GTA IV’s Iron Man Mod: Now With Actual Super Powers

Oh how far we’ve come. Back in 2011 – which I still struggle to believe was more than one year ago, or one day, or not tomorrow – we posted about a marvelous-looking GTA IV mod that turned Niko into Iron Man. Or rather, Iron Man if he were only slightly better at flying than one of the firetrucks he’s apparently wearing and barely capable of going toe-to-toe with the starvingest of hobos. Happily, however, time’s been shockingly good to Rockstar’s ubiquitous opus, and the Iron Man mod‘s no exception. In short, this is what I want the next official Iron Man game to be like. Well, you know, aside from the whole “extremely out-of-character senseless homicidal rampage” thing.

OK, OK, fine: I’ll admit that the bit with the hotdog man made me chortle with just as much mirth as any of Robert Downey Jr’s superpowered snark. So yes, this mod – a product of the impressively talented “H1Vltg3” – looks like incredibly silly fun. There’s some really nice detail in there too, though. I mean, the sound effects are spot-on, as are most of the poses – especially that landing. Oh, and the way the camera pulls back as Iron Man soars? Very nice. I’m continually amazed that professionals behind adaptations of properties like these don’t pick up on those essential little things, but then, who better to nail the feel of being a superhero than a super-fan?

For the full Iron Man But Sans Even The Slightest Morsel Of Human Decency experience, you’ll need two files: the suit and all of its completely ridiculous powers. Install them as per the instructions on each page, and you should be good to go. So, right then: we now have good Batman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man things. Naturally, I can only hope Aquaman’s next.


  1. baby snot says:

    Pretty suit(e).

  2. f1x says:

    Ok that was fun ;D

    By the way, GTA IV, is still looking quite good? or is this because of modding?

    • elvis71 says:

      its still good looking and they even ironed out some of the inital bugs.

  3. elvis71 says:

    Amazing stuff =) .. commencing Steam download sequence for GTAIV now ..

    Just give the community the engines and tools, than we will make the games by ourselfs :D

  4. c-Row says:

    Iron Man, Iron Man,
    does whatever an iron can…

    • spindaden says:

      Smooths a shirt, any size,
      don’t touch the metal, that’s unwise
      Look Out!
      Here comes the Ironman

      • Zarunil says:

        Spouting steam, spitting water,
        Wish it would be slightly hotter,
        Look out!
        Here comes the Ironman

        • TsunamiWombat says:

          In the heat of night,
          On the ironing board never used,
          At the speed of 20 minutes or so,
          he’ll press it out just in time

          • Velko says:

            Iron man, Iron man,
            does whatever an iron can,
            can he fly, can he run,
            of course not, he’s Iron man,
            Look Out!
            Here comes the Iron man

  5. NailBombed says:

    Go home, Tony, you’re drunk (again).

  6. smeghamr says:

    Last time I looked, GTA4 mods were a massive pain in the arse to install and manage..

  7. Core says:

    This is still the best mod for GTA 4 in my opinion. link to

  8. Mr. Mister says:

    Just Cause 2’s Superman mod may not have all the accessories, but damn if it doesn’t let you fly way faster without noticing any loading artifacts.

  9. frightlever says:

    Hello Tony, it’s Nick Fury here. Want to go bowling?

  10. mckertis says:

    Looks ridiculous. Besides, there already is an Iron Man, The Movie, The Game. Granted, it’s not great, but i dare say its better gameplay than just pointlessly running around punching stuff and attaching two assault rifles to your feet to fly.

  11. Anguy says:

    Could anyone point me in the direction of the Batman and Spider-Man mod?

    • Keymonk says:

      Pretty sure he was referring to Arkham Asylum and the Amazing Spiderman, both of which are good games for their respective heroes – Iron Man never really got a good game, so this is his ‘nice thing’, where AA and AS are the same for Batman and Spiderman, respectively.

  12. tigershuffle says:

    ooh gonna have to dust off GTAiv now…………. Nearly all my games on Steam are only there cos of random mods. TW Medieaval for Lord of the Rings…..Mount & Blade. Does anybody still play games older than 5 years old in a vanilla state?!

  13. Jorum says:

    Off on a tangent but this seems good place to ask – are there any no-violence type mods for GTA 4?
    My 3 and 6 yr old daughters are fascinated by huge open world of GTA and driving cars and firetrucks , but obviously I can’t let them play it due to swearing, people being run over easily etc..

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      iirc the Cars game was like this. Also Lego Batman 2? (not sure)

    • pepper says:

      The old Midtown Madness forbid you from driving over people, you can see if you can find something like that, or see if they still work on modern systems.

      • Berzee says:

        I second Midtown Madness, but of course it doesn’t let you walk around on foot.

        • pepper says:

          That is true, although it has the free/openworld driving requirement without violence.

          Also I did a quick google and it appears that it works fine on Windows 7, I’m sure you can find out.

      • P.Funk says:

        Thank you for reminding me of that marvelous bit of nostalgia. I think I spent 100% of my time in free drive. Did anybody actually ever do any of the races in that game?

        It also had an incredible active modding community. It was a pretty marvelous thing back then. I honestly haven’t experienced much like that community since then.

    • Gabe McGrath says:

      (quote) “are there any no-violence type mods for GTA 4?
      My 3 and 6 yr old daughters are fascinated by huge open world of GTA and driving cars and firetrucks , but obviously I can’t let them play it due to swearing, people being run over easily etc..” (quote)

      Oh yes, this, this and THIS!

      Any modders out there listening; if you want to do something different,
      (rather than make the world’s 3,458,241th render of an AK47)
      …and get tonnes of people downloading your work,
      start making ‘kid friendly’ mods of some AAA games.

      *Many* gamer parents will be interested.

  14. Muzman says:

    Looks nice.
    I am a little worried about the boot jet sound being a lot like boiling rice though.

  15. MellowKrogoth says:

    Nice. Too bad it’s gonna be shutdown by the evil corporation that owns this character as soon as they get wind of it though. (i.e. you’ve probably killed it, RPS)

    • zarnywoop says:

      I think Stark Industries lawyers will be sending out a cease and desist letter soon. lol

  16. yrrnn says:

    Man, third person flying in an open world game does look pretty sweet. I also like the first person perspective THQ Australia were doing with the Avengers game before the studio got shut down: link to

    Of course it probably would have been a tedious linear game based around the movie story, but the player mechanics looked fun.