Platonic Questions: CKII – The Republic

Last year’s most impressive fratricide simulator, Crusader Kings II, receives another expansion today in the form of The Republic DLC. If you’d like to learn more about trading, nautical dominance, economic skullduggery and political corruption, you could either read several volumes of Serious History, or jog over to the Paradox forums where the designers are responding to questions right now. People are already saying things like, “Doesn’t this cause problems with modeling the Hanseatic League?”, and regarding the upcoming patch, “Could you provide more background about the 1.09 changes to bastardy/pregnancy?” How many games patch in ‘changes to bastardy’, eh?

The expansion should be live at 3PM CET and costs $9.99.


  1. Didden says:

    Wow, that is a lot of fixes and tweaks. Will have to find the time to conquer spain again.

    • Lambchops says:

      “Louis d’Evreux now has the correct mother” and “Fixed error in polygamy event” are among my favourite patch notes.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        I’m quite fond of “Gender corrections to certain characters” myself.

      • Dunbine says:

        “Fixes to Danish and Norwegian bastards.”

      • Ironclad says:

        – If married, women now fool their husbands about the parentage of children born from the bastard birth event (450)
        Damn womans!

        – Added missing parents to several Arabic characters

  2. Stellar Duck says:


    Now to sort out if I can afford it at the moment or if I wait til the new month.

  3. Gothnak says:

    I want CK III…

    For me it would have better plots and more options on what to do with them. Better diplomacy so i come up with plans and know who is on my side ‘before’ i declare war on someone, it’s fine if they lie (If they are like that), but then that is an actual decision rather than ‘no, don’t think i’ll bother’.

    I’d also like better combat, but i don’t want it to take up too much time, i do feel it’s a bit random at the moment and trying to outmanouvre enemy armies that react every time you tell an army to intercept them is a bit tiring.

    I mean, i played CK 2 a LOT and got some guys at work to buy it too, but going back to it now isn’t exciting enough as i feel it doesn’t have the depth on top of the HUGE width.

    For example… I want to attack Brittany, i have a claim, but i’d like to be able to ask for help from the French King and offer him one of the regions if we win or perhaps some money. That kind of diplomacy would be great. Of course, i can reneg on my deal, and then get attacked by the French and lose some standing…

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Try the Project Balance mod. It fixes a massive amount of stuff which Paradox should be ashamed isn’t fixed in the ‘vanilla’ game.

  4. Wizlah says:

    Got CK2 over chrimbo. Fired it up over the weekend, and tried not to reel at the complexities and options presented by my immediate family. And that’s only me, the wee McCarthy of Munster. God only knows how I’m going to tackle EUIII (also picked up Chronicles on the cheap). Big step up from the relative simplicities of Rome: Total War.

    Tempting not to look at it now, actually. Fretting that my kid’s tutor is too cruel to leave the younger of them with him, but don’t want to piss him off too much because he’s a good chancellor.

    • Carra says:

      Ireland is a good place to start. Easy to conquer the whole of Ireland. And from there on you can try to get Wales, Schotland and finally England.

      I find it most fun to play as relatively small countries in these games. For EU3, I enjoyed playing with Portugal. Or with Victoria 2 with the Netherlands.

    • Lanfranc says:

      EU3 is actually (at east to my mind) somewhat easier to get to grips with, since it’s much less character-driven. You just have one nation to keep track of, rather then CK2’s different dynasties, vassals, lieges, etc., each with their own loyalties, characteristics and so on. There’s still a lot to do in EU3, but it’s more of a “traditional” strategy game in that regard.

  5. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    I just got into CKII after bouncing a few times, I found this group of videos useful: link to

    • Wizlah says:


      Thank you for bringing these to my attention. My manservant is currently far to busy managing an outbreak of frothing mouth in our horses to devote his time to pursuing advice regarding the appropriate time to terminate one’s offsping.

      I remain yours etc.

      The Right Dishonourable Wizlah, Member of Parliament for a bunch of shiftless Irish wasters.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:


        I’m surprised that you must devote any attention at all to the matter of when to terminate one’s own offspring, when even the knaves that line those dreadful penny-opera pews know that there is never an inappropriate time.

        The only fit inheritor is the one who survives all your termination attempts. Spare the hemlock, spoil the child.

        Yrs. Obdt. &c,

        A. C. “Custard” Smingleigh (Lord), OBE (Withdrawn)

        Post Scriptum: I recommend applying a mixture of oil of cloves and week-old gravy directly to the eyeballs of the afflicted horses. It accelerates the frothing, you see, and thus hastens the evacuation of the frothing humours.

        Post Post Scriptum: Your manservant sounds quite the scoundrel. Any member of my household who acted thus would be lucky to avoid transportation to the Australias.

  6. Herzog says:

    The Linux version has also been released today!

    • iniudan says:

      Where you got that info ? I know they are planning to have it available for Linux when Steam for Linux get official release, but didn’t read anything about what you just said on Paradox forum.

      • Herzog says:

        It showed up in my Steam library since the New Year. But here is a forum post:

        link to

        Sadly its not working for me (map is not loading, only GUI shown) but I read that other people can play it without problems.

        • iniudan says:

          Ok thank for the info.

          Just missing Bloodbowl and all the game I really care about will be on or coming to Linux , but have little hope for that one, so guess will have to go without.

          And wish I had CK2 on Steam, for got it on Gamersgate since that where all my Paradox Interactive game are, since with that one it would be enough to complete the switch, and keep me content for a good while, has only my gaming computer is not switched away from Windows, everything else, Windows only work through a VM, when required, for work in IT, so most likely will be never fully able to walk away from it, without a major attitude change from enterprise software industry and management.

  7. Dolphan says:

    I’ve been getting back to my (first and only) game of this over the weekend. Having an entertaining time trying to keep up the momentum of my Irish conquest of Scotland and Wales after ending up as a Queen with a female heir (after she assassinated my previous character, her younger brother), which made things trickier.

    One thing annoys me though – if I want to conquer a Norwegian-held part of Scotland, why do I have to ship off armies and occupy half of Norway to win the war? Surely, historically, I should be able to just occupy their part of Scotland for a while, and if the Norwegians don’t send an army to get it back it’d basically be mine after a few years.

    • King in Winter says:

      That should be possible, although it will take time. The war score should slowly migrate in favour of the side that is currently winning, that is, who is in control of the war goal. The fact that you control the contested provinces would over time ensure your victory.

      Also, where’s my pagan DLC? I need to set up my epic Odin vs Allah cage match.

      • Om says:

        Just to clarify that in this case ‘should’ means ‘will’. If you occupy the contested provinces/duchies then your war score will automatically rise over time. You can check the progress of this by hovering over the war score total on the war screen

      • Dolphan says:

        Well, that makes more sense! I must always have been in too much of a hurry to notice.

        • Malibu Stacey says:

          Bear in mind the ruler of Norway might take offence to you declaring war and occupying his counties.
          Them Norwegians have boats and often much larger armies than you.

          I tend to use divide & conquer in such situations.
          Get them to rebel against Norway so they count as Independent during the war. Use your Chancellor to Sow Dissent wherever the Duke of Orkney holds his court & he’ll eventually join some factions in Norway.
          Then press your de jure duchy or kingdom claim (assuming you’re referring to the County of Caithness/Katanes) against the Duke of Orkney.
          Now you’re only attacking the Duchy of Orkney rather than the whole Kingdom of Norway. Should be much easier to win a quick war as you can siege Caithness & Orkney from the mainland easily plus Shetland & Faereyar are quick to fall too. Just make sure you press your demands before their war for independence with Norway ends otherwise the war will end & you’ll have wasted your levies for nothing.

  8. Mario Figueiredo says:

    I have a little over 200 hours on CK II and have yet to purchase a single DLC or expansion. The patches alone have been a great motivator.

    Despite Paradox unfortunate adherence to a DLC explosion business practice, I cannot fault them. Not when they release such impressive game patches. That said, I have my eye on the expansions and as soon as I’m able I shall make my way there. Currently I’m a little burned out from CKII.

    • JakeDust says:

      Well, in their model of DLC we can play a game right now, even though I have LoR and SoI, and everything would be fine. You also get new patches and support for free, while before you’d usually get a patch or two before having to buy the next expansion. I find it superior to both the old model and to the usual model of DLC/F2P.

    • Premium User Badge

      Bluerps says:

      I’m ok with the mini-DLCs (sprite packs, etc). Normally, I regard this kind of DLC as a waste of money, but I don’t mind giving Paradox a little bit of additional cash now and then.

      • lordcooper says:

        Same here. I’d usually just ignore the smaller DLCs, but Paradox really do deserve more of my money for this.

    • ffordesoon says:

      If there must be paid DLC, my favorite model for it is either Paradox’s or Bethesda’s (LOL HORSE ARMOR – there, I got it out of the way).

      I’m cool with selling entirely cosmetic and unnecessary additions for a couple of bucks, then selling massive expansion packs for prices that are likewise eminently reasonable for what you get. I’m also cool with just the massive expansions. It’s the mid-sized additions that aren’t quite cosmetic but don’t really add much that I hate.

  9. rhizo says:

    I’d forgotten about this coming out so soon. Most excellent news. The only hold up now is the time it takes for CK2+ to be compatible with the changes in this addition. Native support for republics will provide a nice alternative to the pagans in CK2+.

    Although I’m not a big fan of the DLC business model in general, these Paradox games actually make it work thanks to meaningful gameplay additions and the accompanying patches.

  10. Yargh says:

    I’m just hoping for more cunning plans from Melrick the dung collector

  11. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Man. I think I’ll suspend my Far Cry 3 playthrough for a while, so that I can erect a historically improbable trading empire somewhere…

  12. All is Well says:

    If you bought the game through gamersgate and consequently have access to the in-game store connected to your gamersgate account, you can get The Republic slightly cheaper (about €7,5).
    Of course, you have to buy it with their stupid store currency, but still, TWO AND A HALF EUROS CHEAPER!

    • Stellar Duck says:

      Also, if like me you buy most games via GamersGate in any case you may well have the money already from previous purchases.

      • iniudan says:

        That about what happen with CK2 minor DLC, buy them with blue coin I get from buying other game. =p

        Now just wish the IGN pet hadn’t expire, was nice to have 15% off on everything, on top of the blue coin.

  13. jeanjoan421 says:

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  14. Arglebargle says:

    OHboy! A chance to see if Steam will actually not autoupdate, like I told it not to.

    Got to get to a suitable stopping point for my Occitan Empire in CK2+, and for the The Mighty Goths in Lux Invicta. The modding scene in CK2 is quite interesting.

  15. L3TUC3 says:

    I’m not sure what the deal is, but the release on steam appears somewhat belayed. This results in the odd construction of other online vendors (such as gmg) selling functional keys redeemable on steam, while steam itself does not. Gmg has already sold out of keys as a result.

    Wasn’t the point of digital distribution that products would be available sooner and cheaper? Neither seems to have been the case for Valve in this particular example. I’m still eagerly waiting for this.

  16. The Crane says:

    It’s finally out on Steam! Yay.