Cartoludography: Crusader Kings II Republic Gets A Trailer

Cripes, they'll kill everyone!

If you listen carefully you’ll be able to hear Adam, all the way hidden in darkest Manchester, mumbling to himself about how much he likes Crusader Kings II. Listen now… [mumble mumble awrite ourkid i love crusader kings ii mad for it mumble mumble]. Did you hear it! He’ll be uncontrollable with glee to learn there’s a new trailer for the Republic expansion, as well as two other smaller expansions out now.

Maps! He just loves his maps, the scrappy little urchin. Just look at all the maps here:

That one costs £8. Also out now are two other littler DLC blobs. Songs Of Prosperity contains some new songs, and Mediterranean Portraits is a golfball that will eat your face. Wait, no, it’s a collection of new portraits – thousands of them, they say. They’re both $2 to download.

And right, look, I may be a touch late on this, but a crucifix does not represent an “I” in any sense. It says “CRUSADER KTNGS”. Stop that.


  1. Magnetude says:


    • President Weasel says:

      SUPERMANLAND (at least if I persuade myself that there’s a leg on that D, conveniently occluded by the fellow with the livery collar)

    • visseking says:


  2. Velko says:

    Crusader Ktngs.

    Love the game, and the DLC concept feels great here: they add new playable countries (here republics), but at the same time all the engine upgrades, bugfixes and other new stuff are added to everyone via free patches, so that they release a DLC and a patch at the same time.

    • Fanbuoy says:

      Indeed. Splendidly done IMO.

    • socrate says:

      Quite honestly i really don’t see how making that kind of DLC is being better then other DLC….i still hate DLC and they are always a big turn off when i buy a game which i usually just end up using the other version that is obtainable free until they release the true version game of the year with all the DLC in them…so far the only DLC that were….OK and i don’t mean good at all was Borderland 2 one…and even then i found them short and not adding alots at all…most just reskin tons of stuff that was already in the game which is beyond me,i still haven’t found a DLC that is actually worth paying so far.

      I really REALLY miss the expansion pack from the old days..sure alots were crappy but some were just god like….maybe thats why i like MMO so much since they stayed the same and don’t scam you with these DLC that are “OPTIONAL” but if you dont have them you usually feel like you are missing a piece of the puzzle which is annoying as hell.

      I feel like people have WAYYYY too much money on their hand seeing that DLC is actually working that well,il stay with my free version since buying it at -75% with all the DLC basically make it worth full price again which make no sense at all and pretty much remove the point of it being on sale all the time.

      Add to this that they keep spitting these damn DLC out in the time it take me to blink and it just become ridiculous.

      i really don’t get why people get pissed off at other DLC (which is imo totally natural seeing how crappy they usually are and how it is done in such a shady and wierd evily way)but paradox and CKII can get away with it seeing how its a really untrustworthy company that only unique thing was to publish genre that are non FPS and not really good money maker to other big publishing company…they tend also to publish big ass scam like remake of popular game aka dwarf forteress and dungeon keeper which end up being crap and destroying the memory of good game instead of making good product.

      I will never get this love for such a crappy publishing company and letting that kind of behavior be acceptable for them but not other publisher even though they are as worst and offer nothing in term of product quality on most of their title.

      • Llewyn says:

        Wow, that has to be the most long-winded, rambling and confused justification for piracy that I’ve seen, even on this site.

        Why do you idiots even bother? Just man up and admit that you want things but don’t want to pay for them.

      • Subject 706 says:

        First, learn to punctuate. Second, are you saying “The Republic DLC” has too little content to be called an expansion? You might want to read the changelog, before stating that.

        I like Paradox, though certainly not all their games. I absolutely love CK2 though. And I’d easily call “The republic” an expansion.

      • Kandon Arc says:

        Actually DLC works out to be a better deal for those who buy Paradox games than the old expansion model. Back in the old model, once the new expansion was out, they stopped working on the vanilla game completely so you either bought the expansion or lost out on any further improvements. However in CK2 they continue to improve the base game for free alongside the DLC releases. Therefore you can spend nothing on DLC and still get a longer period of support than you would under the expansion model.

        So there’s really no logical reason to complain about it.

        • chuckles73 says:

          Unless you think all the DLC should have been in the base game to start with, instead of in $5-10 packets of extras.

          Granted, I’m okay with Paradox’s DLC policy. I’m just saying that I can easily understand why many people dislike DLC.

          • McCool says:

   didn’t exist then. They put everything they could into a (remarkably bug-free) initial release, and since then have been adding and adding all the things they didn’t have time for. If you are saying that Crusader Kings II should’ve come out months later, if you are trying to take those precious months of CKII away from me…

            Well, fuck you, sir. Fuck you.

          • Kamos says:

            I dislike Paradox’s DLCs, as I have told them in a survey they have sent me. I think they add too little, come out too often and cost way too much. To me it is a matter of granularity, really.

            I still think that the main game could have used a few hundred more events. I didn’t even need to play CK2 twice to see them repeating over and over again. How much more awesome would it have been if they had thought of adding events in a King of the Dragon Pass scale? Really raise the bar with those “choose your own adventure” sections!

            There are a lot of cool ideas for events in history that could easily have been scripted in. They could also have made the character’s traits play bigger roles (aside from the strategy number crunching), that would have been cool. As it is, I feel the game does little to help interesting things happen beyond the sandbox it provides. It was a huge improvement from Sengoku, but they could really have done better. If not with the main game, then at least with their DLCs.

            @McCool: remarkably bug free because they had already sold their “beta” which is called Sengoku.

  3. Dozer says:

    I got the game in a sale, now I just need a graphics card so I can run it!

    • Fanbuoy says:

      It really isn’t very heavy on the graphics.

      • pakoito says:

        It doesn’t run on netbooks.

        • Danny252 says:

          Indeed, even a fairly hefty laptop has trouble running it.

      • sybrid says:

        At release, it ran like crap on my laptop, and then one of the patches (pre-Sunset) apparently fixed everything, because I went to try running it again and things were working much better. I went from every year taking like 30 seconds even when trying to speed through them to everything playing about as well as it plays on my desktop, although with the graphics turned down a bit. That was on a (now departed) 3 year old laptop, albeit one that could run Skyrim with a reasonable smattering of mods.

        No idea what was changed to make the difference, though, so I can’t tell you which patch(es) did it or what change(s) in that patch fixed it so that it wouldn’t run like crap. Still, if it ran like crap for you at release, you might want to try it again and see if it runs better now or not.

        • Malibu Stacey says:

          Mac & Linux support.

          Those things tend to make games run about a billion times better, even the Windows versions of the game as it benefits from the increase in stability & extra testing.

          Oh and before all the retarded posts come out, I use Windows platforms exclusively (well except my PS3 & Android phone) however I develop software professionally so I actually have an informed view on how this shit works instead of spouting the same misconceptions everyone else read on yahoo answers too.

          • Llewyn says:

            I no longer develop software professionally, but I remember pretty well that a fragmented codebase is not a good recipe for improved stability unless you’ve designed for it from the outset. If you have then the design decisions you’ve made as part of targeting multiple platforms can indeed offer a lot, but you’re not going to see a sudden improvement from adding in support for other platforms after the initial version is already live.

    • meatshit says:

      There are mods out there to help with performance: link to

  4. Hunchback says:

    I recently reinstalled CK2 to give it another try after failing miserably the first time. This time i decided to dive in, even though i don’t know all the details and stuff, cause in the end trying to learn everything before playing is pointless, it will take weeks.

    Gotta admit i find the game quite enjoyable and different. I only wish Paradox would hire someone to make their interfaces better. I am sure with a more streamlined and comfortable interface their games will be much more accessible. As it is, there’s too many menus and buttons, and often things are found in places that don’t make much sense. Feels a bit like a badly organised MP3 collection.

    • JonathanStrange says:

      Once you get used to it the UI in Crusader Kings 2 is actually quite well done, especially after all the patches since release that have refined things. It’s a lot to take in initially but then there’s also a lot of information the game needs to try and convey to the player and for what its worth CK2 does a decent job of having all that info at the players fingertips with a minimum of menu to navigate.

      I think the problem is more in teaching the player than anything, a better tutorial would work wonders for this game. Personally I had to look on youtube and watch a few different ‘lets play’ before I fully grasped everything that was going on but once I did…

      Easily my favourite strategy game in years and it only keeps getting better!

      • Hunchback says:

        I did the same, watching “let’s play” and some other 20-30 min “introduction tutorial” videos… Goes to show :P

        Perhaps the interface is better now, but it’s still really overcharged with buttons and menus and windows. I am sure it can be made better, think of MS Office, Photoshop, 3DSMAX… They all had similar problems (ok, 3DSMAX is still quite damn loaded but hell), but over the years they’ve managed to get more accessible and ergonomic interfaces.

        • Canadave says:

          Honestly, Paradox’s UI’s have improved massively over time. I started with EU2, and Crusader Kings II has an interface that is light years more refined. Pretty much everything you need to know is accessible within a few clicks, and there’s nothing that has an impact on the game that’s hidden (like Bad Boy used to be, for instance).

  5. JB says:

    I’m very much enjoying my Murderous Doge Adventure game!

    • Fanbuoy says:

      I first read that as “murderous dog”. Now I wish that there was a “release the hounds” feature in the game.

      • Llewyn says:

        It should be an option for every event if you have appropriate traits. Vassal fabricating a claim on your lands? Release the hounds! Wife plotting to have you murdered? Release the hounds! Second son showing signs of being too timid? Release the hounds!

        They’ll all learn.

  6. rustybroomhandle says:

    CKII got a Linux release this week too. I see Republic is higher on the top sellers chart than the base game, so I assume that a lot of Linux players previously bought it for Windows.

  7. darkath says:

    It is also important to note you can “create” your own republics with a bit of feudal engineering :

    => Start a new game
    => Locate a county for your future republic
    => Pick the king of that location
    => Revoke the duchy surrounding that location
    => Revoke the county
    => Revoke the Mayor title
    => Give the Mayor title to which ever character you want (must not have any other titles though)
    => Give the County and the Duchy (if you just give a duchy to a mayor without any counties that will make a tiny city-state which is cool too)
    => Congratulation you just created a Republic, you can now Save, Resign, Load and pick one of the newly generated Patricians.

    Because the King you first picked will now have tons of relations maluses because of all those revokations, you better brace yourself for civil war (and try to break free !)

    With this method I created the brutal Republic of Søreyar, with many angry Norse patricians abusing their coastal CB in the Celtic Isles.

    • Premium User Badge

      Bluerps says:

      Some fiddling with the console works too.

      On the official forum, someone has written a nice guide on various methods for creating republics:
      link to

      • Anabasis says:

        This is great advice; while I quite like the republic mechanics, there are woefully few of them in Northern Europe, and the two existing ones aren’t concurrent, so it seems that depending on when you start Gotland or the Hanseatic League will expand unchecked.

  8. strangeloup says:

    I’m hoping that I will, at some point, be able to play CKII. The demo worked fine, but in the full version (on Steam), I hop into the tutorial, it tells me to click the shield next to the character portrait, and when I do so it promptly crashes, every bloody time.

    Not sure if the old delete-and-reinstall dance will help but I’ll give that a shot.

    • All is Well says:

      I have that same CTD, it seems, as my game crashed when I tried to reproduce your problem. It isn’t that much of an issue though, since you can always just skip it. Paradox tutorials aren’t, in my experience, the most rewarding in terms of what you learn. It’s better to jump right in and learn by failing miserably because you have no idea what the hell you are supposed to be doing. Also, choose something small and manageable for your learning period – “bigger” equals “more that can go wrong” in CK2.

      If you do feel you need some sort of basic guidance, check here.

      • strangeloup says:

        Cheers, looks like some useful stuff there. I was concerned that the same CTD might happen in the actual game, and from what it was saying, clicking on the shield is the only way to get some useful info. I’ll have a poke around with it later anyhow and see how it goes jumping into a full game. (Spoilers: I will fail miserably.)

        Heard that Ireland’s a good place to start, for the whole figuring-it-out stages.

        • All is Well says:

          I should have mentioned: I have only had like one or two CTD’s in the full game (both completely random), despite playing a lot, so I think you should be okay too. It seems to be a specific problem with the shield in the tutorial – clicking on it works fine in the actual game.
          Also, failing can be as fun as succeeding in CK, so however things might turn out I hope you enjoy it!

      • derbefrier says:

        Yep I watched those same tutorial vids amd they helped a lot but still the best way to learn is to just start playing. Ireland seems to ne a good place for a noob things seem to happen at a slower pace so you don’t get overwhelmed. I have about 10 hours of playtime amd still have a lot to learn.

  9. Elmokki says:

    I was quite dissapointed with this DLC actually. I didn’t buy the Aztec one but both the Islam DLC and the Byzantine DLC were quite good so I expected that this would be too.

    My problems are that it feels bland, but it may be because I’ve always thought of CK2 as a dynasty game. As a patrician you are rather limited in expanding your dynasty’s posessions and I feel a bit saddened that you can’t become a noble in any way that isn’t cheating or found new republics or anything. Because honestly, in my last game as a random patrician in Gotland I conquered Holstein and made Lübeck a far greater city than Gotland. I would’ve wanted to break free from the Gotland and form my own Hansa republic or something, but no. I couldn’t even get the duchy title of Holstein to myself because Gotland and thus my liege was a duchy level title too

    If the patrician mode included more need to be a politican or a trader it might be great, but as of currently it feels a bit tacked onto the main game and out of place. It would be great if Paradox made a patrician game for the time period though!

    • darkath says:

      Yes Patricians are just here to fight among themselves and expand the republic, they can’t really break away. Once solution would be to create a new republic by giving one of your dynasty member the county then the Hansa title via the console then playing as that guy (it could work by giving it to your heir then wait til death, but i don’t know what happen if a patrician in a republic inherit from a patrician in another republic).

      Btw, you can’t really expand much as a Gotland patrician because Gotland is a duke-tier republic, and it is quite difficult for them to break free from Sweden. What you need to do is become the leading family, expand the republic by conquering the pagan chiefdoms, then try to earn your independance from Sweden and find a king-tier title you can create. From that point onwards your patricians (and yourself should you be demoted, it happens a lot) will be able to get duke-tier titles and expand much more.

      The issue is, you’ll be probably have a stupid title like Republic of Pommerania, as there is now way to upgrade your own Gotland king-tier title (but that will hopefully be modded soon).

      Or, if this sounds overly complicated to you, you could just play as a patrician in the other republics (which are king-tier republic), including the hansa if you start at a later date.

      • Elmokki says:

        Breaking free from Sweden was fairly easy as was expanding in general. The problem is just the general notion that no matter how powerful you become you will always be part of that particular republic instead of being able to break away or form your own duchy or whatever.

  10. slerbal says:

    I am itching to play a mixed MP game of this with some players being republican patricians and some being feudal nobles.

    One thing I missed entirely first time I played with The Republic: On the “republic” tab there is a picture of a house under each Patrician. You can click on that and directly improve your home.

  11. McCool says:

    This DLC has sucked me into the wonderful backstabbing world of CKII again. Though not to play as a Republic. I am enjoying the new who-ate-all-the-pies Mediterranean Faces though. I think Venice might be worth a go once I’m done reuniting the Byzantine Empire and defeating the German Queen of Greece (boo!).

    Tis the game that just keeps giving, and giving. Honestly, I’m starting to think that CKII is the (Crusader) King of all strategy games. Its that good.