Warzone 2100 Remains In The Zone (Of War)

Many years ago I mentioned that long-lost RTS classic Warzone 2100 had been resurrected and maintained by a stalwart group of fans. That project is ongoing, with a new update arriving this week. Warzone 2100 3.1.0 appeared yesterday and “brings along over 2 1/2 years worth of bug fixes and improvements.” There are Windows, Linux, and Mac versions.

Warzone 2100 was notable for its early use of 3D, and stood next to Ground Control in the first round of the 3D RTS wars. It also had an awesome tech tree, of the kind games today only deign to imitate. I’ve dun up the old-fashioned CGI intro video for your perusal below. Oh how things have changed/stayed the same.

Warzone 2100 was a sort of defining game for me. Sure, Ground Control was prettier and slicker, but Warzone already had me by then, with its huge artillery salvoes and meticulous production fiddling. Oh, memories. I am so very old.

Thanks, Blue!


  1. Gap Gen says:

    I remember this fondly – found it on Ubuntu and replayed some of it, but didn’t get far. I remember beating it with hundreds of very cheap, lightly armoured firebombers, sacrificing one or two for each bombing run on the enemy. Couldn’t figure out a better tactic, but I’m sure there was one. I loved that you could design the units you wanted, and that there wasn’t one “obvious” choice once you worked your way through the tech tree.

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  2. Uglycat says:

    It was a much better game than GC.

    Dat Tech-tree!

    • Gap Gen says:

      Well, it’s different. GC was one of the first RTSs without an economy, and I liked the directness of it. Also, Warzone didn’t have GC’s holy crap artillery.

  3. Casimir Effect says:

    Many an hour wasted on this one, although it could be brutal. If the enemy tech’ed up to medium or heavy cannons while you were still using light then that was it, unless you had a good focus elsewhere.
    And oh the timelimit missions. So many timelimits.

    • nuronv says:

      The time limited missions were quite painful, especially the ones that gave you an hour and a half. I would normally be taking out one last outpost when the timer ran out.

      The static expanding impermanent base + away missions structure however I really like

  4. Phenomen says:

    Ground Control was awesome game for its time.
    Never played Warzone 2100 tho.. I think its a good chance to try it out.

  5. Dana says:

    Played it on PS1 originally, the best console RTS at the time, genre that was mostly exclusive to PC’s thanks to mice (yes I know ps had those too). But this one worked with gamepad very well.

    Plus, truly amazing soundtrack. Really sends shivers down my spine even after all these years.

  6. DK says:

    It’s a goddamn shame Warzone gets the props when Earth 2150 did most of the stuff better while being released at the same time. RTS still haven’t caught up to the depth 2150 had (deformable terrain, tunneling, dynamic weather with gameplay effects, custom units, scriptable AI and a metric ton of optional AI toggles, Homeworld style campaign with persistent units, a hard time limit and loseable-but-campaign-goes-on-missions)

    • Dana says:

      Warzone has some of these, but none of them make game inherently better.

      Its props come from being open source and totally free. No one would remember it otherwise, just as 2150.

    • pepper says:

      Love 2150, I remember buying The Moon Project in 2002 or 2003, loved it. Although I never got far in the campaign, I have always prefered skirmishes in RTS games.

    • jalf says:

      It wasn’t “at the same time”, but well over a year after Warzone 2100. :) (at least according to Wikipedia, but it fits what I remember too)

      I never got around to playing Earth 2150 though. I remember looking at it, and thinking it looked so similar to Warzone 2100 that it almost made it seem like some unimaginative clone (to someone who didn’t actually play it, but merely looked at the box/at magazine previews or whatever).

      • DK says:

        Wikipedias release date for 2150 is wrong because it lists the international date. It came out far earlier in Poland, Germany and Austria.

        Incidentally, you can get the entire 2150 trilogy (all of them awesome, the campaign of Escape from the Blue Planet being the best) at GoG. It runs perfectly except for the very high res widescreen resolutions.

        Not to say Warzone was bad, but it’s campaign was a lot more similar to the standard RTS campaign – and 2150’s combat system had neat energy/ballistic split.

    • squareking says:

      Whoa. That sounds awesome. I missed out on 2150 for some reason and now I’m compelled to stop that from still being a thing.

      • Batolemaeus says:

        Earth 2150 is still a damn fine game. It has aged pretty well and should be on steam or gog.

  7. Spoon Of Doom says:

    Oh god, I loved this game! There’s something about constructing your own units from various parts and researching and somewhat partially persistent progress between missions that just turns my crank.

    The best memory is: building lots and lots and lots of artillery thingies which had a firing range that could cover wide parts of the map, and then slowly uncovering the fog of war, with a bazillion artilleries firing at once as soon as an enemy was visible. Those were the days…

  8. jimangi says:

    Having seen that old Eidos intro again all I can think of now is Urban Chaos (link to en.wikipedia.org). What a game!

  9. Kolimako says:


  10. onyhow says:

    AND I still have the original CD from 12 years ago… And I’m reminded to continue the game again…I think my skill at the game is much worse than before (I went to campaign 2 back a year-3 ago…now I’m still stuck on the first away mission)

  11. caustic says:

    total annihilation was sooner and still lightyears better. I remember picking this up for a lanparty. We tried a bit for an hour or so, before we went back to TA, wich was more fun and diverse.

  12. Clavus says:

    Damn, I still have a fat double-CD case of this game lying within my sight. Great memories of the awesome custom unit building. And being confused about what my objectives were.

  13. Quasar says:

    Every so often I come across the discs for this whilst looking for something else at the back of a cupboard, and briefly consider trying to get it working again. Now, I don’t have to! Thanks, RPS!

  14. dontnormally says:

    Is that the voice of Kai Winn from Deep Space Nine ?!?
    [edit] at the end. I think it is.

    • Skabooga says:

      I couldn’t find anything on IMDB or Moby Games, but I think you may be right. I definitely thought “This reminds me of Star Trek for some reason” when I was hearing it.

  15. Koozer says:

    Aaaah the days when fun came before balance. Happy times.

  16. nimzy says:

    Talk about a blast from the past. I still have fond memories of this game that eclipse most of the experiences I’ve had with RTS games since. I don’t know if it is the fact that that the game is in unlocked-camera 3D, or that you can design your own units, or the mission variety, which threw the concept of base building out the window for certain missions — Because you already built one!

    Altered Gamer has a pretty good history of what’s happened to the game over the years. Sad to see what became of the guys from Pumpkin Studios, I hope they’re still out there making games. Shout out to NEWST!

  17. jaywalker2309 says:

    Still one of the best games i ever worked on.. makes me feel very old tho :)