Ridiculon: The Mew-Sic of Mew-Genics

Last time we checked in with Team Meat’s Mew-Genics, Alec was purring over the title theme: “I could probably leave that playing for a disturbingly long time. It’s very Danny Elfman, BUT WITH CATS and a bit of skiffle.” Imagine how excited he will be when he sees a five minute video of the chaps behind that track talking about and demonstrating the album-length contribution of music they’ve created for the game. There are also some hints about the game itself, although most of it has been implied elsewhere – a player’s cats can fight other cats, race in the sewers or enter kitty pageants. The music sounds fantastic though and I enjoy Ridiculon’s slightly unhinged boondocks-dwelling schtick.

Among the names dropped in that video is Carla Kihlstedt, who I first became aware of because Tom Waits once rumbled in her vicinity, but soon became aware that she had collaborated far, wide and well. If you find the time, try putting some Tin Hat Trio into your ears this evening.


  1. Lars Westergren says:

    I never got Binding of Isaac, but I’m starting to get excited about this game. Combining Pokemon gameplay (collecting, breeding), what seems to be multiple minigame competitions, cute yet disturbing artstyle, and one of the big obsessions of the internet – cats. Why didn’t someone think of that before?

    This great music and the possibility of some hidden meaning to the plot as in BoI is just icing on the cake.

    • Screwie says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong but, Binding of Isaac isn’t a game from Team Meat?

      EDIT: Ignore me, one of the BoI guys is on board for this game. Sorry!

  2. The Random One says:

    It seems to be Pokémon, but with cats and very aware of how disturbing “capture creatures then force them to fight other creatures” is as a concept.

    I think I’m drooling

    • Dromph says:

      “Would i be in the right path if i said Mew-Genics is somewhat related to Pokemon?”

      “i guess in a way it has some similarities, but not really in the ways most would assume”

      That’s from McMillens formspring. So we’ll just have to wait for more information, I guess.

  3. Feferuco says:

    Reminds me of the soundtrack for Skullmonkeys

    Also, on Carla Kihlstedt which I didn’t ever imagine would be mentioned there, check out 2 Foot Yard.

  4. Revolving Ocelot says:


  5. Pani says:

    This mew-sic is making me catatonic. It’s purrfect for a game like this.

    • Velko says:

      I’ve got a feline this could become a great title.

      • Milos says:

        So far they’ve shown not a whisker of the game plot, I’m still not entirely convinced.

  6. Eclipse says:

    omg I loved Sleepytime Gorilla Museum! was one of the most underrated bands ever.

    • ludotex says:

      Yes, great band and music. Saw them a couple time live in Austin, great show. Is this the lead singer though ? Because they had a very trippy look on stage: link to youtube.com

      • KingVietKong says:

        No this is the drummer they had since 2004, Matthias Bossi. Actually married to Carla Kihlstedt (violinist of SGM, Two Foot Yard etc, shits gold musically speaking) who he mentions will be making a cameo for Mew-genics. Very exciting.

        • noodlecake says:

          She is amazing! One of my favourite musicians ever! Love Tin Hat Trio!

          Her vocals on this Sleepytime Gorilla Museum track are amazing! link to youtube.com