Ubi Promises Splinter Cell PC Won’t Suffer Ubidelay

Due to Sam's near-implausible predilection for green and practically superheroic feats, Splinter Cell was originally titled The Incredible Skulk.

Once upon a time, the Ubidelay was a dreaded and ponderous creature – the raging 18-wheeler we just knew would plow into high-profile PC releases at the last possible second, catapulting them clear into the stars of some far off month. But lately, its power has waned. Assassin’s Creed III only stumbled a few weeks behind its console counterparts, and Far Cry 3 didn’t miss a beat at all. Still though, there’s something to be said for “better safe than sorry,” so I checked in with Ubisoft on the status of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. In light of its newly announced August 20th release date, here’s what they told me.

“The August 20th date is also for the PC version as well,” a Ubisoft rep matter-of-factly explained to RPS.

But then, we’ve heard this before, and we still ended up getting burned. Ubi flat-out denied Assassin’s Creed III’s delay the first time around, only for it to pull a complete 180 a month later.

So I decided to be more direct about it and ask what the odds were on something like that for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Here’s the response I got:

“No worries. It is day and date with the console versions.”

Which is a far cry from “no comment,” “we can’t be sure at this point,” or anything along those lines, and much more in line with, well, Far Cry’s pre-release run-up than any other recent Ubisoft title. So Ubisoft seems quite set on a simultaneous launch, and – while there’s always room for Sam Fisher to take a head-long trip down the old slip ‘n’ slide – everything appears to be locked in.

Right then, August 20th. We’ll hold you to that, Ubisoft.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    Ubi Promises

    LionsPhil cancels read article: interrupted by raucous laughter

    • ANeM says:

      I’ll admit I’m still somewhat bitter about their “promise” that the AC2 delay was “to deliver the best PC experience possible.”

      Then we had UbiDRM announced days after the game was supposed to have shipped, and the final product included Console button prompts and didn’t even fix the bug from the first game where Wireless 360 controllers did not work properly.

    • SelfEsteemFund says:

      Followed by the immediate sadness that there are humans on this planet stupid enough to still give them money.

  2. ZIGS says:

    Now if only the game was any good… (let’s be honest, it won’t be)

    • CodeineFiend says:

      I wholeheartedly agree

    • noclip says:

      I can imagine the pitch meeting:

      “It’s Splinter Cell, but without any of that silly stealth nonsense.”
      “Who do I make the check out to?”

      • phelix says:

        What is Splinter Cell without stealth?

      • Demigod says:

        It has stealth, they have shown you can “ghost” levels. this vid is from just after last years e3

        link to youtube.com

        dont know where this no stealth idea came from

        • Jonesy says:

          Yeah! How dare those guys change the style of their game in any way! They shouldn’t be allowed to. Once they perfected stealth with Chaos Theory, they should have been enslaved to only ever remake that game over and over, with only slight improvements to the graphics. Everyone join me in boycotting this awesome looking game until they give us back our stealth and Michael Ironsides! (insert obligatory Ubisoft evil comment here)

          • Weeks says:

            Actually yeah, that would have been nice. They perfected the genre, then let us enjoy it just once. Not very sporting of them.

  3. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Foxy stoaty wily stoaty stoaty fish fisher sam fisher wily stoat

  4. Paul says:

    I still hold out hope that Blacklist is good…maybe even return to Chaos Theory.

    • mouton says:

      Chaos Theory is supposed to be the best? No wonder I do not care about the series.

      • StingingVelvet says:

        *grits teeth*

        • tobecooper says:

          *skulks in the shadows, preparing to strike (in a totally non-lethal way)*

        • mouton says:

          I played it. It wasn’t bad, it had cool music and some nice situations, but in general I found it not very compelling and lost interest at 2/3 of the game or so. And I like sneaking games (Thief etc.)

          As a side note, worst product placement I have ever seen in a game. Even without it, the cutscenes were atrocious, lol.

  5. ukpanik says:

    “a dreaded and ponderous creature”
    That’s what I think of the first paragraph of every RPS article/review.

    • Optimaximal says:

      Great that you cared enough to comment!

    • P.Funk says:

      People like you must lurk all day long waiting to unleash one of your immaculately crafted projectiles of wit and persecuted common sense.

  6. Vagrant says:

    This should be entertaining… Anyone want to start a pool and take bets? I’ll accept a delay as long as they give the pc version non-buggy multiplayer for once.

  7. diamondmx says:

    Who’s heard this before?

  8. Delusibeta says:

    So, that’s an September release date confirmed for the PC version. Good to know.

    • kurashu says:

      You mean November? Yeah, I’m free november to play a Ubi PC Game!

      • PopeRatzo says:

        Do you know how many other AAA games will be out around Thanksgiving? No way will I have time for Ubisoft’s console cast-offs in November.

        I’ll look for it at Steam’s holiday sale, 2014.

        Maybe by then I’ll be playing it on my Steam Box.

  9. hatseflats says:

    20 August is a strangely accurate release date when it’s not even February yet.

    RPS, you’re fooled. There is no way any company can stick to such an accurate release date. It is almost certain the game will be released at some other date (and the PC version, in that case, somewhat later of course).

    Not that I care. Ubisoft games have been crap, the porting has been crap and their Uplay (more like you DON’T play hahaha. Sorry) / DRM has been crap for years. I’m not buying anything from them (nor, for that matter, pirating anything).

    • Naum says:

      Skyrim’s release date was announced 11 months early if the German Wikipedia is to be believed, and Bethesda stuck to the precise day. Which may or may not have contributed to the game’s bugginess, of course, and it wasn’t a multi platform release, but there you go.

  10. mehteh says:

    Too bad were at the point where i no longer care for Ubi’s console focus games made for idiots

    • KenTWOu says:

      Even Valve makes console focus games for idiots. That’s why Portal 2 has such a big font in main menu!

  11. noclip says:

    This is exactly as likely as the Mayan apocalypse.

  12. daf says:

    Is anyone left that’s still willing to believe a single launch date ubisoft announces for PC?

  13. Alexrd says:

    Am I the only one who not only doesn’t mind but actually likes when the PC version of a game is delayed? Only good things can come from it (bugfixes, optimization, etc…)

    • PopeRatzo says:

      I mind. They’re saying, “We’re really making this for consoles, but we’ll throw you a bone, so just shut up and wait”.

      Why don’t they just say, “If you prepay and add a $20 surcharge, you can have the game three months early”?

  14. Squirly says:

    Why does Fisher look like he’s still got baby fat? Is he 14 in this version?

  15. Threepwood says:

    Nothing beats Gamespy’s interview with Ubi about a possible assassin’s creed 3 delay:

    “GameSpy: So when’s the PC release date?
    Ubisoft PR: October 30th.
    GameSpy: Yeah, but when’s the real PC release date?
    Ubisoft PR: It’s October 30th.
    GameSpy: Uh huh. And can you say that with a straight face?
    Ubisoft PR: You can ask me as many times as you like, but the answer will be the same.
    GameSpy: Very well, let’s move on. So, when will you announce the delay of the PC version?
    Ubisoft PR: …”

  16. geldonyetich says:

    I’m sure if Ubisoft says that both the PC and console versions will release on the same day, they mean it…

    …now, as for whether or not most purchasers will be able to actually access the game on release day, thanks to invasive Ubisoft DRM, is yet to be determined.

  17. JiminyJickers says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  18. PopeRatzo says:

    How can any game company possibly predict a release date more than 7 months out? They’re not saying “Third Quarter 2013”, they’re saying “August 20, at 11pm Central Standard Time”.

    There is no way they’re going to meet that deadline, and it shows a disdain for their customers that they would insult us by offering it to us.

  19. Ham Solo says:

    But it will suffer Uplay.

    • Ogun says:

      Not buying anything with Uplay until it stops being quite so rubbish. Recently found myself in the (according to Google, not all that uncommon) position of spending days unable to play Farcry3 while a friend who’d pirated it was banging on about how much fun it was. Don’t have a lot of spare time for games, so that was enough to put me off Farcry (and Uplay) altogether.

      Origin and UPlay have both been born into a cloud of half-assed excuse-making. I remember being angry at Valve when HL2 first came out, but cut them a lot of slack in retrospect because it was such an ambitious thing to attempt, they were breaking new ground and they pulled it off. Very quickly ended up being happy to buy stuff from them.

      But – if your company already has tons of money and established resources and then decides to force DRM/middleware onto customers in a market where there’s already a dominant player – I don’t see why it shouldn’t be flexible, reasonably feature-rich, secure and actively supported right from the word go – especially when you’re aiming at a broader market than Valve (who seemed to target teens/adults rather than the whole family).

      It’s a typical ignorant and hyperboley internet question to ask, but did Ubi/EA actually hire in relevant expertise to produce UPlay/Origin? It hasn’t felt that way with either client – and having dealt with support and used the forums for both products, it doesn’t seem like the back ends are much better.

      IDK, it’s nice to have a bit of a moan about an unimportant luxury. I can just play games from other publishers – but if I was a shareholder in either company then I’d be really, really pissed.