Shootmania Backpedals To April, Storms To Beta

Ubi’s French horn of public relations sends word that ShootMania Storm’s release is now set for the 10th of April. Fortunately, though, there’s going to be a lengthy open beta for us to hop skip and explode into, starting 12th February and continuing, as you’d expect, until launch. It seems like earlier testing phases have give developers Nadeo pause for though, hence the delay. Nadeo’s Anne Bondel-Jouin said: “…following the release of the Beta 2 in December, we received a tremendous amount of information from the very active ShootMania community. For a living, online multiplayer title like this the work is never done, but these extra few weeks will allow us to polish the game further and release it to the level of quality we think our players deserve.” This beta has apparently already seen 20,000 maps created by users. Which sounds like too many.

Significantly, Ubi and Nadeo are making serious noises and e-sports, and seem to intend to make the game a contender in that area – something that hasn’t happened for a new FPS for some time, particularly in a circuit dominated by RTS and Dotalike play. It’ll be interesting to see if the pro care about Nadeo – I suspect they will if Ubi backs the competitions with significant cash.


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    gritz says:

    Looking forward to Shootman.

  2. Quatlo says:

    Oh gosh, I do hate e-sports. Killing the fun and replacing it with… nothing? Prizes I guess, but I really preffer to have a job and keep playing when I want to have fun, not when I have to.
    But I was unable to understand how people are able to play one game for many successive years. Maybe if I could I would be “progamer” myself.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I like a bit of competition, personally.

      Some of the best gaming of my life has been tooth and nail organised team vs team sort of stuff. I totally see the appeal of e-sports.

      • MrUnimport says:

        Personally, I’m all about the glory of anonymous, self-organized camaraderie amongst strangers. But I’m sure it’d be nice to be part of a well-oiled machine.

        • MrLebanon says:

          I’ve experienced a little bit of both and they’re both a lot better than playing on one’s lonesome

          Natural Selection 2 is the perfect example of getting thrown together with some strangers and being compelled to communicate and work together.

    • Vorphalack says:

      Seems like a strange thing to hate, honestly. All of the current major e-sports successes stand up well as amateur games, both for solo and organised play.

    • tangoliber says:

      I don’t like many of the attitudes around esports, and the fact that some people just play where the money is, and not where they have the most fun. But I do think a skill-based game is fun. And playing a good game for years can be a very satisfying experience. You can develop really great teamwork if you play with the same people, and its fun to play the game at a higher and higher level, and see how the strategies evolve.

    • czerro says:

      ‘Cause Soccer and Baseball get old? Chess? That’s pretty old news, right? There are certain games like the Quake or UT series that have defined rulesets and mechanics that seem pretty simplistic on a face value, but allow the depth of gameplay and strategy as something approaching Chess. Same thing with your Starcraft 1, and other competitive games in different genres. I don’t get how the possibility of this becoming a deep game with competition level value effects you or your enjoyment of it. Every fighter is worthless cause it aims to be the premium of EVO competitive level? Shootmania is pretty good, has a lower barrier to entry than something like QL which people have been playing for 10 or so years now. It’s pretty bread and butter, which is perfect for a competition level game. And just like a REAL game you can come into it and understand what it is, just like jumping into a basketball or softball pickup.

    • Hatsworth says:

      Because competition is, as we all know, _not_ fun. No sir.

  3. sockpuppetclock says:

    Still waiting for the Trackmania/Shootmania crossover… I just want cars to do kickin’ rad flips over me while I cap dudes with dumb energy balls(?) is that too much to ask for??

    • tungstenHead says:

      And the QuestMania crossover will include the most tubular of all fetch quests. Killing ten rats with energy balls is still pretty lame, though.

  4. Xzi says:

    I’ve had a beta invite sitting in my inbox for a while now. I guess I should give it a go. If the pacing is anything like UT2K4, I think I’ll enjoy it quite a bit.

  5. Xzi says:

    Oh, and FYI, you can get a key here if you don’t want to wait for the open beta:

    link to