Quickstarter: Wildman Gets First Gameplay Footage

I'm going to be a poet-warrior named Walt Wildman, I think.

Chris Taylor can talk. I know, for I have witnessed it. Wild-eyed, he spoke of grandiose plans for both games and operating systems, then (perhaps somewhat paradoxically) explained why he no longer believes bigger means better. As ever with Kickstarters, though, the question of whether or not he can back up his Supreme-Commander-sized words remains. Fortunately, while Wildman‘s still quite early in development, Gas Powered Games does, in fact, have its dinoman-walloping opus up and running. Watch the tiny titan mince his foes into tinier giblets after the break.

Yep, that’s some hacking and slashing alright. It seems decently heavy-hitting, though, and the art style – while rough – appears functionally Torchlight-ish, if somewhat drab. That said, both the concept art and the concept underlying it seem quite imaginative, so here’s hoping the game pops a bit more once it’s fully realized.

If nothing else, however, it was nice to hear Taylor promise some of his trademark scale for Wildman’s RTS side. Right now, the skirmishes look like they could fit on the underside of one Supreme Commander ‘bot’s boot, but apparently that’ll change quite a lot with time. Meanwhile, an accompanying post confirmed that there won’t be any DRM, and separate online and offline modes will be fully supported.

“Wildman will have an offline and online mode. We’re focusing our initial efforts on the offline version. The offline version will not require an Internet connection to play. It will also support all mods. We may allow offline characters in private co-op, but that’s TBD. The online version will feature a character vault that allows you to easily move the same character between machines, and will be more secure. It will be the version used in public co-op multiplayer, and will allow limited ‘approved’ mods.”

Honestly, though, anything can happen. I mean, as of now, Wildman’s not even funded – nor is it particularly close to clubbing open the Internet’s collective piggy bank and feasting on the monetary pork chops within. At nearly $200,000, it’s not off to a bad start by any means, but it looks like this is going to be an uphill climb to $1,100,000 – not a marathon sprint. Still though, Wildman’s already showing footage and engaging with its community, so its Kickstarter effort is fairly strong. That’s commendable, but the question remains: is the game behind it interesting enough to warrant that level of support?


  1. lordcooper says:

    Oh, they’re focusing on single player. I may actually chip in for this then.

    • Kamos says:

      My thought, too. But I will wait until I know more about it…

  2. Teovald says:

    165k$ right now, this looks doable.
    They already have a prototype, which is always a good sign. The concept is original, the team knows well RTS and RPG. Ok, I am sold !

  3. MeestaNob says:

    I’m willing to give GPG money for anything as long as it keeps them going to do SupCom 3 one day.

    • Iskariot says:

      But will SupCom 3 be like the superficial SupCom 2 or will it be like the epic SupComFA?

      • Teovald says:

        I am pretty sure he means a full scale RTS à la SupCom 1.
        SC2 failed on many levels.
        The console compatibility was dragging the scale and feel of the whole game behind.
        The range of the different units simply did not feel right to me, the tanks would only start firing when at less than 10 meters of their enemies.
        The old style of a bit unpersonified narration of supcom 1 worked :it is a game at such a massive scale that you can’t simply drag in close plans on a character. They tried to change this with Square-style narration and it really failed to deliver. Not once I have been able to care for these one dimensional characters.
        The new tech tree looked like a fresh idea, but at the end of the day I do not see how it was an improvement over the tier system of supcom 1.
        The economy was also wasted in a failed attempt to simplify it.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      All anyone seems to want from Kickstarter is sequels. Kind of funny.

  4. plugmonkey says:

    “but it looks like this is going to be an uphill climb to $1,100,000 – not a marathon sprint.”

    Oh, right.

  5. Hunchback says:

    Dunno what the game will turn out to be, but for what it’s worth this Chris Taylor dude is actually funny without going full retard. If he wasn’t making games, he could have been a decent TV show guy or something (if this still exists (i haven’t watched tv for the last 10 years or so) )

  6. StranaMente says:

    Any chance that we will see kickstarter katchup again, or there ain’t enough projects around to make a post? I miss it!

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      The last one didn’t happen due to illness, not because the feature’s gone.

  7. Sc0r says:

    Dunno why but I’ve got a feeling its kind of stuck. There’s about no new pledges in the past 24hours. that can’t be right.

  8. RedViv says:

    Now that’s what I wanted to see before pledging.

    Love the way the Wildman walks. Do hope the game sticks to this cartoonish portrayal.

  9. Terragot says:

    Chris Taylor has Christian Bales mouth.

    That is all.

  10. Rao Dao Zao says:

    Huzzah, singleplayer offline DRM-free!

    Maybe all that wishful thinking is starting to pay off after all.

  11. derella says:

    I hope they succeed, mainly because I feel for the guy and I want indie PC devs to keep going.

    But… It doesn’t look like a game I personally would enjoy. That, combined with the fact that I already have tons of games “purchased” on Kickstarter that I won’t get to play for at least a year makes me hesitant to spend.

    • Stromko says:

      I struggle to see anything that interests me about Wildman. It looks like an Action RPG except presumably the setting means there will be very little variety in terms of loot, it’s likely just going to be bone-axes, stone swords and fur armor. Also no blunderbusses, which is something an ARPG really needs if it’s to satisfy me.

      Apparently there is an aspect of having a tribe or warband, but what little gameplay there was in the video resembled ‘Spore’ tribal mode, complete with a bunch of guys standing around a hut smacking it with clubs. Looking like Spore is never a good thing, unless something looks like either A) one of the creature/vehicle/whatever editors, or B) the cell stage.

      • MellowKrogoth says:

        A lot of gameplay ideas from Demigod are going in, just read a few reviews of that to get a better idea. The action-RPG looting part is actually part of the metagame they’re adding on top.

  12. Entitled says:

    It looks like it won’t succeed.

    Most of the successful Kickstarters make 50% of their goal in the first 1-2 days. The ones that only make 20-30%, are already pretty risky, and this one is even worse than those.

    • ColdDeath says:

      honestly? either you are looking at a VERY selective list of projects or you don’t really know what you are talking about… i’ve seen more than enough Kickstarters that have had relatively slow starts but still succeeded, in some cases with surplus to boot even. 50% in 1-2 days? Oh please, that either only happens when the goal is VERY low or either the team doing it or the property is VERY well known.

    • neonordnance says:

      Star Citizen, for instance, took weeks to go over the limit. You’re talking nonsense, son. Double Fine Adventure Game and Project Eternity are not indicative of Kickstarter as a whole.

      Not to mention that it’s made over 15% of the necessary funds in just 3 days, it’s based entirely on word-of-mouth and press releases, and it literally JUST got announced.

  13. gruia says:

    man those graphics are like warcraft 3 upgraded. Eeeeeeeeew. Can’t stand the direction is heading.

  14. Lekker says:

    Well if they stick to their words, it will not appear on Steam.

    • f1x says:

      I think the guy didn’t want to speak much about Steam because is not something that is entirely on his hands (to put the game there I mean)

    • Jenks says:

      Which words?

      • neonordnance says:

        I think he’s referring to the comments that it would be DRM-free, and specifically how putting the game on Steam would contradict that.

        I mean, technically Steam is DRM, but come on: it’s a solid platform that sells good games at low prices, it’s run by a well-meaning and ethical company, and its DRM causes relatively few problems. When people talk about DRM, they mean SecuRom-type gamebreakers or limited-install bull-pucky.

        To the few Steam detractors left, I say: Stop bitching and learn to love Steam! Everyone else has.

        • EvaUnit02 says:

          The DRM features of Steamworks are optional. Developers can choose to have their game EXEs run completely independent of the Steam client, reducing the Steam platform to just a shop and a glorified download manager.

          • Kamos says:

            Which is what I wish it was, to be honest. Steam is great, but sometimes… I just wish it would go away and let me do my own thing.

    • Swanny says:

      Apparently, they’re going to shove it up…er, deliver it any way you would like.

      Saying it’s not on Steam is a bit of an early judgement, i think. It’s not even funded yet, and they’re probably not in the best position to negotiate with Valve right now.

      • benkc says:

        I feel that the “buy it directly from the dev and we’ll give you both a DRM-free copy and a steam key to boot” is the best delivery option these days. I love it when games do that.

  15. Scabmastah says:

    The “War Zone” part sounds just like the AoS map genre from WC3: TFT.

    • DarkFarmer says:

      I agree, it DOES seem like a design similar to AoS. I actually kind of liked AoS and this is an interesting project. However didn’t GPG already try making a heroic tower defense with Demigod?

      • Oranje says:

        They did, and it was quite fun if you were able to get a stable match online. The core game was great, but the issue was shoddy network code. It was very hard to get a game going online, and even when the stars aligned it wouldn’t last for very long as players were frequently dropped and unable to reconnect. Which is a shame, since the AI didn’t put up a challenge.

        I have faith in GPG’s abilities in all of the relevant genres of Wildman (ARPG, RTS, AoS-like), so I’m very excited to see how they are combined into one design.

  16. Olderman says:

    This would greatly benefit from a character / unit development update imo. Just saying the wildman starts with clubs and eventually uses swords and medicine, ect…. It’s just hard to imagine much progression for a prehistoric fellow.

    Discovery of fire, druidic magic, missile weapons, traps… And in the armor department besides wool, leather, bone, ivory… I’m coming up with little in the technology department as well.

    It’s looking like few options could cripple the game with repetitiveness, simply due to the context restrictions. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this. If they could address that reassuringly, it could give ’em a big boost.

  17. Cerzi says:

    Lost most of my faith in Chris Tayler when he gave that long talk about why games should never punish the player, only reward them. And then he released SupCom 2 and the rest of my faith was lost.

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      Must be great to lead a development studio. A lifetime of efforts to gain the trust of players, and they drop you like shit on the first slightly less good game you make.

      I wonder why nobody ever mention how innovative the experimental units were in Supcom 2, btw. Bomb-bouncer? Unit cannon? Check to both!

  18. jedger says:

    You heard it here guys, he’s not gona make bad jokes above the can of corn. Lets hold him to that!