In Tune With The Audience: Meteör

Comrade Pixel Prospector points the way to lavish-looking third-person shooter Meteör, which mixes rawk with fighting alien bugs. Surprisingly, perhaps, it’s actually a student project from Games Academy Berlin, and they describe it as “a musical survival party Game”. What that means is that your weapon is a musical instrument, which changes its sound as you level up. You can see it in actions below, and it’s looking pretty handsome in its Unreal-powered outfit as the team play co-op. (And make a lot of noise.)


  1. geldonyetich says:

    If those sissy Terrans knew how to play guitar, the Zerg would already be dead.

    That said, Meteor’s gameplay looks a bit rudimentary hack n’ slash. Time will tell.

    • kkkwwwkkk says:

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  2. Kenturrac says:

    Sooooo nice! Thx guys, I fucking love you! Getting a place on RPS is such an honor.

    If you like what you saw: pls give us a like. :D Maybe someday we will release a version ;)

    link to

  3. Feferuco says:

    Here’s what should’ve been done long ago, a musical game. No, I mean like a movie musical.

    Walk around like it is some Legend of Zelda or GTA, but there are no enemies or fights. You meet someone, they start talking about their tragic life and next thing you know everyone’s singing and dancing while you’re playing along. Then how you play your music has an effect on the interaction, a hopeful tune gets the character back in a relationship, an angry one motivates a revenge. Tip of the iceberg, Molyneux style.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Well, Spector was vaguely waving about wanting to do something musical-number-heavy-esque with Epic Mickey 2 at one point, but I don’t know what became of that vague premise.

    • tobecooper says:

      What about Parappa the Rapper on the first PS? It’s not exactly what you describe, but, I think, as close as it gets. The game is rather silly, short and hard as fcuk, but quite interesting.

      • Feferuco says:

        That’s kinda like a normal music game. I was thinking you get to walk around, explore, whatever AND then get those parappa the rapper musical numbers.

    • SominiTheCommenter says:


  4. Bhazor says:

    High speed ultra colorful bullet hell third person shooter. Where do I sign?

    That said I think using a single track for the trailer was a big mistake. Having “guns control the music” as a main selling point and then using canned music over the top, not the best idea.

    • Askeladd says:

      As a person which likes a wide variety of music I found the soundtrack rather underwhelming in a game which markets its music. For that reason: Nothing’s gonna beat Audiosurf ever :)
      Also: Hotline Miami got imo the best game OST 2012. Bastion was 2011, wasn’t it?

      • Kenturrac says:

        You know that we were just students back then and really limited in time, technology and knowledge. And of course no money.^^ What you see there was developed in 4 months parttime during our study. Take me as an example (I was the Level Designer & Artist): I never touched the UDK before. So I had to learn a lot of stuff in really short amount of time. We have atleast 10 more features we would love to see implemented, but yeah it was just a student project and in the end it helped a lot of us getting great jobs in the industry. But fuck, it was a great time! @Bhazor: I take “High speed ultra colorful bullet hell third person shooter”. It’s a good name for a new genre ;)

        Anyway, I totally agree. We need more music games.

        • Askeladd says:

          And good musical interactive games are really hard to make/innovate – I understand, given the time spent in that condition isn’t enough to just get an AAA in the music genre.

    • LionsPhil says:

      “Control the music with your guns”
      *guns make usual pew-pew noises, music doesn’t seem to react at all*


  5. Ny24 says:

    Nice work for a student project! Those little crawling/jumping things strongly remind me of the sacrifice creatures that carried my mana back in the days.

  6. Arglebargle says:

    That’s kinda charming. Not my exact cup of tea musically, but I like the concept. Hope they can develop the ideas a bunch more. More versions! Folk-rave. Afro-Caribbean jam. Etc…

  7. manveruppd says:

    Love how its logo is half Doom half Metallica.