Even Prettier Is Luminesca

We last mentioned Luminesca way back in May 2011, back when the Earth was still cooling. The extremely pretty exploration game is now available to buy as an alpha, for a coo-look-at-that price – £2.99. I’ve had a play of it.

At the moment there’s not a huge amount to it. But this is a very early build, with plans to continuously add to it. But what is there is so very pleasant that the moment I accidentally completed the available sections, I started again because I wanted to carry on experiencing its calming ambience. Giving you no instructions as to what you’re supposed to be doing, the emphasis is immediately put on exploration, and seeing what does what. So obviously I’m not going to say what it is you do, or I’d pretty much ruin the point of the brief chunk of game you’ve got here. But it’s safe to say you play a little floating creature, who (eventually) shines a light in an underwater world where bioluminescence plays a key role.

Controls work equally well whether on a controller, mouse or keyboard (or a combination of them if you so wish). And there’s no doubt that a massive portion of its success is thanks to the absolutely stunning sound. I just wish there were a bit more to it at this point – you really could “complete” what’s here in about two minutes if you tried.

I recommend turning the volume and bass up as high as your speakers/headphones can handle, and letting yourself be absorbed into its simple, gentle world. And don’t go too far to the left too quickly. Take a look at the trailer:


  1. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Very charming. The question remains whether there is enough to it when it’s released.

    • Llewyn says:

      I agree in principle, but if what’s there is good there really doesn’t have to be very much to justify £3.

  2. Echo says:

    The art style looks very Limbo-inspired.

    • Fierce says:

      I wouldn’t even say that, since Limbo uses depth of field and audio to enhance its mono-palette presentation, which this game does not.

      If anything, I immediately thought “Aquaria + Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet”. Was I the only one?

    • Tally says:

      The silhouette aesthetic has been used in several other games besides Limbo that I think more resemble it i.e. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and NightSky. The hard lighting reminds me of Gish most, however.

  3. Ross Angus says:

    Are the little glowing chaps happy in those sockets? I hope they are happy in those sockets.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      It’s 2013. We’re all happy in our sockets.

  4. Morcane says:

    2.99 for an alpha? Well, at least is a lot less than the 30 bucks Introversion dares to ask for its Prison Architect alpha…at least, I didn’t see anything cheaper than the base pack.