back-stabbing them all. No class is redundant; the engineer’s shotgun, in particular, is hugely lethal. Ammo tends to run out very quickly, especially for the Exos, but it’s the Commander’s job to drop in supply points as you advance.

More here.

Darksiders, Darksiders 2 + DLC – £8.18/€9.89/$13.19
Registers on Steam, and each game and bit of DLC comes as a separate serial, so it’s easy to split this pack if you like. This is from Amazon US so you’ll need to enter a US billing address.
I wasn’t too fond of the first Darksiders, so I never bothered with the second one. If I was going to, though, this would be the kind of price I’d like to pay. It wasn’t terrible, by any means, but the pacing was fairly off (it seemed to always interrupt me with a cut-scene or something at the least appropriate moment, and had poorly placed checkpoints), the environments were often drab and dull, and the puzzles were all stuff I’ve seen a thousand times before in other, better, games. John seemed to like the sequel though, maybe it’s a significant improvement on the first game.

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition – £5
Slightly more corridorey, and significantly less sandboxey than the original, but still very much worth your time. Here’s Jim’s verdict of Crysis 2:

This is a game of destroying New York. You don’t get to destroy much of it yourself, of course, but you do get to see it destroyed in vivid detail. The corridors you walk through in this shooter aren’t pixelly gothic tubes, but highly-detailed intricate shattered trenches within the hazy, glass and concrete canyons of Manhattan. The game seems to enjoy outdoing the last apocalyptic perspective it has thrown you to, with it taking quite some time to really hit its stride and amaze you with the very particles in the air, and the massive tangle of mangled city that hangs all around you. There are a couple breath-taking moments in there.

More here.

Deal of the week
FTL – £3.10/€3.74/$4.99
Optionally registers on Steam.
FTL impressions ~5 hours in:

This is bullshit, it’s way too random, I keep dying and it’s not even my fault. There’s no real in depth systems to learn, and my understanding of the systems doesn’t seem to have much impact on how successful I am. I keep getting killed by random events.

FTL impressions ~15 hours in:

Oh, I guess timing is important. And learning exactly what all the various upgrades do, and how you can use them. The final boss seems crazy hard though, I’m never going to be able to beat it.

FTL impressions ~30 hours in:


FTL impressions ~60 hours in:

It’s a shame that the developers didn’t quite have the conviction to accurately simulate slave trade and fuel markets in their system design. I don’t want to be a slaver, but I do want to be backed into a corner where my only option is to sell my crewmates in order to repair/refuel my ship to have any chance of completing the mission. That would be an incredibly tense moment.

From ambivalence to advocating slavery in 60 hours. I think FTL got under my skin somewhat.

Also of note:
BioShock Infinite – £22.50. Apply coupon “GMG25-XTYYZ-POSL1”. Registers on Steam.
King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North – £5. Apply coupon “GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK”. Registers on Steam.
Hotline Miami – £3.44
Rage – £3.25. Registers on Steam.
Viking: Battle for Asgard – £3.39/€4.41/$5.09 is home of the all the cheap games, all the time.

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