War Of Men (And Physics): Call To Arms Tech Teaser

The spiritual successor to the Men of War games – Call To Arms, which is being developed in the same folks who did Assault Squad, in the same engine – is making… slow progress with its crowd-funding effort. Which is sort of a shame, because who wouldn’t want a modern version of the brilliant game of soldiers? But also unsurprising, due to a remarkable lack of assets and information to promote and accompany the pitch. The first of these have begun to trickle out, with a physics and dynamic cover video showing us a game that looks a lot like Men Of War with better voice acting, as you can see below.

We’re keen to find out a bit more about what is going on with Call To Arms, so expect an interview with developers DigitalMindSoft later in the week.

Not much to see, sadly, but also not looking bad. And still very Men of War-y.



  1. Radiant says:

    What happened for there not to be a direct sequel?

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  2. DaftPunk says:

    I was hoping that soldier would destroy at least some wall with some nasty bomb but nothing,still looks promising.

  3. caddyB says:

    That tank still looks like a hand painted miniature.

  4. Stromko says:

    Well fundamentally it’s just a reskin of a WWII game, and I don’t think it makes things anymore interesting. WWII has been done to death, I know, but so has modern warfare, and the former is just much more fertile ground for games.

    More than that though, I think it’s because the few games that have tried to tackle modern warfare in a strategic setting, just haven’t done it well. There have been fantastic games for World War II that reassures us there’s a REASON there’s so many damn games for it, same as there’s been fantastic games for zombies that keeps the sub-genre ‘fresh’, but modern war games are, suitably enough, in a quagmire.

    The first Operation Flashpoint and the ARMA games seem like the best attempt to have a fresh and interesting take on modern warfare, and Unmanned is probably the best authentic war experience because it has a tight enough scope that it doesn’t feel like it’s leaving anything out. As far as strategic games, they’ve just been reskins like this one … Though I should probably try Wargames: European Escalation before I damn them all like that.

    • Stromko says:

      Long story short I’m not convinced they’re doing anything interesting or fresh that needs to happen. In their pitch they pretty much just say there’ll be better graphics if we support them. Balls to that, we’ve already got enough graphics. We’ve had enough graphics for years.

      Right now a game that’s just a bunch of pixels and blocks has sold almost 9 million copies. There is obviously a large segment of people who play real games that don’t necessarily need a lot of graphics, and if they do, there’s HD mods for that.

      I’ll be excited about a modern warfare game when game designers figure out a fresh take on warfare. For the most part game designers are still working off of WWII tropes and tactics, or gonzo craziness like the Battlefield games and their ilk.

      • Radiant says:

        Long version 3 paragraphs.
        Short version 3 paragraphs.

        • All is Well says:

          To be fair, the shorter version is 136 words, whereas the long version is 191. So it is technically shorter.

          • Stromko says:

            Yeah I rather fail at summarizing my thoughts. I think I use words on the page to help figure out just what the heck I’m trying to get at, and that takes up a useless amount of space.

            I think I finally figured out what I meant. I don’t think game developers have a grasp on how to make modern warfare interesting and different from old warfare, and Call to Arms isn’t showing me anything different.

          • Radiant says:

            You’re getting better at it :)

      • Luaan says:

        Well, I’d say that’s because WW2 was a somewhat intermediate time. A lot of the modern technology was just getting started, feeling around. Try making a game about the western front of WW1 – there’s not much interesting to do… Both WW1 and WW2 started something new, a war of logistics, but WW1 didn’t have the means to attack enemies logistics (until pretty much the very end). I suppose you could make a game about, say, the russian communist revolution (the eastern theatre doesn’t get much love), but would (“lay-“) people even be able to tell it apart from WW2 games?

        The hard thing about modern warfare is that you have the means to completely annihilate your opponent in a very short time – but you must not. An interesting setting for strong storyline games (whatever you think about Call of Duty’s mechanics, it’s fun to follow the story), not so much for more open games, as long as you’re not going with a more symmetrical war scenario than we’ve seen in real life. Combat is massively concentrated, with relatively small combatant groups of professional fighters (at least on the stronger side of that assymetry :)).

        So maybe the way to go would be something a bit more ambitious than sticking to modern Earth. Say, something with extra layers of complications, like in War Inc, where you had a inter-mission bank account, so building or not building a unit made a difference in a campaign. You tried to do the missions as fast as possible, with as little units as possible. In a more “real” scenario, you’d have to care about collateral damage, civilian casualties, perhaps dealing with morale of the country you’re invading. Winning the hearts?

        IMO, you’ll have to try something very new and untested, to really succeed with a strategy game set in a modern warfare setting. Do I think the MoW guys can pull it off? It’s probably too early to say :) MoW: Vietnam was… well, not bad, but…

        • Smoky_the_Bear says:

          Yeah i was thinking a similar thing, its tough to do the modern setting in a strategy game because whats the need for an infantry rush to assault a base when i simply call in an off-shore cruise missile strike to obliterate said base, doesn’t make for very compelling game play though. The original Soldiers of WW2 (still maintain the series hasn’t been as good since) gave a great sense of atmosphere as a small squad behind enemy lines though, so i guess something similar could work in a modern setting, special forces in the middle east or something. If they go the Assault Squad route though, i don’t think it will work, i didn’t find MoW:AS very enjoyable, the larger scale just didn’t work as well and all the maps were so samey it got boring very fast IMO.

  5. The Random One says:

    Just checking there is no post consisting only of WARMEN. All is well, carry on.

  6. All is Well says:

    Better voice acting? But it’s the same tired barks they’ve kept throughout the series. Is this some clever joke I’m not getting?

  7. digby5000 says:

    With 400 hours into Assault squad, i was really looking forward to their next one….Until i realized that its likely set in the modern middle east.

    Please DMS, anything but that.

  8. ucfalumknight says:

    He hates these barrels! Stay away from those barrels! He really hates those barrels! Die Milkface!!!

  9. Grimcull says:

    So… what exactly is it they’re showing us that wasn’t already in Men of War..? Square selection highlights instead of triangles? The soldier even seems to be a 1940s American (at least to my eyes, maybe I’m wrong). I really just don’t see anything new, and whilst I’d love for this game to be good, it’s not inspiring much confidence at this point.

  10. DaftPunk says:

    Oh no its in modern settings buhuhuhuu.

  11. JiminyJickers says:

    I don’t know if those barrels should roll around so crazily when being shot. I thought most bullets would penetrate.

    Still, would be keen for a more modern Men of War.

  12. Doth Messar says:

    DMS is an insulting company. They release 1 update every 6 months and release Map pack DLCs which only other people who have bought the DLCs can play with. Meanwhile, the GSM mod release HUGE content updates every 2-3 months, adding scores of units to the game, new maps, bug tweaks, etc etc.

    I’d not have much gripe if Instinct would incorporate the community map pack into one of his patches so that the random pubbies could play without having to go to websites, download the map pack, and then try (and usually fail) to install it. These are maps made by the community to keep the game fresh, and DMS just ignore the efforts of the community to keep the game interesting.

  13. destroy.all.monsters says:

    Still confused as to what degree Best Way is involved.

    For some reason I found it more reminiscent of JTF that game with similar mechanics nobody played. Probably the music and cheesy voice acting.

  14. MeestaNob says:

    A fiddly niche game with an incredibly obscure crowd sourced funding model.


    They really need to get this game out there and put it on Kickstarter if they insist on crowd funding it, otherwise it will go nowhere.