The Squawks Of War: March Of The Eagles Dev Diary

So very eagley
Annoyingly, Mr Walker has already provided an excellent impersonation of map-loving Adam In his Crusader Kings II expansion post. I can’t compete with his skewering of him, so instead I’m going to copy him, but in Afrikaans, because it has the best translation of “mumble”. Thanks to Google Translate. “If you listen, you can hear him mumbling to himself about how much he loves Crusader Kings II March Of The Eagles. Listen now… [mompel mompel awrite ourkid ek is lief vir Maart van die Arende mal vir dit mompel mompel]”. What prompted this erudite expression of map-lust? This talking head with the excellently named Chris King talking about his Napoleonic War game.

Three minutes of war talk. The game covers 10 years of the French taking on all-comers, with each player taking control of one of eight provinces. The video covers how the leaders will supply their troops food, weaponry, pay, and reinforcements. Guess what happens when a supply line hits a bottleneck? I won’t tell you here. The answer lies within the magic moving image box beneath.

It’ll be out Q1 2013. I wonder if that means March?


  1. SominiTheCommenter says:

    I was expecting a Squeakquel…
    [dodges fruit, rotten tomatoes, anvils]

  2. Didero says:

    I’m Dutch, so I only know a bit of Afrikaans by virtue of it being partly based on my language.
    But I’m pretty sure you’ve got the wrong translation of ‘March’ there. In Dutch, ‘Maart’ is the word for the month March, not the act of marching.

    We’ve still got the word ‘mompel’ though :)

    • Craig Pearson says:

      Blame Google, sir. I am merely an idiot.

      • Didero says:

        GOOOOOGLEEEE *shakes fist*

        I’m just glad to randomly run into Dutch :)

        (also in Dutch ‘mal’ is more ‘silly’ than ‘crazy’ or ‘mad’. ok ill stop now)

    • jhavatar says:

      Yep, it should be “Mars van die Arende”.

  3. Wooly Wugga Wugga says:

    Granted Afrikaans is only my second language but what the hell is “awrite ourkid” supposed to mean?