Only Two Months To Retirement: The Showdown Effect

Paradox’s The Showdown Effect now has its own website. Why it hasn’t had its own website since its announcement in March last year is perhaps a pertinent question. But with the side-scrolling cop movie-spoofing/celebrating multiplayer due out on the 5th March, it’s about time it did. And as you might imagine on such an occasion, there’s a new trailer too.


Of course, this is from Arrowhead, who gave us the very appealing Magicka, and is clearly aiming to be very silly.

And that new website, a year in the making?! Er, it’s a single page with a YouTube video and a beta sign-up, that links back to the old Paradox game page. Let’s hope they put all the time that freed up into bug-testing this one, I guess. ZING!


  1. Askeladd says:

    Fight to the death or die trying!

    So I could die while trying to get this game to work to fight to the death? Magicka was fine though, after some time.

  2. Valerius Maximus says:

    “Er” twice in a single article? I better tell my 12 year old cousin that his dream of becoming a gaming journalist can begin right now!

    • blurstoftimes says:

      It is indeed some thorough reporting…

      Try taking “beta” off of the url. Magically, you’re transported to a website with more than one page!

      I am an investigator now.

  3. f1x says:

    The game looks quite promising,

    Its hard to not think of Shadow Complex when are you watching it tho, but this looks more action oriented

    • HothMonster says:

      I get more of a smash brothers feeling then a shadow complex feeling.

  4. sinister agent says:

    I really hope they do a single player version somewhere down the road. This looks lovely, but I’ve very little interest in it as a multiplayer thing.

    ‘course, I respect that they’re focussing on the aspect they want, and would prefer nothing than stapling on a single player thing as a crappy afterthought, but if they do get round to really having a go of it, I would do 3.2 happies.

    • ooktar says:

      Same here. I thought Magicka was pretty cool, but for Single players, it was kinda disappointing. Since you don’t have anyone else with you, you can’t combine powers with anyone, and the campaign is pretty difficult playing by yourself.

      This game looks pretty cool, but I would like to see them implement some decent single player components as well. All my friends are console gamers and my internet is awful most of the time, so when it comes to PC games, I’m almost always playing solo.

      • Wut The Melon says:

        Is there no ‘Officially Unofficial RPS Arrowhead Group – Puns Obligatory’ yet? If not, I think there should be. Magicka really is a lot of fun, but you’re missing a lot if you’re not continually killing friends.

  5. skyturnedred says:

    That music sounds a lot like the Duke Nukem theme.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I too would be hugely interested in this, if not for the multiplayer thing.

  7. Engonge says:

    Soldat with better graphics?