Meccano Warriors: Rawbots Alpha Released

Back in August we spotted Rawbots – a game in which you build your own robot from constituent parts, and then use it to fight other robots. That is a game right there. And now there’s a playable alpha.

I’ve not got my hands on it yet, but the Technic Lego-esque complexity shown in the new footage looks pretty enticing. It’s Spore, if Spore had been mechanical, and not shit.

There’s some confusion over the price. But then this is a studio that have forgotten to mention their own name anywhere on the game’s website. Blimey, guys. It seems it’s Rozgo, according to their Desura page, where you can get access to the alpha, and all future stable builds of the game, for just £7. Or you can get it directly from the game’s site, for, er, $30. The difference is the latter comes with:

Early access version @(
– Immediate access to all builds.
– Access to Developers forum
– Access to all extra tools and builds free of charge.

Slightly confusing there. We’ll hopefully be taking a look at the game soon.


  1. frightlever says:

    Anyone remember that Technosphere thing?

    link to

    I’d like a game like that again. Thought this might be something like it, but no.

  2. qrter says:

    Seems like a bad idea to create different alphas..

  3. Disrespecting says:

    I’m just saying.. Avoid the Desura version, all you get to do is drive around on a ball, theres no interface and you control things through the Console, It’s pretty unplayable.

    • LutherBlissett says:

      With respect to @Disrespecting I think more explanation is in order.

      I paid my $30 at the website and have access to:
      – a pre-Alpha 0.0.9 build which combines robotting with unlocking further zones through puzzling out what stuff to connect where etc.
      – the Rawbots Lab – which is v1.0.1 and is a bit like the Spore Creature Creator meets preview/dev kit. You can spawn a lot of components, connect them together and try it out.

      I’m not sure what the Desura one is but it sure sounds like you are describing the Lab version.
      This seems to be a fairly complex thing they are undertaking. The visual programming gets me interested.

  4. SickBrick says:

    It’s Bad Piggies 3D!

  5. Strand says:

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I was clapping by the end of this video.

    Okay, perhaps a bit.

    • Ross Angus says:

      No shame there, Strand. That trailer kept throwing toys out of the screen. Building robots! Which can fly! And go underwater! And in space! And you can build bases! And there seems to be some sort of hoard mode!

      • LionsPhil says:

        Its more robots than I can robot a robot at.

        Attention firmly grabbed.

        • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

          Was your attention grabbed by the cold steel grip of a vise-like manipulator appendage?

          Mine was.

          It was wonderful. And slightly chilly.

  6. Vagrant says:

    Looks sort of like a fleshed-out Captain Forever to me.

    • Westmark says:

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Sam says:

      Worth mentioning that there are three further games in the Captain Forever series, which do a fair amount of fleshing out. The final one (which has been sat in alpha for quite a long while) brings it to a full on space adventuring Elite-like thing.

      All three including that alpha are available for $9.
      link to

  7. The Magic says:

    Is it just my northern heritage speaking, or does the title sound like robot said by a yorkshireman?
    “Eh up we got some o’ thum rawbots goin’ down’t pit. Give ’em a good brew ‘n’ sum garibaldis”