Not RE6, Maybe Better – Resident Evil: Revelations

Are they still residents if they're on a boat? Maybe they should rebrand it Transient Evil.

My PC can do many things for me, but – aside from its complete inability to provide me with the authentic human connections I so desire – the main thing it’s missing is Resident Evil 6. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, however, because I’ve heard through Consoletopia’s living room wire-tangle of a grapevine that Resident Evil 6 is such a bad thing. If Capcom can clean it up before it makes its way over to our neck of the woods in March, more power to it. But, if RE6 ends up leaving a bilious gulp of disappointment in our guts, Resident Evil: Revelations might just be our best shot at feeling good as new. It was originally a Nintendo 3DS game, of all things, but it’s one of the strongest the Resident Evil series has seen in years. Seriously. And there are boats! Trailer’s after the break.

Basically, it aims to be old-school RE’s (relative) claustrophobia mixed with Resident Evil 4/5’s combat, and it ends up hitting more often than it misses. For the PC version, Capcom will obviously be blasting everything with some form of beautification beam, but a few slightly more intriguing bonuses are headed our way as well – especially where the bite-sized, customization-heavy co-op Raid mode is concerned.

“As you might expect, this new version will include online Raid Mode co-op, enhanced HD graphics and lighting – but it also contains a few new bells and whistles. This new version also adds a new enemy, a new harder difficulty, new Raid weapons and new Custom Parts that make your weapons even more formidable – handy in those harder Raid maps.”

Revelations will be packing its moaning, groaning flesh bags and coming aboard our machines on May 24th. The only thing that really makes me hesitant is a $49.99 price tag. A bit steep for a gussied up portable port, no? Oh well. Steam sale fodder, maybe? Because if Resident Evil 6 arrives in anything resembling the state it did on consoles, I’m not sure people will be in the mood to pony up much for another – even if it is markedly better in pretty much every way.


  1. Ian says:

    “This new version also adds a new enemy”

    I like to think they’ve just added one zombie (or whatever) to a room and called it a day.

    • Feferuco says:

      Hey, C’mon, this generation Capcom did right by PCs. Sure, there was Game For Windows Live, but still, they brought a lot of games to the PC and they’ve made some good ports, with bunch of extra things.

      • socrate says:

        i still hate GFWL so much i want to rip my eyes off each time i have to deal with it….its not only horrible its just not needed…dev need to get smart and stop throwing money at these retard that do nothing but suck the life out of game.

        It also just show how much they really know about their target audience…i really regret buying all GFWL supporter just because once i have played them i just don’t want to install them ever again just so i don’t have to deal with it again,isn’t steam enough?

  2. MattM says:

    I don’t think there is much hope for RE6 PC. Most of the console reviews indicated that technically it was fine but that the gameplay and story were fundamentally flawed.

    • Feferuco says:

      Most of the gameplay was pretty good, typical Capcom stuff. But there were some amazingly dumb little decisions that ruined things, plus some amazingly dumb parts of the game. If you don’t bother with Jake’s campaign, the game is a lot better. Hopefully, the dumb little things might also get removed as it wouldn’t require any serious change in the game.

  3. Syra says:

    Whatever it is it has gotta be better than the action movie schlock they are peddling for the ones with the numbers on the end… Still, probably won’t get it unless the bestest of ports has been made.

  4. pakoito says:

    40$, they must be on crack or something.

  5. TheApologist says:

    I’m really happy about this being ported over – it’ll be a must buy for me once it drops to some kind of reasonabl price.

    But Resi 6 will be the first main-series resi game I don’t bother with. What’s putting me off is I heard that it is loooong. I could have cheerfully blasted my way through a short-but-mediocre game just to see what happens but there comes a time when life starts feeling too short

  6. Kid_A says:

    I think $40 for a port that released at $60 wouldn’t too bad at all, especially something that’s been getting such good reviews. This might be pushing it slightly though.

  7. GameCat says:

    Whoa. I heard that RE:RE is much better than RE5.
    My PC is ready.

  8. Garviel Loken says:

    RE4/5 combat? standing still to shoot again? no thanks.

    • Askeladd says:

      It’s the superior gameplay consoles bring to the PC. :SADFACE:

      • lordcooper says:

        Don’t be silly, there are plenty of console games where you can run and walk at the same time. I bet SimCity has been consolified too much as well.

    • AmazingFly says:

      You can actually move and shoot in this one.

    • DickSocrates says:

      Not moving was never a problem until someone on some forum decided it was a problem and then other people decided to agree. RE4 was hailed as one of the greatest games of all time (I don’t personally agree, but not because of the movement/shooting thing). No one mentioned the lack of movement, no one even thought of it.

      • Garviel Loken says:

        Oh i can assure you, I thought of it and hated it from the very start. The game was good, but I don’t think a game should be “hard” because of lacking controls. Not being able to move and shoot at the same time is quite a hindrance.
        Anyway, if Revelations is lacking this feature of old times, it can only be better for the series.
        In an afterthought – being able to run and shoot was the only good thing RE6 had.

      • Ninjilla says:

        Here here. The combat of RE4 isnt designed to be IN YO FACE SHOOTIN SLASHIN ACTION. It’s methodical much like earlier games, you need to know when to run and when to shoot. And if you plan on shooting, you’d best know how to aim. Moving and shooting became a big thing once Dead Space came out too, but Dead Space needed moving because the enemies are so much more aggressive.

      • Keyrock says:

        As already mentioned, you can move and shoot at the same time.

  9. CelticPixel says:

    This is great news for PC RE fans facing the sad prospect of the allegedly awful RE6. Heard a lot of good things about RE:R and will definitely pick this up, assuming they don’t completely fluff the port. Won’t buy it day one if they’re asking a ridiculous price though.

  10. DrAmateurScience says:

    The recent history of the resident evil series really does read like what-not-to-do-with-a-beloved-game-franchise.


    • Askeladd says:

      It happens when greed > art.
      If they really cared about RE they also wouldn’t allow people to make such shitty movies about the games. Maybe they can’t help it because after RE2 everything went downhill.
      First RE movie wasn’t that bad either… but the second movie:
      I really, really liked how they took the chance of the movie-medium to flesh out the story and the characters in the second movie. I didn’t know you could do that in movies.

      PS:I can only be amazed how many people actually liked the last RE movie.
      PPS:The worst thing about the movie is that it reminds me of the retarded Wesker boss fight.

  11. Alextended says:

    The trailer is awfully cut and doesn’t show any good atmospheric scenes but if you look at some of the released 3DS footage the game seems as good as any recent RE really. I’ve heard the RAID mode is pretty cool too, better than Mercenaries for many people’s tastes, and it’s been expanded for this port. I’m more eager to try this game than 6. During a sale of course.

  12. Sunjammer says:

    I really, really enjoyed my time with this game on the 3DS, but it did feel a lot like a portable game. It’ll be an odd fit on “big” platforms.

  13. Panda Powered says:

    I hope its possible to mod the camera settings. Its more of a slightly-to-the-right-of-the-elbow-camera instead of over-the-shoulder. The character takes up 50% of the screen.

    Edit: link to Oh now it makes sense…

  14. TehK says:

    Everything with “Revelation” as a subtitle can only be bad!

    • MiloticMaster says:

      Ha! I was about to say; ‘Revelations’ is a really popular game subtitle…

  15. int says:

    Hope it’s good. As someone who loved all main RE games, well I liked 5 (having a partner the whole game really takes something away). I feel so worried about number 6 since everyone seems to hate it.

    Does Revelations have puzzles?

  16. Milky1985 says:

    Nah they react int he other animations, just to hits in certain limbs, best to shoot the legs out sometimes.

  17. Ninjilla says:

    I excitedly bought Revelations on the promise that it would be a successful return to the frights of yore, but to me played like a less exciting Resident Evil 4 without the style and fun. Scanning the room for ammo and parts was lame and the persistent co-op really doesn’t help tension. Why, oh why cant we get the team who did the remake of RE1 for Gamecube to make a brand new game?

  18. Keyrock says:

    This was my 2012 GotY (overall rather than just for the 3DS) and it’s my favorite Resi game ever. I definitely won’t buy it brand new, since I already own it on the 3DS, but when it hits a Steam sale and it’s nice and cheap, I may scoop it up, assuming it’s a good port. I absolutely love this game!

  19. Deviija says:

    I am really excited for this to be coming to the PC! Particularly because — JILL. A lady lead (not sidekick), so novel. :P Every since RE5, with Jill’s small part and her DLCs leaving me wanting more, I am very happy that we — people that do not have the handheld — get to have our hands on this.

  20. Cloudiest Nights says:

    The 3DS one was amazing, and sold for 40 (US) bucks originally. This’ll be well worth it on PC, and I will buy ASAP when it releases!