Skyjacker Kickstarts Again For “Starship Constructor”

Digitilus remain determined to make Kickstarter work for them in their quest to build an ultra-ambitious space combat game. Having cancelled their first attempt at a Skyjacker Kickstarter, they sadly failed a second. Now though they’re Kickstarting for a lower figure, with Skyjacker: Starship Constructor, allowing backers to get their hands on the tool used to build the game’s elegant space-vehicles. Everything in the game is built of constituent bits, and you’ll be able to play with those bets like a giant cross-platform toy construction kit with the constructor. Also, it helps them with the game. They explain: “The progress we make in Starship Constructor will help us move forward with SKYJACKER itself. It’s not just the pledges! Each ship we assemble in the Constructor is another ship designed, modeled, rigged, weighted and good to go. Every shader and inheritance structure written is one hundred percent applicable to our ultimate goal – deliver the game we’ve been working on for years.”

There’s a week left, and a pitch video below.


  1. AmateurScience says:

    This really is an extremely impressive looking project. I hope they get enough to keep going and get the thing finished. If I get paid before this ends I’ll be backing it at least.

    Also: Unity’s web plugin thing still feels like magic.

  2. dE says:

    It’s really odd. I love spacegames, yet for some reason Skyjacker never “clicked” for me.
    Even more odd, I have a lot more interest in the Starship Constructor than in the actual game itself and will probably shove some money at the kickstarter for that. I really can’t point my finger as to why the editor seems more appealing than the game? Perhaps it’s because of the hours I’ve wasted in Battleships Forever, building improbable, oversized and overpowered battleships.

    I misunderstood, the actual Editor is a Stretchgoal. The Constructor is a “Tear them apart” tool to look into the ships.

    • DjekAster says:

      dE – actually we are planning to release MOD tools anyway. In the current version idea was to create a starship designer – a tool, which would let you create new designs by using our rich set of details (it currently consists few hundreds of details and we are planning to continue to develop it adding new and new details in a while). Unfortunately , we got not enough of pledges during this campaign, but it doesn’t mean we won’t do such MOD tools in the future. But to make it real we need to reach even this small goal now to continue our work on the game. And yes – this kickstarter is just a stage. We are planning to launch a new campaign in a while, which will be related to the main game of SKYJACKER. Later means before the Summer, cause we really have an intention to release the game in August of 2013.
      Also, pay your attention – we recommend to pledge to tier $40, cause this tier includes all and any digital rewards, addons and expansion packs we will create in the future. Thus, pledging $40 here you are getting Starship Constructor + SKYJACKER + mod tools, when we’ll release them in the future. The game is being in development already several years and it’s in the vvery good stage opf completion. Currently we are porting our assets to Unity and improve our game features. But we need a little of your help guys to move forward and to bring this game into your hands later this year.

      • TechnicalBen says:

        Is there any way I can avoid tearing a hole in space/time to get something of a ship designer on my pc? I’m not a programmer, and there are loads of games I’ve backed or tried to use (Kerbal Space Program, FTL, Kenetic Void), while I hold out for it… I want to put artwork and working parts of ships into something I can “play” with. My designs are statics. I… just… want it to move! :P

        If your team can make something that lets me make ships and see how they interact, I’ll be truly grateful. I prefer stuff that’s more reminiscent of NASA and space shuttles (Defying Gravity or Sunshine). So would love to see stuff like that, and make it myself. :)

        link to

        • DjekAster says:

          @ TechnicalBen – you probably misunderstood the idea. We never tried to create an universal spaceship builder. Instead, we have our game, where currently we have 80 designs of spaceships of 8 races, but we have plans to increase this number to 50-60 designs per race = 400-500 designs approximately + to give a player the possibility to construct own ship designs from our parts (it’s like a virtual Lego) and to play them in our game, building custom missions.
          We have very complex physics of demolition and our ships won’t work in other games just because they require a complex custom program environment, which must be created especially for our starship constructor. And there is no universal solution for this. Thus, we can offer only to use our own tools and assets to build something custom and to play it inside of our game only. Hope it’s better explained now?

          • TechnicalBen says:

            Thanks. It is as I thought it was. That is not a problem. Just waiting for a game that allows for easier model imports or texture imports. Until I learn Unity. :)

            I don’t know how to code, and only just know how to make 3D designs. But to import them into a game, even your existing one, would be a dream.

  3. Droopy The Dog says:

    Watching them blast layers and layers of components off a ship really reminds me of a game I’ve been trying to remember for ages.

    Was a european developed game, released early 2000s I I think. It was a sci-fi flying shooter, very arcady and based on ground level flying rather than in space. It’s actually been bugging me for ages trying to remember it but the video of components getting knocked off looks so familiar. If anyone thinks they know it, I’ll be muchly grateful for a name.

    • DjekAster says:

      I guess it was A.I.M.: Artificial Intelligence Machine (or Mechanoids in Russian version)

      • Droopy The Dog says:

        Hmmm, not the one I’ve been trying to remember, but thanks for the pointer. Don’t remember hearing about that one when it was released, shame, looks like I would have been interested in it at the time.

        • Droopy The Dog says:

          Found it! Had to just scroll through a massive alphabetical list of flight games, but my OCD has been satisfied.

          I was thinking of “Yager“, developed by the spec-ops the line devs no less. The big ships don’t destruct in as many small bits as my vague memory made me think they did though, so that’s a shame.

          Completely unrelated but there are a tonne of interesting looking flight games that I never even heard of from the early 2000s, even found a steampunk battlezone/carrier comand hybrid that I would have loved at the time. (“project nomads” if anyone’s interested.)

      • biggergun says:

        I always felt that Mechanoid vibe in Skyjaker :) That game was awesome. Are you, by chance, related to Skyriver in any way as a team?

        • DjekAster says:

          Hmm, actually neither for both. I mean, we never even tried to copy Mechanoids. Ours and that games are so much different. Plus, I never was a fan of Mechanoids. The only point – they were in my collection as a game with flying mechanisms, not more. Our destructable constructor had been created from scratch when we tried to optimize graphics resources usage. So initially it wasn’t the goal to create a constructor. We simply tried to improve graphics, while we found that it could be a cool game feature itself :D

          • biggergun says:

            I’m sorry, I never meant to say that you were copying Mechanoids or anything. Just something made me remember it (fondly) when I looked at Skyjacker. The art style, I guess.

  4. UmmonTL says:

    It looks alright but not much constructing visible here. The parts of the ship may be composed of many tiny objects but I don’t want to create a ship from the premade parts of various designs. I would want to design it completely. Probably an unreasonable demand but I don’t see that in this game.

    • DjekAster says:

      I answered to the same question above – please read my comment to TechnicalBen question.

  5. Iskariot says:

    Their spaceship designs are excellent. I love them.

  6. TechnicalBen says:

    Nooooo! I backed the wrong space game on kickstarter! When I saw that ship deconstruct… I just want a game to put this artwork into (Deviant art link) link to … (Me not a programmer. :( )

  7. Cam says:

    Customization of spaceships is a feature I tend to fall in love with in games, so I’ll support this once I have some spare cash. If this series takes off (pun intended), then getting it in the beginning should pay off.