Turn Right At Shun Avenue: The Path Of Exile Beta Trailer

Welcome to the Cul-De-Sac of Resentment.
Path Of Exile sounds like something you’d find on a demon’s GPS. “Go straight for 666m, turn right at Pentagram Lane. You have reached your destination, have a horrible existence.” I checked and it’s not on Google Maps, so the real world is safe. It is, of course, a game. An action RPG that people angry at Diablo III and all clicked out at Torchlight 2 have been waiting for. It is also going to be free, which both of those are not. Next week it’ll head into open beta, and to prepare you a new trailer has been released. Are you going to go down the Path Of Exile, or are you going to join me of the Path Of Welcoming Craig With Cake And Bundaberg Ginger Beer?

Adam was rather taken with Grinding Gear’s ARPG. Has that feeling abated or grown? I’d ask him how excited he is is now, but he’s not online today, so instead I’ll just pretend he said “very”. I will embed the video. Share in Adam’s probable excitement by watching it.

And if you blinked and missed the date, well you just missed the entire point of the video, silly! January the 23rd.


  1. Vorphalack says:

    I’ve been so busy not paying attention that i’d totally forgotten PoE was a thing. I did a couple of the closed beta events months and months ago, and apart from the slightly underwhelming feel of combat it was fairly positive, so i’m quite interested in how its coming along. Thanks for the reminder.

    • emilyaustin8 says:

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  2. pakoito says:

    Keep Calm and Release The Goddamn Game Already.

  3. Choca says:

    Hope I don’t mess up my character once they stop giving regular skill wipes.

    • Nurdell says:

      If you mess it up there are passive pont refund gems. Besides, it’s in the nature of the game to create all the possible weird characters – maradeur with a wand? No big deal, go do it. Witch with a 2-handed club that is bigger than herself? Heck yeah!

  4. derbefrier says:

    I cant freaking wait for this.

    The game has improved drastically in the past few months. I suspect I will be playing this for years to come.

  5. tobecooper says:

    I’m rather excited, and poking my friend to leave D3 and come with me to traverse the Path of Exile. (Also, Craig, sir, you make the best tags on RPS.)

  6. stephenmark says:

    Please release and keep calm

  7. Narretz says:

    I really liked the item / skill / ability system, but the following annoyed me, so I didn’t continue:

    1. Small area of view -> looks a little like they increased it (a little)
    2. On some maps you couldn’t see the enemies properly and your view was sometimes obstructed
    3. At least for melee, the enemy hitboxes were frustrating, and I mostly had to click multiple times before I could hit someone
    4. Overall atmosphere and environment were rather dull

  8. losludvig says:

    early bird gets the access

  9. aliksy says:

    I played the beta a while ago. It was… okay. I don’t like not having respec, but the developers very consciously made respec’ing passives difficult. People say to plan your build ahead of time, but sometimes stuff in practice isn’t as fun as it sounds. And also I’d rather play the game and experiment instead of spending that time planning builds, or replaying content again to move a few skill points to a different spot.

    • Hematite says:

      IIRC there is a consumable which will refund one point from the edge of your skill web. Not a full respec, but plenty if you find out you don’t like the special skill that makes you always hit and never crit, or whatever.

      • Minsc_N_Boo says:

        It is the “Orb or regret” that gives you a passive skill refund. You can find them, buy them, and get given them as a reward for completing quests.

  10. Ureshi says:


  11. gjrud says:

    I’ve been playing the game for six months now and I can’t wait to see the new act that will come out with open beta, the trailer made me chill: they did an incredible job, I would even say that hardly any big company nowadays gave me the idea that they actually spent their time thinking how to “sell the game”. I apologize for my English.

  12. Aaarrrggghhh says:

    I haven’t played for a few months now, simply because I didn’t have much free time.
    But I highly enjoyed the game so far so I can’t wait to check out the new content and features that I missed in the last updates.

  13. Hematite says:

    This man has excellent taste in beverages. I prefer to fly Qantas specifically because they serve Bundaberg from the snack trolley.

  14. aawells07 says:

    I’ve been in the beta for months now and its one of the best and most addictive ARPG’s that I’ve ever played. This is an absolute must for anyone who likes these types of games. Do yourself a favor and try it. You’ll thank me.

  15. salejemaster says:

    so shiny oooohh :O

  16. Minsc_N_Boo says:

    I have been playing beta for a while. The skill tree and the way the skills work are awesome. I love messing around with gems and trying out different synergies. The combat is fun when you get to grips with it, but TBH I prefer TL2 combat system.

    The online side of the game is great. They have weekly events, and I participated in a 3 hour HC race. I did get any way near the top of the table, but i still got some currency items (there is not gold in the game – which works well IMO!)

    If you like ARPG’s you should really check it out

  17. maweki says:

    Does anybody know whether they fixed the standing-behind-shit-bug where your character is not visible when standing behind trees, Walls or about anything and you see jack while being in Dungeons.
    This was gamebreaking for me and just makes me so angry thinking about it.

  18. UncleLou says:



    Sorry, but no matter what I tried to post today didn’t appear. Hmmm.

    Anyway, PoE is great, improved massively over the last year, and I urge anyone to try it. Except those who had issues with D3’s DRM, becasue it’s essentially the same here. :p

    @maweki No, they haven’t, alhough I can’t say it bothered me more then 20 seconds in total in >50h of total playtime, so I am a bit confused that you find it actually game-breaking.

  19. wu wei says:

    As a kid, I lived less than a few hundred metres down the road from where Bundaberg ginger beer is made :D (And only a few kilometres away from where they made Bundaberg rum…)

  20. poohbear says:

    “Go straight for 666m, turn right at Pentagram Lane. You have reached your destination, have a horrible existence.”

    ROFL you guys never fail to crack me up!!! funny as hell!